Buy Best Reversible Airflow Ceiling Fans In 2020

Ceiling fans are useful in large rooms because they prevent the room from becoming stuffy and unpleasant because of stagnant air.

Any ceiling fan will help to promote airflow, but reversible airflow ceiling fans have an extra benefit – they help to keep the room at a more comfortable temperature too.

When you run the fan in the usual direction, it will circulate the air so that you stay cool in the summer. Reverse the airflow, and it will push warm air down into the room, helping to keep you warm.

Exactly how much of a difference this makes is debatable, and depends on how well insulated the room is.

Some people, especially those who live in properties with high ceilings, love reversible airflow fans, but those who live in homes with smaller rooms that have lower ceilings don’t seem to notice the benefit of changing the direction the fan is moving as much – but they do still benefit from having ceiling fans.

The famous brand reversible ceiling fan should be Hunter, most of their models are hot selling and affordable. for big size 52 inch, you have three models ( less than $100) to choose, all of them are highly recommend with hundreds of sales.

Top 3 Highly Recommend Best Reversible Ceiling Fans

1. The 53069 Low Profile III – Top Reviewed

52-inch ceiling fan with five white blades
Exclusive Hunter motor technology and hanging system that ensures your fan will remain Quiet for Life and wobble-free


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2. The 53089 Builder Deluxe – Top Selling

— with five white/beech blades and snowflake linen glass light kit
Three fan speeds (high, medium, low) and reversible airflow year-round use
— Standard, flush or angled mounting installing

reversible ceiling fan review

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3. The 53242 Builder Elite – High Rated

— Energy Star 52-inch ceiling fan with five harvest mahogany / Brazilian cherry reversible blades
10/100 Ethernet port enables the printer to be connected to a wired computer network

best rated ceiling fan on the market

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The Benefits of a Reversible Airflow Ceiling Fan

Fans circulate air in the room – but they don’t actually heat or cool the room itself.

They simply create a cooling breeze when they spin counter-clockwise, making the people in the room feel more comfortable.

Setting the fan to spin clockwise, at a low speed, in the winter, will help to mix the warmer air that is located at the ceiling level with the cooler air lower down, helping the room to warm up more quickly.

It’s important the fan is set to a low speed to prevent a cooling effect from the airflow.

You should turn off the fan when you leave the room, especially in the summer, because the fan is just blowing warm air around, so having it in operation won’t cause the room to feel cooler when you walk in.

If you are finding big size reversible ceiling fan with lights, you can not miss the 7800000 Brentford indoor ceiling fan with lights, Check details below:

7800000 Brentford Indoor Fan With Light


— 52-Inch Five-Blade Reversible Ceiling Fan
— Aged Walnut with Clear Seeded Glass

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How Efficient Are These Fans?

Ceiling fans consume power when they are in operation, and the amount of power will depend on the size of the fan and how well the fan is designed.

You should try to look for a fan that offers a good ratio of airflow generated compared to wattage used, and also try to choose a fan that is appropriately sized for the room that it will be installed in.

Choosing the right fan size for the room is very important, not just for getting the best results but also for avoiding wasted electricity.

If the fan is too small then it won’t circulate air effectively, and you’ll find that you don’t get the cooling effect (or the heat circulation effect) that you desire.

If the fan is too big, then not only will you end up wasting electricity when you run it, you could find that the airflow is so great it overpowers the room and the breeze is uncomfortable. Often, ceiling fans have changeable blades so that you can modify them to suit different room sizes.

As a general rule, a room of less than 7m sq should have a 29 – 36-inch fan, rooms between 7 and 13 m sq should have fans up to 42inches, and rooms up to 21m sq should have a 44-inch fan.

The power of the motor is important, as well. Higher powered motors will be less likely to overheat, and if they have sealed bearings then they won’t be noisy, and you won’t have to worry about oiling them either. Some models have a rubber flywheel, and this again is a good noise reduction option.

The blades of your ceiling fan can be made out of any number of materials – the actual material doesn’t matter for a fan that is going to be used only indoors. What does matter, though, is the pitch of the blades. The higher the pitch, the more air the fan will move. The best configuration for a reversible ceiling fan is to have four blades that are pitched at around 22 degrees. The more blades, the more air the fan will move – but the noisier the fan will be, and the more power it will consume. The number of blades isn’t really important as long as there are at least four. The important thing is to ensure that the fan has the right pitch.

If you are going to use the fan in a room where moisture is often a problem (such as the bathroom or kitchen) opt for stainless steel or plastic blades. Metal blades are usually more efficient than wooden blades, but they will produce a little more noise. Wooden blades will warp if they get exposed to a lot of moisture, and certain metal variants will rust.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to consider, but if you shop around you can find a great fan for your home. There are hot picks fans in different size with highly recommend for you reference:

1. 24″ –Westinghouse Single-Light Indoor Ceiling Fan – Under $80

Westinghouse 7864400 Origami Single-Light 24-Inch Reversible Six Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan

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2. 30″ – Westinghouse 7247500 Roundabout Indoor Ceiling Fan

30inch-westinghouse-7247500-roundabout-two-light-reversible— Brushed nickel finish with opal frosted glass
— Two-light reversible five-blade

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3. 42″ – Westinghouse 7877365 Richboro SE

42inch-westinghouse-7877365-richboro-se-two-light-reversible— Two-light 42-inch reversible five-blade indoor ceiling fan
— Brushed nickel with frosted white alabaster glass bowl

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4. 54″ – Hunter Fan Company 54095 Caribbean Breeze Ceiling Fan

54inch-hunter-fan-company-54095-caribbean-breeze-ceiling-fan— With five antique dark wicker blades and light kit, weathered bronze

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