Top 8 Best Ceiling Fans For Cooling Reviews

Although the ceiling fans do not cool the air directly, they hugely help in providing cool air around the room. The ceiling fans for cooling are powered by a motor and are equipped with blades that work simultaneously to circulate air in the room. This in return promotes the formation of a cool breeze that helps keep the room cooler throughout.

The following is a review of the top 8 best cooling fans, and a guide on how to choose the best ceiling cooling fan.

What Ceiling Fans Cool the Best?

Top 8 Best Ceiling Fans for Cooling

Top 8 Best Ceiling Fans for Cooling Reviews

1. Prominence 80029-01 Alvina Led Hugger/Low Profile Ceiling Fan for Cooling

best ceiling fans for cooling

  • Suitable for Low Ceiling House

Keep your condo or apartment cool even during the summer seasons with this amazing fan. It fits the homes with low ceilings as it provides controlled air around the room.

  • Hanging Ceiling Fan

This fan features the hanging model, leaving more rooms on the ceiling and the room in general. It operates in a quiet mode; hence, making it a reliable fan to install even in the bedrooms.

  • Good-Looking Ceiling Fan

The finishing on this fan is quite beautiful and adds a touch of beauty to the ceiling as well. Installation of this fan is easy and one is also provided with the connection tool such as; the CRS hunger mounting system.

  • The fan comes with a light for illumination
  • It is remote controlled for convenience when setting on and off
  • The motor operates in a quiet mode
  • It is adjustable in the speed
  • Just for home use, not suitable for large rooms


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2. Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50614-01 Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan

best cool ceiling fans

  • Warm Rustic and Elegant Finishing

The warm rustic and elegant finishing on this fan ensures your ceiling looks beautiful as well. The fan is fitted with Edison light that provides illumination in the room.

Therefore, you don’t need to spend extra money on buying lighting for the area. The fitted Edison lights are LED and can light up for thousands of hours to guarantee long use.

  • Trio Mounting and Quiet Design

The fan features a trio mounting design for easy hanging and mounting on the ceiling. The motor on this fan is powerful and operates in a quiet mode for comfortable sleeping at night in case you equip the fan in the bedroom. The fan comes with remote control for easy switching on and off, and it also has a three-speed adjustable option to choose from.

  • The fan is quite beautiful
  • It is easy to control with the provided remote
  • The LED light equipped is long-lasting
  • The motor does not produce annoying sounds
  • The fan is dimmable
  • Not easy to install


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3. Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan With Lights For Cooling

best cooling fan for room

  • Reversible Function

One of the unique features found on this magnificent ceiling fan is the reverse function. The motor is capable of running in a reverse mode for efficient control and function.

  • LED Kit

There is an LED ceiling fan that provides great illumination to the room, and it is energy efficient as well. The light is dimmable making this is a great fan to install in the bedroom.

  • Remote Control

The fan comes packed with remote control for easy changing the speed and dimming the light from different areas in the house. You are guaranteed to use this fan for a very long time as the motor is durable and can also run for up to125 years.

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  • This fan is quite affordable
  • The motor is durable
  • The package comes with a warranty for quality assurance
  • The fan is dimmable
  • This ceiling fan does not suit large rooms


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4. Westinghouse 7801665 Matte Black Indoor Ceiling Fan for Cooling

best cooling fans for rooms

  • Ideal For All Seasons

This is an around fan ideal for all seasons thanks to its features and great built. The fan speed is adjustable to different levels where you can easily set the right temperatures for summer and even winter.

  • Easy To Install

Installation of the fan on the ceiling is super easy since the pack comes with all the necessary installation tools. There is also a remote control; hence, you don’t need to keep on getting up to control the function of the fan. The fan is designed in a matte black finish that gives it a beautiful look.

  • Energy Efficient Fan

This fan is energy-efficient and thus, you don’t need to worry about the electric bills going high upon installing it. The five equipped blades work simultaneously to balance the temperatures around the room. The powerful motor ensures to provide great air circulation while operating at a low tone to avoid distractions in the room.

  • This fan comes with a two-year warranty for quality assurance
  • It adds a touch of beauty in the room
  • The motor operates in low sounds
  • Controlling the fan is quite easy with the provided remote
  • The motor is a bit slow making this fan, not a good option for installing in homes with large rooms


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5. Harbor Bronze Outdoor Downrod Ceiling Fan for Cooling

best cooling fan

  • Efficient Ceiling Fan

This fan is made by one of the leading and award-winning companies. Therefore, efficiency is guaranteed when using it.

  • Frosted Glass Shade

The fan has a total of 6 brown wicker blades that are also oil rubbed for an excellent look and ensure durability. The light equipped on the fan has a frosted glass shade that shields it and controls the light glares.

  • Suitable for Large Room

The fan is recommended for large rooms as it provides a great flow of air at high speeds. This is a flexible fan that you can install on both indoor and outdoor areas. There are three-speed adjusting options, including Ac to ensure you get the perfect airflow in every season. Note that the fan comes with all the necessary installation accessories.

  • This is a flexible fan for indoor and outdoor use
  • It has a durable design
  • One is given warranty for quality assurance
  • The motor operates quietly
  • Some customers have complained about this fan not being an easy one to install


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6. Honeywell 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan for Cooling

best cooling ceiling fan

  • Unique Blade Shape

The leaf-like design on the blades of this fan makes it stand out and add a touch of decor to the ceiling as well. The whole structure on the fan is made with quality material and well finished to ensure durability and efficiency.

  • LED Light

There is no need to reinstall your room’s bulbs since this fan comes with an installed LED light that provides great illumination. The motor is reversible thanks to the three-speed settings Thus, you can comfortably utilize it during all the seasons.

  • Ideal Choice for Medium Size Rooms

This fan provides a great and high flow of air making it a great choice for people with medium to large-sized houses. The control of the functionality of the fan is easy since it comes with remote control for adjusting the speed and settings at the comfort of your sofa.

  • This ceiling fan features an elegant design
  • It comes with a warranty
  • The fan’s motor operates in a reverse mode
  • There are three-speed options to choose from
  • The instructions on how to install this fan are not quite clear


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7. Emerson CF713BS Pro Series Energy Star Dual Mount Ceiling Fan

best cool ceiling fans for bedroom

  • Reliable Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for a reliable ceiling fan that is also energy efficient then get this Emerson model. The fan has a green star, which means that its energy consumption is super low.

  • Powerful Motor

This fan model has a powerful motor to ensure a good flow of air in the room. Installation of the fan does not take a lot of time with the use of the right tools.

  • Versatile

The fan is also quite versatile since you can install it in multiple ways. You can opt to equip it as close to the ceiling, down rod installation, and even dual mounting.

The fan comes in pieces although assembling it does not take up a lot of time. The design is constructed with mahogany and cherry woods that are durable and make the room look elegant too.

  • The assembling of this ceiling fan does not take up a lot of time
  • It is quite reliable in terms of functioning
  • It is flexible regarding the installation
  • This fan is energy efficient
  • This fan may not work for large-sized rooms since the airflow is not too strong


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8. Westinghouse 7247100 Reversible Indoor Ceiling Fan for Cooling

best cool looking ceiling fans

  • Comes With Different Finishing

This ceiling fan comes in different finishing so you can choose your preferred finish. The fan has a total of six blades to ensure a good flow of air in the room.

  • Reversible Blades

The blades are reversible for a reliable flow of air in the room and provide great airflows to up to 80-meter square.

  • Durable Motor

The motor of the ceiling is made of silicon steel material that is durable and has a white frost finishing adding a touch of decor to the fan and ceiling as well. Three operations speeds ranging from low, medium and high are available for selection, depending on the size of the room and the seasons as well.

  • Minimal Power Usage

Note that although this ceiling fan is quite functional, its power usage is quite minimal since it works at 25 watts. The fan is fitted with an LED light in the middle to offer illumination in the room.

  • One is offered a two-year warrant on buying the fan
  • The ceiling fan offers a touch of elegance to the room and ceiling at large
  • The fan does not utilize a lot of power in the house
  • The installation of this fan is quite easy
  • The motor produces humming sounds that can be quite annoying


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How To Choose The Best Ceiling Fans for Cooling?

how to choose the best ceiling fans for cooling

1. The budget

The budget will always be a huge determinant when it comes to the selection of a ceiling fan. The budget covers the type of ceiling fan to buy and also the installation cost. Considering the cooling fans are sold at different prices, your budget and home needs will determine the type of fan to buy.

For example, if you want a ceiling fan with lighting and low power consumption around the house, the cost will be relatively higher as opposed to buying a standard ceiling fan. When it comes to installation, the cost varies depending on the services; the cost for replacing an already existing fan is relatively lower as opposed to the cost of installing a new ceiling in a new house.

2. The installation location

really cool ceiling fans

Do you need a ceiling fan for indoor or outdoor use? This is another crucial thing to consider if you want to get a good ceiling. The ceiling fan for outdoor installation is different from the indoor ceiling fans. This is because an outdoor ceiling should be made of waterproof material such that, even if it comes to contact with moisture, the blades will not rust.

Also, an outdoor ceiling needs to have a powerful motor that ensures excellent and high flow of air to cover a large area considering the area installed is open.

3. The design of the fan

The ceiling fans come in three different installation styles, which are; hanger ceiling fans, close to ceiling fans and down rod ceiling.

4. Hanger ceiling fans

This type of fan is recommended for low ceilings because the fan features a close connection between the motor housing case and the ceiling. The fan is mainly equipped in condos or apartments.

5. Close to ceiling fans

This model of the cooling fan is equipped with a rod that hangs downwards and it is used to fix the fan on the ceiling. The design of the space between the ceiling and the fan ensures the high operation of the fan and a good flow of air.

6. The cooling ceiling fan with a down rod

This type of ceiling fan fits homes with high ceilings since the added rod ensures to extend the fan downwards for the comfortable circulation of air in all areas. This type of ceiling fan fits best in open areas like the loft.

7. The distance

Considering the ceiling fans have different functional powers, you must know the size of the design of the fan you need to cover the whole room. In this case, measure the distance between the floor and the ceiling of the house to determine the type of ceiling fan you need.

Note that the ceilings fans are labeled with the number of meters they can provide a good flow of air. So, make sure to check the size of the room to help you choose the right ceiling fan.

8. The control options

Ceiling fans can be controlled with either a remote, wall socket or pull chain. Remote-controlled ceiling fans are the most efficient ones since it is easy and comfortable to change the settings from anywhere. So, choose the right ceiling fan to suit your needs.


If you are looking for the top best and most functional home ceiling fans for cooling, consider the above-reviewed fans. They are easy to control since they come with remote control. These ceilings are equipped with energy-efficient lights in the middle such that you don’t need to buy lighting for the room. Check out the available features on these ceiling fans to choose the one that suits your home use or office needs.

Top 8 Best Ceiling Fans for Cooling