Best Indoor Ceiling Fans

best indoor ceiling fansNowadays, more and more people choose to install ceiling fans at home. Indoor ceiling fans can bring us a lot of benefits.

For example, they create amounts of airflow in our room. And an indoor ceiling fan with light can be used as alternative illumination.

However, indoor ceiling fans are available in a variety of types on the market.

The different rooms in our home also have various demands for air circulation.

So which ceiling fan is right for our bedroom? Living room? Bathroom? Or the kitchen?

The answers are in this article.

We browsed a lot of products and did in-depth research, then wrote this article. You will see the best indoor ceiling fans we have chosen for you. After reading this article, you will become an expert in choosing a ceiling fan for indoor use.


Using Indoor Ceiling Fan For Summer and Winter

Some people may wonder why we have to choose a ceiling fan to install in our home.

In the summer, we can turn on the air conditioner to cool down, so there seems to be no need to have a ceiling fan.

However, the function of the ceiling fan is far more than just cooling down. If we install a ceiling fan at home, we can get a lot of benefits.

Using a Ceiling Fan in Summer

The use of fans in the summer, as we all know, is that fans can produce a breeze that keeps us cool. Of course, on a hot summer day, you can also turn on the air conditioner to keep the temperature low inside the room. But this does not mean that the ceiling fan has lost its effect.summer mode of ceiling fan

Studies have shown that fans can reduce the temperature in the room by up to 8 ℃.

So you don’t need to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner to a low level.

In this way, the power consumed by the air conditioner will be reduced by 40%, and you will also cut down your electricity bill.

Also, in the early summer, when the temperature is not high enough to open the air conditioner, you can open the ceiling fan and send you a cool breeze.


Using a Ceiling Fan in Winterwinter mode of ceiling fan

Most modern ceiling fans have reversible functions. The reversible feature means that the direction of rotation of the ceiling fan can be changed.

In the summer, fans can create a downdraft that keeps us cool.

When winter coming, we can reverse the ceiling fan to make an updraft to raise the temperature.

In general, the warm air generated by the heating is likely to accumulate in the corner of the room or float above the room.

And the temperature around us will be lower.

The updraft allows our indoor warm air to be evenly distributed around us to raise the overall temperature of the room. We will, therefore, feel warm.


Types of Indoor Ceiling Fans.

There are different types of indoor ceiling fans from different manufacturers, hence different features as well as pros and cons.

Generally, indoor ceiling fans can be divided into two: indoor ceiling fans with lights and indoor ceiling fans without lights.

However, both ceiling fans are designed with the most similar ergonomic features including the number of blades, motor, style, aesthetics, quality materials, among others.

The only main difference between the two types is the light function.


1. Indoor ceiling fans with lights.

indoor ceiling fan with lights

Indoor ceiling fans with lights are a perfect addition to your home decor as well as bringing fresh air into your room.

These fans are very beautiful with impressive illumination using LED bulbs as well as other bulbs.

Hence perfect for individuals who are in need of illuminating their rooms as well as having a fan.

Indoor ceiling fans with lights are energy-efficient and feature a number of versatile features.

They include energy-efficient motors, contemporary blades, high airflow, reverse motor function, light function, remote control among others.

Besides, most of the fans come with dimmable lights to control the light depending on your needs. The bulbs are made of high quality and durable enough to light for so many hours without switching off.

Another common feature of these bulbs is the contemporary modern design. Most of these fans feature modern design.


2. Indoor ceiling fans without lights.

indoor ceiling fan without lights

Just like indoor ceiling fans with lights, these fans come with a variety of models.

Most of these models are ergonomically designed making them efficient in cooling your room.

Just like the name suggests, these fans do not have light, therefore unsuitable for individuals in need of both illumination and fan.

However, this does not make them unworthy.

They are also versatile and efficient in cooling your room despite the size.

Indoor ceiling fans without lights come in different sizes, as well as different styles, both traditional and modern styles.

How to Choose the Right Size of Indoor Ceiling Fan?

The size of your room is the first factor that determines the right indoor ceiling fan to choose from.

There are a number of aspects in your room to consider when buying your indoor ceiling fan.

choose the right indoor ceiling fan

  •  Room size. 

The room size is the key factor to consider when picking the right indoor ceiling fan for your room.

The size of your room in square footage dictates the size of your ceiling fan, to ensure proper air circulation.

It is good to have the measurement of your room so as to get the perfect indoor ceiling fan size for your room.


  •  Room height. 

The height of your room determines the type of fan to choose from. Different fans have different rod heights.

For rooms with high ceiling height, the best choice are the indoor ceiling fans with a long down rod.

This will help in lowering the height of the fan.

Similarly, low height ceilings require ceiling fans with smaller rods.


  •  The type of the ceiling. 

There are different types of ceilings including a sloped ceiling.

For instance, some fan canopies allow sloping ceilings to some extent. But for very steep ceilings, an extra rod is required, although some fans consist of sloped-ceiling adapters.

This is done to provide enough clearance for the blades.


  •  Airflow. 

The indoor ceiling fan airflow determines how efficient the fan is.

An airflow is a unit of measurement for the amount of air moved by a ceiling fan in one minute at maximum speed. It is measured in cubic feet per minute.

The fan’s airflow is directly related to the fan’s energy-efficiency.

The higher the airflow, the higher the energy-efficiency, hence the best.

Remember that the energy-efficiency translates directly to the cost operation, the lower the airflow, the lower the efficiency, and the higher the cost of operation.


  •  Double ceiling fans. 

This is a factor to consider in case you have an extra-large room.

For such rooms, it is good to consider a double ceiling fan. Double ceiling fans are designed to be more efficient and powerful than single large fans.

However, double ceiling fans come with an extra cost of operation, but they are worth buying.


Key Benefits of Using a Ceiling Fan

  • Air circulation

The most significant advantage of ceiling fans is that they can make air loops in our house. The primary function of the fan – which keeps us cool – is also achieved by airflow.

The indoor air circulation is essential.

  • For the bedroom, 

we will stay in bed for a few hours at night. If a bedroom ceiling fan is rotated while resting, the air in the bedroom can remain in circulation.

This air circulation can remove the smell in the bedroom and the carbon dioxide exhaled by the person, bringing fresh air to you.

  • For the kitchen, 

the idling flow of the ceiling fan can disperse the heat, moisture, and smoke generated by cooking so that you can cook comfortably.

  • For Bathroom

The same is true for the bathroom, which can get out of moisture and reduce the chance of mildew.

  • For Living room.

if your home comes to the guests, the ceiling fan can create a breeze that will make you and your guests not feel stuffy.

  • For small space.

Especially for the small space at home, we need a small ceiling fan.

Such as laundry, basement, or attic, these small rooms are challenging to have natural winds to generate airflow.

A small ceiling fan can help a lot in improving the living environment.


  • Energy efficiency

energy efficientThe next most prominent advantage of ceiling fans is energy efficiency.

In other words, if you install a ceiling fan at home, then you will have fewer energy bills for cooling or heating each year.

    • First, the ceiling fan itself consumes very little power.
    • Secondly, if used in conjunction with air conditioners, ceiling fans can also reduce the energy consumption of air conditioners and achieve better cooling.

In the winter, under the same energy consumption, there is a warm air flow made by a fan, and the temperature in the room will be higher.

Besides, regarding ENERGY STAR, it is the most official energy efficiency certification.

ENERGY STAR ceiling fans are tested to indicate high energy efficiency. These ceiling fans are trendy because they can save you a lot of energy consumption every year.

Best Indoor Ceiling Fan Brand.

There are many brands for manufacturing indoor ceiling fans. Just like any other product, there must be the best-rated brands in the market for indoor ceiling fans.

Each brand produces a range of different indoor fans with different features and prices.


1. Hunter.

hunter indoor ceiling fanHunter Fan Company is one of the best indoor ceiling fan brands.

The brand was established a long time ago, over 100 years ago when they introduced new and better quality standards and craftsmanship.

To achieve the perfect ceiling fans, like the modern indoor ceiling fans, the company has continually innovated around the ceiling fans up to date.

To ensure that the brand retains its reputation as well as pushing it to greater levels, the brand employs the new technologies, designs, aesthetics, and trends to their models.


2. Emerson.

emerson indoor ceiling fan

The first AC fan produced by Emerson Company was back in 1890.

And this is when the company began producing ceiling fans.

To maintain the company’s great reputation for all those years, the company ensures continuous innovation on its ceiling fans.

The company continually updates the motor, materials, and aesthetics to ensure the maintenance of quality craftsmanship and standards.

The Emerson Company is well known for producing energy efficient ceiling fans with high airflow ratings. The ceiling fans are durable and powerful hence worth buying.


3. Minka Aire.

Minka Aire ceiling fan

Minka Aire Group is another popular brand known for producing the best ceiling fans in the market, for many years now.

They are constructed with an artistic design as well as high-quality construction materials.

This helps in ensuring the ceiling fans are long-lasting and fashionable.

However, despite the quality construction and being fashionable, Minka Aire indoor ceiling fans come at cheap and affordable prices.

How to Choose the Best Indoor Ceiling Fan?

There are all kinds of ceiling fans on the market. But what you may be confused about is how you can find the best indoor ceiling fans?

We investigated a large number of ceiling fans and summarized the following points that need to be taken care of when purchasing indoor ceiling fans.

Follow these tips, and you will not go wrong.


First, you should measure the size of the ceiling fan you need.

For small rooms up to 75 square feet, such as bathrooms, you need a ceiling fan size of 24 to 36 inches.

A slightly larger room to 175 square feet needs the ceiling fans of 42 to 48 inches.

For larger rooms up to 350 square feet or more, it may require a ceiling fan of 52 to 56 inches.

If your room is long and narrow, you may need two small ceiling fans placed side by side.



We divide the types of ceiling fans into two kinds.

The most common ceiling fans are suspended from the ceiling. This type of ceiling fan creates airflow directly below it.

A different type of ceiling fan is a fan that can swing back and forth. It can generate airflow in all directions.

However, such ceiling fans generally have small blades. You can choose according to your preferences and needs.



There are two types of ceiling fans installed.

One is the flush-mount installation. This kind of ceiling fans is all low profile and suitable for low ceilings.

The other is the down rod mount. You can choose different lengths of the down rods to accommodate various height ceilings or sloping ceilings.


 Wet/damp Rating 

Most of the ceiling fans used indoors do not require a wet/damp rating.

However, for bathrooms with heavy humidity, the ceiling fan needs to have a UL list for wet/damp rating.

Wet/damp rating ensures that the ceiling fan can be used in a humid environment.

If you need a ceiling fan for wet/damp rooms, check to see if the product has a UL list for the wet/damp rating before buying.



The combination of ceiling fans and lights is a great invention.

The illuminated indoor ceiling fan not only provides us with adequate air circulation but can also be used as an alternative light source in our rooms.

Also, the ceiling fan light is a perfect decoration in our home. You can choose a beautiful and functional ceiling fan to install in your home.



CFM(cubic feet per minute) is an important performance parameter for measuring the airflow capacity of ceiling fans.

If you need a ceiling fan that can make a lot of airflows, the bigger the CFM, the better.

Besides, you need to know that the airflow is not directly related to the number of blades, but it has a lot to do with the size of the blades.

The airflow capacity of the general product is included in the product introduction.

Before buying, look to ensure that the air flow capacity of the ceiling fan meets your requirements.



It is best to buy a ceiling fan that can be remotely controlled.

This way, you can control your ceiling fan anywhere in the room. You don’t need to stand up to pull the chains, or even you can lie down and open the ceiling fan through the remote control.

Besides, some smart ceiling fans can be associated with smartphones so you can control the ceiling fan from your smartphone.

For ceiling fans with a high installation position, you can also choose to install a wall control in an easily accessible place.



Different brands of ceiling fans have different warranty durations.

In general, the ceiling fan motor has a more extended warranty than the other parts.

Also, the warranty information will be mentioned in the product introduction. You need to pay attention to this information before you buy to get a better after-sales service.


Best Indoor Ceiling Fans Reviewed

Good indoor ceiling fans are supposed to have not only excellent performance and long-lasting service life but decorative function. Combining various factors, we have selected the following ten products for you. There must be a perfect one for your room.

Best Overall: Hyperikon Indoor White Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote

Best Overall - Hyperikon Indoor White Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote


  • High airflow
  • Energy star
  • Adjustable mounting
  • Remote control
  • Five-year unlimited warranty


  • Slight noise

This powerful and beautiful ceiling fan has received a lot of praise so you must not miss it. As an ENERGY-Star certified ceiling fan, it can consume very low energy while creating large amounts of air flow. So it has high energy efficiency.

  • As for mounting, this ceiling fan is particularly convenient and easy to install. You can choose between two installation methods depending on the height of your room ceiling.
  • For high ceilings and angled ceilings, it comes with a down rod for you to adjust the height of the ceiling fan.
  • For low ceilings, you can choose to install flush. In short, you only need to follow the instructions to do it.
  • As for control, you can use the remote control included in the box. Besides, the motor is reversible. So you can change the direction of rotation of the ceiling fan in winter.
  • If you buy, you will have a 5-year unlimited warranty for this ceiling fan. Regardless of what happens after purchase, you can contact Hyperikon for a fast and free replacement. So what are you still hesitating? Come on and have a try!

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Best Rated: Energy Efficient Indoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light

Best Rated - Energy Efficient Indoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light


  • Nice looking
  • Powerful airlfow
  • Quiet
  • Dual mounting
  • Energy efficient


  • Pull chain

The next product I want to recommend is a ceiling fan with the highest customer rating. The wooden blades make it look very retro. And with the elegant white glass light bowl, its appearance has been loved by many people.

  • As for performance, its motor is powerful and noiseless. So it can provide enough airflow to cool you down while maintaining a quiet environment.
  • Also, the LED light attached to it is bright and energy-efficient. Thus, It’s an excellent alternative illumination in your room.
  • As for the mounting height, it comes with an adjustable length down rod for you to mount on a high ceiling.
  • If your roof is low, you can also choose flush mounting. What’s more, in winter, its motor can be reversed to provide a warm updraft, keeping you warm.
  • Overall, this ceiling fan is ideal for medium or large rooms. It is the perfect decoration for your room and excellent furniture with the double function of ceiling fan and light.

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Best for Bedroom: Portage Bay Hugger Large Indoor Ceiling Fan

Best for Bedroom - Portage Bay Hugger Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light


  • Easy to assemble
  • Looking great
  • Quiet
  • Value for money


  • Pull chain

If you are looking for a ceiling fan for your bedroom, please take a look at this ceiling fan. The hugger ceiling fan is designed to fit the ceiling of the bedroom.

  • Install it in the center of your bedroom and it will create a flow of air that fills the room.
  • If you are resting in bed, it can provide a cool breeze that lowers the temperature around you.
  • What’s more, the light with it is bright enough to provide the illumination of your bedroom.
  • This ceiling fan has three colors: matte black, brushed nickel, and white. You can choose the different finishes to match your room style by your will.
  • Besides, you can control the ceiling fan’s speed: high, medium, and low, by pull chain. This way, you can adjust different modes yourself, such as low-level sleep mode.
  • Also, this ceiling fan has a reversible switch. In the winter, if your room has heating, you can reverse the motor of the ceiling fan. This way you can enjoy warm air throughout the room.

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Best For Kitchen: Fanimation Caged Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light

Best For Kitchen - Fanimation Caged Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light


  • Unique good Looking
  • Remote control
  • Noiseless
  • Small size


  • Lighting not bright enough

This drum-style ceiling fan is perfect for the kitchen, both in terms of appearance and design, as well as performance and functionality. Most of the customers who have bought and used have given praise. So this ceiling fan is the highest rated kitchen ceiling fan.

  • The ceiling fan’s compact design eliminates the need for a lot of space.
  • Meanwhile, the low-profile installation makes it a reasonable distance from the ground.
  • Besides, a closed drum iron net covers both his blades and the bulb. So you don’t worry about the high-speed rotating blades hurting people.
  • Plus, this retro ceiling fan looks like a classy chandelier, so it’s also a unique addition to your kitchen.
  • As an indoor ceiling fan with light, this ceiling fan can circulate air just right for your kitchen space.

A buyer said: “I find the medium setting to be perfect for my needs (keeping me cool, distributing air well, all without blowing food around the kitchen).” In addition, it also comes with four lights. So you can use it as alternative lighting in your kitchen.

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Best for Living Room: Westinghouse Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Best for Living Room - Westinghouse Lighting Indoor Two Blades Ceiling Fan


  • Unique design
  • A mount of airflow
  • Easy to install


  • A littel noise
  • Pull chain

This unique two-blade ceiling fan will be the most fashionable and appealing thing if you install it in your living room. The modern aesthetic appearance and the rare two-blade design allow it to grab the eye of the person at once.

  • As for performance, the 48-inch blade and the powerful three-speed motor produce enough air circulation without creating annoying noise.
  • In high-speed mode, the air flow generated by the ceiling fan can reach 4,610.9 CFM. And the energy consumption, at this speed, is only 55.5 watts. So its energy efficiency is as high as 83 CFM/watt.
  • Also, this ceiling fan has a light set that provides bright light to your living room.
  • As for the installation, this ceiling fan comes with a 6-inch down rod. You can adjust the length of the boom according to your ceiling height for optimum air flow.
  • The warranty of the ceiling fan of Westinghouse Lighting is the motor lifetime warranty, and the other parts are guaranteed for two years.
  • And the Westinghouse brand can also guarantee the quality of the products.

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Best for Small Place: Westinghouse Lighting Indoor Small Ceiling Fan with Light

Best for Laundry - Westinghouse Lighting Indoor Small Ceiling Fan with Light


  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for laundry room
  • Great air movement
  • Perfect size for small place


  • Not include remote control

This ceiling fan is perfect for small and narrow spaces. You can install it in a narrow hallway, small bedroom or laundry room in your home. It has six 24-inch blades for rooms up to 80 square feet.

  • The motor of this ceiling fan has three speeds.
  • At high speeds, the ceiling fan’s airflow can reach 1270 CFM, which can fill all the small spaces.
  • Install this ceiling fan in some small places; you can enjoy the breeze; you will not feel stuffy.
  •  Besides, the ceiling fan has two 40-watt bulbs, which can also fully meet the lighting needs of small spaces.
  • It comes with a 4-inch down rod and 78-inch long wires for easy installation.
  • In addition, you can adjust the ceiling fan speed by the pull chain. In short, install this small and exquisite ceiling fan for your small room.

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Best for Bathroom: Broan Ventilation Fan and Light Combination

Best for Bathroom - Broan Ventilation Fan and Light Combination


  • Great price
  • Easy to install
  • Bright light
  • Quiet


  • Can’t create breeze

This exhaust fan is your ideal choice for your bathroom. The exhaust fan helps reduce the chances of moisture, odor, and mildew in the air. In addition, this product, combined with a bright light, can be used as a bathroom light while providing air flow.

  • As for the installation, this product comes with a polymeric duct with a tapered sleeve for easy replacement and piping.
  • Also, the design of the white polymeric grille allows it to be used with almost any style of the ceiling.
  • This fan is absolutely safe when in use because it has a UL list.
  • In addition, you can control the fan and light through the switch on the wall, which is very convenient.

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Best for Large Room: Westinghouse Lighting Industrial Indoor Ceiling Fans Without Lights

Best for Large Room - Westinghouse Lighting Industrial Indoor Ceiling Fan


  • Great air movement
  • Wall control
  • Easy to install
  • High speed


  • A little noise at high speed

This industrial ceiling fan is ideal for the large space that requires a lot of airflows. You can install it in your large living room, large bedroom or garage. Of course, you can also use it for commercial purposes, such as restaurants and warehouses.

  • The 56-inch blade and powerful motor allow it to produce 6524 CFM of airflow at high speeds.
  • At the same time, its energy consumption is only 60 watts. So its energy efficiency can be said to be very high.
  • It has a total of 5 speeds to choose from. However, its motor cannot be reversed. It does not contain lights, either.
  • This ceiling fan comes with a 12-inch boom.
  • You can install it in a room with a high ceiling. It still has a strong air movement capability. In short, this powerful modern ceiling fan is the best air mover in your room.

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Best for Low Ceiling: Hunter Low Profile Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote

Best for Low Ceiling - Hunter Low Profile Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote


  • Remote control
  • Whisper quiet
  • Bright light
  • Energy efficient


  • No other control methods


This sleek ceiling fan is the perfect item for low ceilings. There are 3 appearances and blade materials you can choose from. No matter what the style in your room is, you can find the one that suits you best.

  • Hunter’s unique WhisperWind motor is powerful and has low operating noise. So you can get the air you want without any noise. Also, the reversible function of the motor allows it to be used throughout the year. Even in the winter, it can provide you with a warm updraft.
  • The fan includes a white universal remote control. You can control the fan anywhere in the room. Plus, with an integrated light unit with Cased White glass, it can also be a replacement for your room.
  • In addition, the distance from the bulb to the ceiling after installation of the ceiling fan was measured to be only 8 inches.
  • The airflow that the ceiling fan can produce in high-speed mode is 3751 CFM with an energy efficiency of 69 CFM/Watt.

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Best for High Ceiling: Westinghouse Lighting Indoor Ceiling Fan with LED and Remote

Best for High Ceiling - Westinghouse Lighting Indoor Ceiling Fan with LED and Remote


  • Amount air movement
  • Value for money
  • Remote Control


  • A little noise at high speed

This ceiling fan with a long down rod is ideal for high ceilings. Moreover, the 60-inch blade allows it to create sufficient airflow in a large space. So if you are looking for ceiling fans for great rooms up to 400 sq feet with very high ceilings, you must check out this ceiling fan.

  • As for the appearance, the blades of the ceiling fan are reversible, and the two sides of the blade are of different colors. So you can change the look and feel of the fan at any time.
  • Besides, the ceiling fan with an LED light kit with frosted opal glass is very modern.
  • As for performance, high-quality motors provide powerful airflow and a quiet environment.
  • LED lights are energy-efficient and can save you energy bills.
  • Also, its remote control can control four-speed and light switches. So this ceiling fan is more convenient to be used in a large space.

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Bottom line

For indoor ceiling fans, different ceiling fans are required for different rooms and different uses.

In general, when choosing a ceiling fan, you need to consider not only the size and performance but also the style of the ceiling fan to match your room.

Finally, I believe that you have already know how to choose the one that best suits your indoor ceiling fans.

The table below is our recommendation, you will be able to find one that suits you.