5 Best Modern Ceiling Fans For Different Home Needs

Usually, ceiling fan styles can be divided into contemporary, sports-themed, and traditional styles. And this page will primarily introduce the modern ceiling fan for you. These fans do more than merely keeping your living space warmer in the colder months and cooler in the hotter months. They are also helpful in enhancing your comfort and adding beauty in your rooms.

Thus, in this article, we will help you know more about modern ceiling fans, including how to choose, and the best ones on the market.

Tips about buying contemporary ceiling fans

Top 5 Best Modern Ceiling Fans Comparison Chart

How To Choose The Best Modern Ceiling Fans For A Room?

Before you decide on the modern ceiling fan that you want, the first thing you should do is to check your room size, then decide what size fans you need and how many fans to install.

Think about the electrical wiring and choose a downrod fan or flush-mounted fan.

Here are tips for room size check. Measure the longest wall of the room where you want to install the fan. For example:

Measure room size to decide what and how many fans to install

  • If the length of the longest wall is 12 feet or less, you will need a ceiling fan that is no more than 36 inches.
  • If the wall measures between 12 feet and 16 feet, the ceiling fan should be no more than 48 inches and no less than 40 inches.

Here are top sale modern ceiling fans of different size for you reference:

First is a small size but powerful cooling fan, a 14-inch fan with a 600-square-inch intake. Very quiet, sturdy, and easy to install. Great support and a must-do home improvement project. Best attic fan for money. You can check the over 600 reviews below:

Cool Attic CX1500UPS Power Gable Modern Ventilator Fan

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Next is a big size fan for large room use. Exclusive Hunter motor technology and hanging system that ensure your fan will remain quiet for Life and wobble-free. 5 reversible blades allow you to customize your fan’s appearance to complement your decor. Check Below:

Hunter 53069 Low Profile Modern Ceiling Fan

Hunter 53069 Low Profile III 52-Inch Ceiling Fan with Five Blades - 6 color

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Do you need a downrod?

If you are not sure, take a look at the room.

If the ceilings in the room are vaulted, downrods will help the fan to be the desired length from the floor. Generally, ceiling fans are at least 8 feet from the floor.

However, if your ceiling is less than 8 feet, you can choose a flush-mounted fan that can be safely operated. ( More information of down rod fans, go >> Choose Right Downrod Ceiling Fan Fit Different Ceiling Heights)

Also remember that a ceiling fan will need to turn counterclockwise in the summer time so the room will be cooler. In fact, this simple tip can cool a room by as much as 7 degrees.

Here is a great downrod fan for you. Create a comfortable environment with a 172-by-12-millimeter cold-rolled steel motor with a single capacitor. Minimal Assembly: Includes 54-inch lead wire, 1/2-inch by 12-inch down rod, ball hanger installation system, and five-speed wall control unit. Check more:

Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Three-Blade Ceiling Fan with Ball Hanger Installation System

Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Three-Blade Ceiling Fan with Ball Hanger Installation System

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Considerations For Installation

After you figure out the right size of fan you will need, you will then need to consider how the fan will be installed or mounted. If you are simply upgrading an already existing ceiling fan, the installation will be simple.

If the room does not have a fan that is already installed, you will also need to hire a licensed and experienced electrician, and also make sure that all building codes in your jurisdiction are followed.

There are some that may want to have a ceiling fan installed in an outdoor living space such as screened-in porches, sunroom, and outdoor kitchens. You should choose an outdoor ceiling fan for these areas. Never use an indoor ceiling fan for use in an outdoor space.

There is a three forward and three reverse speeds with remote control (C20) included, Approved for indoor and outdoor use. Here for more details:

Fanimation FP7900MG Torto Contemporary Ceiling Fan, Metro Gray Finish

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Technological Advancements

There have been several technological advancements in the industry over the past decade that has helped to improve customer satisfaction, energy efficiency, and design options.

DC motors have helped to make ceiling fans more energy efficient. Ceiling fans made years ago were equipped with AC motors, so if you have one installed in your home, you may want to upgrade to a newer model.

motor choice of modern ceiling fans

These are some tips to guide you when looking for modern ceiling fans for your home. You will be better equipped to make an informed decision for choosing the best ceiling fan for your needs.

Go for the top reviewed DC motor ceiling fan. 72″ blade sweep 13 Degree blade pitch 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds Blades included Dry location only 2-Ell 50w Halogen light bulbs included. Warranty: Lifetime. Check reviews below:

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Fanimation FPD6220SN Wylde Fan Satin Nickel DC 165 Motor

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