The 5 Best Kids Ceiling Fans Reviews 2020

In modern life, the ceiling fan is a  necessity for the air circulation of a room. Because of the diversity of rooms and requirements, there are various options for the ceiling fans on the market. In today’s article, we will introduce the important role of the best kids ceiling fans, how to choose ones for your kids, and our recommendations for you. After you finish reading, you will become an expert to select the ceiling fan best suits your kids.

Best ceiling fan for kids overview

Top 5 Best Ceiling Fans for Kids in the Market

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2020 Reviews of the Top 5 Kids Ceiling Fans in the Market

If there is one important part of being a kid, it is learning the power of the imagination. Children live in a world full of wonder. Therefore, their dreams and fantasy play an important part in the process of emotional growth.

As adults and caregivers, it is our responsibility to foster and nurture that growth in any way possible. That may be through our efforts to expose them to wonderful play areas where both mind and body can be exercised – or it could be a matter of ensuring that their bedrooms excite the imagination by becoming a magical place of play.

As part of that effort to ensure that bedrooms are great for the growth of the imagination, adults should keep it in mind that a ceiling fan can not only play an important part in keeping a child comfortable – but it can also be a central character in many of the journeys of imagination that the child will embark on.

If you would like to foster that all-important imagination, here are five of the best, brightest and most fun ceiling fans for kids:

Best Selling – Westinghouse Roundabout Ceiling Fan for Kids Room

The Best Selling Westinghouse Roundabout Ceiling Fan For Kids Room

The colorful blades of this inexpensive ceiling fan enchant children of all ages. The quiet operation as well as the gentle breeze it produces, and the addition of two bulbs make it a hit with kids and adults alike. The three-speed reversible and 30-inch fan is ideal for smaller rooms.

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Best Rated – The Hunter ‘Space Discovery’ Kids Ceiling Fan with Earth Light & Moon Blades

The Hunter 'Space Discovery' Kids Ceiling Fan with Earth Light & Moon Blades

If your child truly believes that space is the final frontier, then this five-blade reversible ceiling fan should be beamed onboard as soon as possible. The space-themed design is very attractive, and the three-speed operation and the integrated lights make it a hit with young and old. This ceiling fan is a high quality, powerful and quiet option that the kids will love.

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Flower Ceiling Fan – The Vaxcel Alice Five Blade Kids Ceiling Fan For Girls Room

The Hunter 'Space Discovery' Kids Ceiling Fan with Earth Light & Moon Blades

This is one for the little girl in your life. The attractive pink polka dots will capture both a parents heart and the imagination of every little lady. The five-blade design is attractive – but it is more suitable for a smaller room due to the output. Another ceiling fan that comes with a built-in light source and has a three-speed reversible operation.

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Sport Ceiling Fan – The Craftmade Four Blade Basketball Ceiling Fan For Boys Room

The Craftmade Four Blade Basketball Ceiling Fan For Boys Room

This one is squarely aimed at the little boys who are already in love with the sport of basketball. The attractive four-blade design and three-speed settings make it a great addition to the room. Users did, however, say that it might be seen by some as fairly pricey. Others said the light might be a bit dim for those bedtime story evenings.

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Airplane Ceiling Fan – The Craftmade Tiger Shark Warplane Kids Ceiling Fan

The Craftmade Tiger Shark Warplane Kids Airplane Ceiling Fan

Another kids ceiling fan that features a ‘Warplane’ theme – but the three-blade design and flush-mounted light win extra points for style. It moves fairly large amounts of air so is great for medium to larger sized rooms. Bright light is also a plus. Most users are acclaimed for this ceiling fan. Their children, especially boys, love this unique and ‘cool’ ceiling fan.

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If you are in the market for a kids ceiling fan, take your time and make sure that your purchase matches your child’s individual interests and excites their imaginations.

Some Useful Hints For Finding The Best Ceiling Fans For Kids Room

The world of the child is very different from that of an adult. Children have not yet had the responsibilities of the grown-up world thrust upon them.

Their imagination still provides them with entertainment that is so important to allow their young minds to grow. They are not yet exposed to adult responsibilities such as paying bills or tax or the stress of a full-time job.

It is the responsibility of the caregiver to nurture this sense of wonder and ensure that the imagination of the child is allowed free reign.

For this reason, purchasing a ceiling fan for a child’s room must take into account not only functionality – but also provide that sense of wonder – and fun that is so important to kids.

However, this is not to say that we should not pay attention to the basics, such as

Temperature Regulation

The ability of the ceiling fan to maintain an even temperature in a child’s room is extremely important. In the hot summer, ceiling fans can create a breeze to the whole room, decreasing the temperature. Therefore, Children will not sweat too much. In the winter, the fan can evenly distribute the warm air in the room. Children will not feel that the room is too cold.

The key to ensuring that temperature is maintained is to ensure that the ceiling fan has a sufficiently powerful motor and a variable speed function. Here is an our recommendation for you.


Given that children may have varying ideas as to what sort (and size) of a ceiling fan that they want in their room, ensuring optimal airflow can be a challenge.

The airflow made by ceiling fan will evenly mix the air in the room. Children will not always be in the turbid air. The flowing air will send fresh oxygen as well.

Once again, caregivers should ensure that the ceiling fan that is installed is the correct size and has that variable speed function to ensure that the air flow in the child’s room remains optimal.


Although a ceiling fan for a child’s room may seem low tech when compared to a modern air conditioner, there are without doubt health benefits to fitting a fan rather than an air conditioner.

air conditioner more likely make children ill

Even the most modern air conditioners are subject to contamination if not properly maintained. That contamination (caused by moist and warm conditions) leads to a growth of microorganisms which can be detrimental to a child’s health.

In addition, with long-term exposure to air conditioning, people will have dizziness, headache, loss of appetite, upper respiratory tract infection, and joint pain, etc. In warm summer, especially for children, these symptoms are going to occur more likely. After all, children’s resistance system is not fully developed.

Ceiling fans may be simple in concept – but they will not make you ill.

Make It Fun

A ceiling fan for a kid’s room should be fun. It should provide not only comfort – but visual stimulation as well. Make sure that the ceiling fan fits in with the tastes and decor of the child’s room – there is no point in installing a pirate-themed decorative ceiling fan when the child is more interested in reaching for the stars in their imagination.

» Choose the “Space discovery” ceiling fan for your children!

There are so many decorative ceiling fans for kids available today that there will almost inevitably be one to suit the taste of every child. Make it bright and make it fun are great guidelines.

There is no reason that a child’s ceiling fan should not be the perfect combination of functionality and fun – some research will ensure that caregivers make the right choice.

Selecting The Right Ceiling Fan for Your Kids

During the warm months of summer, it is important to be able to stay cool while in the home. Having the right ceiling fan make all the difference between a comfortable night of sleep and tossing and turning in bed. So how do you select the right ceiling fan for a child?

The first thing to keep in mind is, of course, safety. To select the right ceiling fan for a room that will house a kid, you should make sure to choose the correct size for the room in question. You will want to take into account the height of the room as well as how many square feet it is made up of. The right ceiling fan will help your child’s room to stay safe.

When selecting a ceiling fan for a kid, you have the freedom to pick out a design that works with their preference and imagination. Overall, fans designed for use in a child’s room reflect a fun-loving spirit and promote unique decor. Therefore, the possibilities are endless. Of course, you can opt for a more neutral appearance if you would like not to have to switch ceiling fans when the little one gets older.

Another tip is to figure out what type of light output you prefer. Not all fans are equipped with light output, but if you need one, then it is a good idea to settle on what kind of bulbs you would like to use inside of your child’s room.

Last, but not least, some fans come with the ability to use a remote control to direct air around the room. This may or may not be a good idea for your child’s room, depending on how old they are. When selecting a fan for a kid’s room, decide on which features will be useful so that he or she can stay comfortable at any age.

Tips For Choosing A Kids Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans can be useful for keeping a kid’s bedroom fresh and airy, and a lot of kids love having a fan because it feels techy and modern. Choosing a good fan for kids is important, though, since there are safety considerations to take into account.


The size of the fan matters a lot. A small bedroom will need a relatively small fan. Choose short blades and a fan that sits seven inches below the ceiling to allow for maximum airflow. Blade spans of 29 to 36 inches are a good choice for very small rooms, up to 48 inches if your child is lucky enough to have a decently sized bedroom.


The height of the fan is also very important. The rule of thumb for adults is that a fan should sit so that the blades are at least seven feet above the floor. Naturally, the height of the ceiling will affect this. You should aim to have the blades as high as possible to stop inquisitive children from trying to climb up and touch them.


Consider, also, the control method. Pull cords can be dangerous for children if they try to swing off them or hang from them, or worse, wrap them around their necks. Opt for wall switches or a remote control instead.


You are probably buying the fan so that you can improve the airflow in the room. Opt for large, angled blades to ensure that you get the best possible airflow out of the fan. You might want a multi-speed fan, so you can have it moving slowly while they are asleep, and have it on a faster mode if they are playing inside on a warm, humid day.


Many fans these days have lights in them. Look for a fan that has the light and the fan as separate things so you can have one operational without the other. Ideally, choose LED lights because these are safe (they do not get as warm as halogen lights) and very energy efficient as well as offering a good level of brightness. Consider a dimmer option so that you can have different intensities of light depending on what the child is doing in the room.


Bedroom ceiling fans have come a long way in recent years. The modern ones are a lot quieter than the early generations were. Look for a fan that has several speed settings, and that is whisper-quiet when in operation. Therefore your child can fall asleep with it on.


Good kids ceiling fans are expensive, so you will want to know that you are buying something that you can trust. Be sure to read the warranty information.


Childproofing a house can be a lot of work, but it is worthwhile. Make sure that you choose something that you can trust. With kids, safety should come before appearance. You might love the idea of a chandelier fan for a girl’s room, but if they try to swing on it, then it will end in tears!

Now take these tips, and select the best ceiling fan for your kids, make them feel like living in the magic world they dream!

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