Best Ceiling Fan Brands

If you have been shopping, you may find a particular brand is better than another given brand. The concept also applies to various top manufacturers of ceiling fans. The truth is that each brand has a variety of quality levels in their lineup. The best ceiling fan brands feature essential features that will be able to meet your needs.

Top Ceiling Fan Brands On Market

Below are the various top brands of ceiling fans.


best ceiling fan brandsCasablanca Company is one of the best ceiling fan brands for those seeking energy-efficient products. Their fans are very powerful without a high level of noise pollution. Their products are of high quality with essential features that include.

The fans feature innovative designs with wood or steel blades and unique finishes. Their build ensures that they can serve you for long. For quality assurance, the products taken for lab test tests; thus, the end products are usually fantastic. The Casablanca fans feature a powerful, quiet, and wobble-free motor. You will be kept cool and comfortable for years to come

Casablanca provides distinct features that make it easy to select the one that fits your needs. Their fans will flawlessly blend with your home’s décor and properly fit for any space. Indoor fans from Casablanca provide better circulation at your home. In small rooms, a low profile ceiling fan can bring out fresh air without cluttering the space. Their premium outdoor fans are ideal for freshening up a deck. There will be a perfect space to entertain your family and friends at all times.

For your convenience, Casablanca offers many fans’ accessories. Their fans, therefore, can enhance the style and can perform best. Maintain optimal energy efficiency with their popular wireless remote and wall control options. You will be able to create a beautiful ambiance that saves electricity by going for the LED lighting ceiling fan. Easily change the fans’ speed by just a press by shopping for wireless remote control.

Their goal is to never compromise on their ideals and never to new industry standards that are sub-standard to their own.

  • Stunning design
  • Optimal energy efficiency
  • Led lighting feature
  • Perfect air purification
  • Safe to use
  • Expensive


good ceiling fan brands

Craftmade was established as a ceiling fan brand in 1985. They have a long history in ceiling fan production; therefore, you can trust their products.

Their designs features of Craftmade ceiling fans make them superior to the other ceiling fan brands. Their sturdy build makes them reliable, durable, and energy-efficient. All Craftmade ceiling fans use heavy-duty performance motor. Be sure of a quiet performance atmosphere.

Craftmade lighting is detailed to provide and enhance your mood and surrounding. The innovative product styling, for instance, contemporary, casual, or traditional, will blend with your home décor. Multiple finishes will be appealing to you.

Not only will Craftmade bring a variety of sleek options to your home, but the line is also pocket friendly. Improve the beauty, style, and luxury of your home with Craftmade manufacturer. The Craftmade brand’s goal is to provide more knowledge and design application to the ceiling fans industry. They simply produce the best of the best products.

  • Durable
  • Quiet performance
  • Perfect lighting system
  • Fantastic finish
  • Uses great power capacity compared to other brands


best brand of ceiling fans to buy

Emerson has a set of standards for the ceiling fan industry. They have been in production since the first ceiling fan operation in 1895; you can imagine that! Their products have won the trust of many. Harnessing the technology of light-emission, Emerson has its most energy-efficient and long-lasting light fixtures.

The light fixtures come with 13 custom finishes, give a more uniform glow, and last three times longer. With our blade select series tech, you can choose five fan options, eight finishes, and 50 blade models to create the perfect focal point for your broom. Be sure of an ideal atmosphere.

Furthermore, our Eco Motor design focuses on efficiency. Emerson ceiling fans reduce energy consumption. Further, Emerson ceiling fans use a maximum of 33 watts of electricity to provide some of the best airflows.

Finally, the Emerson commercial ceiling fans feature contoured blades. They have an impressive CFM output and the ability to recirculate heat trapped near the ceiling. The commercial ceiling fans will improve air comfort year-round and reduce energy consumption.

  • Energy efficient
  • Can be used for commercial purposes
  • Wide blades
  • Eco Motor designed motors
  • Expensive


best quality ceiling fan brands

Fanimation is a ceiling fan brand that majors on style and energy efficiencies. Our ceiling fans come with a limited lifetime warranty. You need not worry in case of damage to the fan since there will always be a replacement.

The Fanimation fans feature technology and sustainability leverage to transform ceiling fans. They have Fanimation fan sync that allows you to control your ceiling fan with an app on your smartphone.

Further, Fanimation fans have got a sturdy build with a stunning finish. Their sleek, discreet design can blend with a variety of interior designs. Fanimation ceiling fans are also energy-efficient models. The motors are designed to consume less energy and will cost you less penny to per hour.

Furthermore, the small Fanimation ceiling is mounted with downrod and oscillates 360 degrees! Suitable for small spaces and provides your home with the perfect air circulation. Also, the Fanimation ceiling fan has convenient features at the forefront. They are easy to control since they have a remote control system. The speed settings and light dimming capabilities are easy to set.

  • Has a warranty
  • Uses the Fanimation app for easy control
  • Energy-efficient models
  • Convenience included features
  • Impressive blade fixture
  • The massive fans are too big for small rooms


top rated ceiling fan brands

Hunter ceiling fans are all about providing you with multiple options. You will find models that come with or without light kits. The package is suitable since it creates a beautiful light layout. The Hunter ceiling fan has a pretty good design. The fans can bring out a modern flair.

Furthermore, Hunter ceiling fans are of dependable design as they whisper. We believe in going big and better performance. They cover large square feet and does an excellent job. Besides, Hunter’s ceiling fan has a large and powerful performance. All Hunter fans are easy to install, most without any extra wiring required. Each is packed with easy to follow instructions that make the job a breeze.

Additionally, Hunter fans have the perfect blade pitch. Hunter’s motors enable blades to be a perfect pitch for optimum air movement. Hunter’s warranty is an ideal package. You will have an extra measure of assurance.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Perfect blade pitch
  • Rich, real wood blades are built with care
  • Matching light fixtures
  • Beautiful brass finish
  • Hard to clean


best rated ceiling fan brands

The Minka group is behind the Minka Aire brand of ceiling fans. Firstly, the Minka Aire fans are a simple and modern piece of technology. You can install them in either indoor or outdoor locations. Besides, Minka Aire fans have ranges of price and built from wood or wrought iron. By the strong structure build, they are therefore reliable and durable. Minka Aire fans circulate air efficiently; this is due to their perfect blade pitch.

Furthermore, their motors are energy efficient. They reduce cooling costs up to 40% in the summer and can reduce heating costs up to 15% in the winter. Besides, the Minka Aire fans have got a stunning finish. They will be able to match your home’s décor. Minka Aire has a dimmable LED light. Your light fixture will just be amazing.

  • Sleek design
  • Perfect air circulation
  • Energy efficient
  • Used for both cooling and heating
  • Dimmable LED light
  • Noisy compared to other ceiling fan brands


popular ceiling fan brands

Monte Carlo specializes in trend inspired, fashion-forward ceiling fans and accessories. Firstly, the brand has won the trust of many. Monte Carlo offers energy-efficient motors. You will be able to save energy consumption; thus, your electricity expense will lower.

Besides, Monte Carlo fan blades are not only appealing but provide whisper-quiet, optimal air movement. Noise pollution should not worry you anymore when using ceiling fans from the Monte Carlo brand.

Further, Monte Carlo products reflect trends in interior design with a multiple of styles. No matter which ceiling fan you pick, be sure of it matching with your home’s décor. Monte Carlo fans are of either wood or metal build. You will choose the one that suits your preference. Additionally, the Monte Carlo fans have a downlight feature. It offers a classic function to your home.

  • High-quality performance
  • Modern design
  • Energy efficient
  • Whisper-quiet optimal air movement
  • Lighting kit
  • Has warranty
  • Expensive


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Quorum International is perhaps the best lifestyle brand in our industry. The ceiling fans are of attractive design. Besides, Quorum International fans have got unique designs. The fans can blend with your home interior décor creating a stunning view.

Moreover, Quorum International fans have got a remarkable light fixture. You will love the light fixture. The Quorum International fan is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Be sure to entertain your family and friend all year round. The Quorum fan is of the various metals materials build. They are durable; thus, you can rely on them. Additionally, the Quorum fans motor are energy efficient therefore will cut down your electricity cost.

  • Stunning finish
  • Energy efficient
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Has a warranty
  • Expensive


best outdoor ceiling fan brands

Tommy Bahama is the ceiling fan’s brand to consider if you are up to for a perfect option to your room or outdoor patio. Tommy Bahama fans are of rich materials of rattan and grass weaves, deeply stained bamboo combined with beautiful metals finish.

The structure creates an assortment of fans with unique material and detailing. Be sure of enjoying the perfect calmness when you choose this manufacturer. Additionally, Tommy Bahama fan blades are broader thus can suit your preference for air circulation.

  • Beautiful finish
  • Offers perfect calmness
  • Broader blades compared to other ceiling fan brands
  • Noisy compared to other brands


high quality ceiling fan brands

Westinghouse fans have the best measurement of the blades. They are ideal for large rooms, for instance, 20 feet by 20 feet. The Westinghouse fans have high power motors. The motors allow for a perfect air circulation thus can suit your needs.

Besides, Westinghouse fans are easy to install. The remote control system and simple to follow instructions make it ideal for users. Notably, the Westinghouse fan has a lifetime warranty. You should not worry about the product damage since there will always be a replacement. Additionally, the Westinghouse fan has a beautiful finish. It will be compatible with your room’s interior décor.

  • Energy-saving system
  • Suitable for large rooms
  • Elegant finish
  • Easy to install
  • Noisy compared to other models

Which Brand of Fan is Best?

different brands of ceiling fans

The best ceiling fan in our market is Hunter Brand. Hunter has been in the fan business since 1886. By their extended stay in the fan business, their products are of high standards. They are focus on superior fans’ performance as well as offering on-trend designs.

They also own Casablanca brand of ceiling fans, which should explain its perfect “good name.” Hunter is moving towards having LED lights in 100% of their fans, and all their LED offerings are dimmable and energy-efficient. Purchasing models from Hunter comes with the following benefits

a. Lifetime warranty on ceiling fan motors

The Hunter rigorous testing ensures excellent design and performance. Besides, the Hunter ceiling fan has a lifetime warranty attached to them. Other fan manufacturing companies cannot make a lifetime claim. You will have extra assurance when you purchase Hunter’s products.

b. On-trend designs

Hunter’s fans are usually made following the latest trends and are continually developing as per the customer reviews. By the Hunter brand going in line with on-trend designs, they are just the best.

c. Performance above beyond industry standards

Hunter fans have the best performance compared to other brands’ models. Their motors are of the sleek look and the most energy-efficient fan as compared to the other ceiling fan brands. Their angle of the blade is perfect, thus convenient for air movement. Hunter blades are at 15 degrees pitch for maximum air circulation.

d. Universal remotes and smart control options

Hunter’s fans are easy to operate. Their operation is controlled by remote; just a button press can just do the fan and various settings’ speed. The light fixture can also be on control by the button press, thus makes it perfect as compared to other manufacturers.

What Brand of Ceiling Fan is the Quietest?

ceiling fan brand reviews

The Emerson brand is the quietest in the market. First, Emerson features EcoMotor powerful motors that are quieter than standard ceiling fans. Emerson fans have three blades that have a perfect design. The angled design allows the fan to produce a powerful breeze when you need it. The Emerson fan is energy star rated, which assures you of quiet operation. This Emerson ceiling fan is the best-LED ceiling fan you can get on the market and still enjoy the silence.

How to Find the Best Brand Ceiling Fans?

top 5 ceiling fan brands

i. Motor size and blade pitch

Not all fans are made equal. Look for motor size and blade pitch on each model and compare it. The motor is the most important piece of the fan. For blade pitch, the higher the pitch, the more the fan will move. Consider the room size and the way the room will be on use when looking at a fan.

ii. The Ceiling fan as a lighting fixture

You should not overlook using the fan as a lighting source for your home. Many fans either come with an integrated light kit or have a light kit present as an option.

iii. The ceiling fan as an investment

A well-designed ceiling fan will become part and parcel of your home. It should be able to provide a cooling breeze in summer and helping move warm air throughout your home in winter.

iv. Workmanship and design

A suitable fan should not only be functional, but it should also be beautiful to watch. A fan can enhance a room space by accenting the existing décor or by adding a new visual look. Look for something exciting in an innovative design.

v. Selections and options

You should not settle for an out-of-the-box option. A fan is a significant investment, so make sure you customize your ceiling fan to match the way you will be using it. Options include remote controls, decorative ceiling medallions, light kits, various finishes for the blades and motor fan. Also, there are multiple lengths of down roads available depending on your ceiling height.

Final Words

In conclusion, as highlighted above, it is easy to choose your ceiling fans as we have shown the best manufacturers available. We assure you will be able to meet your needs if you go for the above top ceiling fan brands.