4 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan Reviews Fit Your Outside Needs

If you are updating the look of the exterior of your home, you are probably looking for new things to add. Many people are adding ceiling fans outdoors for a few reasons.

There are many benefits on having one outdoors.

You can achieve a new look and add to your home decor by installing a ceiling fan outside. They are great to have outside because they are decorative and can circulate the air around you.

Keep reading to learn more.

Best outdoor ceiling fans reviews and tips for choosing

Top 4 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans Reviews

1Emerson Ceiling Fans CF765BQ Loft Modern Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan $$$
252" Casa Vieja® Rattan Outdoor Tropical Ceiling Fan$$$
3Hunter 23566 Sea Air 52-Inch 5 White Plastic Blades Ceiling Fan$$$
4Haiku Home L Series 52-inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan$$$

Why Install An Outdoor Ceiling Fan?

Installing outdoor ceiling fans is a nice way to make the outside of your home more decorative. It will have a more relaxing feeling and can really make the exterior of your home look better.

Another reason people add ceiling fans outdoors is to keep them cool on warm days. Believe it or not, outdoor ceiling fans are useful on days or nights when it is warmer outside. These fans can keep you cool and circulate the air around you.

Before you make a purchase for a ceiling fan intended for outdoor use, you should make sure what kind of ceiling fan it is.

A ceiling fan intended for indoor usage may not work fine on the exterior of your home. Since these fans are expensive, you should make sure you buy one specifically for use outside.

Through this way, you won’t need to replace it as often, if at all. For your convenience, we collect best affordable ceiling fans page for you check: Best Deal On Different Ceiling Fans With Good Price

Now you know why it is beneficial to install a ceiling fan outdoors. Take what you’ve learned here and find a way to get one for your outdoor living area.

You will be happy that you made the choice and got one, once you see how much better it makes the exterior of your home look.

Here is the Top Selling outdoor ceiling fan for you reference:

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF765BQ Loft Modern Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Wall Control

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF765BQ Loft Modern Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Wall Control 90sThis fan has Energy Star approved, and you can enjoy comfortable temperatures and save all year round with reversible airflow covered outdoor areas up to 400 square feet. The Loft is a perfect addition to contemporary decors, it’s amazing how something so simple can add so much fun to your lifestyle.

What Are The Differences Between Indoor Fans And Outdoor Fans?

An outdoor ceiling fan is basically going to be made differently than an interior fan, simply because it is crafted to withstand all elements.

Outdoor ceiling fans have motor casings that come to complete with a waterproof seal for keeping the motor safe from moisture.

The fan blades will also be made from durable materials, such as ABS plastic. This is often called an all-weather blade system amongst the ceiling fan industry. These fan blades are made to take on rain, humidity, snow and more.

It goes without saying that wooden blades will not be a viable option for an outdoor ceiling fan simply because they can end up retaining water. This leads to weakening and warping, which could then cause the fan to wobble quite a bit.

52″ Casa Vieja® Rattan Outdoor Tropical Ceiling Fan- Five ABS blades

52 Casa Vieja Rattan Outdoor Tropical Ceiling FanThis model fan has a rust finish motor paired with molded ABS dark rattan blades. A frosted white glass light kit adds plenty of illumination to this outdoor ceiling fan, best suited for porch areas.

Choosing The Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Think about some of the most relaxing days that you have had and the chances are good that you will have visions of sitting on your porch, patio, deck or garden dining area while enjoying a beverage and good company.

Now think about this same scenario on a hot summer day, yet with the cool and enjoyable breeze coming from your own outdoor ceiling fan.

It goes without saying that there will always be a number of things that you need to take into consideration when you are buying any ceiling fan.

However, with an outdoor ceiling fan, there are several aspects that call for special research on your part before you shop.

1. Where Do You Live?

If you happen to live near the ocean, you should consider the purchase of an outdoor ceiling fan that has been UL Wet rated.

Living near the ocean means that everything outdoors can be affected a great deal by the salt water and the moist air. Even when you are considering installation of the fan on an outdoor patio that is covered, you still need to have a fan that is UL Wet rated so that you are not going to fall victim to the corrosion that salt water can cause.

Ceiling fans that are rated UL Wet for outdoor use will also last you quite a bit longer because they are made to be durable and can stand up to all of the elements of the ocean and beyond.

You should also be sure that you take the time to wash of an outdoor ceiling fan that is being used near the ocean a lot more often than other regions, simply because there can be the build up of salt to lead to corrosion.

Here is best model under $160 for you:

Hunter 23566 Sea Air 52-Inch 5 White Plastic Blades Ceiling Fan

Hunter 23566 Sea Air 52-Inch 5 White Plastic Blades Ceiling FanWhy choose this model? WhisperWind outdoor motor; Tarnish-resistant finish and hardware; UL wet listed for outdoor use.

2. Power Considerations

A ceiling fan made for the outdoors that comes with a larger motor will help you to cool off a lot faster and more efficiently during the summer months. Not only that, but the more power that you have, the better you will be able to keep all of the bugs away as they do not like to have to fight through the wind.

3. Style

Many people want to add ceiling fans to the exterior of their home.

There are a lot of different decorative styles that you can pick from so that you can come up with a look that goes with your current decor or even help to transform your space.

You are building an outdoor oasis, so take the time to pick out something that speaks to you and offers the calming feel and relaxation that you need.

As you are shopping, you will find a number of outdoor ceiling fans that you can choose from. This is an area where you can go big or go home, meaning that a larger motor and a high quality fan will certainly be well worth the investment.

Below you will see a highly recommended indoor/outdoor ceiling fan:

Haiku Home L Series 52-inch Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Enabled Black Ceiling Fan with LED Light

Haiku Home L Series 52-inch Indoor Outdoor Wi-Fi Enabled Ceiling Fan with LED LightFactory-balanced and sound tested to ensure each L-Series ceiling fan will never wobble, rattle or click. ENERGY STAR certified (exceeds efficiency requirements by 450%).