Best Cheap Ceiling Fan Reviews

A ceiling fan is a must-have accessory in your home. It can provide the cooling effect need to make your room comfortable to relax. It is a cheap source to make your house cool compared to having an air conditioning unit.

When living in the hot tropics, you will need a fan always to create a cool climate. The fans are available in simple, cheap designs to high-end designs that offer more functions. Here are some of the best cheap fans you can buy if you have a strict budget.

Top 8 Best Cheap Ceiling Fan 2020

Top 8 Best Cheap Ceiling Fan Reviews 2020

1. Hykolity 52 Inch Cheap Oil-Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan

best cheap ceiling fan

  • Classic Looking

This ceiling fan is a classic type of fan. It has the most adorable bronze finishing on the blades that make it appealing. You are also provided a powerful motor to run the ceiling fan and enable it to give you a cool room that you are comfortable with. The motor is also reversible, and with this feature, you can use the fan in any season.

  • Reversible Motor

During the hot summer, you will use the downdraft mode that ensures cool air is blown to the room. During the cold winter season, you can use the updraft mode that guarantees the warm air is retained, making your room comfortable for the season.

  • LED Lights

It is fitted with three LED bulbs with an energy capacity of 6 watts and with frosted glass shades. The bulb will provide the necessary light to enable you to see around your house since they are bright enough.

  • Pull Chain Control

There is a pull chain that is used to switch the fan on and off and also used to control the various settings as the speed you want the fan running. This ceiling fan is perfect for the low ceiling houses as it is small in size.

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2. White Cheap Ceiling Fan – Litex BRC30WW6L Vortex 30-Inch Ceiling Fan

best cheap ceiling fans

  • Suitable for Small Rooms

It is one of the smallest fans that are designed to be used in a small room. The fan utilizes the flash mounting techniques that do not need a lot of materials, and it is easy to install. You get a clean and cool fan with fantastic white finishes when you purchase this type of fan. The blades are made of glass and designed professionally to work effectively.

  • Energy Saving

This fan is an energy-saving kind as it uses 60 watts of electricity. When you have it at home, your electricity bill will not go over the roof. It has a powerful motor, and that can perform quietly and does not shake to mean it can be on while you are sleeping.

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3. Best Cheap Ceiling Fan With Lights – Prominence Home 80029-01

best cheap ceiling fans with lights

  • Perfect For Low Ceiling Rooms

It is small in design and suitable for rooms with low ceilings when you need extra space with the height. The fan can meet the demands of a small room that is around 350 square feet. As such, this fan can be used in your living room, kitchen, dining room, or bedroom.

  • Powerful Motor

The ceiling fan is equipped with a powerful motor that runs the blade for an effective cooling effect in your home. You can use the reverse feature fitted in the motor that enables it to work in the downdraft mode during summer and updraft mode during the winter.

  • Three-Speed Settings

With this fan, you get three-speed settings high, neutral, and low speeds that you can select the perfect speed that will give you the cooling effect you are comfortable with. The ceiling fan is an energy-saving fan that means your budget for power will below.

  • Wooden Blades

The blades are made of wood, and each side has its unique finishing with a perfect angle to make it powerful in airflows.

  • Flush Mount Technique

It is mounted using the flush mount technique and you are offered two CRS hugger system which is used for installing the fan. There is a pull chain fitted that is used in switching the fan on and off, plus the fan is also compatible with a remote control system. With a remote control, you will be able to set any setting at the comfort of your couch or bed. This ceiling fan also comes with a LED bulb that is used as a light source in your home.

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4. Cheap Ceiling Fans For Sale – Westinghouse Lighting 7801665

best cheap fans for sale

  • Modern Designs

The modern design ceiling fan is perfect for a much bigger room that requires an airflow capacity of3588.69 CFM. In installing the fan, you can either use the standard mounting technique or the angle mounting, but it all depends on your ceiling. This ceiling fan is ideal for a large room and can serve well a room that is 225 square feet. It is made with excellent crafting techniques with matte black finishing, which makes the fan look very attractive.

  • Powerful Motor

It has a powerful motor that runs the five fitted blades. This ceiling fan is equipped with the reversible feature that during the summer, you can get in the cool outside air and, in and during the winter, retain the warm air to create a cool room. Included is a lighting kit that is covered with frosted glass that can serve as a light source in your home. The frosted glass is to provide protection as well as emit soft illuminations to make your house shine attractive.

  • Quiet Fan

When the fan is running, you will not be disturbed by any noise as it is super quiet. The power capacity of the bulb is 61 watts and controlled by remote control. The remote control offers you much flexibility. Additionally, you are provided with a dual mount installation technique that you get in an instruction manual to ensure that nothing goes wrong with functioning.

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5. Ceiling Fan With Cheap Price – Westinghouse Lighting 7876400

best ceiling fan cheap price

  • Powerful Fan

This fan is very powerful and can be used in a room that needs an airflow capacity of 2897 CFM. The modern type of fan is perfect for small rooms and can work better in a room that is 100 square feet. It is suitable for the low ceiling rooms, and it will give you enough space with the height to perform other tasks.

  • Reversible Motor

It has a powerful motor made of silicon steel and fitted with dual capacitors. The motor has dimensions of 153 millimeters by 10 millimeters. You also get the reversible feature with the ceiling fan, and this enables you to work with it the whole year. There are three-speed settings, which are high, medium, and low. This lets you choose the perfect speed that will give you the cool room you need.

  • High-Speed Fan

When the fan is at the high-speed setting, you will get an airflow capacity of 2897 CFM. YOU will consume 53 watts of electricity to mean you will achieve 55 CFM per watt that is pretty much efficient. It is fitted with a down rod that enables the fan to hang from the ceiling. This gives it space for operation. A light kit that you can use as a light source in your home always is also fitted. With this product, you will get a warranty for a lifetime for the motor and two years warranty for the other parts of the fan.

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6. 52 Inch Cheap Ceiling Fan – Prominence Home 50853

best cheap outdoor ceiling fans

  • Great Unique Design

It is made of great unique design that makes it attractive with some black matte finishing. The fan features the flush mounting technique and equipped with two CRS hugger mounting equipment. This mounting technique will ensure the fan is stable enough and does not wobble when functioning.

  • Small Ceiling Fan

It is a small fan in design built for low ceiling rooms where an extra space for working is needed. There is a lighting kit that will act as a light source in the room you have installed the fan. This light kit is covered with frosted glass to offer soft illumination for your eyes and make the bright light enough to serve your room.

  • Powerful Motor

The fun features a very powerful motor that functions quietly. It includes three-speed settings that will provide the needed airflow to give you a cool room as you like. There is the reversible feature fitted with the fan, and this enabled the fan to run in a clockwise and anti-clockwise manner. With this setting, you can influence the way air is flowing in and out throughout the year.

  • Uniquely Designed Blades

Its blades are uniquely designed, with both sides having different finishing. On one side, it is fitted with soft black finishing and the other with a grey cedar finishing making it attractive. This fan is ideal for a room that is 350 to 450 square feet that makes it suitable for your living room, bedroom, study room, or dining room.

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7. Best Indoor Cheap Ceiling Fan – Prominence Home 51015

best cheap ceiling fans online

  • Modern Design

This is a modern design fan that is crafted with high skills making it a beauty in your home. It is ideal for any room in your home, whether the kitchen, bedroom, living room or the dining room. The fan is fitted with a light kit that is covered by frosted glass, and you can change the brightness from 20 % to 100 % emitting 450 lumens that make it very bright.

  • Strong Motor

The ceiling fan has a strong motor to run the fan. While running the fan is super quiet, that means even when sleeping, it can be functioning. It also has a three-speed setting, and with these, you can choose from the highest to the lowest how you want airflow in your room. Additionally, the motor has a reversible feature that can function with the downdraft mode and the updraft mode. This gives you the ability to control airflow in a room and get a cool room.

  • Pull Chain Control

The finishing on the blades is unique on both sides of the blades. Mounting the fan is by the standard mount technique, but it makes it stable enough, or you can also use the angled ceiling technique. There is a pull chain used to switch the fan on, off, and it is used to select the various settings as to how you want the fan to run.

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8. Energy Efficient 52 Inch LED Ceiling Fan

best cheap ceiling fan

  • Light Source

This ceiling fan is fifed with a light source and covered with white glass. With the light kit, you will not have trouble moving around the room with such light. The fan is designed to serve a big room, and it is ideal for a room that is 400 square feet.

  • Reversible Motor

Installation of the fan can by a standard or flush mounting one, but both will make it stable enough for efficient working. There is a powerful motor that will deliver powerful airflow in a room that you get a cool room you desire. The motor is reversible, which means it can run in either way and provide the needed coo air in any season.

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How to Choose the Best Cheap Ceiling Fan?

how to choose the best cheap ceiling fan

Room size

You might have rooms of different sizes in your home. Installing a bigger fan in a small room will create much airflow to make a room cold hence uncomfortable. A small fan may not meet the demands of a big room with airflow.

Height of the room

If your room is of the low ceiling, you need the small fans that are installed with a hugger mount. Some fans don’t have the down rod that increases the fan’s height. But if you have the high ceiling room, you need a fan with a down rod to lower it to a level you can achieve optimum airflow. The hugger mounting technique is for the low ceiling rooms that ensure safety is first.

Decide the location to have it installed

A ceiling fan is always counted at the center of the room on the ceiling. Larger rooms may even need more fans to get a cool room. They should be installed uniformly for effective functioning. In your bedroom, do not fit over your bed for safety.

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Power is needed to run the ceiling fan. If the fan has a light kit, the electricity supplied should support the fan and lighting function very well.

Choosing a good quality fan

After selecting having figured out all the above factors, you go to the market to choose a good quality fan. The one that will meet the airflow capacity of the room is fixed.

Best Cheap Ceiling Fans – FAQs

best cheap ceiling fans

1. Do cheap ceiling fans have low quality?

The cheap ceiling fans do not have powerful motors that will allow more blade pitches. Thus they cannot handle the air resistance; therefore, they have a lower blade pitch to make the motor function well.

Most of the cheap fans make a little noise while functioning, which is very uncomfortable in your home.

2. What size of a ceiling fan do I need?

The ceiling fans are available in various shapes and sizes. Depending on the size of your room, you will need different fans. An example is if you have a room that is 18 inches by 20 inches, then you will need a fan that is 52 inches in size.

3. Do I need a down rod for my ceiling fan?

Yes, you need a down rod when you have a high ceiling room. It will lower the fan to a level that will function well to provide a comfortable, cool room. In other cases, you do not need a down rod where you have a low ceiling room as you will need some vertical space to operate.

4. Does a large ceiling fan work better?

A large ceiling fan will work better for large rooms that need more airflow. If the fan is large enough to meet the airflow capacity of a room, then it will be effective. On the other hand, a large fan will not be effective in a small room; it will give much airflow to make the room cold that will be uncomfortable.

Top 8 Best Cheap Ceiling Fan 2020