The 5 Best High-speed Ceiling Fan Reviews 2020

Ceiling fans can create airflow. The powerful air airflow is an excellent help for room temperature regulation and air circulation. However, not every ceiling fan can meet the requirement of enough airflow. That’s the reason why we need a high-speed ceiling fan to make a lot of air. So how can we choose a high-speed ceiling fan? This article will give you some answers. Many things need your attention.

Top 5 Best High-speed Ceiling Fans on the Market

Westinghouse high speed industrial ceiling fanHot Pick – Westinghouse Indoor High CFM Ceiling Fan3.9 out of 5 stars$$
Two Blades – Westinghouse 48-inch Indoor Ceiling Fan with light4.4 out of 5 stars$$$
Damp Rated – Hunter Ceiling Fan for Porches and Patios4.1 out of 5 stars$$$
Best Small Size – Westinghouse 24-inch Small Ceiling Fan4.2 out of 5 stars$$
Best Noiseless – Reiga 52-inch Ceiling Fan3.9 out of 5 stars$$$

Reviews of the Top 5 Best High Speed Ceiling Fan in 2020

After reading hundreds of opinions and reviews, studying materials, design, and performance. We’ve come to these nice selections that you can refer to when you choose.

Hot Pick – Westinghouse Indoor High CFM Ceiling Fan

Hot Pick - Westinghouse Indoor High cfm Ceiling Fan

The silvery look makes this ceiling fan look very modern. Many customers strongly recommend it because its performance is good at a low price. But its shortcoming is without remote control, only with wall control.

The high-power motors of this industrial ceiling fan can produce a lot of air. The 56-inch blade makes it an ideal choice for large rooms. And the 12-inch down rod can be used for high ceilings. Besides, the 54-inch wire allows it to be installed anywhere. Its Five-speed control can meet your various needs.

You can install it in any large room that requires air circulation, such as a garage, living room, large bedroom, etc. The only thing to pay attention to is safety. Keep your head and blades at a safe distance.

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Two Blades – Westinghouse 48-inch Indoor High-speed Ceiling Fan with light

Best rated - Westinghouse 48-Inch Indoor High-speed Ceiling Fan with light

This is another well-received ceiling fan from Westinghouse. Though it comes with only two blades, the airflow created by it will surprise you. And its unique appearance has won a lot of customers’ favor.

This ceiling fan is powered by a three-speed motor. The motor is also reversible. Its two 48-inch blades make it ideal for rooms up to 12 feet by 12 feet with standard 8 feet ceilings. Also, it comes with two bulbs so that it can be used as the secondary lighting in the room. There is also a 6-inch down rod and 78-inch wire with it when purchased. So you can install it almost anywhere.

This ceiling fan is controlled by pull chains, but you can purchase a remote separately. It is also compatible with remote. However, what you need to pay attention to is that a few customers said it had a clicking sound when running.

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Damp Rated – Hunter 52-inch High Airflow Ceiling Fan for Porches and Patios

hunter 52-inch high airflow damp rated ceiling fan for patios

Hunter ceiling fans always have excellent performance. This ceiling fan has an ultra-powerful WhisperWind motor. It can make a lot of airflow without much noise. Besides, the motor is also reversible and allows you to change the direction of your fan.

What’s more, this ceiling fan is ETL Damp-rated for use in covered porches, patios, and sunrooms. Since it comes with 3″ and 2″ down rods, it has three choices of position mounting system, allowing for standard, low or angled mounting. The ceiling fan is controlled by pull chains for a quick turn on/off and speed adjustment. 

The unique appearance of this ceiling fan is also very attractive. The plastic blades are durable but the surface is oak, so it looks very retro. This ceiling fan is a good choice for a hallway or outdoor.

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Best Small Size – Westinghouse Lighting 24-inch High-Speed Small Ceiling Fan for Indoor Use

Westinghouse high speed small ceiling fan for small room

This ceiling fan’s 24-inch blades allow it to be used in small rooms. And a powerful motor makes it generate a large amount of airflow all over the room. Besides, the reversible motor can be used all year round whatever in summer or winter and has three speeds you can choose according to your needs.

This ceiling fan comes with one 4-inch down rod, allowing you to adjust the height. And the accessory 78-inch lead wire makes it be mounted anywhere. What’s more, it comes with a light kit including two candelabra-base 40-watt G16-1/2 light bulbs.

Most customers are surprised in the air movement made by this small size ceiling fan. It can be said that this one is the ideal airflow maker in small rooms.

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Best Noiseless – Reiga 52-inch High Output Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit & Remote Control

High output mute ceiling fan with light and remote

Many people have well received this ceiling fan for its ultra-powerful air movement, mute rotation, energy-efficient, and long service life. Apart from the powerful and quiet motor, its three ABS blades also contribute to the excellent performance. They are 17-degree pitch optimized and moisture-proof, specially designed for patio and damp locations.

It comes with an adjustable down rod and a remote. Therefore, it’s easy to install and operate. As for the remote control, here comes governing speed, reverse feature, and 1/4/8 timing function. Also, there also is one LED light with 1000 lumen, 6000K, 12W. But it’s not dimmable.

There are three appearances for you to choose from. Overall, this is a ceiling fan you must not miss.

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Top Features to Consider for Buying a High-Velocity Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is an important appliance to have in your house, especially during the warm summer months. Most homeowners and businesses appreciate the importance of ceiling fans, and they invest in these appliances.

However, the vast majority of people looking to invest in fans do not pay attention to the details. They do not hone in on the specs and determine which fan is best suited for their needs.

Herein we will explore the main features you need to consider while on the market for a new fan. By considering these features, you set yourself on the right path to choosing the right ceiling fan.


There is no one-size-fits-all high-speed fan. What makes choosing a high-speed ceiling fan even more daunting is the range of fan size available. You can get a high-speed ceiling from 14 inches to 72 inches.

The best ceiling fan size for your application will depend on the environment you will use the fan. You need to consider the room size (square footage), the height, and the room features such as slops.

For small rooms, we choose one small size yet high-speed ceiling fan for you:

»Find the high speed small ceiling fan

That said, it is standard practice to use a 42-inch fan in rooms with up to 144 sq.feet of space, a 44-inch fan in rooms with up to 224 sq.feet space, and a 52-inch fan in rooms with up to 400- sq.feet space.

Number and Material of Blade

Increasing the number of blades does not necessarily improve the performance of a ceiling fan. It only increases the weight of the system, which affects the top speed of the fan. Moreover, it does affect the cost of the fan. The more blades a fan has, the costlier it will be.  Only two blades with high speed can also create an amount of airflow.

As for materials, ceiling fans are typically made using wood, metal, and plastic. For the ultimate high-speed material, you can choose a fan with lightweight materials.

High Speed Ceiling Fan RPM

Ceiling fan revolutions per minute stands for the number of revolutions that the blades make every minute. The higher the revolutions, the higher the speed. As such, if you are interested in high-speed ceiling fans, you should purchase a fan with high RPM.

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The cubic feet per minute, better known as CFM, is the air flow rate, or the amount of air a fan can move. The higher the CFM, the higher the air flow rate. CFM is dependent on the blade shape, pitch, and length, and fan motor speed capacity. If you are on the market for a high-speed ceiling fan, you are interested in high CFM performance. As such, ensure you invest in a fan with a high CFM rating with 75 being the minimum number to go.

»Find more about Hunter high CFM ceiling fan

Ceiling Fan Wattage

To be on the safe side, you should consult an electrician to ensure the electrical circuit can handle the high-speed ceiling fan. 36-inch to 56-inch fans will consume anywhere from 55 to 100 watts. As such, you need a circuit that can power this system without stressing other appliances within the circuit.

Energy Efficiency

Generally speaking, DC fans tend to be more energy-efficient. DC fan motors are smaller and lighter, which helps the motor use up less energy while still being capable of generating high torque. As such, your best bet would be to purchase a DC motor. However, to make the process of choosing your high-speed motor much simpler, buy Energy STAR high-speed ceiling fans. Such fans are designed to meet the strict energy efficiency required for an Energy STAR rating.

You Can Keep An Eye On » The Energy Star Ceiling Fan


Generally, you want to invest in a ceiling fan that produces the least noise as possible. Keep in mind noisy fans can cause hearing impairment. Invest in a well-built fan that does not produce a humming sound.

The Bottom Line

When you are on the market for a new ceiling fan, the goal is to find a ceiling fan that will meet your needs. To this end, look for a fan with a balanced implementation of the features mentioned above. It is very difficult to have a ceiling fan that is perfect on all the fronts with regards to features. As such, looking for a well-balanced ceiling fan is a more reasonable approach.

Before You Buy a High-Velocity Ceiling Fans in Summer and Winter

There are many things you need to take into consideration when looking for a new high-speed ceiling fan. The first one, as mentioned before, you are supposed to know exactly the air circulating capable of the fan.

Further Questions You Need to Ask are:

What is the energy-efficiency rating of the fan?
What decibel-rating does the device have? (This question is important if you are sensitive to noise)
What is the average lifespan of the fan?
Does the device come in a range of finishes to match your current interior decor?
Does the manufacturer offer any warranty?
How highly do previous purchasers rate the product?

The answer can be found in the reviews and the comments of the product. Before you buy one ceiling fan, you are supposed to pay attention to these questions.

The truth is that ceiling fans that have reversible buttons are very versatile products. Not only can they be used to cool your workspace during the summer months, but they can also be used to recirculate rising warm air down during the winter months.

Unfortunately, however, many high-speed ceiling fans can be noisy and thus distracting, which is why previously in this article we mentioned the importance of finding out the dB rating of any fan you are considering buying.

On a final note, if you want precise control of the air flow in a room, it would be advisable to invest in a ceiling fan with multiple speed settings.

After reading this article, I believe that you have become an expert in the field of choosing high-speed ceiling fans. You can refer to the products we recommend to you, or you can find the one that is truly suitable for you on Amazon.

Westinghouse high speed industrial ceiling fanHot Pick – Westinghouse Indoor High CFM Ceiling Fan3.9 out of 5 stars$$
Two Blades – Westinghouse 48-inch Indoor Ceiling Fan with light4.4 out of 5 stars$$$
Damp Rated – Hunter Ceiling Fan for Porches and Patios4.1 out of 5 stars$$$
Best Small Size – Westinghouse 24-inch Small Ceiling Fan4.2 out of 5 stars$$
Best Noiseless – Reiga 52-inch Ceiling Fan3.9 out of 5 stars$$$

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