Best 42 Inch Ceiling Fan Reviews

Ceiling fans are widely used to keep the interiors of the rooms cool. They also create a gush of soothing winds that sweep the interiors to generate some comfortable feelings when in contact with the skin. Other than these, the fans are also available in many shades and sizes.

Of these, the 42-inch fan is the most outstanding. It is sufficiently large and has longer blades that generate sufficient gush of air to cover an entire room with absolute efficacy. This being the case, you have no doubt to invest a great chunk of your time and effort to learn more about them.

We prepare the entire length and breadth of the review-cum-buying guide below to explore this wonderful piece of equipment. It also incorporates a review of eight of the best 42-inch ceiling fans that money can buy. All these conclude with a look into some of the frequently asked questions surrounding this piece of equipment.

What is the Best 42 Inch Ceiling Fan?

The Types of 42 Inch Ceiling Fans

The 42-inch ceiling fan may further be broken down into three main sub-types. These are:

1. 42 Inch Ceiling Fan with Lights

These ones contain some lighting mechanisms that are attached to them. It is these mechanisms that illuminate the ambiance wherein the mechanisms are deployed. On the strength of this fact, they cut down the operational expenses that are largely incurred when two disparate items are fixed for use.

In many instances, the ceiling fan with lights is mainly relevant and applicable in places that are cramped up and hence cannot accommodate many electronic apparatus at a time. Examples are the cramped up condominiums and the college hostels. They also tend to reduce the costs of operations.

Westinghouse Lighting 7876400 Alloy 42-Inch Gun Metal Indoor Ceiling Fan

best 42 low profile ceiling fan

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2. 42 Inch Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

As the designation points to, this kind of fan is operable via a remote control unit. Thus, they are hassle-free to operationalize and also cut down any inconveniences that are likely to arise. Going by their convenience of operations, the fans with remote are useful in those areas that are larger and spacious.

These include the hallways, corridors, and extensive arenas. You may never find these installations convenient to make do with as they require you to mount ladders to get to the top. The use of remote controls also negates the one-on-one contacts that have to be managed when engaging the apparatus.

RuiWing 42″ Crystal Ceiling Fan With Remote Control

42 inch ceiling fan with light and remote

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3. 42 Inch Smart Ceiling Fan

A smart ceiling fan is more convenient to engage than remote control fans. They are able to pair and share data with common everyday gadgets like smartphones and the internet. This pairing enables them to be engaged from positions that are afar off like the office environment.

If you want an arrangement that will put you ahead of the game especially as pertains monitoring the activities and the progress of the fans, this is the one we would suggest you pick. Only be sure that you find one that is as compatible with your gadgets as can possibly be.

Wynd Indoor/Outdoor 5-Blade Smart Ceiling Fan

42 flush mount ceiling fan with light

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Top 8 Best 42 Inch Ceiling Fan

Top 8 Best 42 Inch Ceiling Fan Reviews

1. Best 42 Inch Ceiling Fan Without Light – Hunter Fan 51061

best 42 inch ceiling fan without light

Could it be that your floor is low? You need not add more clutter by working with a lengthy ceiling fan. Instead, opt for this one that is specially intended for the low ceilings. Its small stature accounts for this.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Whisper Wind Motor

Its motor is super quiet. It does emit some whisper wind sounds when deployed for your use. Notwithstanding its super quietness, it does gush out a stream of ultra-powerful air movements that keep the interiors cool.

  • Reversible Directions

The fans are able to rotate in either direction. Thanks to this wonderful trait, the fan is able to deliver wholesome impacts that are far beyond the scope of the many competing alternatives.

  • Reversible Blades

Its blades are also reversible and hence allow for seamless operations when engaged for use. Thanks to this reversibility, the blades are similarly capable of giving forth more enduring impacts.

  • Manages peak performances when engaged
  • Guarantees ideal air movements
  • Its blades pitch to optimize the flow of air
  • A pull chain exists to facilitate adjustments of speeds
  • The motor enjoys a lifetime warranty
  • For indoor use only


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2. 42 Inch Black Ceiling Fan – Westinghouse Lighting 7876400 Alloy Ceiling Fan

42 inch black ceiling fan

Have a large floor area to cover? This fan will get the job done for you. It indeed has the ability to impact a whopping 100 square feet. That is definitely large enough to cover entire rooms perfectly.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Contemporary Indoor Ceiling Fan

It does come about in a truly contemporary design. On the strength of this design, this indoor fan is also capable of discharging some aesthetics by making your room interior appear better off when beheld.

  • Silicon Steel Motor

At its core is the silicon steel motor. It measures 153-millimeter by 10-millimeters. Attached to this motor is a dual capacitor that varies the speeds in three different modes.

  • High-speed Airflow

In all, the item does manage some high speed of airflow. The speed in question here gets to the impressive 2,897 cubic feet per meter. To deliver this speed, it makes use of the 53 Watts of energy.

  • The graphite blades are sleek and reversible
  • Possesses integrated opal frosted glass light fixture
  • Its exterior is the refined gunmetal finish
  • Contains three blades for maximum efficacy
  • Strong enough to allow for year-round use
  • Quite superfluous for the smaller rooms


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3. 42 Ceiling Fan With Lights – Prominence Home 51015 Reston Farmhouse Ceiling Fan

best 42 ceiling fan with light

Want to modernize your interior spaces over and above merely keeping the same cooler? Get hold of this elegantly designed and good looking ceiling fan. It has the trappings you need for the job.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Contemporary Design

In its entirety, the fan does come about in some contemporary design. It is this design that has the attendant impact of modernizing your office and workspaces. That stems from the amazing looks.

  • Quiet Reversible Motor

The power supply is mainly made possible by the quiet and reversible motor. The motor has the ability to vary its speeds in three main ways and hence tackle every bit of task or chore.

  • Dual-finish Reversible Blades

Apart from just furnishing the stream of air, the blades also exhibit some dual finish and elegant looks. Thus, it serves to add some style to your room or the installation wherein you deploy it for use.

  • Mountable in two main positions
  • May be angled for effective channeling of the airflow
  • Has a powerful light for exceptional illumination of the interior
  • Maintains some quietness throughout applications
  • Comes about in numerous finish and adornment
  • Need to be installed by professionals


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4. Hunter 42 Ceiling Fan – Hunter 51059 Transitional 42″ Ceiling Fan

best hunter 42 ceiling fan

Hunter Fan Company has carved a niche as a leading and truly reliable ceiling fan. To be able to similarly enjoy the selfsame benefits, you want to also get hold of this fan that is manufactured by it.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Energy-efficient

The fan is truly energy-efficient. It has the ability to cut down your operational expenses by a whopping 47%. Thus, even when you have to use it for too long, you will hardly expend too much of your money.

  • Consistent Airflow

When activated, the machine does emit a consistent flow of air. The flow does get to about 2,902 cubic feet per minute. This is pretty effective as it sees to it that every length and breadth of the room is impacted.

  • Three-speed Quiet Motor

A three-speed quiet motor rounds up the list of the many benefits that the fan potentially brings about. Its ability to vary the speeds also grants you the leeway to impact varying portions of the room with absolute efficacy.

  • Does not impose any noise to your rooms
  • Useful year-round including the four seasons
  • The blades pitch to optimize the flow of air
  • Comprises five blades for optimal airflow
  • Unlikely to interfere with the room occupants
  • Slightly complicated to the average user


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5. 42 Inch Ceiling Fan With Remote – Hykolity Indoor Matte Black Ceiling Fan

best 42 inch ceiling fan with remote

Want to have a piece of the latest technology? Get your hands on this ceiling fan. It is packed with tons of the most recent technology. Thus, it serves to elevate your experiences several notches higher.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Pre-Installed Premium Remote

Operating this gadget is pretty simple. It is accompanied by a pre-installed premium remote that basically allows for engagement from a location that is afar off. The remote is accompanied by a push-button reverse.

  • Snap-on Blades

The structure of the blades is that such it snaps on to the rotor. This structure does not require any screws to fix in place and subsequently operationalize. Thus, it expedites the use and engagement thereof.

  • Tri-mount Installation

To deploy it for use, the fan gives you the tri-mount installation avenue. As it sounds, the option basically accords some stability in the sense that it attaches to the ceiling in three main positions.

  • Incorporates the latest technology available on the market
  • Operable remotely via a remote control unit
  • Reverses polarity and directions accordingly
  • Able to dim the lights for maximum convenience of use
  • Comes about in a resilient package
  • Costs a fortune to come by

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6. Hunter 42 Inch Ceiling Fan With Light – Hunter Company Fan 51023

best hunter 42 inch ceiling fan with light

Sometimes it is never enough to merely keep the interiors of the rooms cool. You want to go beyond that to even illuminate the rooms, more so when it is too dark. Choose to work with a multipurpose fan of this kind.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Armor Nanotechnology

Throughout the exterior of the blades are the patented dust Armor nanotechnology coating. Thanks to this coating, the fan blades are able to repel a whopping 58% of the buildup of dust and debris.

  • Low-profile Housing

The entire structure is encased in a low profile housing. Thanks to this stature, the structure is indeed able to fit the smallest amount of space available. This makes it great for smaller rooms.

  • Backed by Tradition of Excellence

Hunter is a brand that is backed by a tradition of excellence. Expect hence to enjoy the selfsame benefits if and when you opt to work with its ceilings.

  • So quiet that it hardly interferes with the room occupants
  • Gives particularly great cooling power
  • Useful for rooms with low ceilings
  • Repels the possible buildup of dust
  • Backed by a long-running tradition of excellence
  • Likely to cost a lot more to afford


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7. 42 Inch Black Ceiling Fan With Lights – Vintage Retractable Ceiling Fan

42 inch black ceiling fan with light

If you are extremely short on space but would nonetheless want to leverage the power of a 42-inch ceiling fan, we can never recommend any better fan than this one. It is retractable and able to manage this.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Vintage Ceiling Fans

It does come about in the vintage style. Thanks to this styling, the fan is also able to decorate your home chiefly by giving it the awesome looks it badly wants to obtain.

  • Fan with Retractable Blades

The blades of the fans are retractable in such a way as to bend or fold to economize on space. On the strength of this retractable nature, the fans will hardly interfere with the room occupants.

  • Quiet and Stable’s Motor

A quiet and stable motor rounds up the benefits that the fan does have to offer. Being stable and quiet, the motor is unlikely to imperil the comfort of those who stay within the same room.

  • Bears the advanced chandelier production technology
  • Has an increased production efficiency of 30%
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Accompanied by an installation video for your maximum convenience
  • Installation processes are simple and convenient
  • May require constant maintenance


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8. 42 Inch Modern Ceiling Fan – TiptonLight Modern Crystal Ceiling Fan

42 inch flush mount ceiling fan

Wary of the excessively high energy costs? Choose this fan! It has the uncanny ability to cut down the power consumption and hence bring down your operational expenses considerably.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Hidden Fan

Its fans are hidden from the view of the many who might opt to use it. The hidden nature is mainly made possible by the crystal chandelier ceiling fan innovative design.

  • Energy-saving Design

As we have already explained, the fan does save your energy expenses considerably. It is, as a matter of fact, able to cut your power expenses by a whopping 30%. That translates to more affordable operations.

  • Adjustable Light

A set of adjustable light also exists as a vital aspect of the ceiling fan. The light does have some three optional lighting patterns for you to choose from and leverage. They generate some awesome patterns.

  • Comprises wholly reliable components
  • The blades have some precise cuts for added aesthetics
  • Finds wider applicability in many areas
  • Imbues a sense of modernity to your rooms
  • Packed with loads of latest technology
  • Unsuitable for the cramped up spaces


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How To Choose The Best 42 Inch Ceiling Fan?

best 42 inch ceiling fan

You cannot afford to pick any fan randomly. These fans are designed for varying purposes, a fact that greatly determines the choice of the right one. Below are some of the factors or considerations that most likely determine the right kind of a fan:

Power Consumption

How much power does the fan you have in mind consume or is likely to consume? A good fan has to consume the least amount of electrical energy as possible. This is necessary to prevent the utility bills from getting to the roof. Using a suitable fan ought not to be a life and death affair.

Ceiling Height

What is the height of the ceiling from the floor? This is also an important consideration as the larger fans have the ability to clog and impede the comfort of those in the rooms. You want one that will fit as smoothly as possible in the smallest amount of space you have around.

Energy Efficiency

This refers to the level of power output relative to the power input or consumption. Needless to say, the ideal ceiling fan has to be truly energy efficient. This means it has to consume minimal levels of power input while at the same time deliver higher power output.

Size of Room

The size of your room also counts considerably. The fan you pick for the job has to be powerful enough to impact the entire room conclusively. For this to happen, you must see to it that you match the level of power output with the size of the room. That calls for you to check out the ratings as well.

Operational Mechanisms

In what ways may the fan be operated? Is it purely by the use of buttons or can it also be operated remotely? It is important that you factor this as well. The purpose of this is to see to it that you settle with the gadget that is simpler to make use of.

Structural Makeup

It is vital that the makeup of the fan tallies with the expectations you want to obtain. To be able to manage this, you have to choose a fan whose structural makeup is indeed superb. If possible, you should choose that one which is retractable and foldable for the sake of convenient handling.

Voltage Rating

These devices are designed and intended to operate in regions of varying voltage ratings. Two main kinds of ratings do exist. These are the 110V and the 120V respectively. You have to see to it that you pick that one which is relevant for your region. That is to ensure seamless applicability.


We started out by explaining that there are three main kinds of 42-inch ceiling fans. These are the ceiling fans with lights, ceiling fans with remote control, and the smart ceiling fans. Yet again, you have to ascertain the type that is relevant to your own environment of applications.


Needless to say, the fan you pick for the job has to be extremely durable. That is the only way it may guarantee prolonged and long-term use. The durability is for a large part made possible by the strong and equally powerful materials that make the structure up.

Costs and Warranty

Obviously, the costs of the ceiling fan and the warranty that accompanies the same have to be considered as well. The fan of choice has to be cheaper and well within the affordable range. Then again, it has to enjoy a generous warranty backing for the sake of security of use.

Some Situations of Using the Best 42 Inch Ceiling Fan

best 42 inch ceiling fan with light

Below are some of the situations that might warrant a 42-inch ceiling fan:

  • Larger installations like hallways and hospitals
  • Places that are crowded or experience heavy human traffic
  • Areas that are susceptible to the risks of suffocation
  • Stores or areas where foodstuffs are kept
  • Reading areas like libraries and bookstores

Final Words

You can never gamble at all with the choice of the best 42-inch ceiling fan. That is why we emphasize that you read our explanations keenly before setting out for a purchase. To make your work easier and more efficient, we opine that you pick one product from the list we have reviewed above.

Top 8 Best 42 Inch Ceiling Fan