Top 8 Best Ceiling Fan For Master Bedroom

Looking for a ceiling fan for your master bedroom? We have to admit that you have arrived at just the right place. Our goal here is to showcase to you the products that are more likely to yield you the awesome outcomes you desperately yearn for.

To do this, we have sampled the best ceiling fans for master bedrooms at the moment. We are subsequently going to review them by looking into the top parts and components they have to offer. This will hope shall open your eyes to find out the ones that are more likely to meet your needs.

Top 8 Best Ceiling Fan For Master Bedroom 2020

Top 8 Best Ceiling Fan For Master Bedroom Reviews

1. Crystal Modern Ceiling Fan With Remote Control

bedroom ceiling fan

Want to enjoy some added comfort? This particular appliance will allow you to enjoy just that. It is operable via a remote control unit that gives you the freedom to key in the prompts from just anywhere.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Elegant Style and Design

In all, the structure comes about in an elegant style and design indeed. Its characteristic satin natural silver finish particularly stands out. It adds some beauty to the bedroom to make it quite breathtaking to behold.

  • Quiet Durable Motor

Its motor is quiet and durable in equal measure. This stems mainly from the use of the copper materials that are stronger and resilient to the common agents of damages. At the same time, it also discharges quieter operations.

  • 3-speed 3-light Modes

The structure is able to vary its speed in three main ways. These are complemented by some three light modes that vary the comfort of your interior to make it pretty amazing. This way, it maintains you in an absolute state of comfort.

  • Saves plenty of your energy while operational
  • Stunningly crystal appearance adds some elegance to your rooms
  • Conditions your interior fairly well
  • Exudes some modern gorgeous looks and appearances
  • Well balanced and less likely to trip off
  • Demands excess care and attention on your part
  • Does not handle fidgeting well


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2. Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan for Master Bedroom – Super Quiet

best hunter ceiling fan bedroom

Hunter is a brand that is well-established and reliable. Indeed, many past users of its line of products have all returned favorable reviews. You too have no option but to utilize it for your indoor applications and bedroom cooling.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Whisper-wind Motor

Its flagship trait is the whisper-wind motor. As its name implies, this motor is super quiet and hence less likely to interfere with those around you. This notwithstanding, it is still capable of generating excessively higher levels of torque for you.

  • Reversible Motor

Other than being whisper wind, the motor is also reversible in the sense that it can generate the torque in whichever direction that may be desirable to you. In this way, it guarantees the utmost convenience for you.

  • 13° Blade Pitch

Its blade pitches at an angle of 13° to give you a sense of vitality and overall efficacy you badly need. With this inclination, you will also be certain to accrue ideal movements of air and peak performances.

  • Mounts in three main positions for you added freedom of use
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty that adds some safety to you
  • Adds some flair to your general living spaces
  • Exudes some harmonious color outputs
  • An audible beep confirms any prompts and inputs
  • Requires extra costs on your part to purchase
  • Strictly for indoor use


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3. KALRI Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fan for Master Bedroom

best ceiling fans for bedroom

Want to spruce up your bedroom with extra fervor and aesthetics? This crystal chandelier-style ceiling fan is the one we would suggest that you pick and make do with. It is on the whole beautiful enough to do just that.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Fixture Dimensions

Its fixture dimensions are truly elegant and comprehensive. The gadget measures 42 inches in diameter when the blades are fully stretched out. This sweeps a large stream of cool air that impacts the entire room with absolute impacts.

  • Remote Control

It is also possible for you to operate the equipment from a remote location. To do this, you will engage in a remote control unit. In light of this arrangement, you won’t have to be constrained as you make good use of the item altogether.

  • Silent Motor

Lastly, it does draw its torque from a truly silent motor. Thus, it is an appliance you want to fix in your room of you are a person who is averse to the risks of noise pollution and the disturbances that generally arise.

  • Its blades retract to take up limited space
  • Imbues some luxury and modern design
  • Changes its color to decorate your ambiance
  • Draws its light from an LED lighting apparatus
  • Saves plenty of power and energy
  • Requires some assembly before use
  • Suitable only for ceilings that are higher than 102 inches
  • Favors only professional workmen

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4. Warehouse Tiffany CFL-8170BL – 5-Blade Fan

ceiling fans best for bedroom

Are you mainly intent on lighting up your bedroom? The fan you pick for the job no doubt has to be equipped with tons of lighting features and components. We welcome you to try your luck on this one as it handles that job well.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • 5-blade Ceiling Fan

Its fan comprises some five blades. These ones are bedecked in prismatic crystals that refract the lights from some six bulb sources. This way, they tend to give a composed radiance that reminisces the art deco period.

  • Antique Bronze Patina

Throughout its exterior is the antique bronze patina adornment. This adornment gives the item an elegant look and appearance. At the same time, it also prevents interior metals from sustaining any further corrosion.

  • Lighted Crystal Shades

It does have some two shades. The one at the top and another at the bottom. Unlike the ordinary shades, this one is lighted both at the top and at the bottom. On the strength of this, it illuminates your interiors wholly.

  • Truly breathtaking to behold with the eyes
  • Comes equipped with some excellent dimensions
  • Accredited by the relevant standards authority
  • Listed by the Underwriter’s Laboratory
  • Derives its torque from the 3-speed motor
  • Calls for some assembly before use
  • Professional installation is a must


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5. Parrot Uncle Bedroom Ceiling Fans with Lights

best ceiling fan for bedroom

Want to create some patterns and styles on your walls? This indeed is the fan to place your bet on. It is appropriately structured to be able to generate an illusion of texture and elegance. In this way, you get to adorn the interiors of your walls.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Retractable Blades

Its blades stand apart from the rest in the sense that they retract. By retracting, the blades reduce the space requirements and hence allow you to tuck them away with absolute ease. That way you won’t have to set aside too much space.

  • 3600 Cubic Feet-per-minute

The apparatus is able to discharge a comfortable 3,600 cubic feet-per-minute of airflow at any given time. With this high rate of airflow, it is possible for whole rooms to feel the impacts without having to wait for too long.

  • Comprehensive LED Lighting Kit

Also accompanying this fan is a comprehensive set of LED lighting kit. This set incorporates 9 bulbs that are rated 32W each. They have the joint ability to exude 4,000 Kelvin of heat and light output. This is not to mention that they are safe enough for everyday use.

  • Replaceable and dimmable in equal measure
  • Comes about as a comprehensive packaging
  • Contains some down-rods for added support
  • Operable via a remote control unit
  • Regulates the flow of speed accordingly
  • Slightly strenuous to handle and control


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6. Tropicalfan Crystal Retractable Ceiling Fan

ceiling fans for master bedrooms

Care for your environment? You want to utilize a fan that is manufactured using eco-friendly materials and is at the same time devoid of any harmful toxins. We ask you to attempt your luck on this one as it incorporates both benefits at a time.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Gorgeous Crystal and Eco Material

All the materials that are used to make it up are gorgeous and eco-friendly. They are subsequently less inclined to pose some safety issues as is the norm with many of the apparatus of its stature out in the market.

  • Retractable Blade and Modern Design

Its blades retract thanks mainly to the modern design. On the strength of this retraction, the appliance will normally demand limited storage and transportation spaces. Obviously, this is good for your own convenience.

  • Whisper-quiet with Impressive Airflow

Finally, its motor is super quiet thanks mainly to the whisper-quiet operations and smooth airflow. With these two traits at your fingertips, you may be sure to enjoy quieter operations and reduced incidences of distractions.

  • Manages three varying speed options
  • Equipped with a bright LED lighting apparatus
  • A timer also exists to aid with operations
  • Delivers the necessary end results promptly
  • Maintains your desired levels of coolness
  • Not as tough as is the case with many gadgets of this kind
  • Likely to bring along limited value for money


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7. Warehouse of Tiffany CFL-8154BR Ceiling Fan

master bedroom ceiling fan

Could it be that your ceiling is too tall? We caution against picking and using any fan at random. Instead, we insist that you choose this one that is similarly tall enough to be able to fit the equally taller ceilings. It also has the added benefit of attractiveness.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Chandelier Makeup

It comes about in a chandelier makeup. On the basis of this makeup, the equipment is exceedingly beautiful to behold. This arrangement also makes it add some artistic allure and glamor to your bedroom as it channels out the cool air.

  • Sophisticated Allure

Apart from the chandelier makeup, the equipment is also capable of giving off a sophisticated allure. The latter mainly stems from the use of high-quality clear crystals, antique bronze, and stained real wood blades to adorn the item.

  • Dependable and Quiet Fan Motor

Powering the appliance is a dependable and super quiet fan motor. The motor is accompanied by three speed-settings that vary the pace at which the interior air is cooled and maintained in a state of absolute calmness.

  • Adds some charms and glamor to the rooms
  • Dependable indeed for use just about anywhere
  • Its three-speed settings give you room to determine your own desired speed
  • Spectacular to behold and make use of
  • Can be used with a dimmer
  • Potentially clutters a cramped up interior space


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8. Westinghouse Lighting 7234220 Quiet Ceiling Fan

best ceiling fans for master bedrooms

Rounding up the list of the top ceiling fan for your master bedroom is this one from Westinghouse Lighting. It comes about in an eye-catching modern design that serves to add some beauty and elegance to your interior rooms.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Adjustable Spotlights

Accompanying this piece of equipment is the adjustable spotlights. These ones allow you to vary the degrees of brightness of the piece of equipment to that level that is mainly desirable to you. That way, you stay away from any poor visibility.

  • Wider Impacts

The piece of equipment is able to impact an area that is as large as 360 square feet (18 by 20 feet). This is mainly made possible by the high-quality motor that works alongside a reversible switch to regulate the flow of air.

  • Lifetime Motor Warranty

Setting this piece of equipment further apart from the others is the lifetime motor warranty that accompanies its entirety. Through this warranty, you may be sure to enjoy unparalleled freedom of mind as you utilize it.

  • Available in an eye-catching modern design
  • Delivers a powerful flow of air output
  • Operates super quietly
  • Adorned with an elegant finish
  • Adjustable spotlights make for precise visibility
  • Susceptible to scratches
  • Calls for upgrades and repairs from time to time


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1. Which Is Better For A Master Bedroom, 4 or 5 Blade Ceiling Fan?

The 5-blade is, by all means, the better of the two options. Generally speaking, the fan with the higher number of the blade tends to be quieter and more energy-efficient than that which has fewer blades. The bedroom, as we know, is also an area that is sensitive to noise pollution.

Thus, the quieter version is the better of which, the 5-blade ceiling fan is the one. Other than quietness, the 5-blade motor also takes in limited electrical power yet gives out additional power output. You should hence expect the fan to cut down on your own utility expenses by a considerable margin.

Lastly, the 5-blade version is also more likely to impact a wider area at a time. It is hence better suited for impacting a master bedroom owing to its comparatively larger size. This also means that the air circulates smoothly and unhindered, all for your breathability.

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2. What Makes A Ceiling Fan Powerful?

Three main issues affect the power output of a ceiling fan. These are:

  • Speed of Spinning

The speed with which the fan spins plays the single largest contribution to the power output of the ceiling fan. This metric is expressed in revolutions per minute. All factors considered, the faster a blade spins, the more powerful it is likely to be. The opposite, of course, is the case.

  • Motor Rating

Its motor rating also determines to a great extent the power output. A motor that is highly rated will definitely yield a higher power output compared to that which is lowly rated. It also produces a more excellent flow of air, a fact that goes a long way in making your interiors become cooler and more habitable.

  • The Pitch of the Blade

Finally, the pitch of the blade also makes some contribution to that effect. By ‘pitch’ we mean the angle that the blade maintains as it moves through the air. Gentler angles are more likely to yield higher power compared to the steeper angles. That is because they counter limited air drag in the course of moving.

3. Tips for Installation, Maintenance of Ceiling Fans in Master Bedrooms

quiet ceiling fan for bedroom

It is impossible to install and maintain the ceiling fan in the master bedroom without adhering to some predefined sets of standards. We dedicate this segment of the discussions to look into those very standards for your own considerations:

Tip I: Study the movements of the ceiling fan

You should invest some time to study the movements of the ceiling fan. It is the manner in which the fan moves that is the single most significant determinant of the health of the fan overall. A fan that wobbles or fidgets excessively is indicative of some faults. This may require expert intervention to remedy.

Tip II: Clean the fan thoroughly

With the passage of time, the fan does accumulate plenty of dirt and unwanted debris. These may clog the system in such a way as to prevent the same from operating as smoothly as it should. To stem this tide, you have to clean the fan thoroughly on a periodic basis.

Tip III: Lubricate the system from time to time

Other than the accumulation of dirt, the fan also suffers higher levels of friction. This friction arises from the parts that move about. By constantly lubricating the fan, you reduce the level of rubbing while at the same time improve the efficiency of the structure in totality. In general, you should lubricate at least weekly.

Tip IV: Tighten the Screws

Other than the problem of friction, the screws also tend to fall off with time. If and when this happens, the fan will become dysfunctional with time. Tightening the screws regularly by the use of a screwdriver is one sure way of mitigating this condition. You should do this preferably each week as routine maintenance.

Tip V: Upgrade the Parts

The manufacturers of the ceiling fans are constantly innovating. They, from time to time, produce and release better parts, accessories and other vital components of the fans. To keep pace with these changes, you want to shop for them and incorporate them into your fans. You definitely require expert assistance to do this.

If you have problems on getting the right sizes of ceiling fan for master bedroom, check our guides:

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WOW! You have truly known the steps to take to install and maintain your fans in the best shape and form. Having received this insight, we trust that you are now able to make good use of the same. Still, stuck? Why not speak to us for further assistance?

Final Words

We conclude our in-depth look into the best ceiling fan for your master bedroom there. Having done all that is expected of us, we now pass the buck to you to implement the insights we have so generously given off. This should not be so much of an issue at the moment.

Simply read the explanations we have given against each fan above keenly. Then, match the explanation with your own unique expectations. That will make it easier for you to narrow down to a specific choice. Be mindful of the pricing and the other terms of use too as you do so!

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