Best Smart Ceiling Fans

Smart home accessories have really changed the whole concept of a home over the years with more innovations continuously being made to improve comfort while reducing utility bills at home.

Smart ceiling fans are a major improvement from traditional ceiling fans as they help control the home’s inside climate while keeping energy costs down.

They are programmed to follow voice control commands or operated remotely using a smartphone to turn on or off depending on the preference of the user.

These ceiling fans add the elements of technology to our home, making our life more convenient.

Keep reading, and you’ll learn the advantages of having a smart ceiling fan and which are the top-rated ones.

best smart ceiling fan in your bedroom


What Is a Smart Ceiling Fan?

The biggest advantage of a smart ceiling fan is intelligent control.

It means that a smart ceiling fan can adjust the speed according to the temporal temperature in the room.

In addition, a smart ceiling fan can be remotely controlled by a remote, your smartphone, or your voice.

Apart from the smart control system, the smart ceiling fan seems like a high-efficient modern ceiling fan.


Smart Ceiling Fan and Light Combination

A smart ceiling fan combined with a light, bears similarities to regular ceiling fans, except they have “smart” features.

These types of fans are designed to do two main things, with one being to circulate air throughout a room and to provide lighting once the light is switched on.

Smart ceiling fans are installed in the ceiling, just like traditional fans, and they are relatively easy to operate.


Why People Need a Smart Ceiling Fan?

What are the advantages of a smart ceiling fan? The answers are so many. Customers who have used them will definitely recommend it to you. And you’ll love the feeling of using them, too!


As for how convenient smart fans are, they are very convenient. It doesn’t matter who a person is, and they will appreciate the convenience the fans offer, especially considering they are easy to operate.

With just a few touches of a button or if a person uses a voice control feature, the user will be able to operate their fan with ease.


Energy Efficient

Furthermore, smart ceiling fans tend to be energy efficient, which means having one can save a person quite a bit of money.

In fact, more and more people are switching from regular ceiling fans to smart fans because of the money they can save on their energy bills.

If a person wants to conserve a little energy and do their part in reducing energy consumption, then they should consider getting a smart fan.

Also, the fans are highly affecting and do a great job at circulating air.

Depending on the make and model, a smart fan may be capable of cooling down an entire room.

As for the light, it may provide plenty of lighting, and the person won’t need to use any other lights in the room the fan is installed in.


Wifi Ceiling Fan

ceiling fan remote control app
Control ceiling fan with phone

Now for the features, a smart fan will typically have, and this includes having Wi-Fi capability.

Smart fans can be operated via a mobile app, so essentially the user can turn their fan on and off, as well as the lights, and use other features such as speed control all from their mobile app.

Not only that, but users can operate smart fans with Alexa voice control, which means all they have to do is speak to Alexa and tell it what they want the fan to do.


LED Ceiling Fan

Another aspect worth mentioning is the LED light.

It can be dimmed, all with a touch of a button or via voice control.

All one has to do is tell Alexa to dim the lights or use the mobile app to do it. If that wasn’t impressive enough, different smart fans have different features, but those are a few of the most basic ones.


The Best Smart Ceiling Fan Brands

Furthermore, these fans are available in many styles, and numerous brands produce and market them. Sometimes, choosing famous brands can guarantee the quality of smart ceiling fans.

 – Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan 

In 2012, Big Ass Fans launched the Haiku ceiling fan. The Haiku fan has won numerous awards for its home-style ceiling fans including a minimalist design and a revolutionary energy-saving engine.

The Haiku smart ceiling fan has an integrated LED module that is not only energy efficient but also allows for 16 different brightness level settings and operates by connecting to home smart devices wirelessly.

It offers a more contemporary approach in the design with three blades mimicking an aviation propeller.

It can be controlled using Amazon Alexa that follows voice commands, controlled using the smartphone where the Haiku fan is paired with an app or physically remote controlled to adjust the light, dimming, and speed.

» View the Haiku Home L Series Smart Ceiling Fan

Besides, The Haiku ceiling fan with SenseME technology has a smart computer and sensor that automatically runs for comfort.

The built-in environmental sensor can monitor the temperature and humidity of the room in real-time and adjust the wind speed.

Moreover, over time, Haiku’s SenseME system learns user preferences and automatically adjusts the temperature the user needs.

» View the Haiku Ceiling Fan with SenseME Technology


 – Hunter Apple HomeKit Ceiling Fan 

It mimics the three-blade approach of the Haiku fan and comes at a much lower price. Hunter smart fan operates similarly to the Haiku as it also utilizes an integrated LED also.

Some of its pros include an Apple HomeKit and Wi-Fi functionality, two-position mounting, bi-directional blade movement, and provides a powerful but quiet performance.

For voice commands, an Alexa device or Apple’s Siri can be used to control the fan or can be operated using a smartphone app paired to the Hunter fan.

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 – Minka-Aire Alexa Ceiling Fan 

The Minka Aire works best for an Alexa-based automated home since it allows voice control. It can also be controlled by a remote to adjust the light and speed of the fan.

With this sort of technology, no wiring on the wall is required. It also works with Insteon technology and can fit in most fan canopies.

» Learn more about Minka-Aire smart ceiling fan


Best Smart Ceiling Fan Reviewed

Whatever you need, go ahead and read our list of the top smart ceiling fans to discover the one that’s made for you.

Hot Pick: Haiku Home L Series Smart Wifi Ceiling Fan with LED Light

smart ceiling fan with led light


  • Control with remote, smartphone and voice
  • Dimmable light
  • High speed and a lot of air
  • Energy star


  • High price
  • Slight air noise on higher speeds


  • This smart ceiling fan can work with Amazon Alexa to establish voice control.
  • Besides, it comes with an IR remote. And if you want to use a smartphone to control it, you just need to download an APP.
  • With the factory-balanced and sound tested, this fan will run in quiet and never wobble, rattle or click.
  • Its 52-inch blades make it ideal for 15 x 15 feet indoor spaces.


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Best Value: Hunter Smart Homekit Ceiling Fan with Wi-fi Capability

Best smart home ceiling fan with light


  • Work with Alexa and Apple‘s HomeKit
  • Dimmable light
  • Quiet
  • Good voice control


  • Easy to download the wrong SimpleConnect app
  • A bit complex Instruction


The next ceiling fan can also work with Amazon Alexa for voice control.

  • What’s more, it can be synced with your smart thermostat to adjust the temperature efficiently.
  • This simple connect smart home ceiling fan can be connected to many smart home products.
  • Powered by the Whisperwind motor, this ceiling fan delivers ultra-powerful air movement with whisper-quiet performance.
  • Besides, it comes with a 2-inch down rod, allowing you to adjust the height and optimize air movement.


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Top-Rated: Minka-Aire Smart Alexa Ceiling Fan for Living Room

Top-Rated - Minka-Aire Smart Alexa Ceiling Fan For Living Room


  • Work with wall control and remote
  • Dimmable light
  • Powerful


  • Blades(liquid nickel) are plastic
  • Don’t include a remote


The third ceiling fan requires bond hub (sold separately) to work with Alexa for voice control.

  • This fan includes one 100 Watt T4 Halogen bulb with Etched Opal Glass. And the light is removable. 
  • Moreover, it comes with the three-speed wall control with full-range up and down light dimming and reversible function.
  • Also, it has 5-inch and 6-inch down rod and angled ceiling adapter. 


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Best Price: Minka-Aire Smart Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan with Light & Remote Control

Best Price - Minka-Aire Smart Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan with Light & Remote Control


  • Bright dimmable light
  • Quiet
  • High speed


  • May be difficult to install


This economic smart ceiling fan has been chosen by many people. But that doesn’t mean the quality is “low-cost” too. On the contrary, it works very well and has excellent performance.

  • This fan also requires bond hub (sold separately) to work with Alexa.
  • It includes a three-speed hand-held remote with full-range up and down light dimming, not including reversing.
  • There is a manual reverse switch on the motor.


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Bluetooth Player: Fandian Modern Smart Bluetooth Ceiling Fans with Light

Bluetooth Player - Fandian Modern Smart Bluetooth Ceiling Fans with Light


  • Bright light
  • Functional
  • Retractable blades


  • No wifi capacity


This multifunctional modern ceiling fan with light will be one of the highlights of your home.

  • This fan has a Built-in Bluetooth.
  • Through the smartphone APP, you can freely change light colors, music, atmosphere, etc.
  • The remote can control three speeds and three regular colors of the fan.
  • Its pure copper motor is powerful, silent, and durable. It can help to bring you powerful wind without noise.
  • Besides, the blades are retractable. So you can use it as a light and a speaker when you don’t need the wind.


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Best Selling: BOND – the Smart Ceiling Fan Switch

Best selling - BOND - the Smart Ceiling Fan Switch


  • Control ceiling fans from your smartphone
  • Control up to six ceiling fans
  • Voice control


  • Only used for remote-controlled ceiling fan


“Works just as described and is one of the best investments in building a smart home.”

  • BOND can make any remote-controlled ceiling fan smart.
  • You can control your ceiling fan anywhere via a smartphone APP.
  • Besides, you can also add voice-control to your existing ceiling fan by Alexa & Google assistant.
  • Using BOND, you can control fan-speed & Timer · light & dimmer settings.
  • Please note, BOND doesn’t add these functions to your ceiling fan. It just makes the control smarter and easier.


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The smart ceiling fan has a built-in Wi-Fi module, LED lights, and various sensors such as infrared, motion, and environment. Therefore, it can provide users with more creative services according to the indoor environment. In a word, it’s more functional and more comfortable to control every part of it.