Top 10 Best Bedroom Ceiling Fan With Light Reviews 2021

A ceiling fan is a device suspended from the ceiling of the room, which occupies the semi-rotating vanes to diffuse the air. A bedroom ceiling fan with light simply contains a light, usually in the middle. The light is usually placed there to save space and energy and also has aesthetic and decorative purposes. It is not likely that air conditioners only move the air and do not change its temperature.

What Is the Best Bedroom Ceiling Fan with Light?

Top 10 Best Bedroom Ceiling Fan With Light

How To Choose The Best Bedroom Ceiling Fan With Light?

1. Location

First, decide where to install the new ceiling fan. Indoor and outdoor ceiling fans with lights for your bedroom are available. Outdoor fans are usually used on balconies, patios, or in garages.

As a general rule, you can put external fans inside, but you can’t put internal fans outside. This is because outdoor fans are specially designed to withstand wet or humid conditions.

2. Room size

Bedroom ceiling fans with light come in a variety of sizes, with distances ranging from blades you want to think about the size of the room where it will be placed.

3. Engine type

There are a few types of motors that run on ceiling fans with lights for your bedroom. The choice of alternating current or AC motors, which have been used in ceiling fans with lights for your bedroom for several decades, is a popular choice. This style of engines is affordable and reliable, and modern AC motors are also relatively quiet.

However, DC or DC motors have become very popular in recent years as more homeowners switch to energy-saving appliances. While ceiling motors with DC motors are more expensive, they use up to 70% less electricity and are incredibly quiet. Moreover, these engines have a lighter weight, which makes installation easier.

4. System installation

While shopping, you will need to think about how to plan to install the new ceiling fan as you may need a mounting kit. So make sure the product you buy is compatible with this mounting style. Likewise, if you have higher ceilings, you will need to shop for an exact match of the appropriate length.

If you plan to mount the ceiling fan with lights for your bedroom on a pitched roof, you will need a special angled roof adapter, which is attached to an outlet box to ensure the ceiling fan is properly suspended.

5. Ceiling height

Another important consideration when choosing a bedroom ceiling fan with light is the height of the ceiling, as it will limit the length down.

The substrate is a piece of metal that connects the ceiling fan with lights for your bedroom to the ceiling mount, and using a spiral below or shorter or longer will raise or lower the ceiling fan, respectively.

6. Light

There are some options. First, you can simply buy a product that has built-in lighting or a lighting kit included with the purchase.

Alternatively, you can purchase a separate lighting kit and install it to the ceiling fan of your choice. This is a good option if you are looking for a specific style of the light fixture. Most lighting kits are universal so that they can be installed on any lighting-compatible fan.

However, it is always better to check that the units you buy will work together because some brands make their fans only compatible with their lighting kits.

7. Style

Of course, you’ll also need to think about which ceiling fan style to choose. Aspects such as finish, blade style, and several blades can all influence how well your product matches your decor.

Today, you can find a bedroom ceiling fan with light that matches any design style. Experts recommend matching the engine finishing with other appliances in the room – so if the kitchen has polished nickel devices, look for a fan with a beautiful nickel motor. This will help to create a smooth aesthetic.

The number of blades on the ceiling fan also affects its general style. Traditionally, fans have four or five feathers, but modern “helicopter” fans can have nine! If you are looking for a more industrial look, you might consider a fan with a cage around it, while bohemian fans may love the “palm leaf” feathers. If you’re not sure what will be better in your home, some blades are reversible, giving you two designs to choose from – perfect if you want to change things one after the other.

Top 10 Best Bedroom Ceiling Fan With Light Reviews

1. Hyperikon 52 Inch Ceiling Fan With Lights

best bedroom ceiling fan with light

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Why Choose This Fan?

The Hyperikon 52 Inch Ceiling Fan is perfect for rooms that are up to an impressive 360 square feet and is one of only a handful, not many that allows you to choose from a few shading alternatives.

  • Suitable for any room style

With this ceiling fan, it ought to be entirely simple to discover something that complements your interior stylistic layout and shading topic.

  • Highly Vitality-efficient

This ceiling fan is likewise highly vitality-efficient, and for the light unit, you get a pearly glass and a couple of candelabra-base 40-watt bulbs. Introducing it requires some investment on account of the primary and commonsense structure, and you can depend on a fixed holder or installed snare.

  • Excellent Lighting 

The robust frame improves security and ensures it’s immovably fixed though the quality light gives excellent lighting. The frill is prescribed for little to medium spaces and doesn’t create loads of commotion.

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2. Hunter Indoor Low Ceiling Fan for Bedroom

best bedroom ceiling fans with lights

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Why Choose This Fan?

The Hunter Indoor Low Ceiling Fan is additionally a genuinely moderate ceiling fan with six reversible blades.

  • Quiet engine

The fan is wobble-free and with a quiet engine that will hardly make any solid when in operation. This ceiling fan is perfect for large rooms and the flush mounting as it were.

  • Quality cooling

Also, for the lighting, you get a single light unit with an alluring opal mushroom glass. The silicon steel engine gives quality cooling while at the same time keeping the vitality utilization low.

Additionally, some portion of this reversible fan is three 40-watt Torpedo glowing light bulbs.

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3. Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Fan For Bedroom

best bedroom fan with light

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Why Choose This Fan?

  • Fantastic price

For a massive ceiling fan like this one, the sticker price is simply fantastic, and it has some reversible pecan blades with a brushed nickel finish that will complement any interior accents. What’s more, there is likewise a coordinated flower opal that houses the light installation.

  • For indoor use

This ceiling fan is designed for indoor use with a multi-capacitor for quiet operation and to amplify the air development. What’s more, the light is likewise large enough to make it reasonable for the larger spaces.

  • Speed reversible control

The speed reversible control allows you to choose the best setting relying upon the ecological conditions or individual inclinations. For improved air development and quiet operation, it accompanies a multi-capacitor. The fan uses a medium-base bulb to light up the encompassing.

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4. Hunter 59135 Nautical Fan With Lights for Bedroom

best bedroom ceiling fans with led lights

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Why Choose This Fan?

The Hunter 59135 Nautical Fan is a murmur fan that is incredible for indoor use, and the engine is reversible to make it possible to change the course of the fan.

  • Helpful draw chain

The fan additionally includes the helpful draw chain for quick on/off, yet the Brazilian cherry blades and whirled marble glass light pack is the thing that makes it stick out.

  • 60w candelabra brilliant bulbs

This ceiling fan with light uses 60w candelabra brilliant bulbs that the manufacturer gives in the bundle. The silicon steel engine provides quality cooling while at the same time keeping the vitality utilization low. Additionally, some portion of this reversible fan is three 60-watt Torpedo glowing light bulbs.

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5. Tropical Bedroom Ceiling Fan With Lights

best master bedroom ceiling fans with lights

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Why Choose This Fan?

The position of safety and white shading consolidate to give this ceiling fan a stunning look that will make it stand apart wherever you place it.

  • Quiet ceiling fan

The Honeywell Sabal Palm 52-Inch Fan accompanies a murmur quiet, however powerful engine, and it is additionally reversible to change the bearing of the fan. With this ceiling fan, you will hardly hear any solid when it is in operation; thus, it is even possible to leave it running as you rest.

  • An incorporated light pack

Furthermore, it includes an incorporated light pack in a cased white glass with a couple of 9.8W LED bulbs. The powerful yet quiet piece can be set inside just as outside. The vivid and fashionable 52-inch embellishment has a decent inclusion and will cool the encompassing in the blink of an eye.

  • Effective

It arrives in a position of safety for space dividing and most extreme effectiveness though the three 60-watt Candelabra glowing bulbs give the lighting.

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6. Energy Efficient 52 Inch LED Ceiling Fan for Bedroom

best energy efficient ceiling fan with light for bedroom

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Why Choose This Fan?

In case you like to have a couple of little ceiling fans rather than one massive one, this Energy Efficient 52 Inch LED Ceiling Fan will dazzle you.

  • Ideal for large room

They are reasonable for a large room that is up to 80 square feet and every utilization of a silicon steel engine that has a double capacitor. However, they would, in any case, be very efficient in rooms that are slightly larger than this.

  • Highly vitality-efficient

The fans are additionally highly vitality-efficient with or without the lights, and the lighting consists of some 40-watt bulbs encased in opal pearly glass.

  • Enough lights

Furthermore, creating enough light, the lights additionally have an awe-inspiring and large appearance. This matte dark ceiling fan from the Westinghouse Lighting Corporation is notable for its unwavering quality, proficiency, and adaptability.

It’s likewise among the simplest to introduce and generally quiet available. The 52-inch piece includes a few blades and is prescribed for use in spaces up to 360 square feet.

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7. Westinghouse Lighting 7876400 Ceiling Fan for Bedroom

best metal indoor ceiling fan with light

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Why Choose This Fan?

This Westinghouse Lighting 7876400 Ceiling Fan is lovely enough, and it will praise practically any interior space; thus, it will be an incredible expansion to any home.

  • Perfect for large room

It is perfect for rooms that are up to 144 square feet, and it has a silicon steel engine with a double capacitor, three fan speeds, and a reversible switch.

  • Multiple lighting choices

The light unit includes iridescent opal glass and about 40 watt light bulbs. Thus with this ceiling fan, you oversee both the lights and blades. The fan piece highlights steel blades for most extreme wind current and life span.

  • Excellent lighting 

The reversible electric engine allows the unit to change the heading while the three-mounting configuration improves establishment. It accompanies three brilliant candelabra bulbs that produce excellent brightening while at the same time keeping the vitality utilization low.

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8. Honeywell 50606-01 Ceiling Fan with Lights for Bedroom

best indoor ceiling fan with lights for bedroom

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Why Choose This Fan?

The Honeywell 50606-01 Ceiling Fan gives the blades an awe-inspiring look, and it is what you have to add some class to your living space.

  • Quiet engine

With this ceiling fan, you get the cooling impact you want yet without withstanding any commotion because of the murmur quiet and highly efficient engine.

  • Come with a draw chain

Likewise, there is a draw chain for simple on and off, and you get two 60W bulbs on your purchase that won’t just be splendid enough; however, it will last for quite a while. It very well may be utilized inside and outside and is simple to fit.

The steel engine, together with big fans, conveys great wind stream for the best cooling impact while the 60-watt E26 bulbs give the brightening.

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9. Honeywell 50690-01 Bedroom Ceiling Fan With Lights

best black ceiling fan with lights for bedroom

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Why Choose This Fan?

  • Suitable for low ceilings

With the position of safety plan of this Honeywell 50690-01 Bonterra fan mounting it flush on rooms with low ceilings ought to be simple. Additionally, the blades on this fan have an uncommon covering that repulses dust develop in the house.

  • Super quiet

Furthermore, the engine conveys an ultra-powerful air development. It is still super-quiet, and you will hardly hear any solid. What settles on this item the best decision is that it is adaptable. The elite engine o this item gives robust operation.

  • Lifetime warranty

In particular, Portage Bay is perfect for interior rooms up to 20 ft. It accompanies a quick set up manage, in this way, simple to introduce. Lastly, Portage Bay highlights a restricted lifetime engine guarantee giving you genuine feelings of serenity.

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10. Hunter Bedroom Ceiling Fan With Lights

best hunter ceiling fan with lights for bedroom

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Why Choose This Fan?

Looks always matter with regards to purchasing a ceiling fan with light. This snow-white ceiling fan is as alluring as it can get and large enough to cover the larger rooms.

  • For indoor use only

The fan is for indoor utilize just, and it includes a draw chain for quick and simple on/off and speed alteration. Also, the light uses a couple of 60W bulbs that you get for free with the ceiling fan.

Yet, one of the highlights that numerous property holders will adore is the three-position mounting system that allows you to choose between low, standard, and calculated mounting.

  • Suitable for any style

A definitive look of this fan characterizes a room or space. Above all, it includes hardcore development for additional sturdiness.

  • Durable and trusty

This Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan is designed to last numerous years to come. Similarly, it has a fantastic finish to give the most stylistic layouts.

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Why You Need A Ceiling Fan With Light For Your Bedroom?

the benefits of bedroom ceiling fans with lights

These fans also have the additional benefit of controlling the amount of light you want in your room. Many fans allow you to dim the lights if you wish. This is not your luxury with many light bulbs. Also, the lights can improve the look of the ceiling fan for your bedroom and the room in it.

  • Comes with remote control for directional lighting

Remote controls are now popular with ceiling fans with lights for your bedroom, so users with a single click of a fan turn the lights on and off. This helps the ceiling fan with lights to be very tall and hard to reach. With the remote control, you can control it from anywhere in the room. If you relax on a warm day and don’t feel like changing the light or the ceiling fan for your bedroom, the remote control can do all the work for you.

  • They are more than just fans.

The modern ceiling fan has more features, elegance, comfort, and beauty than ever. It is also more energy-efficient and works with less noise. It is available in a variety of colors and adds a great addition to any home.

It has a mechanism to reverse the direction of rotation of the blades and can help with heating and cooling. Also, the light can be used to illuminate the room. Also, air conditioning units can be combined to cool and circulate the temperature in the room. They are aesthetically pleasing and large decorations, depending on where they are placed.

  • Comes in several designs

Many homes and businesses use it for functional and decorative purposes. It has many designs that range from simple to complex. With so many designs to choose from, one can find the best fan for any space. Some fans have lighting elements attached. Simple designs can be activated and deactivated by dragging the cables or turning the keys. However, some more detailed models have dimming devices or even use remote controls to adjust the lighting and fan speed.

  • Comes with a decorative value

The lights on the ceiling fans with lights for your bedroom are essential factors in the decorative value of the ceiling fan with lights for your bedroom. Compact fluorescent bulbs come in yellow colors, but they also come in white or bluish tones.

The choice of color depends on where you place it. Yellow lights that produce light may be suitable for living rooms, and white and blue lights may be ideal for places like laundry rooms or other areas of the house where there is a lot of practical activity.

  • Portability

The most significant benefit of putting a ceiling fan with lights in your bedroom is the possible decoration factor. A normal ceiling fan can also bring you cool winds, but the ceiling fans with lights are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


What Sizes of Bedroom Ceiling Fan with Light Should I Pick?

Having the right size bedroom ceiling fan with lights guarantees maximum performance, style as well as comfort. Apart from keeping you cool, the right size ceiling fan will also save you a significant amount of money. Determining the proper bedroom ceiling fan size secures the performance and longevity as well as the safety and comfort of the occupant. For instance, a small ceiling fan in your large bedroom will have to overwork to cool you off and the results might be the motor burning out faster. On the other hand, a larger ceiling fan in a small bedroom will deliver uncomfortable air circulation. Therefore, choosing a proportionate ceiling fan with lights is the best idea.

In terms of sizing the bedroom ceiling fan with light, there are two common sizes that are available. If you have a small bedroom under 144 square feet, the recommended blade span is under 42 inches and the recommended CFM rating is between 1,000 and 3,000.

Size of your room

For a regular-sized bedroom that is between 144 and 225 feet, a medium bedroom ceiling fan with lights and a blade span of between 44 and 50 inches is a great fit. Moreover, check your fan and ensure that the CFM is between 1,600 and 4,500. For master bedrooms between 225-400 square feet, the recommended blade span is over 50 inches and the recommended CFM rating is between 2,300 and 6,500. You already know that the higher the CFM the more the air that is circulating in your room.

Dimming condition

When it comes to your bedroom ceiling fan lights, they should be capable of dimming. The ceiling fan ought to have a timer where the lights dim or switch off when you are sleeping. This is important at preventing unnecessary brightness in your bedroom. The LED lights also come with different colors thus the need to choose one that blends with your bedrooms or colors that enhance sleep.

Should I Get a Bedroom Ceiling Fan with Led Light or Not?

Whether you get a ceiling fan with lights or not depends on the lighting that is already present in your home as well as your priorities. But, if you are comparing LED lights with other lights then LED light is the way forward. Unless you are satisfied by the lighting in your home LED bulbs have numerous advantages. led lights are known for their longevity as well as their energy-efficient feature.

Moreover, the LED lights do not heat your bedroom thus you are guaranteed ultimate comfort. Being environmentally friendly, the LED bulbs do not produce harmful rays thus your health is put into consideration. If you are not satisfied with the lighting in your bedroom, going for a bedroom ceiling fan with LED lights is the best option. However, if you are satisfied with the lightning in your rooms, you can opt for a bedroom ceiling fan with no LED lights since it might be available at a lower price. Generally, LED lights have numerous advantages compared to the average light bulbs.

Will the Bedroom Ceiling Fan with Light Cost More Energy?

ceiling fan with light

To determine how much electricity uses either with lights or without lights, you need to know the number of watts your ceiling fan consumes. Thereafter determine the number of hours that you use your fan on a daily basis. Most of the ceiling fans have a wattage that ranges from 10-120 watts each hour. Larger fans will cost you more. For instance, if you are using an industrialized sized fan, the fact is that it will consume more watts than a medium-sized or small tabletop fan.

If you have a light bulb fixed on your fan, there is a need to determine the amount of electricity consumed by your light bulbs. Then add those figures to the energy consumed by the ceiling fan itself. The duration that you have the lights on also plays a huge part in the cost of the energy. For instance, if you have your lights on for two hours, the energy consumed will be less compared to when the lights are on for a longer duration.

Light bulbs mostly use between 40-100 watts. However, if you use bulbs with LED lights, the wattage consumed is about 16 watts and the brightness is the same. Therefore, energy-saving bulbs bring a huge difference as long as you consider the number of hours in a day that you keep your lights on. As long as you are using energy-saving bulbs, the benefits of ceiling fans with lights will be greater than the costs.


How to Install a Bedroom Ceiling Fan with Light?

Installing your bedroom ceiling fan is easy if you can access your ceiling easily. Below are the steps to follow to install your bedroom ceiling fan to replace your existing one.

best ceiling fan with light

– Remove your existing light fixture.

Ensure that the electricity to the circuit is switched off and then remove the glass shade from your old light fixture carefully. Thereafter, unscrew the retaining screws holding the fixture to your ceiling. After that, lower the fixture and then disconnect the wires. This is done by removing the plastic connectors from the wires.

– Remove the box and cut a new hole.

Remove the existing electrical box from your ceiling. If the box is nailed, use a flat bar to free it, and if suspended use a metal plate to unscrew it. Hold a 0.5 inches thick pancake box, centered on the joist, and then trace around it using a marker. Cut along the marking with a drywall saw.

– Attach the new electrical box.

Attach the electrical cable from the ceiling through the knockout hole into the pancake box. Thereafter, set the box into the opening through the ceiling and then press the box tight against the underside of your joist. Attach the box to the joist using screws to make it tight.

– Glue your ceiling medallion.

Apply urethane-based adhesive at the back of the medallion then pass the wires via the medallion above. Center your medallion onto the pancake box and fasten with nails.

– Mount the ceiling plate.

Hold the fan’s metal plate up and to the pancake box then pull the wires to pass through the center hole. Attach your ceiling plate to the box using the appropriate machine screws.

– Assemble your fan components.

Feed the wires that are coming from your motor via the center of the canopy and set the canopy in place. Pass the wires through the open down rod pipe. Thread the download pipe to the motor and use a wrench to tighten the screw on the side.

– Make wire connections.

Hook the canopy onto the ceiling plate and with a twist-on, the wire connectors connect the wires to the copper wire from the cable. Join the white wires and then connect the black wires. Place the fan into position against the ceiling medallion and then secure it with the canopy screws. It is important to consult a professional if your room has a different wire connection.

– Attach the lights and blades.

Attach every blade to a blade iron and then tighten the iron blades to your motor with the bolts given. Plug the light fixture into the bottom side of the motor and then install the lightbulbs and the shades.


Finally, think about how you want to control the ceiling fan. There are three standard options: remote control, wall switch, or pull chain. Arguably, remote controls are the most convenient option, as they allow you to control your fans from anywhere in the room.

However, some people don’t want another remote control, in which case the wall switch might be a better option. If you have low ceilings, you can always choose a pull chain. Although these processes may be a bit confusing, they are a simple option that may reduce your installation costs.

Best Bedroom Ceiling Fan With Light