Top 12 Best Ceiling Fans For Bedrooms 2020

When summer rolls around, the weather is nice, but it can be sweltering, especially in your bedroom, where space is limited. At this time, you may need a high-quality bedroom ceiling fan to help you lower the interior temperature.

In this article, we have selected 12 best bedroom ceiling fans in different styles. And you can choose any one of them according to your demands.

best ceiling fans for bedrooms

Top 12 Best Ceiling Fans For Bedrooms 2020

Why Your Bedroom Needs A Quality Ceiling Fan!

What can you benefit from installing a ceiling fan for your bedroom?

If you’re ready to save money this summer and keep cool at the same time, then it’s essential to invest in a quality ceiling fan.

Keep in mind, meanwhile, cheaper fans are available, you do get what you pay for in terms of safety, performance, and energy efficiency, therefore, a more expensive fan checks off all boxes.

Here are some things we can talk about:

1. Saves Money – Energy Star Qualified

A ceiling fan costs significantly less to operate than an air conditioner. Since all fans are energy star compliant, you won’t have to worry about spending too much to cool down your bedroom.

For Energy Star Qualified ceiling fans, there are top 2 models with highly rated you can choose.

One is 62 inch Emerson Ceiling Fans CF765BQ Loft, and the other is 52 inch NuTone CFH52RB Hugger Series.

Best for Master Bedroom – Emerson Modern Style Ceiling Fans CF765BQ 

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF765BQ Loft Modern Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Wall ControlThis model fan has three high-efficiency airfoil blades, four-speed wall control, and remote control adaptable.

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Best Energy Star – NuTone CFH52RB Hugger Series Dual Blades Bedroom Ceiling Fan

NuTone CFH52RB Hugger Series Energy Star Qualified Dual Blades Ceiling Fan, 52-Inch, Oil Rubbed BronzeUL Listed for safety, mounts flush to the ceiling, five reversible blades in Dark Cherry and Light Cherry finish to complement the surroundings.

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For more money-saving, you can check the page of Different Ceiling Fans With Cheap Price to find all best price fans.

2. Low Maintenance

Unlike your air conditioner that needs constant maintenance, your ceiling fan requires relatively low maintenance. Of course, you’ll need to dust the blades occasionally and check whether fan motor is functioning as it should, but for the most part, you can skip spending hundreds of dollars yearly on maintenance.

But if you want something different, there also have high quality and best-looked ceiling fans for reference:

3. Heat and Cool Ceiling Fan for Bedroom

Ceiling fans can make a cool breeze on a hot summer day. Studies have shown that using a ceiling fan can reduce the temperature in the room by about 5 degrees. At the same time, the healthy natural wind created by the ceiling fan keeps you dry.

Specialty flush mount ceiling fans are available that aren’t just great for cooling the air in your room, but they can also heat it in the winter by reversing the airflow.

In fact, all it takes is a button to switch the airflow around and heat your space instead.

Here is the best small size year-round-use ceiling fan for bedroom you cannot miss:

Best with Light – Westinghouse 78108 Petite Classic Bedroom Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse 78108 Petite 6 Blade 30 Inch 3 Speed Hugger Ceiling Fan with Light - quiet year round useSpecial Features: 3-speed reversible switch for all-season comfort control, whisper-quiet, high-performance motor, lifetime motor warranty.

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4. Pretty Bedroom Ceiling Fan

Another critical function of installing a ceiling fan in a bedroom is decoration. Ceiling fans of different styles and appearances are the perfect decorations for the bedroom. There are a lot of styling options you can choose from.

First of all, you can choose the same style of the ceiling fan to add a finishing touch to your bedroom. If you think your bedroom is too monotonous, then you need a beautiful ceiling fan to make your bedroom more colorful and stylish.

Secondly, especially for children’s bedrooms, different themes of ceiling fans can cultivate children’s interests and imagination, so that they remain curious about the world. Imagine your child lying on the bed and seeing the pattern he is interested in rotating on the ceiling.

Here is one stylish chandelier ceiling fan for your reference:

Best Chandelier – Warehouse of Tiffany CFL-8170BL Decorative Ceiling Fan for Bedrrom

Best Chandelier - Warehouse of Tiffany CFL-8170BL Crystal 52-inch Ceiling Fan on Sale

This exquisite and elegant crystal ceiling fan will make your bedroom look like a luxury hotel. Powerful motors and 52-inch ceiling fans produce enough air to flow in your bedroom. More importantly, it has a bright light. If you want a chandelier, why not choose this versatile chandelier ceiling fan?

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5. Ceiling Fan Can Help Sleep

install a ceiling fan in your bedroomModern ceiling fans have been quite noiseless. But as long as there is air flowing, we will hear very slight winds. Fortunately, this steady wind is the key to our fast sleep.

I believe we will all be troubled by the outside world when we sleep, such as the sound of cars outside the window, the sound of children next door, and so on. The slight wind sound produced by the ceiling fan can be similarly used as white noise, which can keep external noise away. Surrounded by this white noise, we can more easily focus on sleep and ignore the noise outside.

What Make a Ceiling Fan Best for Bedroom?

What are the characteristics of a best bedroom ceiling fan? We have done a lot of market research and summarized the characteristics of thousands of ceiling fans, which can give you a few crucial factors for your reference.

Blade Pitch

best bedroom ceiling fanIf you look closely at the blades of the ceiling fan, you will find that the blades of the ceiling fan are all pitched at a certain angle. The pitch is to get better airflow. The angle of the pitch is differently designed for each ceiling fan company. However, if the blade is not tilted, the ceiling fan must not be able to create air flow.

Ceiling Fan Rating

Customers who have bought and used the evaluation of this ceiling fan are essential references. At the same time, the customer will also rate the product based on the experience. Those ceiling fans with high sales and high praise rates believe that the quality will not be wrong.

Here is the best-rated ceiling fan we have chosen for you:

Best Rated – Silent 52 Inch LED Ceiling Fan for Bedroom

Best Energy Efficient Ultra Quiet LED Ceiling Fan For Bedroom

This ceiling fan is perfect for large rooms up to 400 sq.ft. Also, it is equipped with an installer’s choice position mounting system for high, low, angled ceilings. This energy-efficient ceiling fan with led lights can save you amounts of energy cost every year.

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A good bedroom ceiling fan must be able to create enough air flow. CFM(cubic airflow per minute) is used to measure airflow. The larger the CFM, the more air is produced by the ceiling fan.

Factors affecting the air flow created by the ceiling fan are size, blade tilt, and speed. One of the best ceiling fans is best to have multiple speed for the bedroom. In this case, you can adjust different speed modes. For example, when you go to sleep, you can switch to the sleeping mode.

It should be noted that CFM only indicates the air flow near the bottom of the ceiling fan. If you want to get the best airflow, you also need to adjust the height of the ceiling fan.

Top 2 Best Quiet Ceiling Fans on the Market

For quiet ceiling fans, there are top 2 brands for you choose: Hunter and Westinghouse.

Hunter is good at low profile design, their motor technology and hanging system are great to make the fans Quiet for Life and wobble-free. Their fans have Lifetime Motor Warranty. People give high reviews about quality. And most of their ceiling fans are large you can choose.

Best for Low Ceiling – Hunter 53069 Large White Ceiling Fan for Bedroom

Hunter 53069 Low Profile III 52-Inch Ceiling Fan with Five White Blades 6 color

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For Westinghouse, you can dual benefits of attractive illumination and energy-efficient climate control. Most of their fans are small size great for bedrooms, kitchens, three-season porches, media rooms, and other cozy spaces. Their fans feature a whisper-quiet motor and quiet at all speeds. The top-rated model is Westinghouse 7876400 Alloy Two-Light 42-Inch and Westinghouse 78248 Turbo Swirl Single-Light 30-Inch.

Best for Small Bedroom – Westinghouse 78248 Small Six-Blade Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse 78248 Turbo Swirl Single-Light 30-Inch Six-Blade Ceiling Fan

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More fans you may need:

Best Remote Control Bedroom Ceiling Fans for Convenience

Another important thing that you need to think about when you are selecting a new bedroom ceiling fan is the height of the ceiling, and how the fan will be mounted. If the fan is going into the room of a child, you will need to factor their safety needs in as well. Most of the time, the ceiling are safer than desk fan or floor fan for kids.

While you are looking at how it will be mounted, you may want to think about whether or not you want a light fixture in the ceiling fan. This is an efficient way to make sure that there is plenty of good air circulation and light in the entire room without taking up an excessive amount of space with lights and fans on the floor and dresser tops.

One other thing that you will need to consider is how you want to control it. Do you want switches, hanging pull-strings, or possibly even a remote-controlled one? The choice you make here will depend on many factors, such as the age or ages of the people who will be using the room. You certainly do not want strings hanging that invite younger children to climb up to adjust the fan themselves.

Here is a remote control ceiling fan for your reference:

Best with Remote – Emerson CF144ORB Curva Sky Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote

Emerson CF144ORB Curva Sky Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote 44 inch

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There are top reviews remote control ceiling fans for you check:

Best Looked Ceiling Fan For Your Bedroom Decor

Look around your bedroom and your decor. You want something that will complement the room and your furnishings. Some people even take this as an opportunity to begin transforming a particular bedroom.

For instance, if your current furniture is a mishmash of items you picked up second-hand, you may decide to buy a new bedroom set that coordinates well with a ceiling fan that you have installed as your first step.

On the other hand, if you are satisfied with your current furniture, you should make sure that the fan complements it and the rest of the room.

With a ceiling fan in each of the bedrooms of your home and the other rooms that are used frequently during the day, you can save yourself an immense amount of money over a year.

They are inexpensive to operate and do an excellent job of moving the air around the room to increase the comfort level. Use these tips to figure out the right fan choice for each of the bedrooms in your home.

Here is one model for you check:

Best Looking – Hunter 51011 Southern Breeze 42-Inch Bedroom Ceiling Fan

Hunter 51011 Southern Breeze 42-Inch Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

Features of this model: 5 reversible Cherry/Maple blades allow you to customize your fan’s appearance to complement your decor. Three fan speeds (high, medium, low) and reversible airflow function provide customized comfort year-round

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Best Ceiling Fan with Light for Your Master Bedroom

The decoration of the master bedroom is best to have a unique overall style. Installing a lighted ceiling fan in the master bedroom not only complements your style but also provides lighting. If you want a chandelier, it is better to choose a ceiling fan with the same decorative.

Besides, there are thousands of styles of lighted ceiling fans to choose from. So you don’t have to worry about finding a ceiling fan light that suits your master bedroom style.

Here we have chosen a modern ceiling fan with lights for your master bedroom with a modern style:

Best Modern – Minka-Aire F844-WH White Cool Bedroom Ceiling Fan with LED Light

Best Modern - Minka-Aire F844-WH, Light Wave, 52-inch Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit

Good ceiling fans are leading the industry in all aspects. The streamlined design of this modern ceiling fan with a minimalist look will enhance the sense of technology in your bedroom. Also, another modern feature of this ceiling fan is the remote control. It can also work with Amazon Bond to implement voice control.

In terms of performance and energy consumption, this ceiling fan is ENERGY STAR qualified. LED lights are both bright and energy-efficient. The motor can consume very little power while creating a powerful airflow. Add this ceiling fan to your modern home decor now.

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What You Need to Consider When Buying a New Bedroom Ceiling Fan

Having ceiling fans in your home is an excellent way to keep the air circulated and rooms more comfortable. These beneficial additions to your home can add a nice touch to your decor and reduce your heating and cooling bills. Placing one in each bedroom will help your entire family sleep restfully. Shop around to find the ideal choice for each bedroom in your house.


The size of the ceiling fan should be the first thing you consider when choosing. For safer and better airflow, rooms of different sizes are suitable for different sizes of ceiling fans. At the time of selection, we have summarized a form for your reference.

Number Room Size Ceiling Fan Size
1# 75 Sq.ft or smaller 36 inches or smaller
2# 75 to 155 Sq.ft 36 to 42 inches
3# 155 to 245 Sq.ft 42 to 48 inches
4# 275 to 400 Sq.ft 50 to 58 inches
5# Extra-large rooms / very high ceilings 60 inches or lager


Speeds available are one of the things that you will need to consider when you are looking at your choices. The size of the room will influence the amount of air the unit will be responsible for moving. Also, the more extreme the temperatures in your area can be, the more likely you want higher settings for heatwaves and cold snaps to supplement your HVAC unit.

Number of Blades

Many people may think that the more blades the blades make, the more air they create. There is not much correlation between the two. The number of blades with the highest efficiency and material utilization should be between 2 and 6. A single blade ceiling fan cannot balance enough to create sufficient airflow. If the number of blades exceeds 6, it will be too much and will not increase the airflow.

Fan Design and style

ceiling fan design and styleThe design and style of the ceiling fan are the most difficult to determine. When a product involves an aesthetic aspect, then everyone may not have a different opinion and evaluation of the product.

All you need to do is look at the product images and the photos taken by the customers you bought before buying. Then determine if the ceiling fan is the type you like or if it matches the style of your bedroom. Besides, sometimes the images placed by the seller may be somewhat different from those used in actual use. That’s why you must look at photos shared by customers who have bought it before.

Ceiling Height & Mounting

For low ceilings, you need a low-profile ceiling fan. This will keep the ceiling fan at a safe distance of at least 8 feet from the ground. The low-profile ceiling fan is best installed as a hugger or a flush mount.

Best White Color – Hunter 53069 Low Profile 52-Inch Ceiling Fan for Bedroom

Best White Color - Hunter 53069 Low Profile 52-Inch Ceiling Fan with Five White Blades

The hunter quality wind motor is powerful and quiet. Also, a light kit can be installed on the ceiling fan, if you wish.

For high ceilings or sloping ceilings, it is best to choose a down rod mounting ceiling fan to keep the blade edge at least 2 feet from the wall. Also, the ceiling fan should not be too high from the ground. The breeze created by the ceiling fan may not be as strong enough.

You need to adjust the height of the ceiling fan based on the effect of the ceiling fan making airflow. By the way, it is best to buy a ceiling fan with an adjustable down rod.

Ceiling Fan Lights

Whether you need to bring light to the ceiling fan depends on your personal preference. Ceiling fans without lights may be a bit cheaper. However, the ceiling fan with light combines the dual function of the lamp and the ceiling fan. At the same time, the ceiling fan with lights is more decorative. Below is a best-selling ceiling fan with lights for your reference.

Best Selling – Hunter 53091 Reversible Blades Bedroom Ceiling Fan

best selling quiet ceiling fan review


There are three control methods for ceiling fans. Pull Chain ceiling fans are the most common and cheaper. If you want more convenient control, you can choose wall control, and it is affordable too. Also, if you want easier control, I recommend you select a remote. But be careful not to lose the remote control.

Noise Level

You need also to think about the amount of noise that it will make. Because it is going to be in a room where you or someone else will be sleeping, the quieter, the better in most cases. You should look for ones that have been rated well in customer reviews for this area. However, some people appreciate the white noise of fans. If you or a member of your household falls into this category, you can alter your strategy accordingly.


Before you buy a product, there is another piece of information that you should pay attention to is the warranty. The warranty rules for different brands of ceiling fans are different. First, you have to look at what the parts are under warranty. Then you need to pay attention to the warranty time of the various components. They are generally different. If you want a better warranty, I suggest you choose a famous brand. Their warranty is usually a motor lifetime warranty.

Bottom Line

When choosing a bedroom ceiling fan, in addition to determining the basic characteristics of the ceiling fan’s height and appearance, consider whether its performance can meet your needs. Below are the products we recommend according to different needs, you can use as a reference.

12 Best Bedroom Ceiling Fans 2020