Top 9 Best Ceiling Fans Without Lights Reviews

When the weather is very hot, whatever your budget, you want to keep the fan or air conditioner continually running. Since air conditioners for continuous operation can be costly and of the budget for some people, they prefer to use ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans are one of the most cost-effective means of keeping fresh, as they do not require much electricity to operate. Ceiling fans without lights are not just a traditional cooling solution; they are multifunction and multifunction devices that can transform your living space. Here are some options to buy.

Top 9 Best Ceiling Fans Without Lights

Top 9 Best Ceiling Fans Without Lights Reviews

1. Progress Lighting P250000-129 Ceiling Fan Without Lights

best ceiling fans without lights

On the off chance that you are in a limited spending plan or would prefer not to spend an excessive amount of cash on the ceiling fan, this no light pack model would be your better choice.

  • Suitable for Low Ceiling Room

It is a ceiling fan with five cutting edges and pulls the chain. Since it embraces the flush plan, we can utilize it in a low-ceiling room.

  • Suitable for Medium or Large Bedroom

The size of the fan is 52″, so it is suitable for medium to a large bedroom or family room. The best part is that it has a modest cost so that it won’t add a great deal of money related weight to your family.

  • Useful in Both Summer and Winter

Also, it has a reversible motor, so it is relevant in summer or winter. With a four-speed motor, we can change various speeds that are good for your needs. We can change the wind speed in the period before winter and more in the summer. In this way, the ceiling fan can have a better cooling function in different seasons.

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2. Minka-Aire F896-84-SI Smart Ceiling Fan Without Lights

best ceiling fans without lights

This ceiling fan comes with three distressed koa edges and is suitable for indoor use. If you don’t care to stroll towards the switch on your divider to control your ceiling fan once in a while, this contemporary ceiling fan without light can facilitate the errand for you!

  • Handheld Remote Control

It comes with a handheld remote control framework – with which you can control your ceiling fan from anyplace in the room.

  • Smart Ceiling Fan

Another contemporary component that this ceiling fan fuse is that it can work with Alexa – which is Amazon’s virtual associate, much the same as Apple’s Siri. To utilize this ceiling fan with Alexa, you need to have a Bond center – which doesn’t land with the ceiling fan and is sold independently.

At the point when you prevail with regards to interfacing it with Alexa, it will get simpler for you to control the ceiling fan. You don’t need to look for the handheld remote control and can necessarily address Alexa to manage this smart ceiling fan.

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3. Hyperikon Modern Ceiling Fan Without Lights

best flush mount ceiling fan without light

It comes with three curved compressed wood cutting edges and four-speed divider control. It likewise comes with a versatile light apparatus.

  • A Lifetime Warranty

A warranty is a positive way an organization guarantees you that their item ought to be of high caliber. Emerson gives a lifetime warranty to the ceiling fan’s motor and 1-year warranty for different segments and adornments that land with it.

  • Suitable for Moist Area

This ceiling fan is additionally moist area approved. Accordingly, it is suitable for use in regions where there is the likelihood that the fan could be in contact with water.

  • Suitable for Bathroom and Outdoors Use

Subsequently, it is ideal for being set in a bathroom. Even though Emerson suggests that it is suitable for use outdoors as it is a wet area approved, we recommend that you ought to get a bigger ceiling fan than this one for outdoors.

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4. Westinghouse 7861400 Flush Mount Ceiling Fan Without Lights

best flush mount ceiling fan without lights

  • Have Connectors for Low Ceilings

It is a position of a safety ceiling fan that requires a minimum ceiling tallness of 8 feet as it were. As it is a position of the safety ceiling fan, it comes with connectors for installation in low ceilings just as inclined ceilings.

  • Suitable for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use

This ceiling fan is suitable to be set both in indoor and outdoor settings – as it is a great idea to go even in wet areas. Because of its smaller than usual size, we would not prescribe it for outdoors.

  • 54 Cubic Feet Wind Efficiency

A ceiling fan’s airflow efficiency alludes to the measure of airflow it produces every minute per watt. Even though this ceiling fan is low profile and compact in size, it is equipped for giving uninterrupted air dissemination. To place it in numbers, it has a current wind efficiency of 54 cubic feet for every minute per watt.

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5. Hunter Indoor / Outdoor 52 Inch Ceiling Fan Without Lights

black ceiling fan with out lights

This is a high-quality ceiling fan without lights designed for bathroom and other indoor use. It has a super great motor, and that’s why it can perform well in various situations.

  • Quiet Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan comes with a whisper wind motor, providing you with both cooling winds and a quiet environment. So, this is a ceiling fan that is suitable for bedroom use. You can always get a sweet sleep with Hunter 59264.

  • Reversible Motor

Besides, it is equipped with a reversible motor, allowing you to change its directions from summer mode to winter mode.

  • Pull Chain

Additionally, it comes with a pull chain. You can always adjust the ON/OFF and the wind speed according to your likes.

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6. Honeywell Unique Ceiling Fan Without Lights, 50501-01

best tropical ceiling fan without light

If you have known ceiling fans, you must have heard Honeywell brand. It has produced ceiling fans for over 100 years, and they are always committed to offering the best ceiling fans for customers.

  • Tropical Style Ceiling Fan

Unlike most ceiling fans without lights, this ceiling fan has a unique appearance. It is a tropical ceiling fan. You can choose this fan according to your home styles

  • Made of Hand-carved Wood

Besides, this ceiling fans blades are made of hand-carved wood, and every blade is about 12 degrees, suitable for medium and large space, especially perfect for 350-450 square feet rooms.

  • Super Quiet Motor

Additionally, this ceiling fan is equipped with a super quiet motor. With it, you can enjoy cooling winds in a quiet environment.

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7. Best Black Ceiling Fan Without Lights, 50330

best black ceiling fan without light

  • Modern Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan has stylish matte black gossamer blades with nickel finish. It is very suitable for living rooms, bedrooms and dens use. You can enjoy comfortable winds without sacrificing your whole home style.

  • Dual Mount Compatible

This ceiling fan has dual mount compatible, which allows you to use it for both standard and angled ceilings. But pay attention, if you want to install it on angled ceilings, don’t forget to buy an angle bracket separately.

  • Easy Installation

You can always install this ceiling fans conveniently. Even if you are a beginner, you can install it within several minutes.

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8. Hunter 42 Inch Ceiling Fan Without Lights

best 42 ceiling fan without light

  • Remote Control

With this ceiling fan, you can either choose to utilize the decora-style and remote control that the fan comes with. The remote control comprises six speeds with reversible function – permitting you to select the specific speed that causes you to feel the most comfortable.

It can be a significant test to look for the right ceiling fan if your home has low ceilings. On the off chance that that is your case, ceiling fans like this one is what you need.

  • Low Profile Ceiling Fan

It is a low profile ceiling fan that is suitable for ceilings with the tallness of 7’10” or higher. This ceiling fan deserves plenty of commendations for being amazingly peaceful when it works.

  • A Reversible DC Motor

However, it additionally moves a great deal of air! It comes with a reversible DC motor that furnishes this ceiling fan with high torque at a low speed. Subsequently, it gives unique airflow and devours less energy.

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9. Honeywell 50605 White Ceiling Fan Without Lights

best white ceiling fans without lights

  • Cheap Price

If you are in a strict spending plan or would prefer not to spend an excessive amount of cash on the ceiling fan, this no light pack model would be your better alternative. It is a ceiling fan with five cutting edges and pulls the chain.

  • 52 Inch Ceiling Fan

The size of the fan is 52″, so it is suitable for medium to an enormous bedroom or front room. The best part is that it has a modest cost so that it won’t add a ton of money related weight to your family. Also, it has a reversible motor, so it is pertinent in summer or winter.

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Why You Need Ceiling Fans Without Lights?

The incorporation of ceiling fans without lights in the design of your home offers many benefits that go beyond cooling a room. The use of ceiling fans without lights throughout the home significantly reduces energy costs while providing comfort, style, and beautiful lighting.

wood ceiling fans without lights

Here are the five main benefits of ceiling fans without lights that include gains in both fashion and function.

  • Add value throughout the year

Many people are unaware that ceiling fans without lights can be used to circulate hot air during the coldest months of the year. When operating the blades clockwise, ceiling fans without lights push the warm air down from the ceiling without creating an air current.

  • Are a style accessory

Ceiling fans without lights are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes to complement their unique style. They can serve as a piece of declaration or focal point of a room.

  • Reduce energy costs

Ceiling fans without lights can help reduce your electricity bill by up to 30 to 40 percent than the ceiling fans with lights. While a ceiling fan does not lower the temperature of a room, the shot makes the room feel more relaxed, allowing you to raise the thermostat and feel equally comfortable.

  • Offer versatility from one room to another

Be it a living room, bedroom, porch or kitchen, ceiling fans without lights contributes to a pleasant atmosphere in almost any room in the house. Also, the more fans used throughout the home, the high the savings on your energy bill.

How To Choose The Best Ceiling Fans Without Lights?

Ceiling fans that accompany lights look great, yet there are situations when you may require a ceiling fan without lights. Perhaps you as of now have enough lighting in your room, or you don’t care for lights with ceiling fans rather you incline toward discrete lighting units, for example, divider sconces or chandeliers.

outdoor ceiling fans without light kit

1. Number of blades

If you need a calmer ceiling fan for your bedroom, pick one with many blades. It is due to the pivoting speed is generally lower, so fewer clamors are created. In any case, the clamor level likewise depends on the nature of the sharp edge motor.

2. Ceiling fan measurement

If you have two lights on the ceiling and they should 50″ apart. This is because when the lights are legitimately above the ceiling fan, the pivoting blades will make the determined glint on the floor. Therefore, it is smarter to ensure that the blades do not block the lights.

The stroking is one of the normal issues for introducing the ceiling fan without light. It isn’t handily found except if we complete the establishment and turn on the fan and lights simultaneously.

3. Sharp edge pitch

Another consideration is the sharp edge pitch, which resembles the cutting point of the blades estimated from the skyline. We can picture that if the cutting edge pitch is excessively little, the fan resembles pivoting the level blades, so less wind and in this way airflow is made.

Despite what might be expected, if the edge is excessively huge, the hauling power on the motor would increase. We can see most ceiling fans have the cutting edge pitch of around 12° to 15°, which is sensible to make the pleasant breeze while not including a lot of burdening the motor.

4. Location of the ceiling fan

Buying a ceiling fan without lights for your porch isn’t equivalent to buying one for your parlor. That is because every location is presented to one of a kind weather components, which can influence the performance and life of a fan. Significantly, you purchase a ceiling fan that is appraised explicitly for its proposed location.

Best Ceiling Fans Without Lights