Best Quiet Ceiling Fan for Bedroom

A good bedroom ceiling fan not only makes our rest space more comfortable but also saves energy.

These days, more and more people invest in a ceiling fan for their bedroom.

However, many people don’t know the key to choose the best bedroom ceiling fan. One thing we must consider is quietness.

In this article, we tend to tell the advantages of a quiet ceiling fan and how to select the best ones. After reading, you’ll be able to make an informed choice.

Why You Want a Quiet Ceiling Fan in Your Bedroom?

ceiling fan noise makes you hard to sleep

You need to find a ceiling fan that is quiet for your bedroom, so it doesn’t make it hard for you to sleep.

  • If something is making a lot of noise around you when you’re trying to go to bed, it can keep you up and annoy you in general.
  • It’s a good idea to go with a ceiling fan that is quiet so you can relax while it is on and keeping you fresh.

  • Loud ceiling fans can get annoying quickly. You may find yourself keeping your fan off if it makes a lot of noise, so you don’t have to hear it. Then, if it gets hot and stuffy in your room, you’ll have to decide whether turning it on is worth it or not.

  • You don’t want to have to deal with this kind of situation, so it pays to have a ceiling fan that is quiet in general. That way, you can turn it on when you want to, and you don’t have to worry about it making a bunch of noise.


Use These Tips for Buying a Quiet Ceiling Fan for Your Bedroom

If you don’t have air conditioning, then a good ceiling fan is a must in some rooms.

Even if you have central air conditioning, the right fan can help cool down one of your warmer rooms.

Here are some factors you need to consider in picking the best quiet ceiling fan for the bedroom.


Ideally, you would get a quiet ceiling fan with lights. Combining both into one fixture saves space and wiring on your ceiling, allowing both to have a central location where they are most useful.



When buying a quiet ceiling fan, you want to see how loud or silently it is rated for noise in terms of average decibels. The fewer, the better.


 Size & Height 

Another number you need to look for is how much square footage of a room a particular fan can cool. Some might even be rated for cubicle feet to account for variations in ceiling heights.



If you could, only look at quiet ceiling fans with remotes. While wall switches and pull chains might still be features, having a remote means you can turn the unit on and off and change speeds on it without getting up from your seat.

Quiet ceiling fans with lights and remote controls are the ultimate in the living room, den, or bedroom convenience.

You can adjust the light and the fan with the remotes, making the room just as comfortable as you need it to be whenever you are enjoying your time in there.



If you start finding models you like, make sure your home has enough electricity to power it safely.

Check out the reputation of the manufacturer of the product, especially in terms of service and warranties.


Ceiling Fan Noise – Causes and Remedies

Ceiling Fan Noise - Causes and Remedies

A ceiling fan works by rotating at high speeds. It will cause its blades to churn up the air and convert it into gusts of wind that can help to reduce the feeling of discomfort on hot days.

This rapid movement of air is one of the primary reasons why ceiling fans produce a fair amount of noise while they are working.

While this level of noise is often acceptable, there are other noises from ceiling fans that can be quite troublesome and need proper diagnosis and remedies.

  • Humming Noise.

how to eliminate Humming Noise

Ceiling fans can have humming noises when they are running at low speeds.

This noise is due to the vibration of the motor. And this noise may increase depending on the mounting, the housing, and the blades.

Modern fans do have certain parts installed in them that can mute the humming, though not eliminate it.

  • Poor mounting can also be a reason.

So this can be reduced by introducing rubber spacers between the mounting bracket and the ceiling hooks on the suspended fans.

  • Newer fans may make noise

Because the inbuilt permanent lubrication in them have yet to make their way into the bearings properly. So the humming may stop after the fan has been in use for some time.


  • Scraping Noise.

Ceiling fans have motors fitted to the top of the fan with plastic canopies covering the motor.

These canopies are fixed to the rod holding the fan. If this comes loose, the canopy can land on the fan head and cause a scraping noise.

Screw the canopy back to eliminate this noise or tape it up if it has cracked.


  • Clicking Noise.

How to eliminate clicking noise

If the noise from the fan resembles clicking then it is probably due to loose screws in some part of the assembly.

  • Take the fan down, check all the screws.
  • Tighten those that are loose, and replace those that are not fitting properly.

Improper installation can also, at times, lead to noisy fans.


  • Air Noise.

Fans that are too big for the room they are installed it can also lead to a lot of air noise.

It is important that the edges of the fans are at least two feet away from the walls.

This is the cone in which the air circulates comfortably in a normal room of 10 feet height.

  • Squeaking Noise.

Squeaking fans may indicate a lack of lubrication and improper maintenance.

These are problems that can be easily rectified with proper attention.

  • Grinding Noise.

how to eliminate grinding noise

If you hear a grinding noise, it is a sure indicator of much larger problems. You may need to take down the fan and get it checked by a competent repairman.

Noisy ceiling fans are an indicator of bigger problems.

Bent fan blades can lead to uneven air and will cause noise, though this can also lead to the fan becoming unbalanced and swinging while working.

However, the wobble is often a result of poor installation.


Best Quiet Ceiling Fans Reviewed

Choosing the right quiet fan is the best way for homeowners to introduce the refreshing summer breeze to their homes with less noise.

Here are the five best quite ceiling fans homeowners can check out:

Best Selling: Hunter Quiet Ceiling Fan with Lights

best selling quiet ceiling fan review

This best selling fan offers aesthetic value with the cherry blades and toffee glass light bowl.  

  • The fan comes fitted with two 60W incandescent bulbs that let homeowners control the ambiance of the room.
  • The fan is operated using a pull chain that allows for easy ON and OFF switching and speed adjustments. The operation also involves remote or wall control of the lighting.
  • The fan has a WhisperWind motor that delivers a powerful air movement.
  • The blades of the fan are well-angled for peak performance and ideal air circulation.

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Best Rated: Casablanca Super Quiet Ceiling Fan

Casablanca 54-Inch Snow White Quiet Ceiling Fan For Bedroom

This ceiling fan seamlessly combines performance and beauty.

  • It is powered by a Direct Drive motor that offers unparalleled power for the fan’s operation. This motor is also responsible for the silent performance of the fan, creating the desirable breeze in a noise-free room.
  • The beauty of this fan is unmatched, as it comes fitted with five matte snow-white blades that are well-angled to ensure there is optimal air movement.
  • The fan is also fitted with 2” and 3” down rods. It gives a good clearance off the ceiling and optimizes the circulation of air in the room at the preferred blade height.

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Best Low Profile: Hunter Whisper Quiet Ceiling Fan

Hunter Low Profile Whisper Quiet Ceiling Fan Without Light

This traditional ceiling fan is particularly designed and crafted to fit perfectly to the ceiling. The flush mount makes it an ideal choice for homeowners living in low-ceiling rooms.

  • The fan comes with a three-speed WhisperWind motor that guarantees powerful and whisper-quiet performance.
  • It is the perfect complement to the bedroom and the living room as well. Its motor is also reversible. Therefore, it can change the direction of the blades during the summer and winter seasons.
  • The five blades of the fan are angled at 13 degrees to ensure optimized performance and ideal movement of air in the room.
  • This ceiling fan also comes fitted with a pull chain that allows for easy and quick switching of the fan and speed adjustment as well.
  • With this fan, the ceiling height of the room doesn’t matter and therefore ideal for all homeowners.

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Best Modern Fan: Reiga Quiet Ceiling Fan with Remote

Reiga Super Quiet Ceiling Fan With Light And Remote

The Reiga ceiling fan is powered by a silicon steel quiet motor that guarantees the desired ambiance in the room.

  • The motor is power-efficient and therefore offers low energy consumption plus a long service life.
  • The leaves are made with the best ABS material and are angled for optimal air movement.
  • The fan also comes with a remote control system that enables the homeowner to govern its speed and is applied in timing and reversing the rotation direction, making it possible to operate the fan from any point of the room.
  • The fan also comes with an LED light kit. So it can add to the lighting of the room and also create the desired mood.

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Best Energy Efficient: Ultra Quiet LED Ceiling Fan for Bedroom

Best Energy Efficient Ultra Quiet LED Ceiling Fan For Bedroom

The fan is designed for large rooms of up to 400 sq.feet.

  • This fan comes with an integrated lighting system to provide an elegant finish.
  • Further, it is powered by a powerful motor that gives powerful air movement for proper circulation in the room.
  • The 3-speed motor is also reversible to allow for the change of direction of blades during the summer and winter seasons.
  • Its five blades are also angled to optimize the movement of air in the room.
  • The fan is also fitted with 54-inch lead wires to serve as the down rods. What’s more, it comes with an integrated white light kit for decoration, providing a glamorous setting to the room.

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Depending on the size of the room, homeowners can opt for different types of fans. More importantly, it is essential for them to check on the performance of the fan in terms of power efficiency and reversibility of the fan.