Best Low Profile Ceiling Fan Reviews

Also known as flush or hugger fan, low profile ceiling fans offer a cooler solution, and they are installed without the use of downrod. In addition to that, low profile ceiling fans are usually installed flush against the ceiling hence allowing your fan to hang seven feet above your flow n accordance with NEC recommendation.

For individuals with a shorter ceiling, you might consider purchasing hugger mounts that will best suit your need. However, with several designs available in today’s market, choosing the best low profile ceiling fan has become relatively challenging for most individuals out there.

Therefore, in this article, we shall be discussing some of the best low profile ceiling fans you can get in today’s market.

What is a Low Profile Ceiling Fan?

low profile ceiling fan no light

Before going through some of the best low profile ceiling fans, it will be best if you understand what a low profile ceiling fan is.

A low profile ceiling fan is a fan that is designed in a way that the blades are closer to your ceiling when compared to a typical ceiling fan. Since building safety requires one to have fan blades that are seven feet above the flow, it will be best to use a low profile ceiling; you have a ceiling that more than eight feet high.

Low profile ceiling fans are highly essential, especially during a hot season where they provide a cooling effect. In addition to that, the low profile ceiling fans aid in distributing heat during winter, making it a highly essential device that is worth investing in.

Several high-quality brands are available out there, and choosing the one that best suits your need is very crucial. Nevertheless, you should remember that, when installing a low profile ceiling fan, you should avoid doing it on a slopping or vaulted ceilings due to the closeness of the blade to the ceiling.

2021 Low Profile Ceiling Fan Ranking

Top 8 Best Low Profile Ceiling Fan Reviews 2020

1. Best Selling – Hunter Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Light, 59243

best low profile ceiling fan

  • Modern design

The hunter fan low profile ceiling fan features the modern design, and it is equipped with LED lights covered with white glasses, which aids in keeping the interior of your home fresh. Whatever room you want to install this fan, it can improve your home decor significantly.

  • Various speeds

This low profile ceiling fan features multi-speeds with an incredible motor that delivers powerful airflow with quiet performance. And also, with this fan, you can the direction from updraft mode freely, ideal for both winter and summer use.

  • Handled remote

This ceiling fan is also equipped with a handheld remote control, helping you adjust the lights level and blades speed easily. Thus, you even don’t need to get up from your bed, and you can control your fans conveniently.

  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for use during both winter and summer
  • Features a modern design
  • It is equipped with multi-speed.
  • The remote operates from a near distance.

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2. 52 Inch Fan – Emerson Low Profile White Ceiling Fan, CF805SWW

best 52 low profile ceiling fan

  • Suitable for Medium Size Room Use

This ceiling fan is equipped with blades measuring 52 inches wide ad 8 inch high, capable for providing enough airflow for a medium-size room, like master bedrooms. Besides that, the Emerson ceiling fan also features a classic outlook, adding incredible beauty for your rooms.

  • Reversible Features

This ceiling fan has an amazing reversible feature, which is useful for both winter and summer. In summer, it can create a “wind chill”, making feel up to 5-degree cooler. Also, in winter, you just need to flip a switch, and it can recirculate the hot air near the ceiling. This function will help you save your energy bills greatly.

  • It is equipped with five reversible blades
  • Comes with a lifetime motor warranty
  • Relatively easy to install
  • Feature multi-speed design
  • It features a low horsepower

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3. Small Size – Emerson Modern Low Profile Ceiling Fans CF130WW

best low profile white ceiling fan

  • Dual Mount Feature

This ceiling fan has a dual mount feature, which means that you can install the fan close-to-ceiling or install it with a standard downrod, ideal for more home ceiling types. Besides that, this fan also has a sophisticated white outlook, suitable for most kinds of home styles.

  • Ideal for Damp Areas

For people who live in damper areas, choosing the right fan would be a difficult thing. Then you shouldn’t miss CF130WW. It has a damp location rating, making it ideal for wet areas use, like sunrooms and verandas.

  • Powerful Airflow 

Although Emerson CF130WW has a compact size, it does remove the air powerfully. It has a Tilo’s function, providing a 2278 CFM airflow for your rooms. It can not only circulate your air significantly but cut down the bacteria in your home. What’s the most important, with such a powerful airflow, it still delivers a whisper-quiet performance. You can keep the fan up for the whole night without worrying that it will disturb your sleeping quality.

  • Performs incredibly well.
  • Equipped with dual mount
  • Multi-speed design
  • Despite being an incredible fan, it is not ideal for a big living area.

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4. Hunter Brand – Hunter Low Profile Ceiling Fan Light Kit, 59270

best low profile ceiling fan with remote

  • Sleek and Stylish Outlook

The hunter 59270 features the latest ceiling design equipped with LED lights and covered using glass case. On the one hand, it can provide you with cooling winds; and on the other hand, you can also enjoy the soft lighting. This is also a money-saving choice as you don’t need to waste your money on another lamp purchasing.

  • Reversible Motor

Different from the traditional ceiling fans, Hunter 59270 has a reversible motor, making it easy for both summer and winter use. You just need to change the direction from downdraft mode, and you can change summer and winter mode

  • Features incredible design
  • Equipped with multi-speed design
  • Ideal for use during winter and summer
  • Installation process is a little challenging

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5. For Budget – Hunter Low Profile Ceiling Fan Without Lights, 51061

very low profile ceiling fan

  • Classic Design

Unlike most ceiling fans on the market with modern outlook, it is a classic style fan. It features 5 wooden blades, decorated with weathered oak/wine country designs, especially suitable for the house with retro decorations.

  • Multi-speed design

Measuring 42 by 42 by 7.53 inches, the hunter 51061 is equipped with a motor that delivers a powerful airflow with ultra-quiet performance. Just like any other Hunter fans out there, the hunter 51061 is best for use during both winter and summer seasons.

  • Placement

Hunter 51061 has been designed for use in bedrooms, living rooms, nursery as well as children’s room. Furthermore, it is best for use in rooms that feature low ceilings.

  • Multi-speed design
  • Classic design
  • Incredible performance
  • Ideal for use almost anywhere in your home
  • It features a remote that works best from a short distance

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6. Whisper Quiet – Hunter Hugger Low Profile Ceiling Fan, 59248

low profile ceiling fan with light and remote

  • Reversible motor

Just like most hunter fans out there, the hunter 59248 is equipped with an incredible motor that changes the direction of the fan from updraft to downdraft, making it best for use during winter and summer seasons.

  • Incredible performance

The hunter 59248 is equipped with an ultra-powerful motor that aids in enhancing air movement with quiet performance. Besides, the hunter 59248 is equipped with a 13-degree blade pitch, which optimized rotation to ensure incredible air movement as well as peak performance.

  • The motor features a lifetime warranty
  • Incredible functionality
  • Ideal for use during winter and summer
  • Installing this fan is a bit challenging

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7. Classic Fan – Hunter Super Low Profile Ceiling Fan, 53071

super low profile ceiling fan

  • Classic Designs

Measuring 52 by 52 by 7.96, the hunter 53071 features incredible design. On the one hand, it has a high quality Antique Pewter finish, making it looks advanced; and on the other hand, it has five blades with walnut/light cherry deisgns, adding unique decorations for your home interior.

  • Various speeds

The hunter 53071 fan features a multi-speed design that aids in delivering powerful airflow; furthermore, the motor features a silent design, and it is best for use during winter and summer seasons..

  • Relatively easy to operate
  • Features a multi-speed design
  • Powerful motor
  • None.

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8. Editor’s Choice – Revue Hugger Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Lights And Remote

modern low profile ceiling fan

  • Modern design

The first time when you see this ceiling fan, you will be attracted by its sleek outlook. It has four oil-rubbed bronze finish blades, providing you both high power airflow as well as sophisticated decorations.

  • Performance

This low profile ceiling features an incredible performance equipped with an integrated on and off LED light module. Furthermore, this is also a reversible fan, which allows you to use it in both summer and winter. What’s more, the fan is equipped with a hand remote for easy control. With it, you can enjoy the comfort life greatly!

  • Incredible design
  • Great performance
  • Powerful motor design equipped with 60 watts incandescent.
  • Powerful blade.
  • Its installation process is a bit challenging.

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How to Choose the Best Low Profile Ceiling Fan?

hunter low profile ceiling fan with light

With various designs available in today’s market, choosing the best low profile ceiling can be a bit challenging. Therefore, understanding the essential aspects that you need to consider when purchasing a low profile ceiling fan is vital. Here are some of the essential aspects that will need to consider when purchasing a low profile ceiling fan;


When purchasing any product out there, keeping in mind the amount of money you are willing to send on it is highly essential, and a low profile ceiling fan is no different. Low profile ceiling fans feature different prices in today’s market; usually, this highly depends on the features available in a fan.

Therefore, when purchasing a low profile fan, it is highly advisable to go for the one that is within your budget range and has all the essential features you are looking for.

Where You Position the Fan

The position in which you will be attaching your fan will highly affect the type of fan you will purchase. In this case, a low profile ceiling fan is highly essential for houses with a ceiling height of approximately eight feet. Always go for fan ceilings that have been rated specifically for a particular location, for instance, a living room ceiling fan.

Fan Lights

Purchasing a fan with LED light or not; this will highly depend on your preference. When installing a fan in a room with sufficient light fixtures or proper natural lighting, a fan without an LED light might not be of great benefit. However, if your space requires a boost in lighting, then a fan equipped with LED light might be best for you.


If you want to supplement your home décor, then purchasing a low profile ceiling fan with an incredible finish will be best for you. To achieve this, you will have to purchase a fan that matches perfectly with your home design.


The first thing you need to consider when purchasing a low profile ceiling fan is its efficiency. It is highly advisable to check on its motor since it is the heart of a ceiling fan, and it is the one that determines airflow as well as the efficiency of a fan.

The best part is that you don’t to be an engineer to understand the motor of your fan; however, it still remains to be the essential part of a fan. When purchasing a ceiling fan, you will need to consider the ceiling fan that features DC motors, energy star-rated ceiling fans, and high airflow.


Most low profile ceiling fans are equipped with a chain control that aids in adjusting fan speed as well as lighting brightness level. Nowadays, there are three types of controls for you to choose from, including; remote controls, wall control, and pull chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

low profile ceiling fan with light and remote control

1. What is the Lowest Ceiling Height for a Ceiling Fan?

Usually, ceiling fans have a span range of 29 to 54 inches, with 5 inches being the most popular model. In order for you to determine the right size for you, it is highly recommended to measure the size of your room, particularly where the fan will be placed.

The lowest ceiling height for a ceiling height is said to be seven feet in accordance with the NEC recommendation. According to Australian standards, the lowest ceiling height for a fan is 2100mm.

2. Are Hugger Ceiling Fans Good?

Hugger ceiling fans are high essential; usually, they are defined as fans that feature no downrod and are often mounted on the ceiling. These fans are highly effective when it comes to modifying the temperature level of your home.

In addition to that, most of these fans feature a sleek design, which will significantly improve your home décor. Hugger ceiling fans are said to be best for houses with ceiling height that is less than eight feet.

Final verdict

As we conclude, we hope that this article will be of great help as you look for the best low profile ceiling fan that will best suit your need.

8 Best Low Profile Ceiling Fan On the Market


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