Top-Rated Ceiling Fan for Living Room Reviews

A ceiling fan is a great addition to your home especially during summer since it ensures increased air circulation as well as air movement in your living room and any other space. Ceiling fans are available in a wide range of sizes that will suit your small rooms and also living areas.

Keep in mind that the ceiling fans are not only effective during summer but also during the cold season since they push warm air from your ceiling into the room. A good ceiling fan for your living room is not easily found but this article will offer the best ceiling fan for your living space.

What Size Ceiling Fan Is Suitable For A Living Room?

ceiling fan for living room reviews

The square feet of your living space and the height of the ceiling height is the crucial dimensions that you should consider for a living room fan. The first step is to measure the square foot for your room and it will help in determining the diameter of the ceiling fan that will fit in your living room.

You will be required to measure the length and also the width of your room then multiply the measurement. This will provide you the square footage of the living room.

  1. For standard living rooms ranging between 100-256 square feet the recommended fan size is 50- 58 inches blades. The fans ought to be powerful to cool rooms of these sizes by generating stronger airflow.
  2. For large living rooms ranging between 289-400 square feet, the best fan should be between 60 and 72 inches blades size. These will provide a large cone of air with great cooling throughout the room. Ensure that the fan has a reasonable power as well as airflow that is CFM.
  3. If you have a very large living room with a bonus room, combination room, or game room with an area greater than 400 square feet. The recommended ceiling fan size is multiple standard size room fans that range between 50 to 58 inches each. These ceiling fans should have a powerful motor and a great airflow.

Depending on the height from the floor to your ceiling, you will have a number of options to choose from.

  • For living rooms with tall ceilings, you need to select a ceiling fan that uses a down rod to suspend the fan far from the ceiling.
  • But for enough air circulation, the blades should hang about 8 inches from the ceiling.
  • For safety measures, the fan should be at least 7 feet above the ground.

Top 8 Best Living Space Ceiling Fans With Lights

Reviews of Living Room Ceiling Fan With Lights.

1. Good Looking – Decorative Rustic Living Room Ceiling Fan With Crystal Lights


  • Easy to install.
  • Elegant design.
  • Great illumination
  • Remote control.


  • Not very easy to clean.

Andersonlight ceiling fan boasts a retro and exquisite design as well as a beautiful crystal decoration. The lighting is also very charming and the best choice family chandelier fan. It is made of metal and wood with a new bronze design as well as crystal style adding to its elegance. It uses an AC power source with a wattage of 50 Watts.

Besides, the fan features an ultra-quiet motor with a running sound as low as 27 decibels and also gives a strong cool wind as well as a non-interfering home environment. And also, it has a reversible function that allows it to rotate clockwise during summer to provide a cool wind and anticlockwise during winter to provide indoor air circulation.

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2. 8 Blades – Honeywell Contemporary Ceiling Fans for Living Rooms 50608-01


  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Dynamic hanging capabilities.
  • Integrated LED.


  • The angle bracket is not included.

Honeywell has established itself as a great brand with high-quality ceiling fans. The ceiling fan boasts a bold body with great dual-finish fan blades that quickly enable you to pick your best style for your specific space.

It is equipped with an integrated LED that is dimmable 1400 lumens and 18 watts. The beam angle is around 120 degrees and 2700k color temperature dimmable from 100% to 10%. The product comes with remote control and is compatible with google home as well as Alex with a bond home. The remote control also helps to control the 3-speed settings and also the light output conveniently.

The motor is also conveniently quiet with reversible control. The reversible feature ensures that the fan can be used throughout the year since you rotate it counterclockwise direction during winter for indoor air circulation.

Hanging is not that easy but with this fan, you enjoy the dynamic hanging capabilities of this multiposition ceiling fan. The blade span is 62 inches hence best suited for your living room.

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3. Energy Saving – Andersonlight Modern Living Room Ceiling Fan With LED Lights


  • Energy-saving LED
  • East to install.
  • Relatively quiet.
  • Durable.


  • No con found.

The product has 5 silver blades that are 48 inches each, milky acrylic shade, and 1 dimmable LED light. Together with the 3 light change that is white, warm, and yellow, the ceiling fan is best for your modern living room.

The ceiling fan is made of stainless steel blades, stainless steel motor outer surface, steel metal canopy, and a compact design that adds on its durability. The materials are corrosion resistant and good looking.

It also comes inclusive of remote control that regulates the light colors wind speed adjustments as well as turning on and off. There are 3-speed levels including low, medium, and high according to your preference.

The motor is wound with copper wire that has a good thermal performance and small noise. It has a reverse control that makes it usable throughout the year.

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4. High CFM – Westinghouse Lighting 7207700 Formal Living Room Ceiling Fan


  • Great value for money.
  • Stylish design.
  • Easy to use.


  • The manual is a little difficult to understand.

Westing house ceiling fan is made of metal and glass with a brushed nickel finish giving it a great elegance for your modern decor. The Cayuga ceiling fan gives energy-efficient airflow, as well as energy-saving, LED lights.

The lights are long-lasting and dimmable hence eliminating the need to change the bulbs for the hard to reach ceiling fans. To add to that, they give great illumination and ambiance.

The product features six blades that are 60 -inch each thus perfect for your large living space and an ultra-powerful motor for great air movement and quiet performance.

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5. Hot Pick – Hunter 53237 Transitional 52“Ceiling Fan for Living Space


  • Versatile.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Classic design.


  • It cannot be used in wet locations.

The ceiling fan boasts a classic design equipped with LED lights that are covered by a swirled marble glass hence keeping your home inspired. The fan measures 52 by 52 by 17 inches.

It has a multi-speed reversible fan motor that delivers great airflow with quiet performance. The reversible control allows you to change its direction from downward mode during the hot season to updraft mode in winter.

The dimmable LED lights save on your electricity bill and also enables you to control the lighting as well as the ambiance of your living space. The LED bulbs are long-lasting compared to the traditional bulbs

It is designed to be used with low ceilings and versatile since you can place it in your bedroom lounge and children’s rooms.

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6. With Remote Control – Tropicalfan Crystal Modern Ceiling Fan


  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction.
  • Durable motor.
  • Stylish design.


  • Noisy.

Tropicalfan ceiling fan features a crystal lampshade and stainless steel blades with a natural silver finish that gives the ceiling fan a sleek and modern look. The blades are 44 inches and perfect for your small living room, bedroom, office, and also your dining room.

Its motor is quiet and durable made from copper. It also has a heat sink hole that reduces the interior temperature of the fan thus extending the motor’s life. On top of that, it has 3-speed settings including low, medium, and high as well as 3 colors changing light which are warm, neutral, and white.

The brand ensures a 100% customer satisfaction with 30 days money back if you are not satisfied as well as a 1-year warranty for any replacements.

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7. Reversible Airflow – LuxureFan Retro Industrial Ceiling Fan


  • 1-year warranty.
  • Relatively quiet.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to install.


  • No cons found.

LuxureFan boasts 5-lights LED light bulbs as well as 5 wood blades including different wood colors and great styles for your modern home. The blades are 52 inches thus perfect for your large living room. It also has various control methods including pull chains as well as a remote control with a timer function for 1, 2, 4, 8 hours.

The product has 3 speeds including high, medium, and low and you can set according to your preference. On top of that, reverse control hence you can change the direction depending on the season.

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8. Double Fan – Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii 2 Ceiling Fans for Huge Living Room


  • Award-winning double fan.
  • Durable.
  • Applicable for both indoor and outdoor uses.


  • No ETL safety listing.

Harbor Breeze is a great brand with a great reputation in producing high-quality ceiling fans. This is an award-winning product that displays outstanding beauty as well as long-lasting durability.

The ceiling fan has 6 blades with an oil-rubbed bronze finish thus giving a sleek appearance. It also comes with a light kit made of frosted glass shades hence creating a bright glow.

The blades are 74-inches and perfect for your extra-large rooms and applicable in both indoor and outdoor activities. Additionally, the motor has 3 speeds and a reversible function and also provides a great airflow of 4550 CFM with an efficiency of 57 CFM/watt.

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4 Best Living Room Ceiling Fans With No Light

Reviews of Living Room Ceiling Fan Without Lights.

1. Multi-Color Options – Minka-Aire F843-DK Big Living Room Ceiling Fan


  • Many variables down rods included.
  • Remote control
  • Elegant design.


  • None.

Minka-Aire ceiling fan is designed with a distressed body and meant for indoor activities. It is equipped with 3 distressed Koa fan blades that are 52 inches each. The fan is not compatible with any light kit.

The product comes with a 3-speed remote control that gives you the full control of cooling levels as well as lighting. The wave’s design enables you to customize the looks of your ceiling fan if you prefer a low profile or you would like to explore the potential of this fan in larger rooms. This is made possible by the downloads that are 60, 48, 36, 12, and 3.5 inches all included in the product package.

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2. Classic Style – Hunter Fan Company 53320 Newsome Ceiling Fan


  • Multiple speed fan motor.
  • Classic design.
  • Durable.


  • None found.

Hunter 53320 ceiling fan boasts a classic design that has yellow walnut reversible blades hence keeping your home interior inspired. It has a multiple-speed fan motor with a reverse control function that delivers ultra-powerful airflow maintaining a quiet performance.

The reverse function ensures the ceiling fan is functional throughout the year since you can switch to counterclockwise rotation during winter for indoor air circulation. It also features a pull chain control that allows you to turn on or off as well as adjusting the ceiling fan speed quickly.

You can adjust the height of the ceiling fan through the included 2 and 3 inches down rod thus ensuring proper distance from the floor to the ceiling as well as optimizing the airflow.

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3. For Low Ceiling – 52″ Casa Orbitor Modern Low Profile Ceiling Fan


  • Powerful motor.
  • Stylish design.
  • Easy to install.


  • No warranty information.

This is a modern ceiling fan that is designed with a brushed nickel finish as well as shaded espresso finish blades made of ABS material. The blades are 52 inches thus perfect in bringing comfortable airflow to your living room.

The ceiling fan has a powerful motor that provides air movement of 4678 CFM with an efficiency of 76 CFM per watt. This makes the fan ideal for your living room and other large rooms.

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4. ETL Listed – Minka-Aire F787-SBR/WHF White Ceiling Fan for Living Space


  • Remote control.
  • Quiet.
  • ETL listed
  • Used in damp locations.


  • Light kit not included.

Minka-Aire ceiling fan can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It has a stylish trend with an exclusive soft brass and flat white configuration. Your safety is guaranteed since the product is ETL listed as well as approved for use in damp locations.

The motor ensures an unmatched airflow of 5669 CFM at the highest speed using 29.44 watts. The product uses a DC motor that is quiet which is advantageous if you need a quiet environment. The product package includes a 6-inch down rod and remote control.

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Tips for Choosing The Best Living Room Ceiling Fan.

Below are the tips to choose to make the perfect choice of your living room ceiling fan.

Measure your room size.

Ceiling fans are available in different sizes with their blades ranging from 29 to 60 inches or even greater. When choosing the ceiling fan that best suits your needs, you will be required to know your room size.

Measure the length and width of your room then multiply to get the square feet. Below is a breakdown of the fan sizes that are recommended based on the size of your space.

  • For a room less than 80 square feet a fan with the size of 36 inches or less is perfect.
  • 80-150 square feet, 36-42 inches fan.
  • 150-250 square feet, a fan with a size of 42-52 inches.
  • 250 square feet or more a fan of 52 inches size or more.

Pick The Right Mount Type.

formal living room ceiling fansFor indoor ceiling fans, they should be hung higher than 7 feet from the ground. Your ceiling should be at least 8 feet high to qualify for a fan. It is obvious that tall people and low ceilings are not compatible hence a hugger ceiling fan will be the best. If you have a sloping ceiling, then a fan mount with a beam angle will be the most preferred.

If your ceiling is more than 9 feet or it is sloped, then you will need a downrod to mount your fan to get it closer to the seating area. Below is a breakdown of the down rod to get the best airflow.

Ceiling HeightDown rod size.
8 feet3 inches.
9 feet3-6 inches
10 feet12 inches.
11 feet18 inches.
12 feet24 inches.
13 feet.36 inches.

Whether I Need A Light or Not?

modern living room fanFans that are equipped with light fixtures are multipurpose equipment for your home. This is because they heat, cool, and also illuminate your room. Instead of placing a lamp in every corner, a ceiling fan will illuminate your space as well as ensuring air circulation. This option is great for energy-efficiency since you will have one source for all your needs without having to fluctuate the thermostat or multiple on and off switches.

On the other hand, not all rooms will need an overhead light that has a lot of blades that are attached to it. For rooms such as study rooms or game rooms, you might be having the best lighting option hence will not need extra light.


Choosing whether you need the lights or not on your ceiling fan will depend on your need and whether you already have the best lighting system.

Choose The Right Control.

remote controlled ceiling fan for living roomThere are 3 types of controls including remote control, pull chain, and wall control. The remote control and the electronic-based wall controls will come with a receiver The electronic parts will require maintenance after a few years and the receiver will go out after about 8 years hence you will have to replace them

For the manual fans with a pull chain, they are controlled by hard-wired wall control and no receivers involved thus less maintenance.

Consider dual ceiling fans or two ceiling fans.

install two ceiling fans for a living room

Dual ceiling fans come in different sizes, designs, shapes, and lights. Twin motors come with brushed nickel, bronze, and white shades thus accommodating any patio decor or rooms. The blades come in different styles and shape creating a uniform look and at the same time providing a calming breeze.

The twin motor fans have a double-sided design that assists in air circulation if you lack many mounting options. There are extra-large rooms where a single fan with a single set of blades will not be enough hence the need of two ceiling fans.

About Double Ceiling Fan for Your Living Space

1. Do I Need To Put Two Ceiling Fans In My Living Room and How Can I Position Them?

best double ceiling fan for living room

There are rooms that are too large to use a single ceiling fan and others have high ceilings thus requiring 2 fans instead of one. Rooms that are greater than 20 by 15 inches will be served well by 2 moderate fans instead of 1 large fan. Therefore if you would like to install 2 ceiling fans then you should know how to install them to achieve optimal performance.

The goal will be to position the fans equidistantly in your room. The final result will be that the space between the two fans will be twice the distance that your fans are from the walls. This is achieved by dividing the width of your room by four and thereafter centering each fan the same distance away from the side walls.

2. What Size Living Room Needs A Double Ceiling Fan?

Rooms that are larger than 20 by 15 inches will require multiple or multiple ceiling fans for optimal air circulation. Furthermore, rooms that are a bit small but their ceilings are higher, will also require two ceiling fans for better air circulation.

This article has already described the way to calculate the area of your living rooms and with the right living room area, you will be in a position to determine whether your room will need a double ceiling fan.

Final Words

In conclusion, a ceiling fan is an important appliance in your home. To get the best size living room ceiling fan that matches the size of your room, you would be required to get the area of your room in square feet.

This article has described the best living space ceiling fans with and without lights as well as the tips to consider when choosing the best ceiling fan. After reading it you will be in a position to make the right decision for your living room ceiling fan.