Top 10 Best Hunter Ceiling Fans Reviews

Hunter is among the popular fan manufacturers in the ceiling fan industry due to some of the unique features of their products. Many people, at some point in time, often want to feel that cooling, environmental breeze like effect resulting from the action of an efficient and high-quality ceiling fan.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose wisely when trying to install or replace a ceiling fan. Since the best ceiling fan will guarantee a comfortable and relaxed feeling in any environment, it is installed. Hunter ceiling fans are thus the most recommended by professionals; however, they come in numerous models, all with varying features and qualities suitable for every individual’s specific needs and requirements.

What is the Best Hunter Ceiling Fan?

Are Hunter Fans Good Quality?

best hunter fan

Hunter ceiling fans are considered to be among the best in the industry. This is because of some of the special features that distinguish them from the overall ceiling fans and make the more preferred in the industry. Some of the benefits of Hunter ceiling fans include;

Hunter ceiling fans are the best because they are produced in a variety of models with different features, shapes, sizes, colors, among others. This ensures that they satisfy every user’s needs. For instance, they are available in sizes corresponding to your room size, colors corresponding to the interior décor, which are essential aspects to consider when purchasing a ceiling fan.

Also, they are not expensive and thus budget-friendly despite all their high-end features and appearances. This enables many to be able to access and choose from the varieties without financial strain.

The alignment to the internal décor and room size also brings out the allure to the visitors by alluding to an aesthetic and a luxurious appearance within the environment of the installation.

Also, these ceiling fans are energy conscious in that they all have the Energy Star certification stamp illustrating they consume much less energy despite operating at optimum capacity, thus saving on your resources like money and power due to easy maintenance and operation cost.

Top 10 Best Hunter Ceiling Fans

Top 10 Best Hunter Ceiling Fans Reviews

1. Hunter 60″ Regalia New Bronze Ceiling Fan Light Kit

best hunter ceiling fan light kit

  • Unique Features

This model of the hunter ceiling fans is among the best because of its unique features, some of which include; the fan is of a substantial size, thus ideal for a large and great room because its circulation and blades are capable of circulating a lot of air sufficient enough.

  • Aesthetic Look

The numerous other features give it an aesthetic look, thus enabling for the beautification of the user’s space. The fan also has whisper wind motor generating optimal airflow while utilizing four speeds.

  • Reverse Feature

This product also has a reverse feature, which enables the blades to operate on a 13 pitch maximal performance. The ceiling fan also has an LED lighting bulb at the base, which, together with the speed of the fan, can always be adjusted by the pull chains contained in the packaging.

This model of hunter ceiling fans is also made of quality and durable materials.

  • Cheap and affordable
  • Durable
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Work with maximum silence
  • Aesthetic in appearance
  • Allows for light and speed adjustment
  • The bulbs may not be LED



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2. Hunter 54″ Reversible Ceiling Fan With Remote Control

best hunter ceiling fan remote control

  • Unique Features

This model of hunter ceiling fans is also among the best because of its unique features. These include an appearance of rustic weathered zinc like finish and a vintage lantern style light kit which brings about a luxurious feeling in the house.

  • Handheld Remote Control

The fan also comes with a handheld remote control and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The fan has five reversible Barnwood or sometimes Black Willow blades with an overall diameter of about 54 inches.

  • LED Light Bulb

Also, it comes with one Edyson dimmable LED light bulb producing a450 lumens light emission and a large whisper wind motor that works quietly. This product also has a height of about 9.9 inches with a limited lifetime motor warranty.

  • Good looking and aesthetic
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate with the remote control
  • Quiet during operation
  • Cheap and affordable
  • The light provides room illumination efficiently
  • A little noisy



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3. Hunter 59262 Contemporary Modern 52“Ceiling Fan

best hunter modern ceiling fan

  • Whisper Wind Motor

Some of the features associated with this model of the hunter ceiling fans include the fact that they have a whisper wind motor that delivers very powerful air movement while operating quietly.

  • Reversible Motor

It is also a reversible ceiling fan that allows for updraft and downdraft mode changes to fit winter and summer conditions, respectively, three reversible matte black or silver willow blades.

  • 13-degree Blade

Furthermore, the product comes with a 13-degree blade pitch optimized for maximal performance, 5 or 3 inches down rods for optimal distance from the ceiling, an ETL damp with stainless steel hardware to resist rust for use in covered porches and sunrooms among others.

  • Allowing for Three-Position Mounting System

The fan also allows for three position mounting system to accommodate for standard, low and angled mounting, and it comes with a pull chain for quick and easy adjustments on the speed and light intensity.

  • Rust-resistant thus durable
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Has a wide range of motions due to reversible motor
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Versatile on the installation area size and height
  • Aesthetic
  • Quiet during operation
  • Convenient for both indoors and outdoors installation
  • Fragile and needs good maintenance


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4. Best Hunter Indoor 52 Inch Ceiling Fan

best hunter 52 inch ceiling fan

  • Stylish Bronze Brown Medium Wood Finish

This ceiling fan is also unique in its own accord, making it the best with a stylish bronze brown medium wood finish.

  • LED Light Kit

Also, it has a motor capable of running in reverse, an LED light kit that consumes low energy and is brighter with a longer lifespan than ordinary bulbs. The bulbs often come as a pair of 60-watt candelabra incandescent bulbs, and they are also dimmable for total control by the user.

  • Pull Chain

Included in the package is a pull chain to control the speed, power, and light adjustments. The dimming is also controlled with a remote or installed wall control. The motor speed ranges at 159, has a limited motor warranty and a 3 or 2 inch down rods for proper distance from the ceiling to optimize air movement at the user’s preferred height.

  • Reversible Motor

Also, they have a 12-degree blade pitch optimization and the reversible motor, which allows you to change the direction of the fan movement.

  • The fan is energy saving
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Convenient for both low and high ceilings
  • It is aesthetic in appearance
  • Favorable warranty agreements
  • It is quiet during operation
  • Some also claim that the lighting is a little dim
  • The pull chains may be weak and break on occasions


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5. Hunter Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan, 52153

best hunter low profile ceiling fan

  • For Indoor Use

This model of hunter ceiling fans is often recommended for indoor space installations only. It also comes with pull chains for quick switching and speed adjustments and a three-light kit with clear glass.

  • Brushed Nickel Finish

The whole fan has a brushed nickel finish, which is an appealing look and five reversible blades with a bleached grey pine or natural wood appearance.

  • Energy-saving

Furthermore, it also has a 13-degree blade pitch, three 6.5W energy-efficient, and dimmable LED bulbs for control of ambiance in your environment.

  • Remote or Wall Control

It also comes with a remote or wall control for dimming of the light, a reversible three-speed whisper wind motor which performs exponentially. It is specially designed for low profile housing thus fits flush to ceilings of rooms with even less than 9 inches.

  • It is cheap and affordable
  • Easy to install, control and operate
  • Energy saving
  • Suitable for low ceilings
  • Aesthetic and appealing in appearance
  • No con



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6. Hunter Indoor White Ceiling Fan with LED Light

best hunter white ceiling fan

  • Only For Indoor Use

This ceiling fan is among the best and often only recommended for indoor use only.

  • Quiet Fan

Some other unique features include the whisper wind motor for quality performance on cooling with minimal noise emission. It has a reversible motor which allows the change on direction of the fan from downdraft to updraft depending on the weather conditions.

  • Four Reversible Blades

These fans also have four reversible composite blades of white grain or aged oak appearance, which are appealing. It also has a 13-degree blade pitch for peak performance, and a 2 and 3 down rods for proper distancing between the ceiling and the base of the fan to optimize air movement at the preferred blade height.

  • LED Lights

It also has LED lights controlled through wall switches, and the fan rotates at a diameter of about 52 inches, thus optimizing airflow.

  • It is cheap and affordable
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Favorable for low ceiling buildings
  • Quiet during operation
  • Aesthetic and appealing in appearance
  • The location for the reverse motor switch is hidden.


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7. Hunter 44 Inch Ceiling Fan, 59243

best hunter 44 ceiling fan

  • Suitable for Low Ceiling Houses

This model of the hunter ceiling fans are also unique and among the best in the industry. Some of their features include the fact that it is recommended for indoor use mostly on low ceiling houses of even eight inches tall. It has a brass nickel finish, which makes them look aesthetic and luxurious.

  • Light Kit

The product comes with a light kit integrated down the fan in a painted cased white glass and contains two 9.8 W LED bulbs. The fan also has four reversible black or chocolate oak grain-finished blades spanning at a diameter of about 44 inches.

  • Reversible Whisper Wind Motor

It also has a reversible whisper wind motor, which allows for the change in the direction of the fan rotation while performing optimally and producing minimal noise.

  • Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty

This fan model comes with a limited lifetime motor warranty and an optimized 13-degree blade pitch for peak performance and ideal air movement.

  • Easy to install
  • It is quiet
  • Easy to operate with the remote control
  • Cheap and affordable
  • They are energy saving
  • Suitable for indoor use in low ceiling rooms
  • It is aesthetic in appearance
  • There were cases of missing accessories like the remote control


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8. Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan, Brushed Nickel, 53237

best hunter ceiling fans reviews

  • Suitable for Large Room

This model of the fan is among the very best in the Hunter series because of its unique features. It is often specially designed for indoor use within large rooms of up to about 485 square feet due to its extensive diameter coverage of about 52 inches.

  • A Three-Speed Reverse Motor

It also has a three-speed reverse motor, which allows for the change of direction of the fan from downdraft to updraft across the seasons, specifically a whisper wind model that operates in complete silence suitable for homes or offices.

  • Quiet Hunter Ceiling Fan

These fans are also built with exclusive Hunter motor technology and hanging system that ensures they stay quiet and wobble-free.

  • Three-position Mounting System

Furthermore, it allows for the installer’s choice three-position mounting system enabling standard, low, or angled mounting options. The fan has 3 level speeds like high, medium, and low, and this, combined with the reversible airflow function, ensures excellent service delivery.

  • A Pull Chain

They also have a pull chain for easy control of the speed and easy switching of the fan. It also comes with a three-light fitter, a swirled marble glass, and three 60 W candelabra incandescent bulbs. The products of the hunter also have a limited lifetime motor warranty period.

  • These fans are cheap
  • Energy saving
  • Easy to install and use
  • Versatile on mounting system and functionality
  • Favorable for indoor use in large rooms
  • Quiet during operation
  • Easy to control with the remotes
  • The lights are too bright
  • Produces a foul smell of insulation during operation


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9. Hunter Sentinel 52 inch, Brushed Nickel, 59157

best hunter ceiling fans with lights and remote control

  • Brushed Nickel Finish

This model is among the best as it comes with a brushed nickel finish, which is luxuriously appealing. It has three reversible composite blades of gray oak or walnut appearance, 2-60W dimmable LED bulbs for ambient lighting of the environment as per the user’s needs, and the installer’s choice 3-position mounting system which allows for standard, low ceiling or angled mounting.

  • 3 and 2 Down Rods

Furthermore, the fan has 3 and 2 down rods for proper distancing to the ceiling and optimization of performance. Included in the package are an integrated light kit with cased white glass and a fan/light handheld remote control for selecting the preferred speed or light intensity and inclusive of the reverse functionality.

  • A 13-Degree Blade Pitch

It also has a 13-degree blade pitch to ensure ideal air movement and peak performance. The lighting system consumes minimal energy and lasts longer, and it is recommended for indoor use for exemplary results.

  • It is cheap and affordable
  • It is aesthetic
  • It is energy saving
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate
  • It is durable
  • Suggested for large indoor rooms
  • Works quietly
  • There were complaints about the quality of the mounting screws.


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10. Hunter Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan, white, 59248

best hunter flush mount ceiling fan with remote control

  • Suitable for Larger Room

This model of hunter fans is among the best in that it is purely white with a wide rotation diameter of about 52 inches, thus suitable for larger rooms.

  • A Reversible Whisper Wind Motor

It also has a reversible whisper wind motor, which facilitates powerful air movement in a whisper-quiet mode while enabling the change of fan direction between downdraft and updraft during seasonal weather changes.

  • Beautiful Blades

It is fitted with four reversible composite blades of fresh white or blonde oak finishing, which are both appealing and fits with most internal decors.

  • Low File Ceiling Fan

They are also specially designed for low profile fits flush to the ceiling allowing fitting and use into rooms even lower than 9 inches or so. The package comes with a fan universal handheld remote for speed regulation of the fan.

It is designed with a 13-degree blade pitch optimized to ensure ideal air movement and peak performance, and it also comes with a hunter’s limited lifetime motor warranty.

  • It is very cheap and thus affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to control with the handheld remote
  • Aesthetic and appealing to all interior decors
  • Has a favorable warranty period
  • Has limited airflow even at maximum speed
  • A little difficulty installing the blades


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How to Install a Hunter Ceiling Fan?

First, you should read the detailed installation manual and guide that comes with your product. Ensure all parts are included with the packaging. Then turn off the power at the socket and follow these instructions:

  1. Attach hanging strut to a junction box and then pull wires to pass inside bracket opening. You can also decide to mount the bracket, but this will take more time.
  2. Raise your Hunter fan and then place it into the hanger bracket. After this, connect the white wires, green wires and black wires.
  3. Secure its canopy screws into the bracket and then raise the canopy
  4. After this, secure the canopy by installing canopy screws and tighten them
  5. Screw the lights into their socket and attach the pull chains
  6. Raise glass bowl and thread pull chains
  7. Place cover plate against light fixtures and thread chains through the metal cover

Features To Look For in a Hunter Ceiling Fan

When selecting the most preferred fan to install for your average user, there are factors and features to consider to ensure that you have the best fan. Similarly, since there are numerous hunter ceiling fans in the market, there are certain features that are worth considering when shopping and choosing a fan. Some of these hunter ceiling fan features include;

how to choose the best hunter ceiling fan

1. The motor size

This is the most essential part of the Hunter ceiling fans hence determining the size of the motor before purchase would guarantee the power of the motor and the fun altogether. A big and powerful motor will guarantee the mechanical output and efficiency of the fan.

2. The size of the fan

This is also an important feature to consider since choosing the right size would guarantee excellent air circulation in the space it is installed. However, if the room is too large for the action of the hunter’s fan, then the effects will not be felt by the user and vice versa on a smaller room with a large ceiling fan as the effects would be overbearing.

Here is a list to help you find the right size Hunter ceiling fans for your rooms:

  • For room sizes less than 80 sq. feet, you should choose a fan with 24 to 42-inch blade span;
  • For rooms about 100 to 150 sq.feet, choosing a ceiling fan with 44 to 50″ blade will be a wise decision;
  • For rooms with an area about 150-300 sq.feet, a Hunter ceiling fan with 52 to 60-inch blade span will be suitable;
  • For great size rooms larger than 300 sq.feet, choosing a fan with the blade size of 62″ or more.

3. The blade pitch

This feature often relates to fan sizes; however, the ability of these fans to effect massive airflow would determine the location of installation. For instance, those recommended for the outdoors often require a massive effect on the environment compared to those recommended for indoor spaces.

4. Workmanship and design

This is also an important feature to consider when it comes to appealing and luxurious appearance even durability. This is because some fan designs and styles, such as colors and material of manufacture, are not compatible with certain decors, which would make the environment it is installed unappealing to users and even visitors. Some of the manufacturing materials may also be substandard thus non-durable.

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5. The pricing

It is always essential to purchase a fan according to your preferred and possible budget expenditure. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have the amount required for your preferred hunter ceiling fan, and if not, you can always select the next possible option while keeping in mind your budget.

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6. Accessory features

Different fans often come with various accessories, such as the lightings and control options. For instance, when the user is comfortable with handheld remotes, they should seek hunter fans with these accessories. At the same time, those preferring the pull chains should also select such or even fans with both feature accessories for easy and comfortable control.


Despite the many companies manufacturing ceiling fans all over the world, the most recommended and presenting with the best ceiling fans are the Hunter fan manufacturers. Their fans are always rated the best due to their high-quality features at much lower prices, which can be afforded by many.

These fans are also aesthetic, long-lasting, energy-saving, and satisfactory in their delivery of the cooling and heating services to the users. The models listed above are some of the best of the hunter types within the entire ceiling fans industry and thus are recommended by many for installation or replacement by experts and already existing users.

Best-Rated Hunter Ceiling Fans