Best 10 LED Ceiling Fans: 2020 Buying Guide

The invention of LED light is a great revolution. Nowadays, using modern LED lights yet traditional incandescent lamps has been a trend. The increasing people are seeking LED ceiling fans when they need a ceiling fan with light.

Having a suitable LED ceiling fan can not only bring you enough airflow in your room all year round but help you illuminate your room with low energy cost.

Considering that there are too many LED ceiling fans on the market, I believe that you may encounter some difficulties in your choice. In today’s article, we are going to mention some of the best options for LED ceiling fans and how to get them.

Top Rated 9 Best LED Ceiling Fans in 2019

Top Rated 10 Best LED Ceiling Fans in 2020

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Reviews of 10 Top-rated Ceiling Fans with LED lights on the Market

As one kind of ceiling fans with lights, LED ceiling fans have both functions of fan and light. What’s more, LED lights generally are associated with energy saving. So many people prefer to put a ceiling fan with LED light in their home. In addition to considering the feature of LED lights, the performance and appearance of the ceiling fan are more important. Combining various factors, we have selected the following top 10 LED ceiling fans. Have a look!

1. Best LED Light & Remote – Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

Best LED Light & Remote - Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

Our first recommendation is this modern LED ceiling fan with remote. Its brand new design makes this ceiling fan stand alone. The design is coherent and compact, which makes it ideal for medium or small rooms. Besides, the 44-inch blade and 3-speed powerful motor help to create comfort breeze for you.

Coming with a bright LED light, this ceiling fan is the best choice of alternative illumination in your room. More importantly, you can use the remote(included) to control the speed and to turn on/off the light. That makes you operate the ceiling fan from anywhere in the room.

  • Remote control
  • 3-speed reverse motor
  • Flush mount for low-ceiling
  • 18W LED module
  • Unsuitable for high or angled ceiling
  • Light can’t be dimmed

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2. Best Flush Mount & LED Lights – Minka-Aire Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

hugger fan led ceiling fan with remote

The second LED ceiling fan we chose for you is the best for low ceilings. There are four colors and two blade lengths to choose from, so you can find one that best suits your room style and size.

It is worth mentioning that this ceiling fan comes with a universal handheld remote control. This remote can control the speed of the fan and the brightness of the light.

What’s more, this energy efficient ceiling fan is able to only spend $8 of yearly energy cost, which is far below the cost of similar ceiling fans($19-$84).

  • Great remote control
  • 3-speed reverse motor
  • Dimmable bright light
  • Quiet
  • Not recommended for angled ceiling

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3. Best Low-profile with LED Light – Hunter 44-inch Ceiling Fan with Remote

best low profile led ceiling fan

Our next recommendation is this hunter 44-inch LED ceiling fan. It has three appearances for you to choose from: Brass-antique, Fresh White, and Noble Bronze. Including a light kit with cased white glass, this ceiling fan can be a stylish decor in your room.

The Hunter’s WhisperWind motor is capable of delivering powerful airflow with whisper-quiet performance. Besides, the included Fan/Light Universal Handheld Remote Control allows you to turn on the fan and light on your bed whenever you want.

  • Great remote control
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for small low-ceiling room
  • Super quiet
  • For indoor use only

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4. Best Outdoor with LED Light – Casa Delta Solid Wood Ceiling Fan Damp Rated

outdoor led ceiling fan Damp Rated for Kitchen Patio

This LED ceiling fan we recommend is the best for outdoor patios. Its 52-inch blade and powerful motor allow it to create strong air movement in a large open space. Besides, you can use the 6-inch down rod to adjust the height for the best experience of airflow.

Also, it has been UL listed for damp locations so you needn’t worry about it may stop working because of the damp environment outside. In addition, you can easily operate this ceiling fan, using the handheld remote control. Then sit comfortably in your chair and enjoy the breeze.

  • For ourdoor damp places
  • Great remote control
  • Real wood blades
  • Move a lot of air
  • Maybe not suitable for indoor use

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5. Best Selling for Bedroom – Minka-Aire Light Wave Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit

LED ceiling fan with remote

This Minka-Aire light wave series ceiling fan is highly sold and highly acclaimed. Its streamlined appearance and excellent performance have attracted many people’s attention.

Also, the finish and downrod of this ceiling fan can be customized according to requirements. You can choose whatever you want based on your room style and size. More importantly, this ceiling fan can be turned into a smart ceiling fan through BOND. Then you can control it via voice and smartphone.

  • Smart ceiling fan work with BOND 
  • Great remote control
  • Customized appearance
  • A little noise at high speed

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6. Best Energy Star – Emerson LED Ceiling Fan with Reverse Blades

Best Energy Star - Emerson Dual Mount Ceiling Fan with Reversible Blades

This LED ceiling fan is popular with many people for its unique appearance and low energy consumption. Certified by ENERGY STAR, its annual energy cost is able to be as low as $11. This number is especially small for a ceiling fan with 50-inch blades and a powerful motor.

Also, the blades of this ceiling fan are reversible. You can choose different colors on both sides of the blade. Besides, the installation of the ceiling fan is also very simple. There are two ways to install: close-to-ceiling or down rod for you to choose according to the height of your room.

  • Energy saving 
  • Reversible blades
  • Dual-mount design
  • don’t include remote control

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7. Best for Large Room – Westinghouse Lighting 52-Inch LED Ceiling Fan

Best for Large Room - Westinghouse Lighting 52-Inch Indoor Ceiling Fan

This LED ceiling fan is ideal for large rooms up to 225 square feet (15 feet by 15 feet). Its high-quality motor and 52-inch blades make it possible to deliver powerful air movement. With the light kit including two 40-watt torpedo candelabra base bulbs, this ceiling fan have the ability to light every part of your room.

In addition, the dual-mount installation makes it suitable for various ceilings whatever high, low, or angled. Though it didn’t come with remote control, it is adaptable for one bought separately. Apart from the lifetime motor warranty, other parts have a two-year warranty.

  • For large room
  • High speed and powerful airflow
  • Dual-mount design
  • Value for money
  • Don’t have remote control

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8. Best Price – Westinghouse Lighting 42-Inch Ceiling Fan with LED Light

Best Price - Westinghouse Lighting 42-Inch Ceiling Fan with LED Light

This ceiling fan LED ceiling fan is high in sales because of its high-cost performance. Due to its low profile and 42-inch blades, it is especially suitable for small rooms up to 100 square feet (10 feet by 10 feet).

The three-speed motor allows you to get the most suitable air flow. At the same time, the motor is also reversible, allowing you to use it all year round. A 4-inch down rod is included with the purchase for height adjustment.

  • For small room
  • Value for money
  • Easy to install
  • gun metal finish
  • Don’t have remote control

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9. Best White LED Ceiling Fan – Casa Vieja 44-inch Hugger Ceiling Fan

Best White LED Ceiling Fan - Casa Vieja 44-inch Hugger Ceiling Fan

Finally, the white LED ceiling fan you’ve been looking for is here. This elegant white ceiling fan is definitely the best decoration in your room. Moreover, its hugger design and 44-inch blades make it suitable for small rooms with low ceilings.

  • Perfect for small room
  • Use for low ceilings
  • Easy to install
  • Look great in bedroom
  • May need to be adjusted after installation

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10. Best Caged LED Light – Home Decorators Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Best Caged LED Light - Home Decorators Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

This caged ceiling fan has received a lot of praise for its unique design and modern appearance. This one is ideal for small rooms with low ceilings because it’s caged and low-profile. With two 23-Watt LED light strips, it is the best choice for investing in ceiling fans.

Also, it comes with a handheld remote control including batteries. Its quite and wobble-free design makes it suitable for any rooms. In addition, this ceiling fan can also be used outdoors. So you can make a flexible choice.

  • Unique design looks great
  • Perfect for small room
  • Great air movement
  • Use for low ceilings
  • The airflow is concentrated right under the fan

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Why do We Need a Ceiling Fan with LED Light in Our Home?

When buying a ceiling fan, many people choose to buy a combination of ceiling fan and light. The purpose of this is that the ceiling fan can also provide the second illumination in the room while providing airflow.

Nowadays, there are many ceiling fans with lights on the market. Most people prefer ceiling fan with LED lights when they choose. The same ceiling fan, if installed with LED lights, will be better than installed with an incandescent lamp.

The Benefits of LED Lightchoose a LED light for ceiling fan

  • Energy saving

Research shows that LED lamps consume only one-tenth of the energy of incandescent lamps and one-fourth of Compact Fluorescent Lamp. So the ceiling fan with LED lights is the best choice for you to save energy.

  • Long-Lasting

Experiments have estimated that LED lamps have a service life of more than 50,000 hours, more than 50 times that of incandescent lamps. If you buy a ceiling fan with LED lights, the LED lights are enough for home use without replacement.

  • Environmental protection

LED lamps do not contain lead, mercury, and other pollution elements. So there is no pollution to the environment. Besides, the assembled components of the LED bulb can be easily disassembled for recycling.

  • No stroboscopic phenomenon

The LED lamp works under pure DC, so the light source is very stable. Thus there is no problem such as flicker. The use of LED lights can avoid visual fatigue caused by the stroboscopic phenomenon of incandescent lamps.

Ceiling Fans with LED lights

Today, LED lights are often associated with modern or high-end products. If you have seen enough ceiling fans on the market, you will find that those smart ceiling fans are generally combined with LED lights.

If you want to replace the existing ceiling fan light with the LED light kit, we have selected 2 LED light products for you. You can easily install it on your ceiling fan.

1. Top-Rated LED Ceiling Fan bulbs For Ceiling Fan – 6 watts(60w Equivalent) Hansang Dimmable LED Bulbs

LED Ceiling Fan bulbs For Ceiling Fan - 6 watts(60w Equivalent) Hansang LED Bulbs

2. Best Selling LED Ceiling Fan Light Kit – Silverlite 17W Dimmable LED Light Kit

Best Selling LED Ceiling Fan Light Kit - Silverlite 17W Dimmable LED Light Kit

The 7 Features You Must Consider Before Buying a LED Ceiling Fan

There are too many LED ceiling fans on the market, and we may fall into the difficulty of choosing when we buy. Next, I will introduce you to the seven main things to note when purchasing the best LED ceiling fan.


The size of the ceiling fan is not a simple thing: a small room with a small ceiling fan, a large room with a large ceiling fan. In general, the ceiling fan in a small room up to 100 sq.ft had better not exceed 42-inch. The ceiling fans used in slightly larger rooms are between 42-inch and 52-inch. Ceiling fans above 52-inch are suitable for large rooms.


The height of the ceiling fan is a very important factor. First of all, the ceiling fan needs to keep a certain safe distance from people. But it shouldn’t be too high, so the effect of making air flow may be bad. Next, the height also affects the range of illumination of the light. So you are supposed to choose flush mount, hugger or low profile ceiling fans for your low ceiling rooms, and ceiling fans with long down rods for high ceiling rooms.


If you want to buy an LED ceiling fan for outdoor use, then you must consider the moisture resistance. The ceiling fans generally used for outdoors are required for damp rated. Otherwise, the damp environment may rust the ceiling fan or affect the use of the circuit. Before you buy, pay attention to the UL list for damp rated.


There are generally three control methods for ceiling fans: pull chains, wall control, and remote control. If you want to control the speed and dimming of your ceiling fan and LED light more conveniently, then the remote control is the best for you.

Need to mention that some ceiling fans come with pull chains or wall control when you are purchasing, but they are also compatible with universal remote control(purchase separately). You are supposed to pay attention to this before you buy it. So as not to affect your use.


Compared to incandescent lamps, LED lights have many advantages(just as I mentioned above). Then there are relatively many things to pay attention to when choosing.

First, the light of the LED is similar to white light. If the brightness is too high, you may feel the surroundings a little pale and lack of color. So brightness is the first thing you should consider.

Further, if you can find a dimmable or changing light LED, that is going to be great. You can adjust the color and brightness of the light to get the best lighting effect according to your needs.


The style of ceiling fans with LED lights is also varied. You can, of course, invest a ceiling fan in decorating your room while making it two functional features: making airflow and providing illumination.

All you need to do is choose a good looking ceiling fan with LED lights that matches your room decor. This way, your room will not only be more comfortable but also more beautiful.


Whatever products you want to buy, you need to pay attention to the warranty information. For Hunter ceiling fans, there is generally a lifetime motor warranty and a one-year warranty on the lights and other components.

Before you buy, be sure to notice which parts are included in the warranty and which are not. So you can get a better after-sales service.

After reading our article, do you have your answer on how to choose the best LED ceiling fan?

Below we have selected 10 best LED ceiling fans for you, there must be one suitable for you. Let’s take a look!

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