Top 7 Best Cheap Priced Ceiling Fans with Low Budget

Anyone and everyone love a bargain. Ceiling fans are no exception either. Budget ceiling fans are still very popular despite the introduction of air conditioning. People love them because they are a lot cheaper and they are very energy efficient.

So consider purchasing a ceiling fan if you need to conserve the amount of energy you use in your home. You can also use air conditioning along with a ceiling fan and you would still a considerable amount of energy and money.

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Cheap price ceiling fan with large blades and bright light for large living room and bedroom – Westinghouse Lighting 7801665 Budget Ceiling Fan

Vintage designed 52 inches ceiling fan with high levels of airflow – Brightwatts Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan

Small 3 blades ceiling fan designed for small rooms – Westinghouse Lighting 7876400 Budget Ceiling Fan

Most durable metal ceiling fan for small and middle-size rooms – Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Low profile ceiling fan with wooden blades for contemporary design – Hugger low profile ceiling fan with lights

the price of ceiling fans

A cheap ceiling fan concentrates more on how it works that is its efficiency. The whole family gets to enjoy the fan. You can use it during the warm summer days as well as the hot night or in a crowded room for efficient airflow. Ceiling fans are very conventional and easy to use. This article will give a complete overview of all things to do with budget ceiling fans, starting with how much they cost.


Do Affordable Ceiling Fans Still Provide the Same Benefits?

best affordable ceiling fanYes, they do.

Most inexpensive ceiling fans motor has the reversible feature that enables them to be useful throughout the year. They can move in the cool air during the hot summer days and rotate the warm air during the cold winter days in your room.

The fans are fitted with light sources that will provide the illumination needed to see around in the room.
Lastly, they all provide the cooling effect in our homes, making sure you stay comfortably in a cool room.


How To Set Up A Budget When Choosing A Ceiling Fan?

20 to 90 US dollars

The cost of a budget ceiling fan does not necessarily the cost of the fan itself. It includes the cost of wiring, the cost of installation, and the maintenance also.

Some fans especially the low-budget ones cost about 20 to 90 US dollars. These are basic fans that have no special features. They are activated by a pull chain or switched on by a switch on the wall. They have a standardized design. They do not concentrate on design just that it does the job of conditioning and circulating heat.

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200 to 600 dollars

The second category is the one that costs around 200 to 600 dollars. These fans offer a variety when it comes to design. You can get any type of shape you require from the classic Victorian to a modern concept. The blades on these types of fans can be shaped into any design you require.

They can be made to look like surfboards or into any creative shape you want them to look like. These fans can be remotely controlled. You do not have to get up to switch it on or off. They also have different settings on them. There is the option of choosing the speed you would like as well as direct the airflow.


700 to 2000 US dollars

The third category of the fans is the high-end ones that cost about 700 to 2000 US dollars. They are made from fancy materials that include brass or copper and even glass. These fans are also fixed with air filters. Air filters recycle air and refresh it. The air filters rid the environment of any impurities.

This category of fans can be shaped into any design you would like, this includes the famous Tiffany glass style.


3000 to 10000 dollars

The final category is fans that range from 3000 to 10000 dollars. These fans come in different sets with 2 0r more fans placed strategically on the home ceiling giving the house a more beautiful aesthetic.


How to Get Great Deals when Buying a Ceiling Fan?

best deals on ceiling fan

  • Choosing a ceiling fan style matching with your home.
To get a great deal, it is important to choose a ceiling fan that matches your room decor.

Ceiling fans come in many designs and styles, and so, various options to choose from. Other versatile ceiling fans consist of two different designs to allow you to change the design from time to time.


  • Choosing a suitable ceiling fan size.
The size of the fan in relation to the room size determines the efficiency of the fan. The fan size is determined by the size of the room where the fan will be installed.

In case the fan is too small or large than the room, then the fan will not move air properly.

It is also important to check the pitch of the blades since they determine the fan’s ability to move the air. Therefore, to get a great deal, it is important to consider the size of the fan.


  • Choosing a suitable ceiling fan type according to your ceiling type.
There are different types of ceiling fans with versatile features but ideal for different ceiling types. The ceiling fan types include low profile ceiling fans, standard ceiling fans, outdoor ceiling fans, ceiling fans with lights among others.

To ensure that you get a great deal it is important to research the ideal type of ceiling fan depending on your ceiling.


  • Compare the ceiling fan price online and offline.
Finally, the last way to ensure that you get a great deal is by researching the prices of the ceiling fan. This can either be done online through the manufacturer’s and dealers’ websites, or offline, by window shopping in your local dealers, or by enquiring information from different people who know about ceiling fans.


Top 7 Best Budget Ceiling Fan Reviews

1. Westinghouse Lighting 7801665 Budget Ceiling Fan

best budget ceiling fan

This fan can be used in any room. Large or small, high or low ceilings.

  • Eye-catching Designs

The finishing is in matte black. You can also get it in marble. These designs are very eye-catching which gives the room a beautiful view. The fan stretches out to 52 inches. This is a perfect size for a fan. Not too and not too small either. It also has a reversible switch.

  • Reversible Switch

A reversible switch has two options; the summer option and the winter option. The summer option provides cool air to your home on hot days. The air is made cool for the whole family to enjoy.

The other option is winter. The winter option collects warm air and circulates it around the room on cold days or nights. This option protects your family from the cold and saves them from getting colds. This fan is also noiseless when performing its actions. You will not be disturbed by any noise from the fan.

  • It is practically noiseless
  • Has a reversible feature
  • Very eye-catching design
  • Has a perfect size
  • Has a low airflow
  • Hard to install

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2. Brightwatts Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan

best energy efficient ceiling fan

  • 52-inch Ceiling Fan

The fan has a 52-inch blade which is the perfect size. The fan offers 5509 CFMs which is the speed it runs to give high levels of airflow.

  • Two Options

The fan also has a reversible feature that has two options. The winter and summer option. When it is switched to the summer mode, the fan provides cool air to the surrounding enabling you and your family comfort in the heat.

When in the winter mode, the fan provides the home with warm air to protect your family from the cold of the night or during the cold winter.

  • Energy Efficient

This fan is also very efficient. You save a lot on your electricity bills while enjoying everything a modern air conditioning machine has to offer. The blades are five in number and rotate 12 degrees to increase airflow.

  • It has 5 strong blades
  • The blades move at an impressive 5509 CFMs
  • Has the reversible feature
  • It is energy saving
  • The light does not dim


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3. Westinghouse Lighting 7876400 Budget Ceiling Fan

best indoor ceiling fan

This fan is 42 inches which makes it perfect for a small room that is 10 feet by 10 feet.

  • 3 Speeds

The fan also has 3 speeds. They are high, medium and low. You are at liberty to choose any speed you want. This depends on how hot or cool your home is at that time. The airflow is about 2897 cm. This is not a lot for a big room but perfect for a small room like a kitchen.

  • Energy Efficient

It is also energy efficient and only uses 53 watts. The fan is made from alloy. This makes it durable and has three fans. The three fans make airflow very effective for a small room. It also has a reversible feature where you can have cool air during the hot months and warm air during the cold seasons or at night. The fan adds a more contemporary feeling to your home. It has a steel capacitor that enables the airflow to be as quiet as possible.

  • It is quiet
  • It is reversible
  • Perfect for a small room
  • Has 3 fans
  • The lights are dim
  • Does produce some sound

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4. Hunter 54 inches Contemporary Ceiling Fan

best cheap hunter ceiling fan

  • Remote Control

This is a renewed ceiling fan. It is remote controlled as well so you do not have to keep on getting up to either switch it on or off. The fan is 54 inches which is ideal for a big room. The speed is also adjustable. You get to choose the speed you want the fan to operate at. You can also place bulbs on it.

  • LED Kit

The bulbs come with a LED kit. The LED helps with energy conservation. The LED lights are also more durable than normal lights. It is finished in nickel and white finishes giving your home a modern touch. The Whisper Wind motor provides maximum airflow as well as providing a quiet environment when it is doing its job.

  • Very quiet
  • Has LED lights that are durable
  • Adjustable speed levels
  • The fan is energy conservative
  • Has a plastic smell


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5. Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

budget flush mounted ceiling fan

  • Perfect for Small Spaces

The harbor breeze is 44 inches. Making it perfect for small spaces. It has 3 blades making air circulation efficient in a small room. The fan is also remote controlled. This helps you not to get tired when changing the settings of the fan. You will not have to go to where it is to switch it on or off or to even change how fast you want the fans to go.

  • Has a Light Kit

The fan also has a light kit. The light kit helps you to install LED lights. The LED lights are energy efficient. This means you can switch off your bulbs and use the ones on the fan to save on electricity. It also has a reversible airflow system where you can have cool air during hot days or during the summer and also have warm air when it is cold.

  • the size is perfect for a small room
  • it has a reversible airflow system
  • the LED bulbs are energy efficient
  •  the airflow is not as fast


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6. Hunter Company 51059 Ceiling Fan

best hunter ceiling fan without lights for sale

  • Quiet Fan

The fan is 42 inches which makes it a fan to be used in a small space. The motor is powered by Whisper Wind which makes the fan super quiet and very effective in airflow. It also has a reversible feature. The reversible feature allows you to have cold air during the hot summers or hot days and change to winter setting that allows you to have warm air during the cold winter seasons or at night.

  • Five Blades

It has five blades. Five blades on a small fan is a lot. The air is passed around faster. The blades are 13 degrees which add on to the air circulation property. It is only used for the indoors.

Outside elements will damage the blades. The fan is not remote controlled. You have to use a pull chain to turn it off or on.

  • has 5 blades
  • the blades are 13 degrees
  • Has a reversible feature
  • It is super quiet
  • It is not remote controlled


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7. Hugger Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Lights

best budget ceiling fan with lights

  • Ideal for Small Spaces

It is 42 inches in size therefore ideal for small spaces. It is a low profile fan meaning that the ceiling must be slightly low so that the air is circulated around the room effectively. The fan is quiet because of the motors it uses.

  • Reversible Features

The motor also aids in the reversibility. The reversible feature helps you to alter the fan according to the current season. You can be able to provide your home with cool air during the hot seasons and provide it with warm air when it is cold or at night.

  • Beautiful Blades

The blades have a beautiful finishing of satin and nickel. The fan uses a pull chain to operate but it can still use any universal remote control. It also uses LED lights which make it energy efficient.


● It is noiseless
● The fan is energy efficient
● The motor aids in reversibility
● Perfect for a small space


● Only accepts LED bulbs

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What to Consider in Picking Cheap But Valuable One?

how to choose the best cheap ceiling fan

Room size

You might have rooms of different sizes in your home. Installing a bigger fan in a small room will create much airflow to make a room cold hence uncomfortable. A small fan may not meet the demands of a big room with airflow.


Height of the room

The fan height from the ground to the blades is mostly around 8 feet but there are fans that come inclusive of mounting options and you have the freedom to mount them at any place in your house.


Decide the location to have it installed

A ceiling fan is always counted at the center of the room on the ceiling. Larger rooms may even need more fans to get a cool room. They should be installed uniformly for effective functioning. In your bedroom, do not fit over your bed for safety.



Power is needed to run the ceiling fan. If the fan has a light kit, the electricity supplied should support the fan and lighting function very well.


Ceiling Fan Blades.

This is an important feature that cannot be compared to the utility or efficiency of the product. It is important to check the pitch of the blades since they determine the fan’s ability to move the air.

It is also good to consider adjustable blades since it will be easier for you to change the look and design in case you are bored by one look.


Blade Materials.

There is a wide range of materials that construct the blades including stainless steel, plastic, wood, or aluminum. If silence is a priority, then you can choose blades made of plastic or wood.


Control and Settings.

Ceiling fans come with different controls hence different ease of usage. some of the options include:

  • Wall switch: It is easy to use and you can place it along with the light switch. It will need professional installation.
  • Pull cord: It is connected to the bottom of the fan where you can adjust the speed as well as the light.
  •  Remote control: The remote is easy to use and prevents the challenges of rewiring the fan to the light switch.


Motor Type.

Alternating current motors are the most common and their style is affordable and reliable. The modern AC motors are also quiet. DC motors are gaining popularity and they are energy-saving appliances considering they are incredibly quiet and lightweight.


What Types of Affordable Budget Ceiling Fans You Can Choose?

1. The standard ceiling fan

These are the most common types of fans. They have 3 or 4 blades and are usually made from plastic. They come in all kinds of sizes and designs. They can be painted in any color too. They fit into many ceilings and that is why they are very popular. They also can have different accessories added to them.


2. Low profile ceiling fans

They are also referred to as huggers. A hugger is a ceiling fan fixed onto a mounting bracket that is opposite to the standard ceiling fan that is commonly fixed on a rod. A hugger is mostly used in a room that is 8 feet or less in terms of height. They are less effective in airflow because they are closer to the ground.


3. Dual motor ceiling fan

This is a fan that has two motors. You are able to interchange the motors if you see that one is being used more than another. You can also use them at the same time while setting them at different speed levels so that you feel a difference in the airflow you are getting.


4. Energy star ceiling fans

These fans are very cost-effective because they save a lot of energy. Some studies have shown that fans save up to 40% of a home’s energy. They can be huggers or standard ceiling fans. For that reason, the fans are a bit expensive as compared to the standard and hugger ceiling fans.

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5. Remote control ceiling fans

These types of fans are perfect for the outdoors where you do not have to pull the strings to turn it off and on. They are also very effective if you are short or if it is a child operating the device and cannot be able to pull the strings. They are also effective if you are physically unable to pull on the strings.

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6. Damp and wet ceiling fans

These are fans that are resistant to wet situations. They do not spoil when exposed to dampness or anything wet. Many other ceiling fans are damaged because of these conditions but these fans do not because they are made from a material that is water-resistant hence making the blade and motor resistant.


7. Commercial ceiling fans

From the name you can tell that these fans are used in places of business where there is a lot of people thus leading to crowding. These fans help in air circulation in markets, in schools, or even hospitals. They are used to prevent congestion which may lead to the spread of diseases.


8. Industrial ceiling fans

They are used in large industries or companies. They can be used to cool down the machines. Cooling machines prevent them from overheating. It overheats the whole industry will collapse because of the explosion that may be caused.


9. Outdoor ceiling fan

They are fans that can be used in the outdoors. They are common in homes or hotels. These fans are practical when you want to sit on your outside porch while enjoying a glass of juice and reading a book. The outdoor fans can keep you cool while you enjoy the sun.


10. Agricultural ceiling fan

Farmers and animals also need good air circulation. Working in that kind of environment requires that you have a lot of fresh air because it can get very hot and some people might faint or get sick therefore an agricultural ceiling fan is ideal.



best cheap ceiling fans

1. Do cheap ceiling fans have low quality?

The cheap ceiling fans do not have powerful motors that will allow more blade pitches. Thus they cannot handle the air resistance; therefore, they have a lower blade pitch to make the motor function well.

Most of the cheap fans make a little noise while functioning, which is very uncomfortable in your home.


2. What size of a ceiling fan do I need?

The ceiling fans are available in various shapes and sizes. Depending on the size of your room, you will need different fans. An example is if you have a room that is 18 inches by 20 inches, then you will need a fan that is 52 inches in size.


3. Do I need a down rod for my ceiling fan?

Yes, you need a down rod when you have a high ceiling room. It will lower the fan to a level that will function well to provide a comfortable, cool room. In other cases, you do not need a down rod where you have a low ceiling room as you will need some vertical space to operate.


4. Does a large ceiling fan work better?

A large ceiling fan will work better for large rooms that need more airflow. If the fan is large enough to meet the airflow capacity of a room, then it will be effective. On the other hand, a large fan will not be effective in a small room; it will give much airflow to make the room cold that will be uncomfortable.



In conclusion, when you want to get a ceiling fan look at the area you want it to be installed. This is because there are many different types of ceiling fans that serve one purpose, to aid in airflow. Large home spaces require large fans that range in 20 inches while the small home spaces require fans that have 40 inches.

You also have to look at the height dimensions of the house because not all fans are made the same. You also have to be very careful when operating these devices because they use electricity.

You should also consider if it a remote-controlled fan or a manual one that requires you to pull a chain. Some people are disabled and need a remote control to operate the fan. The other property you need to look into is reversibility where you can change the setting of the fan to the current season.