Top 6 Best Ceiling Fan with Bright Light 2020

Ceiling fans are indeed essential complements to every room for proper air circulation. However, ceiling fans offer more than just air movement in rooms. Most modern ceiling fans are fitted with different bright light options such as chandeliers, lanterns, and LED lights to supplement the primary lighting of a room.

If you’re in the market for a ceiling fan — or a light — why not go for both? There are a lot of benefits to selecting a ceiling fan with a bright light. If you consider all of your options, you’ll quickly see why a fan like this is such an appealing choice.

Keep reading, learn more about the ceiling fan with bright lights, check out our recommendations and guides for you.

What Is the Best Ceiling Fan With Brighter Lights?

The Main Benefits of Choosing a Ceiling Fan with a Bright Light

  • It serves two purposes

You can save a lot of money if you focus on buying items that are multifunctional when possible. Instead of buying both a ceiling fan and a light, why not kill two birds with one stone?

  • There are lots of different options

More and more people want ceiling fans that also serve as lights. If you go looking for a ceiling fan like this, you’ll find plenty of choices to consider.

  • Having a ceiling fan can improve the air circulation in your home

If you’re looking for a light fixture for a room, why not go the extra mile and pick up a fan? Running a ceiling fan can really improve your home’s air circulation.

There are lots of benefits to choosing the right fan and light combo for your home. Start looking at different fans now and see if you spot anything that stands out.

Top 6 Best Bright Light Ceiling Fans 2020

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Reviews of 6 Best Ceiling Fans with Lights on the Market in 2020

Below are the ceiling fans with lighting that are rated as the best in the game:

1. Best Selling – Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan with Bright Light

best ceiling fan with bright LED light

The brand new design and model of this fan makes it among the best-selling ceiling fans in the market. Its sleek layout also makes it a standout in the market and also makes it into any room perfectly. Its 3-speed powerful motor allows for optimal air circulation to offer the desired comfort. The motor is also reversible to allow for the use of the fan in both the summer and winter seasons due to downdraft and updraft.

The 44-inch fan also comes with an integrated matte glass kit that includes an 18W LED bulb. The energy-efficient bulb provides bright illumination to the room, helping homeowners to save on energy as well as light up their rooms for the perfect ambiance. The light is dimmable to allow for the adjustment of its brightness to achieve the desired illumination of the room. What’s more, the flush-mount design makes it ideal for low-ceiling rooms.

Top 11 Best Looking Ceiling Fans With Lights Reviews

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2. For Large Room – Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan With Bright LED Light

Best ceiling fan with bright light

This fan combines energy-efficient and beauty features hence its choice by many homeowners. The fan is fitted with five blades and commands its presence in any room with its 52-inch diameter. The diameter makes it suitable for any large room (up to 400 sq. feet). Further, it is equipped with an installer’s choice position or flush mounting system for installation at the desired position in the room.

The five blades of this ceiling fan are pitched at 12 degrees for the optimal flow of air in the room. It is also fitted with long down rods for a safe clearance off the ceiling. The energy-efficient ceiling fan’s design also includes an integrated lighting kit that provides a secondary lighting option for homeowners. The light kit is cased using a white cap to give the room white illumination and also protect the light from any damage.

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3. Candelabra Bulbs – Hunter Fan 52-inch Ceiling Fan with Four-light Kit

Best ceiling fan with bright light

This 52-inch ceiling fan is styled and crafted with a flashy design that makes it a standout. Its brushed nickel finish also adds to its elegance. The fan is fitted with five blades that well-angled to optimize the flow of air in the room. The fan’s design also includes a 3-position mount that enables the homeowner to choose any spot for installation according to the needs and preferences.

A WhisperWind motor is used to power the fan and performs exceptionally in delivering powerful air movement in the room. The motor is also whisper-quiet, meaning that you enjoy a quiet and relaxed session of an irresistible breeze. The fan also offers lighting option, as it comes with a four-light fitter and a white glass case. The fan provides bright white light capable of brightening any large room thanks to its four 40 W Candelabra Incandescent light bulbs. This makes it one of the best fans with bright light in the market.

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4. Eye-protection – RainierLight Modern Indoor Ceiling Fan with Changing Bright Light

Best ceiling fan with bright light

The 48-inch fan is fitted with five stainless steel blades that are powered by a super-silent 3-speed reversible motor to make it easy to achieve the desired comfort levels. What’s more, the fan also comes with a remote control system that makes the operation of the fan form any point of the room possible. The remote control system provides various functions, such as ON/OFF switching, timing, and speed control functions.

The RainierLight Modern Ceiling Fan offers the best option for those looking for changing light for their rooms. The lighting system of this fan involves built-in LED chips that are energy-saving. The LED lights provide yellow, warm, and white light to set the right mood and ambiance in the room. What’s more, the light system has an eye-protection feature that prevents eye damage with the change of the light color. The light system also has a feature to prevent dazzling for eye-protection.

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5. Best Spotlights – Elite 48-Inch Modern Ceiling Fan

Best ceiling fan with bright light

This fan is designed to fit in any medium-sized room. The 48-inch sized fan is fitted with three blades that contribute to its lightweight and optimal air movement in any room. The fan is powered by a silicon steel motor that comes with capacitors for speed control. The fan operates at three speeds (low, medium, and high) to provide the required breeze. The fan’s motor is also reversible to operate both in the summer and winter season.

The fan is also a perfect choice for homeowners looking to use spotlights as their secondary lighting option. It comes with three GU10-base halogen light bulbs that are rated at 50W. These lights provide bright white light enough to brighten any room. The brightness of the spotlights is adjustable, helping with energy saving as well as brightness levels of the light for the different moods desired by the homeowner.

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6. Retractable BladesFandian Ceiling Light Fan for Bedroom/Living Room

Best ceiling fan with bright light

The modern design of this ceiling fan makes it a standout in the market. Its elegant design includes retractable blades, making it the perfect choice for any room or setting. Its silent motor offers air circulation and a quiet moment as one enjoys the breeze of cool air.

What’s more, the fan is designed with an invisible fan light system that offers the brightest light among other ceiling fans in the market. The light system includes an LED light source that could give up to 60,000 hours of service. The light produced by this ceiling fan is white and safe for the eye, and homeowners don’t have to worry about eye damage.

Fans are valuable room accessories that are also used for lighting. Homeowners need to check for the design of the light system of every ceiling fan before purchasing. They should also be keen on the color of light produced, as well as the power rating of the bulbs used for efficiency and brightness levels.

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6 Tips You Must Know for Buying Ceiling Fans with Lights

Ceiling fans are essential fittings to any room as they play a huge part in air circulation in a room, especially during the summer when temperatures get high. Over the years, manufacturers have found new ways of making fans even better and serve a few functions, such as lighting.

Most fans are designed with a built-in light system that provides secondary lighting for rooms. However, it essential for homeowners to know what to look for when purchasing ceiling fans with a light system.

Below are tips on features to look out for the next time you a looking for a ceiling fan with bright lights:

LED Light vs. Incandescent Light

choose LED lights or incandescent lights?

Most ceiling fans with light systems will be fitted with either LED lights or incandescent lights.

LED light systems are known to give vivid and brighter lighting than any other lighting alternatives. They are also good choices for homeowners interested in retaining the original color of objects in the room.

On the other hand, incandescent lights are great for a dimmer light that is required in rooms such bedrooms. They also offer that vintage look that is desired by most homeowners.

Depending on the intensity of light required, homeowners may either turn to the ceiling fans fitted with LED or incandescent lights.


Different light systems fitted on ceiling fans are rated differently, with their power rating given in Watts. The wattage of these light systems does not necessarily measure their brightness.

In the case where homeowners need a light system that will save on electricity, choosing a ceiling fan fitted with a light system rated at a low wattage would be the best option. With the options in the market, LED light systems are usually low in terms of Watts and consume less electrical power.

Number of Lights

Homeowners should also be keen on the design of the lamp holder and check the slots allocated. Normally, ceiling fans that hold more lights offer brighter light than those with fewer lights. Some light systems are designed to hold up to four lights while some may hold up to ten.

Depending on the installation point of the ceiling fan, homeowners may choose one that has the appropriate number of lights. For instance, one would choose a ceiling fan with many lights to serve the living room rather than the dining section or bedroom.

Light Direction

Different light systems illuminate a room in different ways. Some offer directional light while others illuminate equally in all directions.

Homeowners should consider the need for uniform lighting in a room before buying a ceiling fan with lights. Ceiling fans fitted with LED lights produce directional light and are a good choice for illuminating a certain section of the room. Lights such as incandescent bulbs illuminate equally in all directions and are suited for any room.

Light Replacement

replace ceiling fan light kit

It is also essential to consider the design of the light system in terms of light replacement when damage occurs. Some light systems come with easy-to-plug slots so that homeowners can fix the lights easily by themselves. However, light systems that involve one light may require an electrical expert during installation and replacement for the correct wiring.

The best ceiling fan is one that comes with a light system that has ready slots for plugging individual lights or bulbs. This makes it easy for homeowners to so the replacement by themselves.


Ceiling fans with light systems come with a warranty that covers any unexpected malfunction of the light system. Ceiling fans with light systems could come with a one-year warranty that covers any electrical hitches of the light system.

However, most warranties don’t cover the mechanical damage of the light system, such as glass breakage. It is important for homeowners to understand what is covered under warranty before purchasing a ceiling fan with lights.


Ceiling fans with lights offer more than just a cold breeze in the summer. They are also essential for the lighting of the room and knowing the features to look out for is also important in the purchasing process. Some of the features to look out for include the wattage, number of lights, and the warranty on the light system.

What are you waiting for? Come and select the best ceiling fan with a bright light!

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