Top 8 Best Affordable Ceiling Fans 2020

It is hard to describe the feeling one gets in a comfortable room fitted with ceilings. They create a serene, relaxed environment that you can enjoy staying in your home. The ceiling fans are available from small, simple design to high-end designs that you can have. Apart from them being able to provide a calm environment, you can also have affordable ceiling fans that add beauty to your home.

They are aye catching home appliances that, when you have installed the guests visiting, will tell your personality by the fans. During the hot summer days, the fans will act to cool your room by blowing in cold air, and in the winter, they can get your house warm.

What is the Best Affordable Ceiling Fan?

Do Affordable Ceiling Fans Still Provide the Same Benefits?

best affordable ceiling fanYes, they do. Most affordable ceiling fans motor has the reversible feature that enables them to be useful throughout the year. They can move in the cool air during the hot summer days and rotate the warm air during the cold winter days in your room.

The fans are fitted with light sources that will provide the illumination needed to see around in the room.
Lastly, they all provide the cooling effect in our homes, making sure you stay comfortably in a cool room.

Top 8 Best Ceiling Fans With Affordable Price

Best Affordable Ceiling Fans Reviews

1. Westinghouse Lighting 7876400 Affordable Indoor Ceiling Fan

best affordable indoor ceiling fans

  • Only for Indoor Use

The first on is the Westinghouse lighting 7876400 that is a modern 42-inch ceiling fan that is fit for indoor use only. It can serve a small room that is 100 square feet. This fan has a strong motor made of steel and with a dual capacitor.

  • Three Speed Settings

Additionally, the fan has three speeds settings that are the high, medium, and low. With the three speeds, you can comfortably choose the one that will give a comfortable room for different day times. The reversible feature makes the fan ideal for use all year round.

  • Reversible Motor

When rotating clockwise, you can get your room cool because the cool outside air is blown into the room, when rotating anti-clockwise the room is kept warm by returning warm air from the vents down. The fan is fitted with a LED light bulb that you can use as a source of light in your room.

  • Energy Saving Fan

It has a Cubic Feet per minute capacity of 2,897 and able to cool your room adequately. Also, the fan only consumes 53 watts of electricity without lights making it an energy-saving fan. The fan has a lifetime of two years after which you can replace it.

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2. Honeywell Affordable Smart Ceiling Fans 50195

best affordable smart ceiling fan

  • Compatible With the Artificial Intelligent Alexa

Our second one is the Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50195, which is a modern bulb that has adopted the most advanced technological feature. It is compatible with the Artificial Intelligent Alexa that makes it possible to be controlled by your voice. You have to purchase the Alexa device differently, and a hub used to enable it to work with Alexa.

  • Three-Speed Settings

The fan is a high-quality product with three blades that are beautifully frosted and have a nickel finish. It is fitted with a light bulb that you can use to light up your room always. Included are the three-speed settings and remote control that makes it easy to control your fan and choose the speed setting you are comfortable with.

  • Reversible Motor

Above all, it is a quiet fan and is fitted with a reversible motor that can work best through any weather condition. Its blades are 54 inches in size, making it perfect for any room in your house.

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3. Prominence Home 80029-01 Affordable Ceiling Fan for Low Ceilings

best affordable ceiling fan for low ceilings

  • Perfect for Low Ceilings

Our third ceiling fan is the Prominence Home 80029-01 that is a simple design fan. It is small, making it perfect for low ceilings or rooms that need additional height. The blades are fitted to the adaptor and can provide the required airflow for a 350 square feet room.

  • Quiet Motor

This fan is fitted with a quiet motor, and that is reversible, making the fan a useful home appliance to use during the summer or winter. It is also equipped with three-speed settings that will enable you to choose the comfortable airflow in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or dining room.

  • Easy to Control

Additionally, there is a pull chain included that is used to switch the fan on and off. You can also get a remote to use in controlling the fan settings remotely. The fans are uniquely designed with different edging to ensure it works efficiently when rotating clockwise and when rotating anticlockwise. A bulb is also fitted that can be your light source in your room hence no need for another light source.

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4. Energy Efficient Affordable LED Ceiling Fan

best affordable ceiling fan with LED light

  • For Kitchen Use

The fourth is the Energy Efficient 52 Inch LED Ceiling Fan that has a bulb that will provide light for your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or study room. The bulb has a beautiful white finishing that makes it attractive. This ceiling fan can comfortably meet the airflow demand of a 400 square feet room.

  • Efficient

It is efficient in performance and can meet an airflow capacity of 5509 CFM. Mounting the ceiling fan can utilize various techniques because of its versatility. You can either use the angle mounting design or the flush mount design to install it on your ceiling.

  • Energy-Saving Fan

It has a rod that enables it to hang from the ceiling. The rod also gives it enough space from the ceiling for its operation. The fan consumes 17watts of electricity that makes it an energy-saving fan compared to other fans. Its blades are made of wood that gives it a vintage look and makes it compatible with interior house decoration.

Top 8 Best Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans Reviews

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5. Westinghouse Lighting 7801665 Black Ceiling Fan

best affordablce black ceiling fans

  • Matte Black Design

Westinghouse Lighting 7801665 is the fifth type of fan. It is designed with a matte black finish that gives it an attractive look. This residential fan can perfectly serve a room that is 225 square feet making it ideal for your bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

  • Five Blades

It is equipped with five blades that will maximize airflow in a room. The motor can rotate clockwise and in an anti-clockwise manner making the fan ideal for you. You can use it during the hot summer to get your room cool and during winter to make it warm. It has two 40 watt bulbs that will provide enough needed light for any room in your house.

  • Powerful Motor

It is equipped with a powerful motor that can meet airflow of 3,588.69 CFM. While using 61 watts of electricity, it delivers powerful air movement for a calm environment.

  • Quiet Performance

The motor performance is quite to mean your fan can be on at night without disturbing your sleep. It is also equipped with the reversible feature that makes your fan fit for use in summer and winter.

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6. Prominence Home 50864 Affordable Low Profile Ceiling Fans

low profile ceiling fans

  • Small Ceiling Fan

It is quite small, making it ideal for rooms with low ceilings. The fan can be used indoor and fits the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or the dining room. When you have a living space that is 125-350 square feet, this fan will work magic there.

  • Bright LED Light

The prominence ceiling fan is fitted with three-branched LED bulbs that give 800 lumens that are bright enough to be your only source of light. It has three-speed settings when you need high-speed airflow, you can choose the high setting, and when you need the low-speed airflow, you can use the low-speed setting.
When performing, it is quiet that makes it suitable for night use when you need to sleep.

The powerful motor is also reversible that can be used during summer and winter. Additionally, it is energy saving. There are two pull chains fitted, which make it easy to switch the bulb on and off.

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7. Litex BRC30WW6L Vortex White Ceiling Fan

affordable white ceiling fans

  • Perfect for Small Rooms

This fan is small that perfectly fits a small indoor room. The size makes the fan ideal for low ceiling rooms. It is only flash mounted on the ceiling. It is made of glass and consumes 60 watts of power that makes it energy saving compared to other air conditioning means.

  • Suitable for White Interior Finishing

Additionally, the fan is painted purely white that makes it good for a house with the white interior finishing. It is fitted with a powerful small motor that performs quietly and does not shake, that means your fan can be on at night while sleeping. The motor has the reversible feature that ensures the fan can work during summer and winter to give you the cool room you need.

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8. Harbor Breeze Sail Stream Affordable Modern Ceiling Fan

affordable modern ceiling fan

  • Modern Design

The last ceiling fan is Harbor Breeze Sail Stream 52-in Indoor Ceiling Fan that is of modern design. The fan is designed to last longer and be an attractive home appliance. The materials used to build are of high quality.

  • Powerful Motor

It has a powerful motor that no matter the speed it is operating on the fan is quiet. The powerful motor generates powerful airflows to create a comfortable room. Also, the fan has three-speed settings that will always allow you to change the airspeed in your room. The reversible feature is also cool that makes the fan be able to work in any season throughout the year.

  • Remote Control

The remote control is provided with the fan. This remote control is used to set a comfortable setting at the comfort of your couch. Additionally, a bright LED light is fitted on the fan that is used as a light source.

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Affordable Ceiling Fans and Their Accessories

best affordablce ceiling fans

The ceiling fans range from simple design to high-end designs that cost differently. The value attached to crafting it will make it more expensive and the simple ones cheaper. Their performance in a room can also be used to decide the prices.

And the accessory fitted in a ceiling fan enables it to offer good performance. And they can just be beauty materials installed to make the fan look cooler.

The accessories of ceiling fans include:

Angled ceiling adapter

When you have the angled ceiling, the adapter is used to attach the outlet box to the ceiling fan’s blade. You can also add a rod if you have high ceilings. The adapter is fixed to give the fan enough space to rotate as it wishes.

Rods and cables

They are fixed to the ceiling fan adapter. They enable the fan to hang and give it enough room to operate. When you have the high ceilings, the rods or the cable will bring the fan to an optimal height. Most ceiling fans are sold with a rod or a cable, but you can also buy one separately.

Light kits

Most bulbs have the lighting feature included that you can use your fan while also providing light in your home. If you need a fan that can provide the light you need to check before purchasing a fan. If you have a light source and you need a fan without a light source, you can also get it.

Remote control

The ceiling fans are high, and you don’t have to be climbing on something to set it. You can get one with a remote control that lets you change your setting from anywhere in the room.

Pull chain

With the fans that do not have a remote control, a pull chain is fixed .it is usually long enough that you can set your preferred setting using the chain.

How to Choose the Best Affordable Ceiling Fans?

best affordable ceiling fan

To get the best ceiling fan, you will consider:


Ceiling fans can either be fitted indoor or outdoor. You need a powerful fan for the patio to compare to those to be installed inside.

Room size

You have to measure the size of your room. Measure the length and with plus the height that will be used to calculate the total volume of air in the room. This will determine the fan to get that can fill your room efficiently.

Size of the fan

There are many fans of different sizes. Different rooms will require a different size of a fan. The big rooms will need a big and long-bladed fan. You will have to consider the length of the blades, the height of the fan, and the power of the motor.


You need to select a fan made of materials that you like. There are those whose blades are made of steel, wood, or glass. The wooden ones are my favorite.

Other accessories

Here you consider the control settings and what is used to control the ceiling fan. You can also decide if you want those with LED lights.


After knowing the above features, you can now decide on a budget. With a budget, you decide on the quality fans that meet the requirements above and are in your budget range.

Best Ceiling Fans With Affordable Price 2020