Top 9 Best Selling Tower Fan Reviews

A high-quality tower fan is an essential investment that will help you stay cool during the summer months. Unlike a central air conditioner that cools large spaces at a time, a tower fan can cool a small area at a time, which makes them a crucial appliance when looking for a fan that will only cool the room you are using at the moment.

So, if you are on the market for a high-quality tower fan, we shall review the best selling tower fans available for you today. The reviewed products combine unique and high-quality designs that enable them to offer a wide air circulation suitable for covering a large area at a time. Read on:

The Common Highlights of These Best Selling Tower Fans

1. Energy-saving

energy saving tower fan best selling One important reason why choosing the best tower fan is essential is that it helps you save the money you spend on the energy bills of your home. The reason is that such a fan doesn’t sacrifice the operating costs for its cooling ability.

For that reason, you must find a tower fan that strikes a balance between its power, energy efficiency, and cooling ability. That way, you can rest assured to have settled for an affordable tower fan.

2. Their efficiency

Well, there are lots of tower fans on the market, but not all are what they claim to be. For that reason, you are likely to settle for a low-efficiency fan by choosing any model you come across.

To avoid that, selecting the best-selling tower fan provides you with peace of mind, given that these fans can cool the amount of space they claim.

3. Safe designs

best selling tower fan safetyRemember, a tower fan is a tall and slim design fan. For this reason, its base should be capable of holding it in position during operation.

But, most low-quality tower fans integrate a base that doesn’t meet the required standards, which means that it is likely to tip over while operating and damage the floor. For this reason, choosing the best selling tower fan is crucial to avoid such accidents.

4. The ability to enhance the style

The best-selling tower fans are not only a cooling device, by an appliance that enhances the styles of your home. These fans come in attractive and elegant designs so that they can act as an interior decorative appliance. For this reason, it is better to settle for the reviewed products.

Top 9 Best Selling Tower Fans

9 Best Selling Tower Fan Reviews

1. Honeywell Best Selling Whole Room Tower Fan-Black, HYF290B


  • Slim and sleek profile.
  • Easy to set up
  • Quiet but powerful operation.
  • LED dimming feature with five lighting selections


  • Not best suited for cooling big spaces.

A perfect way to improve the air circulation in your home, office, or bedroom lies in using the Honeywell HYF290B QuietSet Tower Fan (Full Review Here). It is an 8-speed fan that features Quiet Set controls.

Because of this, you can use the controls or included remote control to personalize the sound and cooling options to suit your desires. Another benefit of the fan is the slim and compact size. Thus, it acts as a perfect addition to small spaces.

The HYF290B is easy to carry around, thanks to the integrated carrying handle and lightweight design. It is powerful and designed with an oscillating motion for the efficient cooling of the whole room. Equipped with storage for the remote control, you can store the remote at the back of the fan for secure placement. Plus, an auto shut-off timer allows you to set the fan in such a way that it turns off in 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours.

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2. Homech Best Selling Tower Fan With Remote


  • User-friendly control panel.
  • Stable base.
  • Tool-free assembly.
  • Lightweight design and a convenient carry handle


  • The LED screen can’t turn off unless you’re in night mode.

The Homech oscillating tower fan is a whole room fan with a 65° oscillation angle. Its wide oscillation and long wind curves enable it to provide more airflow distribution around the room for sufficient airflow.

Additionally, the fan offers three wind speeds and three air circulation styles. As a result, you can customize the speed settings from low to medium or high, and the air circulation modes from normal to natural or sleep.

Something else that makes the tower fan a great choice is automatic temperature detection. It can shut off at a room temperature that is lower than 24°C / 75.2°F and turn on when the temperature reaches 26°C / 78.8°F for safe use.

Equipped with an LED screen, you can view the wind speed, current room temperature, auto mode, and style at a glance. Furthermore, the fan includes a remote control that allows you to change the integrated settings conveniently.

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3. Lasko Portable Best Selling Oscillating Tower Fan


  • Easy-to-use controls.
  • Slim and space-saving design.
  • Built-in handle for portability
  • Multi-functional remote control with on-board storage.


  • The highest setting is a little noisy.

A stylish way to stay cool during the summer lies in using this Lasko tower fan. It offers three speeds, to let you customize the airflow from high, to medium, or low, depending on the user’s preference.

Additionally, the tower fan is perfectly sized in such a way that you can aim the airflow over a high bed, while it delivers a powerful blow that crosses the entire room.

Equipped with a nighttime setting, the controlled display can dim automatically for a peaceful night of sleep. Plus, the fan adopts a blue plug that cuts off the electric current when it detects a hazardous electrical fault to ensure user safety. The fan is controllable via easy-to-use electronic controls or remote control. It features a small footprint that doesn’t take much room while the included carrying handle makes it highly portable.

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4. Ozeri 3x Quiet and Hot Selling Tower Fan


  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Slim and sleek look.
  • Included remote control.
  • Three fan speeds.


  • Bright LED isn’t suitable for sleeping.

The Ozeri 3X is an upgraded tower fan. It boasts three independently controllable fans plus three fan speeds. Because of this, it can offer up to nine levels of cooling and customized airflow to help you achieve the settings that suit your comfort level.

Moreover, the three fans integrate a passive noise cancellation technology. This technology utilizes the physics of the blade curvature; a design that enables the fan to generate mitigating sound waves aimed at reducing the noise of the blades.

The 3x tower fan features a slim profile so that it can occupy a small space. Also, it includes an elegant and reinforced glass base stand to enhance style and stability. Equipped with a 7.5-hour timer that is programmable in 30 minutes increments, you can customize the period that the tower fan is supposed to operate.

Plus, the fan features a dismountable design that requires hand assembly without the need for tools. The fan can deliver a 90-degree whisper-quiet oscillation for optimal circulation of the air.

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5. Taotronics 36” Hot Selling Oscillating Tower Fan


  • Adjustable speed and wind mode
  • Wide and smooth oscillation.
  • Handy remote control.
  • Space-saving profile.


  • The temperature display has one brightness setting.

This is a bladeless tower fan. It is a perfect addition in homes with pets and kids and homes where improved air circulation is required without sacrificing the energy costs. The fan offers three fan speeds and three cooling modes. The speeds include low, medium and high, while the cooling modes comprise normal, natural, and sleep. Because of this, you can personalize the cooling effects to one that will suit your mood and desire.

Additionally, the tower fan has a 65° wide angle oscillation. This enables it to distribute the air over a wide area for fast cooling results. Featuring a space-saving design, the tower fan is compact at only 36″.

Also, it integrates an automatic mode. This mode enables it to run when the ambient temperature is above 79°F and shut off when the temperature is less than 75°F. The 12-hour programmable timer is another plus that allows you to customize the time that the fan will run in one-hour increments.

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6. Oscillating Fan Powerful Floor Fan with Remote


  • It delivers wide coverage.
  • Auto-off Led Screen.
  • The bladeless design makes it an ideal choice for families with kids and pets.


  • None

If you are looking for a whole-house fan, you will have made the right decision after purchasing this oscillating floor fan. It is a 65°oscillating cooling fan. This means that it can cool large spaces within a short time, thus suitable for use in a big house.

Additionally, the fan integrates three powerful modes and three fan speeds. The modes include normal, natural, and sleep, while the fan speeds comprise high medium and low. Thus, the fan provides nine different airflow settings that make it an ideal option for meeting multiple cooling needs.

Something else that makes this fan a perfect choice is the compact design. It measures 35”x12”x12”, thus an ideal standing fan for use in small spaces. Furthermore, the fan is ETL certified and bladeless. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for use in homes with kids.

Equipped with a large LED screen, remote control, and multifunctional control panel, this fan is easy to operate. Plus, it integrates a removable back cover for effortless cleaning. The built-in carry handle is another addition that allows you to transfer it from one room to the next with a lot of ease.

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7. Ozeri Ultra 42” Oscillating Noise Reduction Technology Tower Fan


  • Tool-less assembly.
  • Slim and sleek profile.
  • Relatively quiet.
  • The remote control is easy to operate.


  • The control lights do not dim in the night mode.

For a stylish and powerful tower fan, I would recommend Ozeri Oscillating Tower Fan. It boasts a sophisticated and elegant design that enhances the room’s decor. Furthermore, the fan features a space-saving design that makes it a perfect addition to small spaces. Engineered to generate more air velocity without compromising the noise level, the fan is an ideal choice for use in an office or bedroom.

Better still, it features pre-programmed airflow patterns to promote relaxation, sleep, and comfort. The fan delivers a 90-degree oscillation aimed at ensuring the optimal circulation of the air.

It features a 12-hour timer designed that is programmable in one-hour increments. The LCD screen can display the temperature of the room while an enhanced-range remote control allows you to change the settings with a lot of ease.

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8. Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan Best Selling


  • Powerful airflow.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • No fast-spinning blades.


  • Expensive.

The Dyson Cool AM07 is a sleek and elegant tower fan. It adopts an air multiplier technology. This technology creates a powerful stream of uninterrupted airflow which means that you can rely on it for a reliable cooling effect.

What’s more, the fan features a bladeless design. As such, it is one of the best-selling tower fans for use in homes with kids and pets.

Supplied with a remote control that allows you to choose between 10 precise airflow settings, this fan is easy to operate. Moreover, it includes a sleep timer that is programmed to turn off after preset intervals ranging from 15 minutes to nine hours.

The AM07 works quietly, thanks to the streamlined air channels that offer a reduced airflow turbulence. Plus, it is easy to clean, given that it excludes the safety grilles and blades.

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9. Dyson 300905-01 Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan Hot Selling


  • Whisper-quiet operation.
  • Ten distinct airflow settings.
  • Magnetized remote stores on the fan.
  • The fan delivers a smooth and powerful stream of air.


  • None

The Dyson 300905-01 is a powerful and quiet fan that responds to the need for a safe and easy-to-clean tower fan. It adopts an air multiplier technology that creates a powerful airflow. As a result, you can rely on it to offer the desired cooling effect. The fan doesn’t include fast-spinning blades for safety and ease of cleaning. It comes with a remote control that offers a choice of up to 10 airflow settings.

Designed with streamlined air channels, this fan can provide reduced airflow turbulence, making it 60% quieter while compared to competitor products.

Moreover, the unit is programmable and designed to turn off after preset intervals ranging from 15 minutes to nine hours. After use, the remote can store neatly on the machine, thanks to the curved and magnetized design.

Best Dyson Tower Fan Reviews

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4 Things to Consider When Selecting A Best Selling Tower Fan

1. Airflow/ air circulation

Various tower fans circulate the air differently. The reason is that some are suitable for cooling a smaller space while others are designed for larger areas. When purchasing a fan for a smaller space, opt for a model that offers low circulation since you are likely to get uncomfortable with the sound and speed of fans that generate high airflow. However, if the fan is for cooling larger spaces, you should be okay with a tower fan that produces a powerful airflow.

2. Bladed or bladeless

bladeless tower fan hot sellingTower fans come in two styles, a bladed fan and a bladeless fan. Models such as Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan and Dyson 300905-01 Air Multiplier Tower Fan are an example of bladeless fans.

While the term might get you thinking that these fans do not have blades, the fact is that these fans integrate blades, only that they are hidden in a ring around its center.

As a result, you can’t see the fast-spinning blades easily, which makes such a model a safe option when used in homes with kids and pets. Better still, bladeless fans are easy to clean, given that you do not have to dig into the vents and louvers while cleaning.

Moreover, their bladeless designs make them quieter since there are no buffeting blades in the open. However, note that bladeless options are also quite expensive while compared to the bladed models.

3. Decibel rating

best tower fan db ratingThe decibel rating is a measure of the noise level. A fan with a high (decibel rating) dB is louder while compared to one with a low dB rating.

However, in most cases, high-powered tower fans have a high dB rating while compared to the low-powered fans.

The only way to pick an ideal choice lies in comparing several tower fans with the same cooling capacity so that you can settle for a fan that doesn’t sacrifice its noise level for the cooling capability.

4. Cooling capacity and coverage

best tower fan cooling capacityThis is one of the most crucial factors when you want to settle for an efficient tower fan. The ability of a fan to cool a room is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute).

Ideally, the CFM rating allows you to know the amount of air a tower fan can move in a minute. A fan with a higher CFM has more cooling capability while compared to one with a lower CFM rating.

However, note that it is also crucial to consider the oscillation of the fan. After all, it doesn’t make sense to buy a fan that blows out a lot of cool air in one direction without distributing it.

So, get a fan with a high CFM rating but one with a high degree of oscillation to ensures that it can release a lot of cool air and distribute it effectively.

Final Words

The best selling tower fans are the best choices for keeping your apartment chilly in the summer. In fact, they are the best models when you need to cool a small area instead of the entire home. So, buy one of the reviewed products paying attention to the amount of breeze you need and the area you are cooling at a time to ensure its effectiveness.

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