Top 10 Best Looking Ceiling Fans Reviews 2020

When you are selecting an ideal ceiling fan for your house, finding an appropriate style is crucial. I think you don’t want to have a fan incompatible with your room, too. So, on this page, I have chosen 10 best good looking ceiling fans matching different home styles. Read on!

The Styles of Best looking Ceiling Fans

best looking kid ceiling fan

i. Kid-style Ceiling Fan

Choosing an appropriate style ceiling fan for your children’s room has many benefits. On the one hand, it can decorate the room with better appearance; and on the other hand, living in a tuneful room is good for your children’s growth, for both physical and mental.

Generally, kids’ ceiling fans are made into cartoon shapes. And they can be divided into modern, contemporary, nautical, industrial, traditional styles. You can choose any style of them according to your kids’ personalities. For example, if your kid is a playful boy, a nautical style ceiling fan may be better than a strict modern style.

Hunter Good-Looking Ceiling Fan for Kids

best hunter good looking kid ceiling fan

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ii. Tropical Ceiling Fan

Tropical ceiling fans are the perfect way to add to an island influences touch into your interior décor or even outdoor décor. You can pick from carved wooden leaf plates, bamboo or palm.

Furthermore, you can also choose nautical style fans with blades that look like sails from a sailboat. Pick a coastal theme fan with light or the one without lights. Be sure of creating a perfect comfort in spaces that require the display of the tropical style.

Honeywell Tropical Looking Ceiling Fan

Honeywell tropical ceiling fan

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iii. Modern Ceiling Fan

The modern ceiling fan offers color and finishes that you will like. The style and finish match the ongoing trends. These fans are the best since they will match with your home’s modern outlook. Consider perfect lighting, stunning finish, and the overall construction which suits your needs.

iv. Tiffany Style Ceiling Fan

Tiffany style ceiling fans have an attractive outlook. Some come with a beautiful light fixture. However, despite the presence of LED light, the fans are energy saving. They are durable thus can serve you for long. Additionally, they feature perfect elegant colors that will suit your needs. They are marvelous to look at when you have one in your home.

Tiffany Looking Ceiling Fan With High Quality

best Tiffany style ceiling fan

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v. Mid-Century Style Ceiling Fan

Retro elegance and sleek design come together in this collection of mid-century ceiling fans. You will find completely functional and convenient fans in this collection. There are also eye-catching designs that range back to the 1950s. These ceiling fans are portable. Consider choosing from this style to experience comfort in your home.

The Types of Good Looking Ceiling Fans

Have you ever thought that the ceiling fans’ functions may influence the fan’s appearance? Actually, ceiling fans will have different features that may have various outlooks. For example, dual ceiling fans usually have two fans much different from normal fans in outlooks. Read on and check more ceiling fan types different in functions and outlooks!

best looking ceiling fans types

a. Energy Star Ceiling Fans

An Energy Star ceiling fan should be your choice if you care about our environment. The Energy Star ceiling fans are legislated to be energy efficient and quality performance. Do you want to save on the cost of your electricity bills? Look no further than the Energy Star ceiling fan. Notably, the ceiling fan has the latest tech motor function and blade designs. It is just an awesome type to own.

b. Standard Ceiling Fans

Standard ceiling fans are the most prominent and commonly used type of ceiling fans in the market. The defining features of a standard ceiling fan entail a five-blade model, inbuilt light, and downrod that ensures perfect distance from the ceiling.

Standard ceiling fans are famous because regardless of the material, finish, or color, they can fit in your budget. If you are looking for that original ceiling fan, the standard ceiling fan should be your option.

c. Dual Motors Ceiling fans

Consider Dual Motor Ceiling fans if you are up to for a fan with both style and unique features. Their structure offers a bold design, thus are suitable for any room. Besides, their stylish build and dual motor function are perfect.

Be sure of exceptional airflow in your entire home. Their blades can turn vertically at an angle, depending on the model. Consider Dual Motor fan if the unique style and excellent performance of the fan is your need.

d. Remote- Controlled Ceiling Fans

Remote-Controlled ceiling fans enable your flexibility. If you are not tall enough to adjust the fan’s settings, a button press will work for you instead of manual control to adjust the settings. Multiple Remote-controlled ceiling fans are compatible, allowing you to add a wall control option. It will be easier to control and adjust settings.

The latest technology advancement has paved the way for some brands to produce fans that can synchronize with your smartphone. You will be able to control the fan’s setting through a smartphone app. Despite the perfect performance of the various remote-controlled fans, they also feature a whimsical style, design, and finish.

e. Industrial Ceiling Fans

Just as the name, Industrial ceiling fans can cope with heavy-duty requirements of the industrial setup. They are capable of maximizing airflow movement, open spaces. Industrial fans create a perfect ambiance to make workers or any other spacious spaces feel comfortable.

Besides, Industrial ceiling fans feature heavy-duty motor design high volume airflow in an efficient way while minimizing the cost. Finally, despite the excellent performance, the industrial fans are affordable.

Top 10 Best Looking Ceiling Fans 2020

Reviews of the Best Looking Ceiling Fans

1. Modern Style – 52″ Innovation Cool Looking Ceiling Fans


  • Durable
  • Stunning Nickel brush finish
  • Energy-saving model
  • Perfect LED lighting fixture


  • The plates can’t oscillate beyond 15 degrees
  • Perfect Air Circulation

52″ Innovation Modern Ceiling fan has a two-52 inches blade span. Be sure of the perfect air circulation in your home. The 52″ Innovation ceiling fan features a perfect 12 degrees blade pitch. You will just have a fantastic atmosphere of the experience. Besides, the model is energy efficient. Thanks to its energy-saving motor.

  • Stunning Nickel Brush Finish

The 52″ Innovation ceiling fan has a stunning nickel brush finish. They have an attractive look and will, therefore, improves your home’s interior décor. Notably, the 52″ Innovation feature a strong metallic build. The surfaces are sturdy and rust-free. You will be able to use your ceiling fan for long. The model also has an attractive dimmable 17 watt LED lighting fixture. Its elegant looking lighting fixture can improve your home interior décor.

  • With Handheld Remote Control

The model is also easy to operate. Thanks to its handheld remote control! You will be able to control the fan settings by just a button press. Finally, the 52″ Innovation ceiling fan has a 4.5″ downrod. It can suit your preference for the perfect air circulation.

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2. Tropical Style – Honeywell Palm Island Cool Black Ceiling Fan


  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Quiet performance
  • Easy controls
  • Attractive finish
  • Perfect 360 degrees oscillating blades


  • None
  • Tropical Style

Honeywell Palm Island ceiling fan features a high-quality design. The ceiling fan has tropical style bronze finish blades. It can be able to serve you for long before you decide on a replacement. Besides, the Honeywell Palm Island ceiling fan has a stunning outlook. It will be beautiful to look at; furthermore, it will improve your home’s interior décor.

  • Ultra Quiet Performance

Honeywell ceiling fan oscillates at 360 degrees. You will probably like the calm and luxurious atmosphere that it will provide. Be ready to enjoy a quiet performance! Honeywell Palm ceiling fan has a quiet reversible Motor that can do perfect warming and cooling aim, quietly.

  • For Both Indoors and Outdoors

If you desire a ceiling fan that will serve you in both indoor and outdoor setups. Look no further than the Honeywell Palm Island ceiling fan. Finally, the Honeywell Palm ceiling fan has a lifetime warranty. You will have an extra assurance of this model.

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3. Chandelier Style – Sweety House 42 “Crystal Good Looking Ceiling Fan


  • Easy to install
  • Quiet motor
  • Attractive finish
  • Energy-saving motor
  • Suitable for both personal and commercial use


  • Lacks multi-speed setting
  • Long-Lasting Fan

Sweety House 42″ Crystal ceiling fan feature a durable Aluminum alloy, copper motor, and acrylic blade. The model will serve you for many years. Besides, its design will enable you to have reliable airflow in winter as well as bringing comfort to your family. The Sweety House ceiling fan is easy to operate.

  • Fantastic Outlook

Besides, it has a fantastic outlook. Your room interior décor will have a modern look. Sweety House 42″ has a quiet motor. It is a more silent, powerful, and durable copper motor. Enjoy the perfect atmosphere environment during both the summer and winter seasons.

  • Energy Efficient Motor

Notably, the motor is energy efficient. You will cut down on the cost of electricity in your home, thus saving energy. Finally, the Sweety House ceiling fan is easy to install. It comes with easy to follow installation instructions.

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4. Industrial Style – Industrial Cage Cool Looking Ceiling Fan With Lights


  • Has a warranty
  • Offers both remote and pull chains operation
  • Reversible performance fan
  • Silent fan
  • Tropical designs


  • Not easy to follow the installation guide
  • Made of High-Quality Materials

Industrial Cage Ceiling fan has a high-quality metal material. The fan is capable of serving you for many years. Further, Industrial Cage Ceiling fan features an attractive ABS palm blade. You will have an attractive investment in your home.

Besides, the motor has a fan motor tech. Its performance will be ultra-quiet reducing noise operation. Let your family enjoy the perfect atmosphere at home.

  • Reversible Function

The Industrial Cage ceiling fan also features a reversible function. You will be able to change from downdraft mode during summer and to updraft mode during the cold season. They will serve you all year-round. Remote and pull chain controls allows for its easy operation. You will quickly open, close, or change the fan’s speed.

Finally, the Industrial Cage ceiling fan comes with a one-year warranty. You will have an extra assurance on the ceiling fan.

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5. Contemporary Design – 52″ Admiralty Modern Hugger Ceiling Fan


  • Offers remote control
  • Durable
  • Energy-efficient motor
  • Modern design


  • Not easy to install model
  • Perfect Outlook

52″ Admiralty Modern Hugger Ceiling Fan features a Brush Nickel finish. It will create a perfect outlook for your home’s interior décor. Besides, the Admiralty ceiling fan sturdy build will ensure it last for long. Admiralty Modern Hugger ceiling fan also has a 52″ blade. It maximizes the air circulation area, thus enhancing comfort for your family.

  • Energy-Sving DC-125 Motor

Furthermore, it features the DC-125 motor. Be sure of cutting down your electricity cost since the motor is energy efficient. Admiralty Modern ceiling fan has a perfect 14-degree blade pitch. You can adjust it to suit your preference for the ideal airflow movement.

Notably, the model offers a remote control system. All the fan settings will just be done by simply pressing on a button. The product is ideal for your home!

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6. European Style – Hunter Indoor Green Looking Ceiling Fan with light


  • Durable
  • Whisper-quiet performance
  • Offers reversible function
  • Perfect 13 degrees blades pitch


  • Only suitable for indoor use
  • Metallic Build Outlook

Hunter Indoor Ceiling fan with light is of the metallic build. You will get a durable fan that serves you for long. Hunter Indoor Ceiling fan motors delivers ultra-powerful airflow with whisper-quiet operation. Be sure of getting a cooling power of your preference with no noise.

  • Reversible Features

Notably, the fan can serve you all through the various seasons. You will change the fan’s direction from downdraft mode during the summer to updraft mode during the winter.

  • Offering an Ideal Airflow

Additionally, the Hunter Indoor Ceiling fan has a perfect blade pitch of 13 degrees. Your home will have an ideal airflow, thus improving the health conditions of your household. Finally, the Hunter Indoor Ceiling fan features 2 and 3 inches downrods. Proper distance from the ceiling will be present, and air movement will be at your own needs.

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7. Steam Era Style – Big Air 96″ Industrial Looking Ceiling Fan


  • Has a warranty
  • Standard downrod length
  • Reversible function
  • Energy efficient
  • Perfect for commercial use


  • None

With a Modern Metallic Finish

Big Air 96″ Industrial Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling fan has a modern metallic finish. The fan is capable of matching any space that demands a sleek and stylish outlook. Besides, its large blades provide a luxurious cooling circulation and can serve you during the various seasons of the year. Big Air 96″ ceiling fan is easy to control. It comes with a remote control system allowing for its easy operation.

  • Reversible Function

Additionally, the Big Air ceiling fan is reversible. It features a nine-blade design for mass air movement and can rotate reversibly to cater for both winter and summer needs. Big Air ceiling fan has a motor that is energy efficient. Be sure of saving on your electricity cost.

  • Perfect Airflow

Further, the model also features a standard downrod length of 6 inches. Proper distance from the ceiling will be perfect, ensuring your aim airflow preference is there. Finally, the Industrial fan comes with a one year warranty. You will have extra assurance when using the model.

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8. Cartoon Style – Westinghouse Lighting 7247500 Kids Ceiling Fans


  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Reversible function
  • Energy-efficient motor
  • Attractive finish


  • Not easy to install
  • Elegant Outlook

Westinghouse Lighting 7247500 ceiling fan is of metal and glass build. It has an elegant looking outlook that can improve your home’s décor. Besides, the model features a five-blade indoor ceiling fan that can accommodate large rooms. Be sure of a luxurious atmosphere for your family.

  • Reversible Fan

Westinghouse Lighting ceiling fan is a reversible fan. You will able to change from downdraft mode during the summer and to updraft mode during winter. It is the perfect model you always wish to have!

  • Perfect Air Movement

Furthermore, the Westinghouse Lighting ceiling fan has an energy-efficient motor. The motor ensures perfect airflow that will provide comfort. The Westinghouse Lighting ceiling fan has a four-inch downrod. It maintains an ideal distance from the ceiling to ensure it suits your preference for air movement. Lastly, the Westinghouse ceiling fan has a lifetime warranty. Your confidence in the product will be high.

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9. Tiffany Style – LUOLAX Modern 42″ Tiffany Ceiling Fan


  • Elegant looking lighting ambiance
  • Offers remote control system
  • Attractive outlook
  • Silent motor
  • Durable


  • None
  • Metallic Body Structure

LUOLAX Modern 42″ ceiling fan has a metallic body structure blades. The blades can serve you for long. Besides, the fixture dimension is 42 inches, thus can maximize the airflow movement. You can enjoy quiet sleep! Thanks to its pure copper mute motor ideal for your bedroom.

  • Remote Control and Lights

LUOFLAX ceiling also features a remote control system. You can control the fan from any place you are in your room. Notably, the model offers a LED lighting system. Be sure of a beautiful light ambiance at your home

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10. Mid-Century Style – Warehouse of Tiffany CFL-8154BR Ceiling Fan


  • Both remote and pull chain control
  • Beautiful light fixture
  • Wider blades
  • Durable


  • Only suitable for indoor use
  • Of the Bronze Build

Warehouse of Tiffany CFL-8154BR ceiling fan is of the Bronze build. The structure ensures that it lasts for long. Warehouse of Tiffany ceiling fan is of three times fan speed. Be sure to meet your needs for the right airflow movement.

  • With Four Lights Fixtures

Additionally, the Warehouse of Tiffany ceiling fan has four lights fixtures. Enjoy a beautiful light ambiance that will improve your home’s décor. Warehouse of Tiffany ceiling fan is easy to control. It offers both pulls chain and remote control; thus, you can control it from any point of your comfort.

Lastly, the model comes with wiring and a light kit. No need to buy a separate light kit as other models require.

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How to Choose an Ideal Ceiling Fan with a Unique Design?

Ceiling fans perform a crucial function in your home. However, choosing the unique design that can suit your needs is not a walk in the park. We have done the research and able to come up with the first things to look at first.

choosing a good looking ceiling fan

a. Brand

Consider choosing your ceiling fan from the well-known brands. You can visit the online site’s example Amazon. Under the customer review section, you can identify the bestselling brands you can choose. You can also do your research from your friends and colleagues and able to locate the best brand in the market to pick.
b. Material

You should consider a sturdy built ceiling fan. Make sure that the fan that you pick will be able to serve you for long. Solid wood blades come at a great expense while the combination of veneers and plywood is less expensive.

c. Design

Consider the perfect style that will meet your needs. The blade size and the outlook of the fan are important. Make sure the fan you go for can accommodate your interior décor. If you need your fan to accommodate vintage décor go for Antique Ceiling fan design. When modern and transitional space suits you. A contemporary Ceiling fan should be your option. Equally important, you should consider the fan’s color. The color of the downrod should match the ceiling fan color.

d. Price

You should consider that perfect ceiling fan design that fits your budget. You can visit online shopping sites such as Amazon. Under the customer reviews section, you will find a budget-friendly fan. Apply the rule of the more the reviews, the better the product. You can also inquire from your friend to know the best price but performing a fan in the market.

e. Ceiling fan efficiency

The motor is the heart of any fan. It determines the airflow movement in your ceiling fan. Consider going for energy-saving motors, as this will minimize your cost. The best ceiling fan is energy star rated and has high airflow. You will use less energy, and your fan will perform efficiently.

Final Words

In conclusion, be sure to put the information in our guide above so as to buy the best unique design ceiling fan. We assure that they will be able to meet your needs.

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans With Unique Design 2020