Best Ceiling Fan For Small Room

Ceiling fans are a popular addition to any room because they make the room feel fresh and spacious. A good fan will keep the air flowing and can also double as a light in many cases.

Different ceiling fans are available for rooms of various sizes, styles, and uses.

If you wonder what the best ceiling fan for small rooms is, keep reading.

In today’s article, we are going to mention some of the best options for small room ceiling fans and how to get them.

Best indoor ceiling fan for small rooms


Why do We Need a Ceiling Fan in a Small Bedroom?

Ceiling fans provide air circulation, keeping the air in the room fresh. This is important for bedrooms, which can get stuffy in the summer.

Small room ceiling fans will have shorter blade spans. An average bedroom, of around 175sq. ft would be best served with a ceiling fan with a blade span of between 42 to 48 inches.

The best ceiling fan for small bedrooms would be one with a smaller blade span of around 36 inches.


The Significant Features of Best Ceiling Fan for Small Rooms

These days, there are so many fans to choose from, and it is a good idea to have some features in mind when you’re browsing the DIY store so that you can find the perfect fan for each room.

Useful considerations when you are shopping for ceiling fans for smaller rooms include:

– The size of the fan: Smaller rooms need shorter blades
– Noise output: A loud fan may be a non-issue in the kitchen, but you will want something quieter for a bedroom
– Height: Your fan should sit with the blades at least 7 inches below the ceiling.
– Room height: Ideally, the fan should be at least 7 feet from the floor, so that there is no risk of the blades being touched while they are in operation.
– Extra features: Do you want the fan to double as a light? What about speed selections?
– Safety: Do you want a fan with a cord control, or one with switches/a remote? What about safety cut-offs?
– Style: You can get rustic, modern, and retro-looking blades and styles, what would suit your room?


Choosing the Right Size of a Fan for Small Room

Choosing the Right Size of a Fan for Small Room

 Blade span 

The blade span is one of the most important considerations when it comes to choosing a ceiling fan for any room. Mini fans can have blade spans as small as 18 inches, while there are some that have spans of over 70 inches for very large rooms.

 Room size 

While there may be exceptions for rooms that are oddly shaped, you can usually estimate the size of the fan you need based on the square footage of the room.

  • Smaller rooms, such as bathrooms or very small studies, are best served by small fans with a blade span of 29 to 36 inches. That’s for rooms that are up to 75sq ft.
  • For rooms that are slightlylarger than that, up to about 175sq ft, you will want a bigger fan with a blade span of 42 to 48 inches. A bigger bedroom, up to around 350sq ft, would need a fan of 52 to 56 inches blade span.
  • If you have a room that is long and narrow, then you may want to have two evenly spaced fans with a shorter span. If the room has a low ceiling, then a flush mount fan may give you the clearance that you need for safety.


 Control method 

A dangling cord may not be an issue in the living room of a large property but might be distracting or annoying in a bedroom.

You might prefer having wall-mounted controls, or even a remote. Of course, for a children’s room, a remote might not be a good option because they may lose it!


How Height to Mount Small Room Ceiling Fan?

When you are shopping for a ceiling fan for bedroom spaces, you should look for something that will hang at a safe height.

For good air circulation, you want the blades of the fan to be at least 8 inches from the ceiling. However, for safety, you want to make sure that the fan is at least 7 feet above the floor level.

This means that finding ceiling fans with lights for small spaces can sometimes be tricky since they hang quite low. There are flush mount ceiling fans and ceiling fans that can be a good option for smaller rooms with lower ceilings.


Several Things You Need to Consider When it Comes to Mounting:

Before you buy a ceiling fan, you had better learn the below information:

  • Will the blades of the fan fit the ceiling and the area you plan to mount it?
  • Does the finish of the blades match with the style of the ceiling and the rest of the room?
  • Is the fan quiet enough to use in a bedroom?
  • How low do the blades hang?
  • Does the fan have good airflow?
  • How is the fan controlled (cord/remote?)
  • What speeds does the fan support?
  • How energy efficient is the fan?

A lot of choosing a good ceiling fan comes down to personal preference.

Some may love wood effect fan blades that look rustic and traditional. Some might want something retro looking, or a metallic, modern appearance.

In that regard, there are no wrong choices. The important thing is to look for something that suits your room.

Safety and energy efficiency matters a lot, however, and are two factors that you will want to pay attention to when planning your purchase. With the rest, you can let your creativity and imagination run wild.


Best Ceiling Fans for Small Rooms Reviewed

Homeowners appreciate the value of ceiling fans, especially during the summer when temperatures are high.

With their various applications, some ceiling fans are best suited for specific settings and room sizes.

Some are suited for small rooms while others are best installed in large rooms.

Let’s look at ceiling fans that are best suited for small rooms:

Best Selling: Hunter Low-profile Ceiling Fan with Light for Small Bedroom

Best Selling Hunter Fan Low-profile Small Bedroom Ceiling Fan With Light

This ceiling fan is a good option for those seeking a quiet yet efficient ceiling fan for their small room.

  • It is powered by a WhisperWind motor that guarantees powerful air movement to create the desired breeze. This ensures you enjoy a cold breeze in a quiet room without noise disturbance.
  • Its motor is also reversible to give a downdraft or an updraft depending on the season.
  • It is crafted to fit flush the ceiling and is therefore perfect for rooms with low ceilings.
  • The fan’s design also involves a remote control system that simplifies the operation of the fan. Using the handheld remote, one can control the speed of the fan as well as switch it ON and OFF.
  • The 44-inch ceiling fan also has an integrated light system comprising two 9.8W LED bulbs for secondary lighting of the room.

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Top Rated: Hunter 36-inch Small Kitchen Ceiling Fans with Lights

Hunter Aker 36-inch Small Ceiling Fan With Light For Bedroom/Kitchen

This 36-inch ceiling is perfect for any small room.

  • Its three matte black blades are powered by WhisperWind motor that allows for their reversibility, making the ceiling fan suitable for use in the summer and winter seasons.
  • The motor also guarantees a quiet operation as it drives a cool breeze in the room.
  • The blades of this ceiling fan are pitched at 13° to ensure peak performance and optimal air movement.
  • It is also fitted with two down rods (2-inch and 4-inch) to ensure that there is a safe distance between the fan and the ceiling. This down rods also play a significant role in air circulation in the room since the fan rotates at the desired blade height.

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Hot Pick: Harbor Breeze Contemporary Large Ceiling Fan for Small Room

Harbor Breeze Flush Mount Contemporary Large Ceiling Fan For Small Room

The sleek and compact design of this ceiling fan is something to admire. Its 44-inch diameter makes it ideal for installing in small rooms and complementing any décor trend.

  • The Mazon ceiling fan is powered by a 3-speed motor that offers silent operation while giving you the desired comfort level.
  • The motor is also reversible to allow for the change in the direction of blade rotation. This makes it possible to use the fan in any season as it produces an updraft during winter and a downdraft during summer.
  • The Mazon ceiling fan also offers secondary lighting to a room as it has an integrated glass light kit that comprises an 18W LED bulb.
  • The bulb is energy-efficient and produces bright light to illuminate any room.
  • Its flush mount installation further makes it a perfect choice for rooms with low ceilings.

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Bright Light: Hunter 34-inch Small Room Ceiling Fan with Light

Hunter Watson Snow White Small Room Ceiling Fan With Light

Powered by a WhisperWind motor, this fan offers an ideal air movement and a whisper-quiet performance to create the desired ambiance in a room.

  • Its 34-inch diameter makes it possible to be installed in small rooms.
  • The reverse feature of the motor allows the five blades of the fan to rotate in the reverse direction to allow for the circulation of warm air or cold breeze during the winter and summer respectively.
  • The blades of this ceiling fan are also inclined at 13° to ensure the optimal movement of air in the room.
  • The 2-inch and 3-inch down rods of the fan also ensure a safe distance from the ceiling and also contribute to the movement of air in the room since the blades are placed at the preferred height.
  • The compact design and length of blades make it an ideal choice for small rooms.

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Unique Designed: Fanimation Drum Style Ceiling Fan for Low Ceiling Small Room

Fanimation Studio Collection Drum Style Ceiling Fan For Low Ceiling Small Room

The cage or drum style of this ceiling fan makes it a standout. Its compact design makes it a top choice for homeowners with small rooms.

  • It is powered by a 3-speed AC motor that is reversible for operation in both the summer and winter seasons.
  • The motor also offers a whisper-quiet operation for the perfect ambiance in the room.
  • The fan also comes in handy in the lighting needs of the room.
  • It is fitted with four 40W light bulbs to illuminate the room.
  • The fan is controlled by a remote control system that has a dimming feature so that one can adjust the brightness level from any point of the room.
  • The remote control system also has a timing feature for regulating the operation duration of the fan.

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Fans are essential for air conditioning in rooms and other settings. Most of them combine air conditioning and lighting in the room. When purchasing ceiling fans for small rooms, homeowners should consider the design of the ceiling fan, the speed of its motor, and the size of its blades.

Now you can find your best ceiling fan for a small room as you wish!

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