Ultra Guides On Top 10 Best Ceiling Fan For The Kitchens

There are a lot of unique benefits that come with incorporating a ceiling fan into your kitchen. For example, they can help you remove the annoying smoke and high temperature in the kitchen.

In this article, we will go over some of the benefits of investing in a kitchen ceiling fan. And also, we will provide you with some tips for choosing the best fans for the kitchen, helping you make wiser choices.

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What Is the Best Ceiling Fan For Kitchen Use on the Market?

Top 10 Best Kitchen Use Ceiling Fan 2020

Do You Need A Ceiling Fan In Your Kitchen?

best led ceiling fan for kitchen

The installation of a ceiling fan in your kitchen can prove to be very beneficial. Among the key benefits are the home heating and cooling benefits, circulation of the stagnant indoor air, eliminating cooking odors from the kitchen and dining area, and keeping flying insects from the kitchen area. These fixtures are also energy efficient, saving you some money. When you need some air, but you do not need the air conditioner on, the kitchen ceiling fans can come in handy. They offer air circulation and sufficient cooling in the house to create a comfortable space, using little power.

In the hot summers, when the air conditioners continuously run, using a ceiling fan in conjunction with the air conditioner reduces running cost by a whopping 40%. Some of the models are designed with a reverse function so that they can be used during the cold winters as well. They circulate warm air around the house, without compromising heating costs.

What’s more is, ceiling fans for the kitchen are beautifully-designed and can therefore be used as décor items. They are available in a wide range of styles to blend with any décor, be it traditional, rustic, modern, vintage, contemporary, and many more. Some of the fans come inclusive of extra features like remote controls and light kits for functionality and convenience.

How to Choose the Best Ceiling Fan For Kitchen?

Here are the factors that you should consider while choosing ceiling fans for the kitchen to get the best;

1. Blades

The kitchen ceiling fan blades are essential. This is because the blades of the ceiling fan are responsible for moving and circulating the air in the kitchen. Ceiling fan blades come in various sizes and are mostly measured in inches. When purchasing a ceiling fan for your kitchen, you should ensure that the blade size corresponds to the kitchen’s size for efficient airflow and circulation.

It can be irritating to purchase a small ceiling fan for a large kitchen since it will not be able to move the air in the room adequately. Consequently, buying a massive ceiling fan and mounting it in a small kitchen will be a waste of energy, and it will also make the kitchen very uncomfortable.

Further, the blade pitching angles are also essential. For optimal air circulation in your kitchen, the best ceiling fan for the kitchen should be pitched from 12 degrees and above. Furthermore, the materials used to make the blades is also necessary. Ceiling fans are mainly constructed from solid wood, plastic, stainless steel, and others. If you want a durable ceiling fan, then you should consider stainless steel, but when you want a ceiling fan with quiet performance, then you should consider purchasing the brands made of plastic and wood.

2. The motor.

The motor is like the heart in the human body. Without the heart, a human cannot function, and without the motor, the ceiling fan cannot operate. For the ceiling fan to be able to move air and circulate the air in your entire kitchen, it should have a powerful motor. Additionally, the ceiling fan should have a reversible motor for you to be able to use it during all the seasons of the year.

When there is hot air in the kitchen, the ceiling fan should change to the downdraft mode to keep it cool. When it is cold in the kitchen, you can be able to switch it to the updraft mode to keep the kitchen warm. Moreover, when purchasing a ceiling fan for your kitchen, you should check if it features heavy-duty windings and its bearings are lubricated and permanently sealed.

3. Styles and finishes

Ceiling fans are constructed with a different array of styles and finishes. The best ceiling fan for the kitchen should have variable speed settings. With variable speed settings, you will be able to customize the breeze in your kitchen to suit your comfort. Additionally, the ceiling fan finish is significant. The finishes make the ceiling fan for the kitchen unique and beautiful.

Popular finishes like antique bronze, satin, oil-rubbed bronze, and among others make the ceiling fan attractive, and they may help in enhancing and complementing your kitchen. When purchasing a ceiling fan for your kitchen, you should have a vivid picture of how it looks for the finishes to match. If you are not sure or you do not find a finish that matches your kitchen, you should choose a neutral finish. It can be not very pleasant to purchase and mount a ceiling fan in your kitchen with contrasting finishes.

4. Brand

Due to the advancement of technology, several companies have come up with constructing different types of ceiling fans for the kitchen. It is always advisable that before you purchase a ceiling fan for your kitchen, you should visit online sites like eBay and Amazon and check the customer views on the review section.

Additionally, you may ask your neighbors and friends that installed kitchen ceiling fans before you on which brands are the best. With the information gathered, you will be able to settle on the best brand. If you do not have any knowledge, it is advisable to choose the famous and renowned brands that have been in place over the years.

5. Warranty

Ceiling fans for the kitchen will always be in use daily. Like other products, the ceiling fan for the kitchen should have a long term warranty to guarantee its quality and to ensure the value for your money. It is always good to be cautious of ceiling fans without any warranty. Lack of warranty shows that the manufacturer is not sure and cannot guarantee its quality. On most occasions, you should go for ceiling fans with long-term warranties on their motors. A good warranty will give you the confidence to buy, install, and mount a ceiling fan in your kitchen.


How to Pick Suitable Types of Ceiling Fan For Kitchen Use?

For a perfect ventilation system, you need an ideal kitchen fan that will meet your needs. Below are various types of ceiling fans for kitchen use.

i. Small kitchen ceiling fan

A small room ceiling fan offers the much-needed balance between beautiful hanging fixtures and airflow without interfering with you while cooking your food. Small ceiling room fans will create a perfect headroom allowance. You will freely move in your kitchen as well as minimizing injuries.

ii. Flush mount ceiling fans

Flush mount ceiling fans have a stunning outlook as well as a low-profile fixture. The fixture can improve your kitchen’s décor creating an amazing light fixture to watch. Be ready for wide kitchen areas that will allow you to have cleaner visual appeal.

iii. Ceiling fans with LED lights

Your kitchen deserves a perfect lighting system since it will make all your hidden areas seen openly. This lighting fixture can also minimize injuries such as knife cuts. By considering LED light features go for the one that comes with bulbs that are Energy Star certified as this will cut on your electricity bills.

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans for Kitchens Reviews 2020

1. Best For Small Kitchen – Honeywell Ocean Breeze Contemporary Ceiling Fan with Light 

best small ceiling fan for kitchen

Why We Choose It?

  • Dimmable red lights
  • Quiet reversible motor
  • Stunning outlook
  • Energy-saving model


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Honeywell ceiling fan is one of the available contemporary fans. Be ready for a modern contemporary ceiling fan in your home. Honeywell ceiling fan also features a quiet and a reversible motor. It has a three-speed-reversible motor with updraft and downdraft mode that will ensure you use it in summer and winter. Besides, the Honeywell ceiling fan comes with dual finish reversible blades. You will enjoy massive airflow by this model that can fit in any space.

Furthermore, the Honeywell ceiling fan also comes with dimmable red lights. You can set the lights to suit the preference of your light quantity. The Honeywell ceiling fan also has a Nickel structure. Be ready for a stunning finish model that can improve your room’s interior décor. Finally, this ceiling fan also has a beautiful light fixture. Your home will have perfect airflow with a stunning light fixture that is beautiful to watch.

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2. Best with Light – Hunter Indoor Kitchen Ceiling Fans With Pull Chain Control

kitchen ceiling fans with bright lights

Why We Choose It?

  • Long-lasting model
  • Pull chain control
  • Dimmable LED lights
  • Energy-saving LED lights bulbs


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Hunter 53237 is a classic fan that comes with LED lights covered by marble glass. Be ready for stunning interior décor. The Hunter 53237 has a multispeed reversible fan motor system. Its motor operates with a whisper sound delivering massive airflow. Thirdly, you can use your fan in the various seasons of the year. Thanks to its updraft and downdraft modes. Besides, the Hunter 53237 has a pull chain control. You can quickly turn on/off this fan and quickly adjust the speed to suit your preference.

Furthermore, Hunter 53237 comes with an LED light kit. Be ready for energy-efficient light bulbs to control the lighting ambiance, which will serve you extensively. Lastly, Hunter 53237 is a long-lasting model. Thanks to its sturdy build that will ensure you save on the cost of replacements.

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3. Best White Color – Hunter Aker Indoor 36″ Kitchen Ceiling Fan 

best white kitchen ceiling fan with light

Why We Choose It?

  • Has a warranty
  • Comes with LED light kit
  • Dimmable LED lights
  • Modern style


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Hunter Fan Company 59301 features a modern look. It comes with LED lights that can improve your interior décor. The Hunter 59301 has a multispeed reversible fan’s motor. Be ready for a perfect flow airflow with reversible settings to ensure you use it in both year’s season.

Besides the Hunter 59301 comes with an LED light kit. You will enjoy the performance of dimmable LED lights that are long-lasting. Furthermore, Hunter 59301 has a pull chain control. You can quickly turn on/off and adjust the speed with the pull chains. Finally, the Hunter 59301 has an adjustable fan’s height with perfect down rods height. Be ready for proper distance from the ceiling that will ensure massive airflow.

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4. Best with Remote Control – OUKANING Industrial 42 Inch Vintage Ceiling Fans

best unique kitchen ceiling fans

Why We Choose It?

  • Sturdy, long-lasting build
  • Remote control
  • Easy to install
  • Quiet performance
  • Coper motor


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42 Inch Industrial fan is a vintage ceiling fan. Be ready for a modern industrial decoration accessory that will suit your needs. The Industrial ceiling fan has a retractable blade. Be prepared for automatic blades retractable when turns it on/off. Besides, the 42 Inches also features a remote system control. Be ready to adjust the fan’s speed from any point in the room. Also, the 42 Inch Industrial ceiling fan comes with a copper motor. Be prepared for the ultimate comfort in a quiet environment.

Moreover, the 42-inch ceiling fan comes with placement options. No need to worry about whether it can fit in your space. Lastly, the 42 Inches has a sturdy steel build. You can use this product for an extended period.

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5. Best with Adjustable Wind Speed – SLZ Modern Ceiling Kitchen Fan with Remote Control

best kitchen overhead fan

Why We Choose It?

  • Remote control system
  • Resistible motor
  • Smart time set
  • Easy to install
  • Modern look with a whisper performance


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SLZ Ceiling fan with lighting features a modern design. Be ready for natural lighting to light up your home. The SLZ ceiling fan also has a remote-control system. You turn on/off and adjust your fan’s speed from anywhere in your room. Besides, you will enjoy a quiet environment with excellent performance. Thanks to its multispeed reversible motor.

Furthermore, the SLZ ceiling fan comes with durable parts. You can be able to use this product extensively. The SLZ ceiling fan is also easy to install. It comes with easy o follow the user’s guide that will serve you for long. Lastly, the SLZ model comes with dimmable LED lights. You can control the light ambiance in your room.

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6. Best Low Profile – Hunter 42″ New Bronze Kitchen Ceiling Fans

Best hunter kitchen ceiling fans

Why We Choose It?

  • Room placement
  • Pull chain control
  • Classic ceiling fan
  • Multispeed reversible motor


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Hunter 51061 ceiling fan has a classic style. It comes with reversible with a stunning outlook that can improve your room’s décor. The Hunter 51061 has a pull chain control. You will quickly turn on/off as well as speed settings. The Hunter 51061 also has a multispeed reversible fan’s motor. Be ready for a whisper sound by this excellent performance. Besides, Hunter 51061 has perfect room placement. It best suits rooms with a low ceiling, and the low-profile housing suits flash to the ceiling.

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7. Best Contemporary Style – Hunter Modern Matte Silver Ceiling Fan For Kitchen and Bedroom


best stainless steel kitchen ceiling fan

Why We Choose It?

  • Perfect downrod’s height
  • Whisper sound model
  • Pull chain control
  • Reversible motor
  • Perfect blades’ pitch


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Hunter 59262 features a whisper wind motor. Be ready for powerful air movement with the perfect background noise. The Hunter 59262 also has a reversible motor. You can change your fan from downdraft during summer and updraft mode in the winter. Besides, Hunter 59262 has the perfect air movement.

Furthermore, the Hunter 59262 comes with perfect downrod’s height. Be ready for proper distance from the ceiling to offer you preference airflow. The Hunter 59262 also has a steel structure. The steel structure prevents rust and will, therefore, use it for long. Lastly, the Hunter has 59262 also features a pull chain control. You can quickly turn the fan on/off as well as speed adjustments.

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8. Best Ventilation Fan – Broan-NuTone 688 Ceiling and Wall Ventilation Fan For Kitchen

best kitchen ceiling fan online

Why We Choose It?

  • Motor snaps for easy cleaning
  • Decorative model
  • Highly efficient
  • Ventilation helps to remove humidity and cook odors
  • Compact design that can fit in any space


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Broan-Nu tone 688 ceiling fan is versatile. The ventilation fan helps to eliminate humidity, tobacco smoke, and the cooking odors. The Broan-Nu tone is also an efficient model. It operates on 50CFM and has a 4.0 Sone rating to ensure a peaceful environment while on the operation. Besides, you will find it easy to install the Broan Nu-tone. You will require o extra tools for installation.

Moreover, the Broan Nu-tone ceiling fan is decorative. Thanks to its paintable polymeric grills that ensures it fits any interior décor. Finally, the Broan Nu-tone also comes within and out motor snaps. Be ready to clean your motor quickly.

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9. Best Exhaust Fan – Broan-NuTone 671 Wall Mounted Square Ceiling Ventilation Fan

kitchen ceiling fan ideas

Why We Choose It?

  • Has a warranty
  • Compact design
  • Most efficient operation
  • Paintable white grills to match your décor


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Broan Nu-tone has a compact design. It can fit in any space conveniently. The Broan Nu-tone 671 is also a versatile fan. It removes humidity and or stubborn cooking odors, leaving your kitchen clean. Besides, Nu-tone 671 is a decorative model. Thanks to its paintable grills that will ensure it is cohesive to your home’s décor.

Furthermore, Nu-tone 671 also features a lubricated motor with a polymeric blower that provides the most highly efficient operation. The Nu-tone 671 also has a silent performing motor. Be ready for this excellent performance model with perfect background noise. Finally, the Nu-tone comes with a one-year warranty. You will have extra assurance in this product

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10. Best Quiet – Panasonic FV-30VQ3 WhisperCeiling Ventilation Fan with Energy Star Certified

best kitchen ceiling ventilation fan

Why We Choose It?

  • Energy-star certified
  • Long-life motor
  • Quiet ventilation
  • Easy to install
  • Has a warranty


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Panasonic FV-30vq3 WhisperCeiling fan has a quiet airflow. Be ready to enjoy excellent performance with a quiet motor. The Panasonic ceiling fan also features a long-lasting fan. You will have a motor that uses less energy; thus, it can prevent overheating, saving your repair costs. Besides, the Panasonic ceiling fan is easy to install. You will not need extra tools to assemble this ceiling fan.

Moreover, the Panasonic ceiling fan also offers clean air. It will increase your air quality by removing mold, humidity, mildew, and any other pollutant in your kitchen. To end with, the Panasonic model is an energy-saving ceiling fan. This model is an energy star certified; thus, you will save on your electricity bills.

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What Is A Kitchen Ceiling Fan?

kitchen ceiling fan with light

Kitchen ceiling fans are examples of fixtures that help in proper air circulation in the kitchen. These fixtures are a must-have particularly for those living in warmer climates. Kitchen ceiling fans come in a broad spectrum of designs and styles. The most popular models include dimmable light kits, hugger mount for the low ceilings, remote control, wall controls, and downrods for high ceilings. These products are not only functional but can also be used as décor items in your kitchen. They create an idyllic overhead breeze in any open dining room or a food prep station.

Kitchen ceiling fans work to cool your entire house as well and are therefore very essential as they contribute to making your guests feel more comfortable and relaxed. They are many manufacturers in the kitchen ceiling fan industry. Trusted brands include the Fanimation, Casablanca, Hunter Fan Company, and Minka-Aire. When you decide to buy a ceiling fan for your kitchen, there are several factors you must consider, including size, color, style, and so on. Moreover, you need to ensure that you take the necessary actions in terms of accurate length and width measurements so that you can get the perfect fan for your kitchen.

Over-island fan lighting ideally offers a solution to yet another vital element, apart from air circulation, they provide an enhanced ambiance and a restful presence for family, friends, and guests. They match flawlessly with any kitchen décor, including rustic, contemporary, modern, and much more.

Benefits of Investing In Kitchen Ceiling Fans:

Reduce energy costs

One of the main benefits that you are going to get from investing in kitchen ceiling fans is the ability to significantly lower your energy costs. The reason is that the kitchen ceiling fan can significantly cut down on the amount of air conditioning that you have to use on a daily basis. Air conditioning can significantly boost your energy bill, making it easy to see why utilizing less of it will help so much.

While a ceiling fan isn’t going to effectively work by lowering the temperature of any given room, it will be able to make the room feel cooler due to providing a draft. This will allow you to raise the thermostat in your home and still feel as comfortable as you would with the air conditioning running 24/7.

Remove smoke in the kitchen

Another benefit of investing in a ceiling fan for your kitchen is the ability to remove the amount of smoke that accumulates during the cooking process.

While it is very likely that you have some kind of ventilation system in place to specifically deal with the smoke in your kitchen, it would be wise to invest in a kitchen fan to help get rid of it as quickly as possible, for it not only poses a health risk to your family and the people at home but also the furniture and everything in it.

Provide beautiful and functional illumination.

This benefit is going to come with investing in a kitchen ceiling fan with light is the fact that it can provide a good amount of illumination while offering a good amount of style along with it. These fans with lighting options will allow you to properly illuminate the room.

How to Pick Suitable Sizes of Ceiling Fans For Kitchen?

Ceiling fans for kitchens have varying specifications, including their sizes. To find the ideal ceiling fan for your kitchen, size is one of the crucial factors that you need to put into consideration. More often than not, kitchens are different from other rooms in a house as open floor plans become more and more popular. Some ceiling fans come inclusive of downloads and hugger mounts to suit different ceiling heights- but that is not the only problem. Here’s how to determine the proper size of your kitchen ceiling fan.

modern ceiling fans for kitchen

How to determine room size for kitchen ceiling fans?

For you to match the ideal ceiling fan for your kitchen, you need to take some measurements; that is the ceiling height and the square footage. That is relatively simple – you can determine the square footage by multiplying the width and length measurements of the room.

There is also a more straightforward method; you are required to measure the longest wall in the room. If the wall is below 12 inches long, a ceiling fan of 32 inches will be suitable. For walls that are between 112 and 25 feet long, they require ceiling fans that have a blade span of 42-48 inches. And for the walls that are longer than 15 feet, the ideal ceiling fans will be 52 inches or more.

We move on to the ceiling height. This measurement will help you to determine the suitable height of the downrod. The kitchens that have tall ceilings will require fans with longer downrods, whereas the low ceilings need a shorter downrod length which will cater to the shorter floor to ceiling height. Ideally, ceiling fans should be 8 to 9 inches off the ground. There are, however, some ceiling that is 8 feet or less. For these, flush-mounted fans are perfect as they save on space as well as assuring safety.

Always remember that when it comes to choosing the right ceiling fan for your kitchen, the two vital measurements that should be taken are the downrod length and the blade sweep. With these two, you can be sure to find the ideal fan size.

Size of your space

Any time you are choosing a ceiling fan for your kitchen, you need to first determine the ideal size for your space. That is not as hard as it may sound. You need to measure the square footage of your kitchen to determine the appropriate blade sweep size of the fan. For kitchens positioned inside a larger room, or without four walls, you need the width and length measurements of the perimeter. That helps you to determine the end of the reach of the fan.

Where do you need air circulation

Furthermore, you need to decide whether the entire kitchen will receive air circulation or just a portion of the kitchen. For example, you may desire the cooling breeze in your breakfast nook, or above your dining counter. In this case, the fans with smaller sizes are recommended, so they hang directly above the spaces. Also, you will only need to take the measurements of the space.

Special size for master bedrooms and living rooms

It is noticeable that the fans designed for master bedrooms or living rooms are more extensive than those for the kitchen. This can be explained since kitchens are smaller and do not take up much square footage. A 44-inch and 30-inch fan will be ideal for your kitchen. But for the more massive kitchens, the full-size 52-inch fan will be the best bet.

What Size For A Small Kitchen?

Are you worried that your kitchen may be too small for an overhead fan? Well, worry no more as there are small kitchen ceiling fans that will fit just perfectly. They are designed to provide the ideal balance between adequate air movement and a stunning hanging fixture without taking up much space.

Food preparation counters may get too cramped, and this causes clearance issues with the limited headroom and maneuverability as you cook for friends and family. Flush-mounted ceiling fans are the solutions. These are of low-profile, yet sleek-looking and are the go-for options to create wide-open kitchens. Furthermore, they allow efficient space utilization and a cleaner visual appeal.

best ceiling fan for kitchen

What Color Ceiling Fan Should I Install In My Kitchen?

Choosing an ideal ceiling fan for your kitchen may be a daunting task with the many factors to be considered, including color. Thankfully, the kitchen ceiling fans come in a wide range of color options and finishes so you can easily find the ideal one. It is advisable to match the ceiling fan color to your kitchen décor. Being functional and beautiful fixtures, it would be a significant objection if they end up ruining your kitchen’s overall look simply because the colors do not match or blend.

The wood-grain ceiling fan blades, for instance, can perfectly match with wood cabinets, kitchen furniture, and floors for a stunning look. Alternatively, the black, white, and stainless steel kitchen ceiling fans can blend with most kitchen appliances and other décor items. When you match wood grains and colors, the kitchen ceiling fan will also serve as an additional décor item in your kitchen.

Recommended wood-grain ceiling fans for kitchen

Another thing to note is, white kitchen ceiling fans can give small kitchens a spacious look. The fans should match with a white painted ceiling to achieve that- it is suitable to open up a small kitchen and make the room appear larger. That is mainly because white ceilings make short ceilings to appear taller and small rooms larger. For those with small kitchens, you are advised to go for the white ceiling fans. White is also an excellent all-around color to achieve a simple, subtle, and stylish look.

Recommended white ceiling fans for kitchen

Adding some contrast, especially when there are many different colors, styles, and finishes to choose from, is an excellent way to create a functional fixture as well as an accent piece. What’s more is, contrasting ceiling fans can be clubbed with the wooden floor, art pieces, windows, or anything else that catches your fancy. Choosing a contrasting fan gives you a lot more options to pick from.


Recommended Kitchen Hood Exhaust Fans For Air Circulation

1. Kitchen Hood Exhaust Fan

When you are cooking, you are continually creating smoke and steam while also letting grease and other substances fill your kitchen surrounding. To deal with these airborne pollutants, you will need to invest in a powerful kitchen hood exhaust fan. Below are our best types of kitchen hood exhaust fans.

i. Under-cabinet range hoods exhaust fans.

They can be installed under the kitchen cabinets, above your cooktop; thus, offering a stunning design that is cohesive with your cabinet.

Under-cabinet hoods have two categories: A ducted under cabinet hood has a duct that transports smoke and airborne pollutants outside. And a ductless hood that simply filters and recirculates the dirty air.

ii. Wall mount range hoods fan

When you don’t have kitchen cabinets, you may want to invest in wall mount range hood. Wall mounts are installed directly in your wall and fit with your pre-existing duct ventilation system. Wall mounts hoods are generally wider at the bottom, offering more coverage of your kitchen’s cooking space.

iii. Cabinet insert hoods

To realize greater customization, you may consider investing in a cabinet insert exhaust fan. Cabinet inserts come with feature blowers as well as speed controls and lights.

You may use an insert hood for a custom range hood allowing you to design the perfect ventilation system that matches your kitchen’s décor.

iv. Downdraft range hoods

Downdraft range hood fans pull air in a downward direction out of your kitchen’s space. If your kitchen has a proper ducting system, consider downdraft range hood. Be ready for perfect ventilation capabilities in a unique, stunning design.


How to Install Ceiling Fan in the Kitchen?

How to install?

Installing a kitchen fan is easier than you think.

best ceiling fans for kitchen

First, if it is an angled ceiling, you need to measure the slope of the ceiling. That will help you determine the downrod length. Next is to remove the old box and then you can install a fan brace. Make sure to shut off power from the main panel and then move to install the ceiling brace. Once securely placed, close up the fan brace. Make sure that the circuit breaker is shut off before you start any work.

The next step is to install the fan mounting box, the electrical box, and the wiring hanger bracket. Using a deep-well socket, tighten the nuts to clamp the box to the shaft. Now, attach the hanger bracket by positioning it so that the bracket’s opening is on the uphill side of the angled ceiling.

Now gently assemble the fan and then hang it. Make sure to insert a downrod of the correct size. Securely fasten the downrod and prepare the hanging ball. You can then hang the motor and start the wiring process for the fan, switch, and fanlight.

How low should I mount?

One of the crucial measurements that you need to have before buying a ceiling fan for your kitchen is the downrod length. This measurement will help you to determine how low you should mount the ceiling fan during installation.

For kitchens that have taller ceilings, they require fans that have longer downrod lengths. The shorter ceilings, on the other hand, work best with fans that have shorter downrod lengths to accommodate the shorter floor to ceiling height. Ideally, fans should be mounted 8 to 9 inches off the ground.

However, there are rooms with very low ceiling heights. Ceilings 8 feet or less will be best suited with the flush mount ceiling fans. These fans save on space and are also enhance safety. They do not take up much headroom and sit flush against the ceiling.

There is also a solution for the sloped ceilings. Here, it would be best if you focused on the ceiling fans that have angle mounted downrods for easy installation. You can also refer to the guide for standard rooms and spaces to give you a good idea of how low you should mount concerning the ceiling height.

How to Clean Kitchen Ceiling Fans?

Cleaning your kitchen ceiling fans is essential, not only because it extends your fans’ lifespan, but also because it makes the air circulated safer and cleaner for the family. Dust is among the leading causes of a dirty fan, and this is how to clean off dust from a standard ceiling fan. If the fan is on a standard ceiling, a step ladder can be used to reach it.

A pillowcase can be used to wipe the canopy, motor housing, and the downrod. The pillowcase is ideal as it catches any excess dust. Also, it would be best if you slid the pillowcase over the fan blades, gently pressing against each. For fans located on higher ceilings, you can use a duster that has a long handle and dust the fan blades carefully.

If the fan has grease or dirt firmly lodged on the fan blades or body, it needs a thorough cleaning. Use a step ladder so you can easily reach the fan. You can use baby wipes to wipe off any stuck-on debris or dirt. You should start on the canopy and wipe your way down to the motor housing and downrod. If it is greasy, use a small amount of mineral spirit or degreaser onto the baby wipes.

Carefully scrub away any tough dirt on the blades. Remember that before you start cleaning the kitchen ceiling fan, ensure you check the UL rating. Some have a wet, dry, or damp rating and need to be taken care of differently.


Can I use a kitchen ceiling fan during winter?

Yes, kitchen ceiling fans can be used during the winter. But this is limited to the fans that feature a reverse mode function. Some models do not have this function, and so using them in the winter may not be practical. Those with the function can be comfortably used in the summer and winter seasons. The rotation of the blades is reversed, and the fan works to move warmer air, which usually moves upwards, downwards around the room. This function is convenient as it reduces the winter heating bills by 10%.

Also, in the winter, the fans rotate in a clockwise direction at low speed to pull the cold air up. The gentle updraft serves to push the warmer air down to the floor. When you use the ceiling fan in your kitchen during the winter, you can adjust the thermostat and thus give your AC or heating unit a break. Also, using the fan in winter is advisable as it reduces clutter and electrical hazards that come as a result of heating blankets and space heaters.

Conclusion – Top Pick Ceiling Fans For Kitchen