The 7 Best Portable Ceiling Fans in 2020

Nowadays, ceiling fans have been favored by increasing people. The reason is that ceiling fans can save energy and reduce the chance of having a fever, compared to air conditions. Besides, they are great decorations at home as well. To meet the needs of more people, here comes the portable ceiling fan.

It may be not such good looking but is practical and straightforward. Its most significant advantage is that it is convenient and flexible, which makes it can be used in many situations. Whenever you need the cool wind, you can hang a portable ceiling fan overhead. It sounds very cool, right?

Just a reminder, there are many things you are supposed to know before you invest in a portable ceiling fan. In today’s article, we are going to introduce the portable ceiling fan in detail and give our buying guide and recommend products. Let’s begin!

portable ceiling fan for attic gazebo garage

Top 7 Best Portable Ceiling Fan on the Market 2020

110V AC Electric Mini Ceiling Fan Energy-saving Fan Gazebo FanMini Fan - 110V AC Electric Ceiling Fan Energy-saving for Gazebo4.6 out of 5 stars$$
Large Fan - 110V AC 28-inch Ceiling Fan for Indoor/Outdoor Use4.1 out of 5 stars$$
12V DC 28-inch Battery Powered Ceiling Fan PortablePowerful Fan - 12V DC 28-inch Battery Powered Portable Ceiling Fan 3.6 out of 5 stars$$
12V DC 19.7-inch Battery Operated Outdoor Ceiling FanBest Selling - 12V DC 19.7-inch Battery Operated Outdoor Ceiling Fan3.8 out of 5 stars$$
Best Tent Fan - Coleman Camping Ceiling Fan with Light3.7 out of 5 stars$$
Looks Great - Allen + Roth 20-inch Caged Outdoor Tent Ceiling Fan4.4 out of 5 stars$$$
AGPtek 2-in-1 LED Light Tent Ceiling Fan For CampingHot Pick - Odoland LED Light Tent Ceiling Fan for Camping4.1 out of 5 stars$$

Why We Need a Portable Ceiling Fan?

First of all, we will introduce portable ceiling fans according to their usages.

Best Portable Ceiling Fans for Gazebo, Attic, and Garage

In many people’s opinions, ceiling fan acts as furniture at home. When we select ceiling fans, many factors such as location, price, and installation, etc. need to be considered. We are often in a dilemma, afraid of spending money buying the wrong product.

But portable ceiling fans don’t have that problem. It’s convenient and can be hung almost anywhere quickly. And most importantly, it’s cheap. Buy one and keep it at home. You can always use it when you need it.

Of course, you can also use it as a mini fan hanging in your regular workplace to bring you cool wind, such as gazebo, attic, garage or kitchen, etc. Don’t forget. It is portable, you can take it anywhere, such as travel boat, school dormitory, street stalls. Turn it on, and it will improve your living environment.

As for what kind of portable ceiling fan you should choose, I suggest using 110V AC electric ceiling fan in your home, workplace, where there is a fixed power supply.

Here are two excellent ceiling fan:

Mini Fan – 110V AC Electric Ceiling Fan Energy-saving for Gazebo

110V AC Electric Mini Ceiling Fan Energy-saving Fan Gazebo Fan

This well-received ceiling fan is the 110V AC portable fan. This white and cute fan is 16-inch wide and weighs less than a pound. Though it’s so small and light, it can still move a lot of air. There is no doubt about its performance.

Besides, it’s mute and noiseless. Because of its small and lightweight design, the fan can be used in almost any place where a typical large fan wouldn’t be available.


It’s easy to install, doesn’t have a heavy mount, and doesn’t require long wires. Its small size and easy suspension make it ideal for bedrooms.

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Large Fan – 110V AC 28-inch Ceiling Fan for Indoor/Outdoor Use

110V AC electric 28'' Ceiling Fan Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

This powerful ceiling fan is for those who need a lot of airflows. It has three 28-inch white blades that are made of plastic and can bend. This product also includes one replacement blade. Besides, the fan motor is highly powerful, but is energy-saving and very quiet.

As for ceiling height, it is most suitable for low profile places. Compared to other portable fans, this one is bigger, heavier, and noisier. This might be the cost of high power. As for locations, this portable ceiling fan can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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Battery Operated Ceiling Fan for Emergency

I’m sure we’ve all experienced power outages in our homes. In the hot summer, if there are a home power outage, the wet environment and the interference of mosquitoes will make us very uncomfortable. To prevent this, you’ll need to buy a battery-powered ceiling fan to keep at home.

In this case, you can hang it overhead when there is a power failure. Then connect to the battery, turn it on, let it bring you cool wind and fresh air, and help you keep off the mosquitoes. Please remember that battery-powered ceiling fans aren’t for stationary use. If you want to use it for a long time, we suggest you buy a 110V AC electric ceiling fan to save cost.

Here is one battery powered ceiling fan selected for you:

Powerful Fan – 12V DC 28-inch Battery Powered Portable Ceiling Fan 

12V DC 28-inch Battery Powered Ceiling Fan Portable

If you need a slightly larger battery-operated ceiling fan, you can choose this product. The 28-inch blade and high-powered motor make it sturdy enough to create more air flow.

It can be used directly with a 12-volt battery during an emergency power outage. And it’s easy to install in your home, office or any other place you want outdoors.

Comes with one free high-quality blade to prevent accidental damage. Can be directly connected to the solar panel.
Because this product is large in size and powerful, be sure to stay away from children when using it.

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The Best Camping Ceiling Fan

Many people are looking for the perfect fan for camping. There is no doubt that portable ceiling fans are the best choice. If you go camping with a tent, you’ll find the battery-powered portable ceiling fan really convenient and practical. You can hang it from the ceiling of your tent, and it takes up almost no space. Because of its location, it can bring a full range of air flow to the tent. It also helps keep mosquitoes away.

When in use, you just need to find a hook to hang the fan on. Pay attention to keeping a safe distance from your head. Then connect to a power source. And you can just lie down and enjoy the cool breeze.

Overall, if you are looking for the best camping ceiling fan or the best tent ceiling fan? Just consider the battery-powered ceiling fan!

Best Selling – 12V DC 19.7-inch Battery Operated Outdoor Ceiling Fan

12V DC 19.7-inch Battery Operated Outdoor Ceiling Fan

As a top-selling battery ceiling fan, this product has been well received for its excellent performance. The simple white appearance, 19.7-inch blades, lightweight and easy to carry, 12volt battery working voltage, quiet and moving a lot of air, energy-saving, all these are the advantages of this ceiling fan.

The product contains a total of five blades, including two additional free replacement blades, in case the accident broken. The fan can also be connected directly to the solar panel. But the fan speed can’t be adjusted, only with the battery life. This is a great portable ceiling fan for outdoor use.

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At the field of camping stuff, there is a famous company named Coleman. They also have one tent ceiling fan for customers. Learn more here:

Best Tent Fan – Coleman Camping Ceiling Fan with Light

BEST camping ceiling fan with light

What Can a Portable Ceiling Fan Bring Us?

In other words, what are the benefits of using a portable ceiling fan? Here are the answers.


What if there are some places where a general ceiling fan would be challenging to install?
Take up your portable ceiling fan. All you need is only three steps:

Firstly, simply hook the fan to a stable hook.
Then, adjust the distance to balance the safety and optimal airflow.
Finally, connect it to the power supply and turn on it.


In fact, we would only choose a portable ceiling fan when we could not use the ceiling fan in some cases. But that doesn’t mean portable ceiling fans are optional.

Especially in narrow space, a portable ceiling fan is a necessity to make more airflow. As we all know, human respiration causes oxygen to drop, and carbon dioxide levels to rise. The fan will bring cool wind and fresh oxygen to you.

Energy Source

There are many options for portable fan power, which can meet the needs of different people. If often used in the home, it is better to choose 110V AC electric ceiling fan, plugging in the socket.

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If you’re camping out, you have a battery option ceiling fan. That is DC ceiling fan including solar ceiling fans, which are environmentally friendly and easy to charge.

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More importantly, the power of a portable ceiling fan is generally 5 watts, which means it really energy saving.


Most portable ceiling fans are definitely a great value for money. You only need to spend about one-tenth of the price of a regular ceiling fan. Then you can enjoy the breeze and comfortable environment anytime, anywhere. The convenience and flexibility of the portable ceiling fan are not only reflected in use, but also in the price budget.

However, there always are exceptions. If you want a more high-end portable ceiling fan and more expensive, you are supposed to learn about this one:

Looks Great – Allen + Roth 20-inch Caged Outdoor Tent Ceiling Fan

20-inch Caged Portable Outdoor Tent Ceiling Fan

Buying Guide For Finding The Best Portable Ceiling Fan

Then what should we pay attention to while choosing? Here below is our buying guide. If you follow these guidelines, you can’t go wrong.


Most portable fans are small in size, but they come in different sizes. Be sure to pay attention to the size of the fan before you buy it. Since the size of a fan will affect the user location.

Besides, fans that are too big may be cumbersome and difficult to carry, but they would move more air.

In conclusion, the size of the fan should be determined according to your using situation and airflow requirements.


There are two types of voltage for portable fans. One is 110V AC electric ceiling fan. It always has an in-line switch and a standard 110Volt 2-prong US plug.

If you want a battery-powered ceiling fan, it’s going to be the 12V DC ceiling fan. It has a DC motor and can be connected to battery or solar panel and other power sources. Pay attention to the description of the product when you buy it.


The weight of a portable ceiling fan is supposed to be very light. Otherwise, it would be inconvenient to carry. Meanwhile, since the ceiling fan is hanged on the ceiling but fixed, if the fan is too heavy, there would be a potential danger that the fan falls off. Generally speaking, the main factor affecting fans’ weight is material.

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Airflow Abilities

The primary purpose of buying a fan is to move air. So the ability of airflow of a fan is essential. Sometimes the CFM of the fan can be found in the product description. The larger the number of CFM, the stronger the ability of airflow.

But seldom these things are not mentioned in the product description. That’s when you need to go to view the customers’ comments and see what people say about the air flow.


There are some battery-operated ceiling fans with light. This type of fan is a combination of a flashlight and a fan. It’s functional, provides not only airflow but also light. This is especially useful at night or in darker areas. You can choose whether to bring the light or not according to your own needs.

Here we select one ceiling fan and light combo for you:

Hot Pick – Odoland  LED Light Tent Ceiling Fan For Camping

Odoland 2-in-1 LED Light Tent Ceiling Fan For Camping

This portable camping ceiling fan and light combo are trendy and ideal for trips, camping, fishing or camping or some emergencies like a power outage. It is made of high-quality plastic and is very lightweight and durable.

It is combined with the functions of the light and fan. This fan has two-speed levels and also an 18-watt LED bulb with high brightness and long illumination time.

Since this fan comes with a hook, it can be hung on a tree or the ceiling of a tent when camping. Before using, you need to buy two D cell batteries as power.


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Most of the time we use portable ceiling fans, the distance between the fan and us usually is not very far in order to the better airflow. But if a fan is too noisy and can disturb us. Then we may need to change a new one.

Just pay more attention to the noise of the fan before you buy it. It’s about our user experience. The comments section will be a good place to learn about the sound of the fan.

You can also find the best quiet ceiling fan in our other article: The Best Quiet Ceiling Fan for Bedroom.


Portable ceiling fans are divided into two kinds. One kind is like a general ceiling fan but much smaller, lighter, more comfortable to carry and install (just hang). The working power is 110V AC electric. This fan can be used anywhere a general ceiling fan would be challenging to place.

The other is the battery-powered ceiling fan. The working power is generally 12V DC battery or solar panel. This kind of fan is suitable for emergency, camping, fishing, sailing, or any other outdoor activities as you wish.

Portable ceiling fans have many benefits: convenience, energy saving, economical, can be used almost everywhere, etc. However, you are supposed to notice many features when choosing. The ceiling fan with light is really a wonderful choice for camping as a tent fan.

Wish you can get the best portable ceiling fan satisfying you!

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