Make Best Deal On Different Ceiling Fans With Good Price

A ceiling fan is an imperative tool for your home since it is a relief from the scorching summer by ensuring you and your room stays cool. It is also effective and environmentally friendly thus an alternative to air conditioning. Ceiling fans are available in many sizes that are meant for both small and large rooms thus ensuring comfort. They can be used in winter to push warm air from your ceiling down to the room. This article gives a detailed description of the best ceiling fans as well as how to get great deals when buying ceiling fans and also a buying guide for the best ceiling fans.

How to Get Great Deals when Buying a Ceiling Fan?

best deals on ceiling fan

1. Choosing a ceiling fan style matching with your home.

To get a great deal, it is important to choose a ceiling fan that matches your room decor. Ceiling fans come in many designs and styles, and so, various options to choose from. Other versatile ceiling fans consist of two different designs to allow you to change the design from time to time.

2. Choosing a suitable ceiling fan size.

The size of the fan in relation to the room size determines the efficiency of the fan. The fan size is determined by the size of the room where the fan will be installed. In case the fan is too small or large than the room, then the fan will not move air properly. It is also important to check the pitch of the blades since they determine the fan’s ability to move the air. Therefore, to get a great deal, it is important to consider the size of the fan.

3. Choosing a suitable ceiling fan type according to your ceiling type.

There are different types of ceiling fans with versatile features but ideal for different ceiling types. The ceiling fan types include low profile ceiling fans, standard ceiling fans, outdoor ceiling fans, ceiling fans with lights among others. To ensure that you get a great deal it is important to research the ideal type of ceiling fan depending on your ceiling.

4. Compare the ceiling fan price online and offline.

Finally, the last way to ensure that you get a great deal is by researching the prices of the ceiling fan. This can either be done online through the manufacturers and dealers websites, or offline, by window shopping in your local dealers, or by enquiring information from different people who know about ceiling fans.

Top 6 Ceiling Fans With Good Deals

Reviews Of The Best Ceiling Fans With Great Deals.

1. Honeywell Sabal Palm Tropical Ceiling Fan


  • It has an elegant design for your modern home.
  • Has a quiet performance.
  • It is versatile.


  • It does not include a remote control.

Honeywell brand has been in the market for a long time and it has established itself as one of the best hence you are guaranteed quality fans. Honeywell Sabal Palm has a high-quality design that features a bronze finish and has an elegant, Tuscan sand glass light that blends with your modern decor. Your aesthetic needs are taken into consideration with this product.

It has hand-carved wooden leaf blades that are made from basswood. Furthermore, the ceiling fan features quiet operation with 3-speed settings and a reversible motor function. The reverse function allows you to reverse the fan direction during winter to help warm up your house. Honeywell Sabal Palm can be conveniently mounted with a down rod included in the product package.

This fan is designed for rooms with 350- 450 square feet, including bedrooms, living rooms, or family rooms. It has a weight of 19 pounds and dimensions of 12.72 by 13.7 by 23.07 inches. The blades are 52 inches. Altogether, Honeywell ceiling fan has a great value for money considering its outstanding features and a long-lasting duration.

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2. Prominence Home 80029-01 Ceiling Fan


  • It has a durable construction.
  • It can use remote control.
  • The product can be used in winter.


  • None.

The prominence ceiling fan is a great deal considering the versatility that makes it fit many rooms thus ensuring customer satisfaction. The Prominence ceiling fan is designed for rooms that require extra space and are perfect for 350 square feet rooms, for instance, living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms among others.

The Prominence ceiling fan consists of 3-speed settings and a reversible motor function, to help warm your house during winter or the cold seasons by rotating the warm air in the room. This also helps in minimizing the energy bill hence saving you some money in the long run. It has a quiet operation hence minimal noise pollution giving you a great experience and making it a commendable product to customers.

It has 2 sided blades with an elegant design on each side that blends with your modern home. Prominence Home 80029-01 fan is equipped with pull chains for fast and easy on and off adjustment. It is also compatible with universal remote controls for ceiling fans. The fan has hanging measurements of 14.49 inches from the ceiling to the bottom of the fan. The blades are 42 inches while the product dimensions are 23 by 13 by 12 inches and the item weight is 12.52 pounds. Overall, the prominence ceiling fan has a compact and durable construction thus saving you time that would be spent on repairs.

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3. Energy Efficient LED Ceiling Fan


  • The brand guarantees quality.
  • It is durable.
  • It has great airflow.


  • The lights are not very bright.

The brand is one of the great deals when it comes to ceiling fans. It has been in the market for many years in the US thus you are assured of quality products. The product comes with an integrated light kit that has an elegant white finish casing. It is designed for rooms with an area of up to 400 square feet and it has an installer’s choice for position mounting system or flush mounting. The fan provides an ultra-powerful air movement that ensures you get the cooling power that you deserve thus giving a better experience. It has an airflow of 5509 CFM’s when on maximum speed.

Its motor has a reverse mode hence effective even during winter seasons. The fan blades have a size of 52 inches and it is made of wood. It has dimensions of 24 by 13.25 by 10.25 inches and weighs 20.8 pounds. Generally, Brightwatt ceiling fans are compact with long-lasting usage. The costs of repair are eliminated enabling you to save a fortune in the long run as well as your time.

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4. Honeywell 50602-01 Ceiling Fan


  • It has easy to use controls.
  • The product features an LED light.
  • It is quiet.


  • No con found.

The brand manufactures versatile ceiling fans that match with most of your modern spaces guaranteeing customer satisfaction. The Honeywell ceiling fan is meant for smaller spaces such as kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and other smaller spaces. It is conveniently quiet and has 3 speeds as well as a reversible motor that makes the fan usable during winter. Being quiet means you can use it even when asleep thus be assured of a better experience. Additionally, it has an updraft mode and a downdraft setting that ensures optimal airflow.

The product has dual-finish blades that allow you to choose the design that matches your rooms hence satisfying your aesthetic needs. On top of that, it has LED lights that include 2 E26/ B10 bulbs that are dimmable to 20%. They give a color of 2700k and 80 CRI temperature. The product has easy to use controls that include traditional pull chains and it is compatible with fan remotes of Honeywell.

Overall, the Honeywell ceiling fan has a durable construction with an industrial style that matches your modern spaces as well as your time and money since you will not incur the cost of repair.

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5. Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan


  • The product has a remote control.
  • It features LED lights.
  • It has an elegant design.


  • More suitable for small rooms.

The Harbor breeze is a great brand in the US known for its quality ceiling fans thus the best ceiling fan deal. The Mazon fan is meant for smaller rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms among others, and it is designed to match with the latest decor trends satisfying your aesthetic needs. The fan has a metallic construction with a brushed nickel finish that adds to its beauty and this durable construction saves your time and money that would be spent in repair.

It has 3 speeds, and 4545 CFM when at high speed hence great airflow experience and it also has a reversible motor that makes it usable during winter, controlled by remote control. Furthermore, it comes with an integrated light kit that is dimmable inclusive of 18-wat LED bulb to give enough illumination making it a focal point in your space.

The size of the fan blades is 44 inches and has a product dimensions of 21.6 by 11.8 by 11 inches and a weight of 17.66 pounds. In general, the Harbor breeze ceiling fan is a great addition in your modern home due to its versatility and sophisticated design. It also has numerous features that will make you like it thus a great value for money.

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6. Hunter Dempsey Ceiling Fan


  • It is a quality product.
  • The product is perfect for your modern home.
  • It is durable.


  • The remote control is not included.

Hunter Dempsey ceiling fan has identified itself as a product that meets the customer’s need due to its versatility as well as durability. With a compact and durable construction, you are saved money that would have otherwise been used to cater for the repairs. The product has a whisper wind motor that provides ultra-powerful airflow and it is quiet ensuring a great experience even when asleep.

You can change the direction from updraft mode during winter to downdraft mode during summer. It is perfect for your modern home since it comes with an LED light that is covered with a white glass casing hence keeping your house interior current and inspired.

It has a metallic construction with antique finish hence durable and elegant. The energy-saving LED is dimmable hence you control the ambiance and lighting of your room hence minimizing the electricity bill. Hunter Fan has a great reputation with 126 years in fan business hence you are guaranteed quality products. The fan has a size of 44 inches with dimensions of 44 by 44 by 11.03 inches and weighs 18.29 pounds.

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Buying Guide For A Ceiling Fan With Great Deals.

After getting yourself a great deal, these are the things to consider when selecting the type of fan to buy.

Ceiling Fan Blades.

This is an important feature that cannot be compared to the utility or efficiency of the product. It is important to check the pitch of the blades since they determine the fan’s ability to move the air. It is also good to consider adjustable blades since it will be easier for you to change the look and design in case you are bored by one look.

Blade Materials.

There is a wide range of materials that construct the blades including stainless steel, plastic, wood, or aluminum. If silence is a priority, then you can choose blades made of plastic or wood.

Ceiling Height.

It is necessary that you know your ceiling height. The fan height from the ground to the blades is mostly around 8 feet but there are fans that come inclusive of mounting options and you have the freedom to mount them at any place in your house.

Control and Settings.

Ceiling fans come with different controls hence different ease of usage. some of the options include:
– Wall switch- It is easy to use and you can place it along with the light switch. It will need professional installation.
– Pull cord- It is connected to the bottom of the fan where you can adjust the speed as well as the light.
– Remote control. The remote is easy to use and prevents the challenges of rewiring the fan to the light switch.

Motor Type.

Alternating current motors are the most common and its style is affordable and reliable. The modern AC motors are also quiet. DC motors are gaining popularity and they are energy-saving appliances considering they are incredibly quiet and lightweight.

Bottom Line

In conclusion ceiling, fans are a great addition to your homes. You should consider the basic features such as the material of the blades, motor types as well as control settings so as to buy a fan that best fits your needs.

Top-Rated Ceiling Fans With Good Deals