Best Small Ceiling Fans

The best small ceiling fans are designed for small rooms.

Small ceiling fans provide plenty of airflows while avoiding the problems of noise and safety caused by using large ceiling fans in small rooms. Also, with lights, the small ceiling fans can make a more significant difference.

You only need to install a small ceiling fan for your small room to easily maintain air circulation and lower temperature on a hot summer day.

But do you know how to choose a suitable small ceiling fan?

Are you hesitant to use all kinds of small ceiling fans on the market?

If you see this article, congratulations, you will get our recommendations for the ten best small ceiling fans and our guide on how to select the best ones.

The 10 Top Rated Small Ceiling Fans on the Market


How to Choose the Best Small Size Ceiling Fan?

There are a few things you should know before looking for your perfect small size ceiling fan.


Small ceiling fans generally do not exceed 42 inches in size. An extra small ceiling fan can be up to 16 inches in size.

Due to the size of the small space, the most commonly used small ceiling fans range in size from 24 to 30 inches.

You need to choose the right size based on the size of your room.

At the same time, the size also affects the airflow created by the fan.

After you have chosen the size, you can further narrow down the range of your selections based on other features.



Commonly available small diameter ceiling fans on the market are small 3-blade ceiling fans, small 4-blade ceiling fans, and small 6-blade ceiling fans.

Studies have shown that the number of blades of a fan does not affect its airflow.

Some people may think that the more the number of blades, the more air the ceiling fan can move. These two factors are not directly related. You can choose the number of blades with your preferences.



In general, the small and low profile ceiling fan is the best match designed for small rooms with low ceilings.

Many small ceiling fans are installed in a flush mount.

Of course, there are also small ceiling fans with down rods for high ceilings. At this time, you need to determine the height of the fan based on the height of your room. It is best to keep the height of the fan at around 8 feet.


 Energy Efficiency 

energy efficientEnergy efficiency is something we have been paying attention to all the time. The higher the energy efficiency, the less energy we consume when using the ceiling fan. So we can save a lot of energy bills every year.

Then how can we choose the most energy-efficient ceiling fan with light?

The Energy Star is the best guide to finding the most energy-efficient ceiling fan.

Then what you need to notice when choosing is the part of the product description that focuses on energy efficiency.



As a practical piece of furniture, the ceiling fan also varies in styles. You should choose a ceiling fan that matches your home style.

The style of the small ceiling fans is mostly modern, and of course, there are others like classical, country and so on.

Different styles have different looks. It depends on your preference.



When selecting, many people may pay too much attention to the product and often forget the information about the accessories that the product carries.

However, this accessory information may be a key factor influencing your experience.

In general, the accessories you need to pay attention to are: If it comes with a remote or wall control? Does it contain a light bulb? What is the length of the down rod? What are the parts and tools in the box?

ceiling fan installation


Warranty is another important but easily overlooked information. The warranty can help you change the broken part free after your purchase. In the event of product damage, the warranty can minimize your losses.

However, the warranty time of ceiling fans sold by different brands and vendors varies. So you must pay attention to the warranty time of different parts before buying.


What Sizes of Ceiling Fans Are Small Ceiling Fans?

There is no unifying explanation for this question. That is due to the highly subdivided nature of these small ceiling fans.

Below are some of the sizes of these fans and the circumstances or areas where the same may be suited.

ceiling fan adjusts the temperature

a.) 29-inch or less

It measures 29 inches and is able to impact an area that measures less than 50 square feet. For this reason, you will find it appropriately suited for the walk-in closet, laundry rooms, and hallways.

Also, it works wonders in those areas and rooms that are on the whole cramped up.


b.) 36-inch

Next comes the 36-inch ceiling fan. It is sufficiently large enough to impact spaces that are up to 75 square feet.

This designation makes it appropriately suited for the larger bathrooms and the breakfast nooks.

As it operates, it tends to sweep through a wider radius and may hence imperil the safety of those in there.


c.) 42-inch

Wanting to impact a larger room or size of space?

You need to leverage the 42-inch ceiling fan as it fits the bill specifically well.

The blades are able to impact a whopping 100 square feet of open space. Common areas where this piece of equipment may be suitable for use are the kitchens, offices, and the bedroom.


d.) 52-inch

The 52-inch small ceiling fan is that which you use to impact a moderately sized room or amount of space.

That is due to its ability to impact an area that is roughly 225 square feet. The top examples of these areas are the patios, dining rooms, and master bedrooms.


e.) 56-inch

You will find the 56-inch ceiling fan mainly suitable for those areas that get to 400 square feet of open space.

Some of the top areas where this will find applicability are the great rooms and the large living rooms. Its comparatively larger size also leads to greater consumption of the utility power.


f.) 60-inch

Coming in last is this fan that measures a whopping 60 inches.

It is generally great for those rooms and spaces that are larger. That is because it can impact areas that measure in excess of 400 square feet.

Its power consumption is also higher and is hence quite expensive to handle and operationalize.


Why Do You Need Small Ceiling Fans?

The reasons below necessitate the need for a small ceiling fan:

  • Space-saving

These fans are smaller and subsequently save greatly on the amount of space you need to set aside.

This is mainly due to the similarly smaller sizes that let you tuck them comfortably in the limited spaces available for you. In light of this, they are great for the condominiums.


  • Aesthetics

Owing to their elegance, these items may also serve aesthetic purposes.

In this regard, they are mainly used to spruce up the interiors and make them more appealing to the natural eyes. You have them for the taking if you want to add some elegance to your rooms thus.


  • Environmental Friendliness

They are devoid of harmful greenhouse gases as is the norm with air conditioners and other coolants.

Because of this, the small ceiling fan is unlikely to imperil your interiors or predispose you to the risks of respiratory illnesses.

Chances of harming your environment are hence reduced considerably.


  • Super-quiet

Most of these fans are super quieter than their bulkier counterparts.

Thus, they bring out the benefits that you are intent on leveraging but without the inconveniences that come by with use.

You will love these fans if you similarly tackle other vital chores at the same time they are operational.


  • Cooler

Though smaller in stake, the fans are cooler overall.

They have the ability to greatly reduce the temperatures of the interiors wherein they are attached.

Moreover, they also pair and work alongside the other cooling appliances like the air conditioners. The end result is a truly habitable interior for you.


  • Cheaper

For all practical purposes, these fans are cheaper to come by. They cost less to come by and are also return a higher value for money.

You do not need to spend too much or dig too deep into your pockets to afford them hence.

That should give you a smile on the face as it guarantees unconstrained benefits.


6 Main Types of Small Size Ceiling Fans

You can find a variety of small ceiling fans at Amazon or at many shops. Faced with hundreds of ceiling fans, you may feel troublesome, don’t know how to classify them and how to choose the ceiling fan that suits your room.

Here we surveyed a large number of ceiling fans, and made several major classifications of small ceiling fans for you.

When you choose, you can choose a certain type of ceiling fans to use according to the specific cases.


 1. Small Size Ceiling Fan with Light 

We all know that a ceiling fan with light can create both air flow and illumination.

As long as you buy a good-looking ceiling fan with light, there is no need to buy another ceiling light. So many people like this kind of double-function ceiling fan.

For small ceiling fans, you need to pay attention to four types of ceiling fans.

  • The first one is small ceiling fans with LED
  • The second one is small ceiling fans with incandescent lights.
  • Finally, you can also select ceiling fans without lights if you prefer a separate illumination.
  • The third one is only with light covers, and you can choose whether to install lights.


We have chosen a unique style of small ceiling fan with four bright incandescent lamps for you, which is perfect for small rooms.

Fanimation Studio Collection Small Size Ceiling Fan with Vintage Light Kit

Fanimation Studio Collection Drum Style Ceiling Fan For Low Ceiling Small Room

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 2. Small Diameter Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote Control 

In general, a small ceiling fan with remote control will come with a light kit. It’s convenient. This could only be known after we used it.

We usually install small ceiling fans in small spaces such as laundry, kitchen, or bathroom.

Sometimes when we are in these rooms, due to space constraints, it may be a trouble to pull the chain or press the button on the wall.

If there is a remote control, we can control the ceiling fan to achieve the desired effect anytime and anywhere.

However, there are only a few ceiling fans in this category. We have specially selected a ceiling fan with a high sales volume and high evaluation for you.

Harbor Breeze 44-inch Flush Mount Small Ceiling Fans with Lights and Remote

best selling ceiling fan with bright light

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 3. Low Profile Small Ceiling Fan 

Most small ceiling fans are low profile to fit the low ceiling of a small room.

Low-profile small ceiling fans can be either flush mount or down rod mount.

In this case, the combination of small size and low profile will make the space utilization of the small ceiling fan larger.


 4. Energy Star Small Size Ceiling Fan 

Energy Star qualified ceiling fans are the best choice for your energy savings.

Although the energy consumption of a small ceiling fan is less than that of a large ceiling fan, we are not sure of the specific energy efficiency.

If a ceiling fan is Energy Star certificated, it means that its energy efficiency has been maximized and the energy-saving effect is also the best.

Here we select one Energy Star small ceiling fan for you:

Casablanca Verse 44-inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Energy Star Small Ceiling Fan

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 5. Damp Rated Small Diameter Ceiling Fan 

If you want an outdoor small ceiling fan, the wet ceiling fan is the best for you.

When you look for ceiling fans on the market, you often find that many ceiling fans are marked for indoor use only. You don’t know if these small ceiling fans can be suitable in damp places such as the bathroom.

But if you search the damp-rated ceiling fan directly, then you will find the ceiling fan used outdoors as well as in the bathroom.

Monte Carlo White 24-inch Damp Rated Ceiling Fan

Monte Carlo White 24-inch Ceiling Fan

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 6. High-speed Small Ceiling Fan 

There is also one kind of small ceiling fan that you can’t miss, that is the high-speed ceiling fan.

You may think that the power of the motor of a small size ceiling fan is small, but it is not.

Many ceiling fans are just small in size, and their motors are still very powerful.

The high-speed small ceiling fan is your best choice to create large airflows in small spaces.

Here is one high -speed small ceiling fan with a powerful and quiet motor:

Westinghouse Lighting Five-Blade High-speed Small Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Lighting Five-Blade High-speed Small Ceiling Fan

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Benefits of Installing a Small Diameter Ceiling Fan for Small Spaces

  • Affordable

It is not cost-effective to install a large ceiling fan in a small place. But the air circulation in the small room is also essential.

Fortunately, we can find cheap small ceiling fans on the market. In most cases, the small ceiling fan price is under $100.

So we only need to invest a few tens of dollars in installing a small ceiling fan in our bathroom, kitchen, or small bedrooms.


  • Energy Efficient

We are supposed to choose the right ceiling fan according to the size of the room and the airflow we need.

    • For small spaces, first of all, using a large ceiling fan feels like overkill because it may result in wasted energy.
    • Secondly, The airflow created by the small ceiling fan is more concentrated and efficient than the large ceiling fan.

So we need to choose a small ceiling fan to save energy according to the situation. At the same time, it can also create precisely the airflow we need.


  • Airflow

We often install small ceiling fans in bathrooms, kitchens, or small bedrooms. The space in these places is small and enclosed, so it is challenging to have airflow caused by natural winds.

Therefore, we need small ceiling fans in the right size to create air circulation to mix moist air with dry air or to mix carbon dioxide with fresh oxygen.

In this way, our health will not be threatened if we stay in these small spaces for a long time.


  • Adjust the temperature

More and more places are now installing central air conditioners. This trend makes temperature control easy in most large areas.

However, the temperature control of the small room requires a small ceiling fan for better adjustment.

In the summer, we can quickly feel sultry in closed and narrow places. Then the small ceiling fan can bring us a breeze and lower temperatures.

In the winter, the heat from heating or stoves accumulates in a small place, and the rest of the room is still cold.

Inverting the direction of rotation of the small ceiling fan, we can evenly distribute the warm air in the room and raise the temperature.


Best Small Size Ceiling Fans Reviewed

Whatever you need, go ahead and read our list of top 10 small ceiling fans to discover the one that’s made for you!

Hot Picked: Westinghouse Lighting 24-inch Small Ceiling Fans with Lights

small ceiling fans with lights

  • Weight: 11.1 pounds
  • Size: 24-inch
  • Performance: 2,039 CFM, 31 watts, 67 CFM/watt
  • Design: 6 blades, 2 lights, pull chain, indoor
  • Engine: 3-speed, reversible

This small ceiling fan looks good and has a powerful performance, so the sales volume is extremely high, and it has received a lot of praise.

It is the ideal airflow manufacturer and illumination provider for small rooms with insufficient space.

You can install it in the laundry room and it’s really great to use!

  • Easy to install
  • High power
  • Looks great
  • Light is a little dim

Best Overall: Harbor Breeze 44-inch Small Ceiling Fans with Lights and Remote


Harbor Breeze 44-inch Small ceiling fans with Lights and Remote

  • Weight: 17.66 pounds
  • Size: 44-inch
  • Performance: 4545 CFM, 58 watts, 78 CFM/watt
  • Design: 3 blades, LED light, remote control
  • Engine: 3-speed, reversible
  • Mounting: flush mount

If you are looking for a ceiling fan that will satisfy you in all aspects of performance and appearance, you should not miss this one.

Almost every purchaser marvels that this ceiling fan is so perfect for low ceilings.

Make an ideal choice for your small or medium-sized office or bedroom

  • Quiet
  • Easy to install
  • Remote control
  • Perfect for low ceilings
  • The dirt on the cover may dim the light

Best Damp Rated: Emerson 30-inch Small Outdoor Ceiling Fan without Light


Best damp rated - Emerson 30-inch Small Outdoor Ceiling Fans with Light

  • Weight: 11.6 pounds
  • Size: 30-inch
  • Performance: 2278 CFM, 42 watts, 54 CFM/watt
  • Design: 3 blades, wall control, damp locations
  • Engine: 4-speed, reversible
  • Mounting: dual-mount

This small ceiling fan with contemporary style will be a unique and functional decor in your room.

Besides, the damp rated list allows it to be a wonderful choice for bathrooms, verandas and outdoor places.

More importantly, Emerson montor guatantees powerful air movement and quiet performance.

  • Move a lot of air
  • Great compact design
  • Dual mount
  • Perfect for damp locations
  • Don’t come with remote and light kit

Best Selling: Westinghouse 24-inch Small Blade Ceiling Fan with Light


Best Selling - Westinghouse 24-inch Small Blade Ceiling Fan with Light

  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Size: 24-inch
  • Performance: 1247 CFM, 28 watts, 45 CFM/watt
  • Design: 6 blades, 2 incandescent bulbs, pull chain, indoor
  • Engine: 3-speed, reversible

Using this Westinghouse small ceiling fan, you can add comfortable breeze and soft illuminate to the small places in your home.

The design of appearance makes thie ceiling fan look quite trendy.

And the blades are the perfect size for any small area. Thus a large number of people highly recommend this product.

  • Easy to install
  • Perfect blade size
  • Nice appearance
  • Don’t come with remote
  • Not LED light

Best Light Kit: Hardware House 30-inch Small Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Light


Best Light Kit - Hardware House 30-inch Small Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Light

  • Weight: 10.85 pounds
  • Size: 30-inch
  • Performance: 3900 CFM, 45 watts, 86 CFM/watt
  • Design: 6 blades, light kit, pull chain, indoor
  • Engine: 3-speed, reversible
  • Mounting: flush mount

This ceiling fan is definitely your best choice for low ceilings.

Retro blades and the candelabra base make it look very elegant in your room. You can choose to install a bright light bulb to provide lighting, or you can use it without a light bulb.

It depends on your choice.

  • Well worth the price
  • Perfect size
  • Great air movement
  • Not includes bulbs

Best for Kitchen: Honeywell 30-inch Small White Ceiling Fan with Light

Best fot Kitchen - Honeywell 30-inch small white ceiling fan with light

  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Size: 30-inch
  • Design: 3 blades, LED light, pull chain, Dual-finish reversible blades
  • Engine: 3-speed, reversible
  • Mounting: tri-mount options

With the classic style of the Honeywell Ocean Breeze, this ceiling fan is the perfect helper to bring the ocean breeze to the narrow places in your home.

Each blade is reversible and you can change the color of the blade as you wish. It’s up to you!

  • Value for money
  • Easy to install
  • Move a lot of air
  • Don’t have remote

Best White Color: Westinghouse 30-inch Small Hugger Ceiling Fan with Light

Best White Color - Westinghouse 30-inch Small Hugger Ceiling Fan with Light

  • Weight: 11.08 pounds
  • Size: 30-inch
  • Performance: 3925 CFM, 45 watts, 87 CFM/watt
  • Design: 6 blades, light kit, pull chain
  • Engine: 3-speed, reversible, quiet
  • Mounting: flush mount

This ceiling fan is special designed for low ceilings and smaller rooms.

It is your ideal cooling tool in the summer, bringing you healthy and fresh air.

This ceiling fan can allows your small room have the same amount of air flow as the open space. Besides, the elegant white finish makes it stand out in appearance.

  • Quiet
  • High speed
  • Perfect for low ceiling and small room
  • Bulb sold separately

Best Low Profile: Hunter 44-inch Small Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote

Best Low Profile - Hunter 44-inch Small Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote

  • Weight: 16.9 pounds
  • Size: 42-inch
  • Performance: 2825 CFM, 56 watts, 50 CFM/watt
  • Design: 6 blades, incandescent light, pull chain
  • Engine: 3-speed, reversible, WhisperWind
  • Mounting: downrod/flush mount

The low-profile design of this hunter ceiling fan is perfect for low ceilings.

In addition, hunter’s unique WhisperWind motor makes it powerful and quiet. Although it comes with two incandescent lights, you can easily remove the light kit when you use it, it’s up to you.

  • Easy to install
  • Whisper quiet 
  • Flush mount
  • Beautiful ceiling fan
  • Don’t work with remote

Best for Bathroom: Monte Carlo 24-inch Small Ceiling Fan for Bathroom


Best for Bathroom - Monte Carlo 24-inch Small Ceiling Fan for Bathroom

  • Weight: 9.57 pounds
  • Size: 24-inch
  • Performance: 1807 CFM, 41 watts, 45 CFM/watt
  • Design: 3 blades, pull chain, damp locations
  • Engine: 3-speed, reversible, WhisperWind
  • Mounting: flush mount

This ceiling fan is special designed for damp locations, so many people install it in bathrooms and patios.

Therefore, this ceiling fan has also received a lot of praise and is one of the ideal bathroom ceiling fans.

Besides, this ceiling fan is compatible with light kit. If you need lighting, you can install a light kit below the ceiling fan.

  • Nice looking
  • Move a mount of air
  • Quiet
  • Light sold seperately

Best Modern Style: Minka-Aire 26-inch Small Ceiling Fan with Light

Best Modern Style - Minka-Aire 26-inch small ceiling fan with light

  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • Size: 26-inch
  • Performance: 2132 CFM, 30 watts, 71 CFM/watt
  • Design: 3 blades, wall control, full range dimmer, indoor
  • Engine: 4-speed, reversible, WhisperWind
  • Mounting: flush mount

This modern ceiling fan is an excellent combination of features, functions and design.

It offers maximum comfort even in the smallest rooms. If you are looking for a modern ceiling fan to decorate your small room, you must not miss this one!

  • Dimmable light
  • Wall remote control
  • Easy to install
  • Light sold separately


Bottom Line

After reading our article, I believe that you have become an expert in the amateurs of purchasing ceiling fans.

Below are the product recommendations we have chosen for you to save a lot of time browsing hundreds of products.

I hope you can find the small size ceiling fan that suits you best.