Top 5 Best Wooden Ceiling Fan Reviews For Elegance Style

A ceiling fan is a mechanical fan, typically electrically operated, fixed on the ceiling of a room or space that uses hub-mounted spinning blades to circulate air. By introducing slow movement into the otherwise still, hot air of a space, they efficiently cool people. Unlike air conditioning devices, fans do not decrease the air temperature but produce a wind chill effect by vaporizing sweat in the summer. Fans use considerably less power than air conditioning.

Wood ceiling fans are one of the newest finishes for the ceiling fan industry. As well as wood finishes, these fans come in many designs, shapes, and sizes. These fans are not made of 100% wood, but they can be persuasive.

What Are the Best Wooden Ceiling Fan on the Market?


Benefits of a Wooden Ceiling Fan

These fans have several benefits and are worth every penny. Some of its advantages include:

wooden ceiling fans for indoors

Sleek look for modern style

Compared with plastic or steel ceiling fan, it is no doubt that wooden ceiling fan tends to be more elegant in look, for the wooden blade brings a touch of glam when installing in the living room or in the kitchen area.

What’s more, they take less space than a large air conditioner or other cooling devices and thus become a great addition to your whole home decor. Plenty of wooden ceiling fans are available on the market that features various colors and styles, choose the needed type for your home style.

Extra cooling effects

Wooden ceiling fans, unlike air conditioners, bring a soft breeze to effectively cool down under searing temperatures outdoors and are perfect for persons with allergies to the cold air. Apart from using it in summer, it also helps move air around the room during winters, which equals the heat distributions.

Energy efficient

Producing energy efficient ceiling fan has been a common view for the majority of ceiling fan manufacturers, that is why there are ceiling fans boosts to be Energy Star-rated fans. They prove to save 70% less energy than ordinary types.


Top 5 Best Wooden Ceiling Fan Reviews

1. Best with Remote Control – Minka-Aire F843-DK 52″ Ceiling Fan

3 blade wooden ceiling fans

A modern contemporary ceiling fan featuring a truly unique design is the F843-DK Wave Ceiling Fan by the Minka-Aire brand. It has a measurement of 13.5 inches from the bottom of the fan to the ceiling with a 6-inch downrod included. The blade pitch of 48 degrees provides optimal airflow for any room or space of an equivalent scale. It requires a Bond hub to function with Alexa. Download the Bond App to your smartphone, which allows you to completely control the ceiling fan remotely on either your handset or smart home system.

The Minka-Aire F843-DK features a hand-held remote control with a 3-speed function but does not have a reverse function control. However, the motor allows reverse function with the manual reverse switch located on the motor. This ceiling fan is ideal for angled ceilings.


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2. Best Contemporary – Prominence Home 51014 42″ Ceiling Fan with Pull Chain Control

wooden blade ceiling fan with light

This contemporary ceiling fan modernizes your room perfectly. For bedrooms, sitting rooms, and the kitchen, it is great for maximum performance and efficiency. For optimum airflow, the Prominence 51014 has a downdraft mode and an updraft mode. The quiet-operation motor with a reverse function and 3-speed settings allows you to easily regulate the temperature of your room.

For extra versatility and style, the blades come with a different finish on either side allowing you to choose a finish that suits your room best, hence customized decor. For easy and customized mounting, Prominence 51014 can be mounted using a 4-inch standard mount downrod, which is included in the package or mounted on angled ceilings. The ceiling fan has a powerful light function with a slightly frosted glass enclosure and 2 E26 / B11 LED bulbs, which are 20 to 100 percent dimmable. The bulbs have 450 lumens and a 230-degree beam angle.


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3. Best For Indoor and Outdoor – Honeywell Sabal Palm Tropical 52″ Ceiling Fan with Light Fixtures

5 blade wooden ceiling fan

The Honeywell Tropical Ceiling Fan has a high-quality model with a bronze finish and a lovely Tuscan glass light enclosure. The ceiling fan comes with three 40W bulbs for perfect and long-lasting illumination. Each of the leaf blades is made of basswood, with a hand-carved and artisan design. The blades have a blade pitch of 12 degrees.

Honeywell Tropical Ceiling Fan has a conveniently silent, 3-speed adjustable motor with a reverse function, which is run in the winter to help rotate the room’s warm air. It is suitable for rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms, or family rooms that are about 350-450 square feet.


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4. Best Noiseless – reiga 52″ Modern Wooden Ceiling Fan with Temperature Switch

3 blade ceiling fan with light fixture

The reiga 52-inch Ceiling Fan is an efficient and energy-saving ceiling fan with high-end features. The fan boasts an airflow of 5614 CFM and a LED light function with a 24W bulb and 1000 lumens. The light color temperature is also adjustable for customization. It also features a powerful energy-efficient DC motor made of silicon steel, that delivers powerful airflow while operating quietly. The DC motor is long-lasting and ETL certified.

The reiga 52-inch Ceiling Fan features a versatile remote control for speed adjustment, reverse function setting, and timer function. The ABS blades have a blade pitch of 17 degrees and they are moisture-proof, hence ideal for outdoor spaces. It is easy to install.


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5. Best with LED Light – Minka-Aire F844-DK 52” Ceiling Fan 

long rod wooden ceiling fans

Minka Aire F844-DK is a ceiling fan made from Minka Aire that is known to be among the leading brands in the manufacturing of ceiling fans. The 3-blade ceiling fan is known for its ability to move a lot of air as it’s 52 sized which is compatible with a standard room. The down rod mounting used holds it firmly in a 9 ft ceiling to ensure that every space is adequately aerated.

Minka Aire F844-DK comes with a remote and wall control system for convenience according to the activity you are undertaking in the room. Therefore, when relaxing or sleeping in your bed you can control the brightness and speed conveniently without waking up while you can use the alternative wall control while standing or walking into the room. The ceiling has a LED lighting unit that has a lifespan of up to 50000 hours giving you a longtime service. Also, the lighting is suitable for use as the only lighting system as it produces soft white light.


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How to Choose the Best Wooden Ceiling Fan?

One can easily get lost when looking for the best fan for your ceiling since there is a wide range of fans in the market right now. When it comes to purchasing ceiling fans, there can be a lot of thinking. When you first start deciding what sort of ceiling fan you should add to your room, the choice can seem like a remarkably complex decision. The size of the fan, the airflow, the dimensions of your space, and CFM, the length of its blades, the number of blades, their materials, and more, need to be considered. You do not have to worry anymore about how to choose the right wooden fan for your ceiling. This article will offer you a guide on how to navigate.

best wooden ceiling fans

i. Mounting options

Several options are available, each built to maximize air circulation and fit into space proportionally. The size of your room dictates the type of fan to purchase. Before buying a fan, always ensure you know the dimensions of your room because buying a fan that is too small or too big for the room will result in poor circulation of air.

Regulations do include the installation of fans at least 7 feet from the floor. Airflow and circulation increase with the ceiling space. Be sure to calculate the gap between your ceiling and floor before selecting a fan. Apart from that, you can choose the most appropriate fan mount for your room and, of course, your theme.

ii. Style and Finish

The style of the fan is another important thing to remember before buying a wooden ceiling fan. A more intimate and elegant touch to a room can be added by modern ceiling fans. Besides, the immense selection of style options allows you to opt for a fan in your room that would create contrast. This makes this piece of furniture part of the decor that is more distinguishable. Alternatively, you can always look for one with a colored light fixture, close to your walls if you do not want your ceiling fan to stand out. It is completely up to you.

iii. Number of Blades

Aesthetics and personal preference are some of the key variations between 4 and 5-blade ceiling fans. The fan appears to be quieter and circulates less air as the number of blades goes up. Additional blades raise the drag on the motor of a ceiling fan and slow it down. Most ceiling fans built for the home come with four or five blades as usual. In addition to providing a pleasing symmetrical aspect, it is at the level of 4 and 5 blades that the optimal balance is reached between the amount of air circulated and the amount of ambient noise that can be tolerated.

iv. Speed control

There are three major types of speed controls: a remote control, a pull chain mechanism, or via a wall switch. Some remote controls are incredibly user-friendly and provide you with an enormous range of choices and programs to automatically select from and even change the blades’ pace.

vi. Brand and Budget

When buying a wooden ceiling fan, one would usually choose a popular brand. This is not necessarily the best advice, however, as some not as well-known brands deliver great quality and functionality at a more affordable rate. Prices for wooden ceiling fans differ, making it very simple for individuals on a budget to find an acceptable alternative without investing too much cash.

vii. Is it indoors or outdoor?

If you want to buy a wooden ceiling fan, you must first make it clear in which setting, indoors or outdoors, you will use it. The material they are made of distinguishes between indoor and outdoor ceiling fans. Outdoor fans are typically made of materials that due to wind, moisture, temperature, and other forms of weather conditions do not deform or spoil. For an outdoor setting, fans with wooden blades are not recommended, as the wood can rot due to exposure to adverse weather.


Wooden Blade Ceiling Fan vs. Plastic Blade Ceiling Fan

The following are some of the main differences between the two types of ceiling fans.


– Wooden blade fans vary from low-quality pressboards to high-end blades that are genuine wood, veneer grade furniture, some of which are also 7-layered so as not to warp while on the other hand as the name suggests plastic blades are from plastic.


– Wooden fans are generally used indoors because when wood comes into contact with moisture it may start to rot. Plastic blades can be used outdoors even on wet location fans.


– Wooden blades have a long lifespan when compared to plastic fans.


Types of Wooden Ceiling Fans

Wood is one of the best materials to use for ceiling fans since they are silent compared to the other materials used on the blades. Many types of wood ceiling fans exist that you can select from. We will look at two types.

a. With lights.

These are a type of wooden ceiling fans with a light function. For wooden ceiling fans, the diversity of lighting types is immense. People generally choose CFL light bulbs as they save more energy and have a long shelf life. The best energy-saving alternative is LED bulbs, but they are more costly. Halogen lights are ideal for wooden ceiling fans as well. The warm light will differentiate these, making them ideal for the living room.

b. Without lights.

On the other hand, these are a type of wooden ceiling fan without a light function. Although the light function is very versatile, energy-efficient, and stylish, wooden ceiling fans without the light function are also versatile and worth buying. These two types of ceiling fans share most features, except the light function. Wooden ceiling fans without light are also energy-efficient, stylish, and high-quality.



How do you clean wooden ceiling fan blades?

Fans collect dust that may be sticky and difficult to extract. The sticky material could be oil used to lubricate the motor of the fan; it could also be particles of airborne grease from daily household cooking. The following are the steps of cleaning a wooden ceiling fan blades.

– Switch off the fan.
– Step on a ladder or anything that will allow you to access the top of the fan without falling.
– To wash the wooden blade, swab it with a slightly damp rag first to avoid the spread of dust and dirt.
– Spray on another rag with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe off.
– Try to dust and disinfect them thoroughly.



We can conclude that a Wooden Ceiling fan not only cools your room but also adds style to your decoration. With the various types of fans, you can select one that fits your budget and can provide you quality performance while at the same time reducing your electric bill usage. These fans are easy to clean since they do not require too much work.