Best Ceiling Fans for Small Bedroom Reviews

Sleeping is a very crucial activity in our daily life. Having high-quality and sweet sleep will refresh your all day. And in that process, a quiet and excellent ceiling fan will play an important role. But, which ceiling fan is most suitable for your small bedroom. Follow this article and look for the top best ceiling fan for your small bedroom.

Top 8 Best Ceiling Fans for Small Bedroom

Top 8 Best Ceiling Fan for Small Bedroom Reviews

1. Low Profile Ceiling Fan for Small Bedroom – Hunter 59244

best bedroom ceiling fans

  • High-quality Performance

Hunter fans have been in the market for a long time and don’t disappoint you when it comes to performance. This fan has a powerful motor that facilitates efficient air movement around the bedroom. The Whisper Wind motor ensures that the motor operates without producing a lot of noise.

  • Reversible Motor

The reversible motor ensures that the fan works all year through. You can switch from updraft mode in the winter to downdraft mode during the summer. The fan is ideal for houses with low ceilings and is perfect for bedrooms. The fan can move 2997 CFM of air.

  • Handheld Remote Control

Also, the fan with a handheld remote control for convenience, another advantage of the fan is that it comes with a lifetime limited warranty. The company has been in the industry for over a decade.

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2. Best Ceiling Fan With Remote Control for Small Bedroom – Hunter 59243

best bedroom ceiling fans with lights

  • Whisper Wind Motor

Some of the features that a fan should have is a powerful motor and silent operation. This fan rates high when it comes to power. It’s equipped with a Whisper Wind motor for quiet performance. Since it’s a bedroom fan, the super quiet motor will give you ample time to sleep.

  • Reversible Motor

The reversible motor ensures that you get the best out your fan throughout the year. Alternate between the updraft and downdraft to fit the weather condition, the fan is specially designed for small rooms, making it suitable for bedrooms.

  • Handheld Remote Control

You can control the lights and the fan using a handheld remote control. The optimized blade pitch enhances air movement and guarantees peak performance. The fan has an integrated light kit with 2 LED bulbs.

  • Lifetime Warranty

The fan can move air of up to 69 CFM. The Hunter fan comes with a lifetime warranty.

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3. Best Hunter Ceiling Fan for Small Bedroom – Hunter 51023

ceiling fans for small bedroom

  • Armor Nanotechnology

The main feature that sets the fan from others in the category is the Armor nanotechnology. The patented Armor nanotechnology resists more than 50 percent of dust build-up. The powerful motor generates 2233 CFM, enough to cool up to 100 square feet. The fan is also quiet, ensuring it doesn’t interrupt your sleep.

  • Easy Control

The bulbs don’t require a light kit for installation. The pull cords provide easy control of the fan. The low profile design is ideal for rooms with low ceilings. Hunter products have been around for over a decade, making them a trusted brand. The ceiling fan comes with a lifetime motor warranty.

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4. Best LED Ceiling Fan for Smal Bedroom – Hunter, 59453

best ceiling fan for bedroom

  • Perfect for low ceilings

This fan is especially for indoor spaces, making it suitable for small bedrooms. The fan is perfect for rooms with low ceilings due to the fit flush design. The fan comes with a reversible motor that ensures that it remains useful even in cold weather.

  • Suitable for Both Winter and Summer

Choose the downdraft mode during the summer and the updraft mode during the winter for warmth. The fan comes with a handheld remote control to help control the light and fan with ease. The fan has only three blades, enabling it to rotate at high speeds.

  • Lifetime Warranty

The motor comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring that you use it without worries.

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5. Best White Small Bedroom Ceiling Fan – Hunter 51080

small bedroom ceiling fan

  • Reversible Motor

Just like other hunter fans, this fan comes with a reversible motor. A reversible motor is essential since it allows you to utilize your fan during the summer and winter. For instance, the fan allows switching to updraft mode during the winter. The updraft mode pushes the warm air at the top down to the floor. You can switch the fan to downdraft mode during the summer.

  • Super Quiet

The super quiet motor ensures that the fan runs without interrupting your sleep. This makes the fan ideal for smaller bedrooms. The optimized blade pitch enhances the air movement.

  • Adjustable Speed

You can adjust the speed of the fan, depending on the temperature of the bedroom. The fan comes with pull chains that help you switch on/off and control the speed of the fan quickly. The fan comes with a lifetime motor warranty.

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6. Best 42 Inch Ceiling Fan for Small Bedroom – WUPYI Modern Ceiling Fan

bedroom ceiling fans with remote control

  • Elegant Design

This ceiling fan is elegant and comes with retractable light with a three-way switch. You can control the fan and lights differently if you have a reliable installation. The fan saves energy and is ecofriendly.

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  • Three Speeds Choice

Another advantage of this fan is that you can choose between three wind speeds; high, medium and slow. You can also choose from the three light colours; white, warm white and yellow. It comes with a remote to help determine the bright colour and adjust the speed.

  • Durable Motor

The motor is made from silicon steel which has high electromagnetism that saves energy. The fan has innovative technology and can last for over 60k hours of usage. The fan also comes with a replaceable driver for durability and convenience.

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7. Best Modern Ceiling Fan for Small Bedroom – Emerson CF244LWW Curva Ceiling Fan

best small bedroom fan

  • Powerful Ceiling Fan

The powerful motor has an optimized blade pitch that enhances the airflow. The fan has an integrated LED lighting that saves energy and provides versatile performance. The fans come with six-blade speeds, a feature that you won’t in other fans.

  • Remote Control

Another advantage is the no light cover that allows you to use the fan with or without light. The fan comes with a remote control to select the airflow direction, light intensity, and fan speed. The white finish enables the fan to blend with any décor.

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8. Best Luxury Ceiling Fan for Small Bedroom – Fandian 42″ Crystal Ceiling Fan

small bedroom ceiling fan with light

  • Retractable Blades

This fan rates highly when it comes to elegance. It consists of a light chandelier and a fan in 1 fixture. The fan is unique, designed with retractable blades and modern fashion. Fandian fan has three fan speeds, three light colors and a timing function.

  • Remote Control

You can control the fan using a remote control. The silent motor ensures that you sleep without being interrupted. The motor can last for over 5 years. The fan can fit into any décor and focuses on design and elegance. The motor is powerful and durable and is made from copper.

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The Importance of A Comfortable Sleeping Environment.

what is the best ceiling fan for small bedroom

We spend at least a third of our lives sleeping. Therefore it is essential to make a conscious effort to create the best sleeping environment so that we can have an excellent night’s sleep because it has a significant impact on our mental and physical health. We are supposed to make sure we have enough sleep each day so that our body can function optimally.

the importance of a ceiling fan for small bedroom

Investing in a pleasant sleep environment is essential to get the quality time of body rest and recover the energies lost during the day. Temperatures are one of the crucial things that you need to work on if you want to have a peaceful night, too hot temperatures can make your dream to be a nightmare. Installing efficient ceiling bedroom fans is very crucial to your bedroom

In most cases we want our bedroom ceiling fans to be quiet, to be active in air movement and to be of high quality. Although we have a lot of fans currently in the market designed for our bedrooms but find one that suits well your small bedroom can be a big challenge to many of us.

Small fans are usually limited in terms of the available choices in the market, but manufacturers are slowly catching up with that current demand for small fans. Keep reading this article to find what to look for when choosing the best model for your small bedroom.

How To Choose The Best Ceiling Fan for Your Small Bedroom?

Choosing the right ceiling fan for your small bedroom is not an easy task. It is not something that you are just going to wake up and walk to your shopping store and pick any that you come across. We have some factors that you need to look into before deciding on which one to have.

Below are some of the things to consider:

Ceiling fan lights

Modern ceiling fans come with a lighting kit. The kits emit warm and cool lighting. Some of the lights included can be led bulbs, fluorescent or halogen light. You should choose one that is most comfortable for you.

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Best Ceiling Fan With Lights for Your Bedroom

Westinghouse Lighting 7220500 Barnett 48-Inch

best bedroom ceiling fans with lights and remote

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Of course, size is an essential thing here. Having a small bedroom means you must go for a small ceiling fan. Huge ones are meant for large master bedrooms. The size and location, as well as the available support, matters a lot when choosing a ceiling fan.

It is recommended that a ceiling fan should be directly proportional to the square foot of your room. For example, if it happens, your bedroom is less than 144 square feet, the appropriate ceiling fan should be 42 inches. Make sure to good a good size fan suitable for your small bedroom.

Best 42 Inch Ceiling Fan for Small Bedroom

Prominence Home 51015 Reston Farmhouse Ceiling Fan

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The place where you are going to install your fan matters a lot. There should be enough height to allow the installation.


Due to the centrifugal action of the fan, having strong support is mandatory. Your bedroom needs to have the right support to account for the kind of ceiling fan that you want to buy. Don’t but a heavy one if your support mechanism is not in a position to handle it.


differen blade designs for your small bedroom

Modern ceiling fans come with two to nine blades depending on the model of the fan. Well, we usually think many blades are equivalent to the efficient performance of the ceiling fan; this is rarely the case. The amount of airflow is mainly determined by the pitch and not the number of blades. As the number of blades for a ceiling fan increases, the ability of the fan to circulate air reduces significantly.

A good ceiling fan should have three to four blades. Blades come in different designs and colors to suit diverse as aesthetics of your bedroom. Some fans have reversible blades that make it possible for you to switch to different looks when needed.

Finishing, style, and design

These are other features you have to look for when buying a ceiling fan for your small bedroom. Ceiling fans are available in different styles, designs, and finishing, choose one that you find most appealing to you. Some cans have some decorative and attractive shades that make your bedroom look appealing ad suitable for romantic nights. They are also made with different finishing such as antique bronze, matte black, brushed nickel, auburn and many more.

You will also have a wide range of colors to consider. Choose one that you find most appealing to your eyes. There are ceiling fans in different color designs and finish patterns to suit your taste and budget. You should, therefore, purchase one that meets all your standards.

Best Elegant Ceiling Fan for Small Bedrooms

Tangkula Classical Ceiling Fan

best fan for bedroom

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A warrant is an essential factor to look for when buying any electronics. Ceiling fans have different types of warranty. Some have a lifetime warranty, while others offer different times for parts and motor. This can give you a little clue about the quality of the product. It is advisable to pay a bit more to get a high-quality fan that will serve you for a long time and reduce the visit of buying a new one frequently.


Ceiling fans come with different control systems. Some come with remote controls while others with pull or wall mounted chains. You should buy one that is most comfortable for your small bedroom.

Best Remote Control Ceiling Fan

Fandian 42” Modern Ceiling Fans

best small fan for bedroom

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Noise level

You will not want to buy a noisy fan for your bedroom. We have silent ceiling fans for bedrooms currently in the market. Make sure to choose a silent want for undisturbed nights.


Cost is another factor to consider when buying a ceiling fan. Didn’t be misled by the price tag and think ones with high prices are of high quality. Do your research well to find a good fan that has the best features and available at an affordable price. You should not compromise quality at this expense of price.

Final word

We have a variety of ceiling fans to choose from for your small bedroom. This guide has clearly explained want to keep mind when purchasing one. By following this guide, I believe you will buy the best ceiling fan suitable for your small bedroom.

Top Ceiling Fans for Small Bedrooms


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