Top 8 Best Indoor Ceiling Fans With Lights Reviews 2020

Bedrooms are supposed to be quiet and private places. Ceiling fans contribute to this principally by lowering the temperature and humidity levels. Would it not be amazing to find one that is equipped with its own lights at the same time? We have sampled some of the best indoor ceiling fans with lights for your consideration below.

What is the Best Indoor Ceiling Fan With Lights?

Why Choose Installing A Lighting Ceiling Fan for Indoor Rooms?

why you need a best indoor ceiling fan with lights

Making your home the best place to relax is the best thing that everyone desires. But not everyone is capable of buying expensive equipment with a high cost of running. Ceiling fan with light is one of the equipments used to cool your home for comfortable relaxation, yet affordable and with low cost of operation. Ceiling fans with lights has so many benefits hence the reason why choose to install them.

Benefits of an indoor ceiling fan with lights.

1. Modern and stylish.

Most ceiling fans with lights come with a modern design with a beautiful and attractive style. Hence a great choice of adding elegance and style in your room. Regardless of your home decor, you will always find a ceiling fan with lights that match your decor perfectly.

2. Multiple functions.

Ceiling fans with lights are designed for many functions. Installing these fans with light in your home gives you stylish lighting in your room, as well as quick and efficient cooling in your home, making them practical and functional not forgetting the perfect decor addition.

Another function is warming your room during cold seasons. Generally, ceiling fans are used to cool the room and some people don’t know that these fans can be used to warm the house. These fans are designed in an ergonomic design that allows the fan to run the blades in the reverse/clockwise direction to warm your room.

3. Affordability.

Most air conditioning devices are very expensive to buy as well as maintaining and running them. Ceiling fans with lights come at an affordable price as well as a low cost of operation. Ceiling fans are energy-efficient hence minimal energy bills.

4. Multiple choices.

There are so many products in the market today with different features, hence plenty of options to choose from. This allows you to get the best ceiling fan with lights that perfectly suits your taste and purpose. You can choose from different styles, lights, designs, sizes among others.

5. Greener cooling system.

In the current world, we are advised to use more greener options in our daily life. This is to enhance energy-efficiency and eco-friendliness. Ceiling fans with lights are designed in an eco-friendly design as well as energy-efficient, without compromising performance, hence the best.

In conclusion, there are so many benefits of choosing to install ceiling fans with lights. Beginning from practicability and multiple functions to style and design, there are many reasons for choosing these fans.

Top-Rated Indoor Ceiling Fans With Lightness 2020

Top 8 Best Indoor Ceiling Fans With Lights Reviews

1. Portage Bay 50251 Hugger 52″ West Hill Ceiling Fan

indoor ceiling fan with lights

White lights and brighter and more legible than all other kinds of lighting mechanisms. That is why it pays to make good use of them in the bedroom. This ceiling fan is accompanied by white lighting mechanisms. It is hence well able to deliver the benefits we have alluded to.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

Frosted Cased White Light Kit

In its entirety, the kit comes about in a frosted casing. This one comprises a ceiling fan and a white light source. The light is dimmable and has the ability to give off around 600 lumens of light brightness. One more added benefit of the lights is that it allows deviations at an angle of 200°.

Dual Finish Fan Blades

At its core are some five dual finish fan blades. They measure 52 inches and are able to sway the air around them violently to be able to generate awesome cooling effects. Each blade embodies a matte black finish that adds some elegance to your rooms.

Reversible Motor

The system draws its power from a reversible motor. This motor is reversible in the sense that it channels the flow of air in the reverse rather than the forward nature as is widely expected of an appliance of this kind. The direction has been noted to distribute the flow of air evenly.

  • Leaves plenty of room for your head and stature
  • Distributes the air more uniformly
  • Provides sufficient illumination to your rooms
  • Its matte black finish adds some beauty and décor to your bedroom
  • Manages quieter operations for your added comfort
  • Unsuitable for a shorter person


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2. Hunter Low Profile Ceiling Fans With Lights And Remote

indoor ceiling fan with lights

For your own comfort and maximum convenience, you definitely want a fan that is operable remote via a remote control unit. Look to no other than this one. It is packed with a remote control capability that handles all the operations from afar off.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

Ultra-powerful Air Movement

On the whole, the piece of equipment manages ultra-powerful air movements. This is mainly made possible by its Whisper Wind motor that channels a huge volume of power to the blades. While at it, the entire structure is still super quiet and unlikely to interfere with the room occupants.

Reversible Motor

Other than being super quiet, the motor is also reversible in the sense that it can change directions back and forth and clockwise and counterclockwise. Thanks to this trait, the motor is also able to deliver the reliable performances necessary both in the summer and in the winter well.

Universal Handheld Remote Controls

A universal handheld remote control also accompanies and forms part of the entire system. Its role is primarily to engage the various aspects of the fanlight from afar off. That way, it negates the need to stay close to the system and engage it manually.

  • Exhibits modern appeal that is truly breathtaking to behold
  • Avails a number of clean and beautiful options for you
  • All its bulbs are fully dimmable
  • Small and compact enough for the packed rooms
  • Guarantees peak performance regardless of the time of day
  • Strictly for indoor use
  • Unable to impact a large house


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3. Hunter Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fans With Lights

best indoor ceiling fans with lights

Could it be that your room is cramped up? If it is, you want a fan that is super quiet, does not overheat and is also compact enough to fit the cramped up spaces with absolute ease. Look to no other one than this one. It is the one that embodies all the traits we have spoken of.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

WhisperWind Motor

A super quiet WhisperWind motor stands tall among all the many benefits it does have to provide. The motor basically delivers ultra-powerful air movement while at the same time maintaining whisper-quiet operations. It is hence less likely to interfere with those in the rooms.

Low-profile Housing

Next, after the quieter motor comes to the low-profile housing. Thanks to this housing, the structure is able to fit those spaces that are smaller and largely inaccessible. In fact, if you have a room that is below 9 feet high, this is the fan for you to set your eyes on.

13-degree Blade Pitch

Its blades pitch at an angle of around 13° to optimize the flow of the air and manage peak performance. In doing this the blades create a wave of extremely cool air that similarly brings about a completely breathable interior ambiance. Adding to this is the energy-efficiency.

  • Comes in an extremely low profile design
  • Impacts interiors with the utmost efficacy
  • Manages super quiet operations
  • Its blades are composite in nature and yield better outcomes
  • Backed by a generous warranty
  • Unable to impact larger rooms



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4. Tengchang 42″ Baroque style LED Remote Ceiling Fan

best indoor outdoor ceiling fans with lighting

Wary of too high utility bills? Take hold of this fan and say no to such bills. It indeed has all the trappings necessary for the achievement of that end. Its LED lights particularly stand out as they consume less power yet give off higher output in return.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

Excellent Motor Material

Only excellent materials have been used to adorn the motor. These are the copper wire, silicon steel sheet, and Acrylic. Then again the color of the fan itself is particularly spectacular. Brown is used extensively as it adds some fervor and elegance to the structure.

3 Speed Controls

It is possible for you to regulate the speeds of the fan in 3 main ways or options. These are the low, the medium, and the high respectively. With these speed variations, it is possible for you to vary the performance of the fan in line with the unique needs of each room.

Remote Controlled

As a last measure, it does come about with a remote control unit that basically allows for operations and controls from afar off. The gadget also negates the need to put in too much effort not to mention having you stay in close proximity with the fan all the while.

  • Bears proper ratings and specifications
  • Produces warm natural white light color output
  • Impacts a wider area per unit time
  • Its speeds vary to respond to unique needs
  • The light bulb can change its color accordingly
  • Calls for too much care and attention on your part
  • Does not work in some voltage areas and options


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5. Merrimack 52-in Antique Bronze Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

best indoor ceiling fans without lights

Looking for a fan to use indoors and outdoors? We draw your attention to this one. Overall, it comes about in a comprehensive design that sees it work indoors and outdoors alike. Further to that, it is also strong enough to be able to perform well in adverse environments.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

Casual Style and Weatherproof

This appliance comes in a casual style. The style complements with the weatherproof trait to give off a strong and pretty reliable stature. Thus, it is stronger and quite resilient to the common agents of damages that are more likely to bedevil it. With this arrangement, you may be sure of added peace of mind.

5 Java Finish Blades

Some five Java finish blades also adorn the fan. The blades are the ones that channel the flow of air to the areas where the same is needed. These blades are pretty streamlined and are subsequently well able to generate a smooth and consistent flow of air.

Reversible Airflow

The blades, other than merely channeling the smooth flow of air, can also operate in the reverse direction. In total, they have the ability to generate a whopping 5,188 cubic feet per minute of air. This is definitely sufficient enough to cool down the sweltering heat of the summer days.

  • Controllable via a remote control unit
  • Operable by the simple press of a button
  • Comes about in an award-winning contemporary design
  • Recognized by many players in the industry
  • Accommodates many relevant accessories that extend its use
  • Slightly strenuous to handle and operationalize
  • Requires plenty of space to be able to mount


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6. Hunter Fan Company Hunter 52090 Transitional 34“Ceiling Fan

indoor ceiling fans with lights and remote control reviews

Have a room that is too large? Do not waste your time with any other fan than this one. It is able to deliver huge power and hence impact a larger room. This stems from its mix of parts and functionality that are all useful insofar as generating strong power.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

3 Position Mounting System

The appliance gives you the freedom of some three positions to mount the system. These are the angled, low, and the standard respectively. They grant the confidence and convenience necessary to be able to do a good job. Regardless of the configuration of your home, you may count on it to do a good job.

Whisper Quiet Performance

In all, the equipment delivers some whisper-quiet performance. This is largely brought about by the WhisperWind motor. Thus, you get to obtain some excellent cooling power that is devoid of any excessively higher levels of noise. This also guarantees you added comfort in your use.

Variable Modes

Finally, the appliance gives you variable modes to choose from. Two of them stand out. They are the updraft mode that comes in handy during the winter and the downdraft mode that proves handy in the summer months. These two modes definitely up your convenience considerably.

  • The maker is reputable and reliable
  • Exhibits deeper innovation and workmanship
  • Backed by a tradition of excellence
  • Saves well over 47% of the cooling costs
  • Ensures ideal air movements and peak performances
  • Demands excessive muscle power to handle
  • Potentially inhibits the smooth flow of the interior room occupants


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7. RainierLight Modern Crystal Ceiling Fan

indoor fans with lights reviews

On top of keeping your interiors cool, the fans also play a secondary role in enhancing the beauty of the interior décor. Not many fans may yield this end to you though. It is because of this that you have to insist on one like this that is beautiful and elegant.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

Universal Design Style

Generally, it comes about in a universal design style. As part of this style, the fan comprises five high-quality wood blades. Then, it is accompanied by a crystal light kit that is pretty dazzling to the eyes. More to that, the equipment configures to meet and suit your unique needs.

Reversible Quiet Fan

Its fans, other than being made of wood, are also reversible and quiet. Their ultra-low silent mode manages to make your interiors cooler and more breathable to stay in. Some three-speed options also come about as a part and parcel of its packaging. All these are easier to maintain.

Three-speed/Smart Timing Function

Some three-speed and smart timing functions also adorn the entire length and breadth of the fan. Among these three options are the high, medium, and low settings respectively. Thanks to these options, you will also enjoy the rare privilege of maintaining the system easily.

  • Allows for quick and easy switching
  • Able to vary the speeds appropriately
  • Usable just about every other place
  • Saves plenty of energy and utility bills
  • Good enough for medium to large-sized rooms
  • Loses its relevance sooner than later


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1. Can you change the lights on a ceiling fan?

YES, it is! However, there are a number of issues you have to care for. For one, you have to use a new kit that is as compatible with the present system as nearly as possible. This is to prevent any possibilities of unnecessary problems arising in times of use.

Also, you have to employ the services of a qualified technician to do the job. Chances are that you do not have the expertise necessary to alter the installations. Going it alone may often mean posing some damage to the entire system, in all or in part.

2. Do LED lights work in ceiling fans?

YES, they do! As a matter of fact, you are strongly recommended to use them over and above any other kind of bulb. The reason is pretty simple. These light bulbs are energy-efficient. They tend to consume less power yet give off brighter lights.

Some are also waterproof. In that light, they are usable in the outdoor environments that constantly get bombarded with higher-than-average levels of precipitation. Many of them are cheaper than the standard incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs too! This definitely puts them at a strategic advantage over and above their peers.

3. How many watts does a ceiling fan light use?

There is no standard wattage that the fan has to or can use. Several factors determine this metric. The size of the room and the prevailing environmental conditions are the two most outstanding. Larger rooms require extra power output to be able to impactfully.

They subsequently demand higher wattage ratings than their smaller room counterparts. Hot and humid times of the day also call for more wattage than the cooler and drier times. Yet again, you will require the input of a higher wattage of power output compared to be able to impact.

4. What kind of lightbulb goes in a ceiling fan?

For a large part, the light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs are the most widely used. They have many superior advantages over and above their peers. For one, they are energy efficient in the sense that they expend less electrical power yet give off brighter lights.

Some of them, as we have already explained, is also waterproof. Thanks to this awesome trait, they are able to stand tall to the adverse weather elements without the risks of suffering extensive water damages. This, in fact, is what makes them useful in outdoor environments.

Final Words

Having looked deeply into the best indoor ceiling fans with lights, we are now sure that you have the expertise you need to appreciate them deeper and make better use of them. We now leave it to you to search for the right one and devote it to your use. All the best too as you set out!

Best Ceiling Fans With Lights For Indoor