Best Looking Ceiling Fans With Lights

Wishing to cool and light up your rooms at the same time?

You have a solution to the best looking ceilings fan with lights.

As its designation implies, this is a piece of electronic that incorporates both the fan blades and a lighting mechanism at the same time.

It hence plays both roles at the same time.

best looking ceiling fans with lights


What To Look For The Best Good-Looking Ceiling Fans With Lights?

To be able to find the most suitable ceiling fan, you have to take care of a number of factors. The main ones to look up to are:

 Number of Blades 

The number of blades determines the levels of noise and space requirements.

Fewer blades are less noisy and more conducive to rest in.

However, they tend to do a worse job overall.

You have to strike a balance between the number of blades and the size of your room and the desired noise level.


best looking ceiling fans with lights


 Size of Rooms 

Next comes the size of your room.

A larger room will no doubt require more powerful fans compared to that which is smaller.

You will also have to be mindful of the power consumption as it costs a lot more to power the larger fans than the smaller counterparts.


 Beauty and Aesthetics 

Outside their traditional roles of cooling your interiors, these fans also play the secondary role of adding some beauty and aesthetics to your rooms.

This is not a given though. For this feat to be realized, the fan in question has to be manufactured and adorned with elegant makeup.


tropical ceiling fan with lights


 Desired Longevity of Use 

How long overall would you wish to secure the advantages of the fan?

For long-lasting outcomes, the fan you use has to be strong and resilient to the common agents of damages.

These include such issues as warping, corrosion, dents, and cleavages. Any would do for short-term applications though.


 Operational Mechanisms 

Many mechanisms do exist through which you may utilize these appliances.

Some of these are the Alexa voice controls, remote controls, and pull up chains.

These mechanisms differ with regard to their complexity and functionality. You have to pick one whose mechanisms you are way very familiar with.


best looking ceiling fans with lights


 Skill Level 

To be able to make use of these appliances, you have many mechanisms and controls for your own leverage and use.

These mechanisms nonetheless differ in sophistication and capability.

It is definitely in your best interest to find that one that is simple enough for you to comprehend and make use of.


 Power Consumption 

As part of their operations, these gadgets also draw their power from various sources. They also consume varying amounts of electrical energy.

You have to factor this as well. You want to lay your hands on a gadget that will not drive you to spend too much of your money.


 Mounting Options 

Like any other piece of equipment, these fans have to be fixed at strategic places to be able to discharge their purposes.

This is largely made possible by the number of mounting options they allow for. You also have to take care of this metric for the sake of your own convenience.



When all is said and done, you will definitely have to part with some money to purchase the one you want.

Inasmuch as this is inevitable, you do not want to spend too much money.

This will definitely require that you compare the prices of the many dealers in place to find out the cheapest one.


 After-sale Services 

Lastly, it is always necessary that the appliance you choose to be backed by a generous after-sale service.

These could come in the forms of warranty, free installation, money-back guarantee, and free upgrades, to name but a few!

You want to safeguard yourself from all dangers as much as possible, don’t you?



Best Looking Ceiling Fans With Lights Reviews

Best Modern: Hunter Ceiling Fan with lights

best ceiling fans with lights


  • Comes as a complete and wholesome packaging
  • Optimizes the flow and movement of air
  • Maintains a comfortable distance with the room occupants


  • Too basic in scope
  • Calls for manual controls and operations


Want to enjoy some traditional look and elegance? This fan with light will take you there. Indeed, it contains the design and trappings necessary for the achievement of that very benefit.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Its blades do pitch at the angle of around 13°. This way, they guarantee ideal and smooth movements of air that in turn manages peak performances.
  • The motor is pretty quiet and is hence less likely to interfere with those in the same room as it. Even with prolonged use, you won’t encounter unnecessary nuisances.
  • Apart from being quiet, the motor is also reversible in the sense that it can alter the directions of the flow of air. This leads to more enduring impacts overall.


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Best For Patio: Tropical Ceiling Fan with Light

best ceiling fan light kit


  • Operable via a remote control unit
  • Opens and closes simply and easily
  • Allows for manual controls and operations as well


  • Consumes higher power of electrical energy


Do you reside in a tropical area? You have to insist on a fan that is similarly designed for the said environments. This one will get you there. It is structured and indeed able to work well there.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • In all, the item does come about in a marine industry-style design that sees it become stronger and friendly to the environment. With this stature, expect it also to call for limited repairs.
  • Its core features most advanced ceiling fan motor technology in existence today. The motor is super quiet yet strong enough to impact whole rooms for longer durations.
  • It also allows for variable modes as it may channel the flow of air either up or down. These give you a sense of comfort and well-being as you make good use of it.


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Best with Remote Control: Prominence Home 41301 Ceiling Fan

best ceiling fan with light and remote


  • Its bronze finish adds some beauty and aesthetics
  • Compatible with the Alexa/Google Home
  • Hand-carved wooden makeup adds some elegance


  • Tends to overheat with continued use


Want to enjoy some smooth breezes as you stay in your room? A fan that has the ability to generate the breeze such as this one is a good one to place your hands on.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Its flagship trait is the quiet reversible motor. This one generates the torque output but at a pace, that is quieter and less disturbing to the persons in the room.
  • It is possible for you to mount the fan straight, at an angle or horizontally; all of this courtesy of the tri-mounting kits. The pleasure of convenience of use is hence yours for the taking.
  • The appliance yet again gives you the freedom to determine the pace at which you want the outputs to be dispensed. The 3-speed settings will give you the power to determine that.


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Best with Bladeless Design: Nikecaco 42 Inch Retractable Ceiling Fan

vest looking modern ceiling fan with light


  • Decorated using a chandelier for added elegance
  • Cools, lights and decorates your ambiances
  • Changes colors in three main ways


  • Has a limited sphere of influence
  • Unable to generate a breeze


Short on space? The fan you use has to be retractable to take up as limited space as possible. Take hold of this appliance as it is the one that is more likely to get you there.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • In all, this is a modern ceiling fan as it contains the latest parts, technology, and features that a truly modern appliance is naturally spooked to possess.
  • Its blades have the ability to retract, as we have already alluded to above. Thanks to this trait, the gadget takes up limited space to mount and operate.
  • A silent motor rounds up the list of the goodies that the gadget has to offer to anyone. On the strength of this, it is less likely to interfere with those around you and in the room.


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Best with Metal Design: Canarm LTD CF52OTT5GPH 52″ Ceiling Fan

best ;ooking ceiling fans with led lights


  • Packed with loads of elegant features
  • Available in many types of fixtures
  • Adjusts to channel the flow of illumination accordingly


  • Noisy sometimes
  • Overheats when the ambient temperature is unforgiving


Could it be that you change locations every now and then? Well, you have this specific gadget to look up to. You may use it in the den, offices, libraries, or bedrooms, to name but a few!

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Overall, the gadget features an innovative combination of vintage and industrial elements. Thus, it is able to yield both ends for you at the same time.
  • Throughout its exterior is a dark graphite finish. Its role, as you may have already guessed is to add some beauty and elegance to the exterior of the fan altogether.
  • As the last trait, the item comes about in cage-style shades that are made of metal. They are purposed to showcase the filament bulbs for clear illumination.


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Best For Bedroom: SLZ Ceiling Fan with Lighting

best looking ceiling fans with lights for bedroom


  • Made of tough and resilient materials
  • Lasts longer than many other fans
  • Its blades are transparent due to the ABS plastic makeup


  • Limited to the bedroom alone
  • Its motor is slightly noisy


Searching for a fan to use in the bedroom? We caution against picking and using any at random. Instead, we insist on you placing your bed on this one that is specially designed for the bedroom.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • In all, the item comes about in a new design indeed. This stature enables it to bring about more natural light and spread the same to every corner of your bedroom.
  • With this appliance, it is possible for you to yield and bring about many ends and benefits. A combination of remote controls, 3-speed options, and the LED color dimmer allow for this.
  • A fan blade that measures 3 inches thick closes the list of its many goodies. They, in turn, yield a smooth and softer operation on your part and minimize background noise too!


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Best Luxury: Parrot Uncle Ceiling Fans with Lights

best crystal ceiling fans with lights


  • Easily replaces to allow for smooth use
  • Meets and exceeds the various certifications
  • Customizes to fit many tasks and operations


  • Slightly complicated to handle
  • Requires in-depth care and attention


Other than merely cooling your interiors, you definitely want a fan that can also generate styles and fashion. This one can create an illusion of texture and is hence a suitable one to use.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Unlike your ordinary fan, this one operates automatically. It does have some retractable blades that stretch and retract automatically when the system is turned on and off.
  • On top of the automatic operations, the fan also operates remotely by the use of the remote control unit. It hence gives you a sense of added convenience and overall peace of mind.
  • The package comes about as a comprehensive set of lighting gadgets and paraphernalia. Among the items are 9 bulbs, 32W LED light, and some dimmable traits.


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Best For Small Homes: Retractable Blades Dark Brown Invisible Fan

best looking retractable ceiling fan


  • Adjusts the brightness to respond to your unique lighting needs
  • Able to generate some heat output as well
  • All its vital parameters are remote controlled


  • Develops scratches and damages easily
  • Does require consistent repairs and upgrades


Want to spruce up your rooms? Well, we have this wonderful gadget for your own consideration. Its stature and structure itself are awesome to the eyes to behold.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Its entire stature and makeup come in the form of the Tiffany-style chandelier. The equipment is thus beautiful to behold and set your eyes on. This way, it styles your bedroom too!
  • Unlike the blades of your normal fan, the ones of this appliance are invisible. They stay hidden from the view of the ordinary user. In doing so, it does a truly great job.
  • The appliance also has the ability to change its colors to respond to the unique needs of your interiors and own preferences. Thus, you have some pleasure of beauty to reap.


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Best with ABS Blades: Litex E-KM52ABZ5CMR Knightsbridge Collection Ceiling Fan

best looking ceiling fans with ABS blades


  • Works with the Alexa voice assistant
  • Usable both indoors and outdoors
  • Attaches to your patios as well


  • Installs in the down-rod mount only
  • Allows for a single light fixture only


Want to enjoy some unconstrained controls in times of use? Choose to work with this appliance that pairs with the Alexa to allow for voice controls. It cuts down your hassles considerably.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Its blades are manufactured using high-quality ABS plastic materials that are resistant to all forms of damages. The blades also produce a steady stream of cold currents to impact your own room.
  • The fans are also dark-aged in the sense that they are stronger and more resilient to the common agents of damages. These, it does, while at the same time enhance the décor of your interiors.
  • You will also enjoy the rare benefit of being able to mount it on the high patio porch ceilings. A down-rod that measures roughly 10 inches long will enable you to do just that.


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Best with LED Design: Crystal Retractable Ceiling Fan

best looking retractable ceiling fans with lights


  • Its motor operates silently
  • Simple enough for the starter
  • Brings about added comfort


  • Incapable of tackling strenuous applications
  • Unsuitable for extremely large installations


Never attempted to use these fans before? Get hold of this one that is designed for starters. It does come accompanied by a professional installation video that guides you through.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • It is first and foremost manufactured and comes about in a crystal fan chandelier. On the strength of this makeup, the gadget is also able to imbue some luxury and elegance to your interiors while applying the same.
  • The blades that generate the flow of air are durable indeed. They are manufactured using thickened acrylic transparent materials. These blades are also resistant to moisture and deformations.
  • On the whole, the equipment is able to change its color in three main ways. Then, it also varies its speed in the similarly three main options for your wholesome convenience and peace of mind.


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Best with Stainless Steel Design: Indoor Ceiling Fan with Lights

best remote control ceiling fan with light


  • Produces a stream of ample airflow
  • Generates a beautiful glow of light
  • Works in the reverse directions as well


  • Costs a lot to acquire
  • Likely to overheat when in use


Looking for a fan to use for a prolonged duration of time? We invite you to attempt this specific one. It boasts of the stainless steel structural makeup that gives it the strength and vitality it uses or long-term operations.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Its motor is super quiet, a fact that allows it to interfere not with the interior occupants of your room. This is what makes it able to expedite the sleep and relaxation of room occupants.
  • The gadget also enjoys the backing of excellent after-sale services. These include a generous warranty and some back-end customer service regimes.
  • As a last benefit, you will also enjoy the rare benefit of simplified installations. Its packaging does contain some two down-rods that measure 4.9-inch and 9.8-inch respectively. They jointly allow for easy installations.


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Why Does My Ceiling Fan Work But Not The Lights?

Three main reasons account for this. They are:

1. Missing Bulb

It could be that the bulb is missing. In this case, you have to inspect the bulb holder visually to be able to find out whether that could be the case or not.

It goes without saying that you have to find a suitable bulb and fix it in the slot that is vacant.


2. Switched-off bulb

Another reason could be that the bulb is switched off.

To remedy this, you have to engage the pull-up chain. This will see the bulb light up.

Alternatively, it could also be that the fan’s lighting mechanism is turned off. That may call for yet another spate of inspection on your part.


3. Burned out Bulb

Sometimes, it may also be that the bulb is burned out beyond repair.

This will definitely call for a replacement on your part.

Find a properly functional bulb and fix the same in the slot that is reserved for the bulbs altogether. Be sure though that they tally.


How Many Blades Are Best On A Ceiling Fan?

FOUR is the optimum number of blades on a fan.

This is the number that is more likely to generate the stream of air that is sufficient for impacting whole rooms comprehensively.

Many though have three as the rooms are smaller and ill-equipped to accommodate larger sizes of items.

hunter 4 blades ceiling fans with lights

Other than the number of blades, the way in which they are tilted or structured also comes in play. For best results, the blades ought to tilt at an angle of no less than 45° and no more than 55° from the central axis.

This tilting will give off exceptional performance and efficiency.

For your own convenience, you want one that is as structured and elegant as it can possibly be. We hence ask that you ascertain the size of your room and measure it up with the levels of noise you are more likely to encounter with each use.

Does Ceiling Fan Blade Size Matter?

YES, the sizes of the ceiling fan blades do matter. Three reasons account for this:

1. Sufficient Interior Space

Larger blades are more likely to eat into the interior spaces. This way, they impede the smooth movements of those who call the interiors home. Smaller blades may not really impact larger spaces with the vitality and reach that may be necessary though.


2. Noise Levels

There is a direct correlation between the sizes of the blades and the level of noise output. Larger blades have the tendency to generate higher levels of noise whereas smaller ones tend to be super quiet. Go for the latter to be able to enjoy a quieter interior.


3. Heat and Temperature

Other than noise levels, the size of the blades also has a bearing on the temperature and the heat outputs. Blades that are larger in size will generally generate excessive heat output that is no doubt detrimental to the welfare of those who reside in the rooms.

Final Words

Alright! We have done all the much we could offer you the guidance you need to make use of the best looking ceiling fans with lights that are on the market at the moment. Having done our part, we are left with no choice but to pass the buck to you to utilize them well.