Dyson Cool AM07 Tower Fan Review

Fans are currently a popular product found in many homes all over the globe. Many manufacturers thus strive to put their fan brands out in the market, with some ranking among the best while others dreaded by users. Dyson is one of the popular brands currently in the market. Dyson fans are liked because of their quality designs with a blend of advanced technology, giving them the guarantee for efficiency in operation. Therefore, if you have been looking to acquire a Dyson fan model AM07, then you should go through this article as it provides a detailed overview of this fan, allowing you to make an informed choice before committing.

Dyson Quiet and Powerful Cool AM07 Multiplier Tower Fan Review

dyson am07 tower fan black



These include features specific to only the Dyson cool AM07 model. Some of them are:

Color: White/Silver
Weight: 6.3 Pounds
Dimensions: 4.4 by 7.5 by 39.6 Inches
Warranty: 2 Years – parts and labor
Oscillating: Yes
Speed settings: 10

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Is the Dyson Cooling Fan Worth It?

This is always a matter of preference and the needs of an individual. Therefore, for individuals looking for distinctly cooling fans, this may not be your ideal choice since there are other fan brands and models capable of providing cooling airflow in similar or even more capacity while costing less in the markets. However, for individuals looking for fancy premium tower fans, then yes, this fan is worth it. The total sum features guarantee a fancy cooling experience with the many adjustable setting to suit preferential needs. These, coupled with the stylish design, provides the user with a unique product for a luxurious cooling session.


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to control and use
  • Aesthetic and stylish
  • Energy efficient
  • Lightweight with a long power cord
  • Quiet during operation
  • Easy to clean and manage
  • Very safe


  • Very costly
  • Becomes noisy on full power/speed
  • Majorly controlled by remote due to only one control at the fan’s base

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Features of Dyson Cool AM07 Tower Fan

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Air Multiplier Technology

This is one of the unique features of Dyson fans. The patented air multiplier is one of the advanced technological features incorporated in these fans, enabling them to facilitate a smooth and constant airflow, much like a natural breeze by the wind.

This feature thus creates a stream of powerful and uninterrupted airflow capable of cooling a great deal of space such as an average-sized room. The fan thus sufficiently circulates cool air to ensure that you relax in a cool and comfortable environment. Because of this, it is greatly admired and appreciated by customers.

Sleep timer

This is another technologically advanced feature installed in the Dyson AM07 tower fan. This smart feature is programmable by the user to turn the fan off automatically after a period of use. Thus, you do not need to physically switch it off, thus convenient on many occasions, such as when you are already asleep or not at home. The feature thus guarantees the fan’s automatic turning off at intervals preset by the user, ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours. This feature ensures that the fan does not operate when not required, thus saving on energy in the long run.

Simple control system

The control system designed for these Dyson fans is also very easy to use. For instance, they usually come packaged with a handheld remote system for turning the fan on and off. The remote further facilitates adjusting the numerous setting options to give the user quality and desired airflow rate.

The remote is also curved and magnetized to guarantee easy and neat storage on the tower fan itself. This prevents occasional loosing of the small remote control, which could be greatly inconvenient. Another control feature is always the power button placed at the bottom portion of the tower fan. This is the only control on the fan and can be used to turn the fan on and off and also adjust airflow speed settings with a numerical display showing the speed level.

Aesthetic design

This is another feature that makes the Dyson fans popular among many individuals. The am07 model is usually designed with a sleek white silver finish. This, coupled with the unique hollow bladeless head, makes the fun quite a stunning sight. Therefore, it complements many of the internal house decors from the sitting rooms to bedrooms and even office spaces. This makes the house and the area it is situated look bright, beautiful, and stylish.

Multiple setting options

The Dyson am07 tower fan is also designed with a variety of setting options. For instance, the fan usually comes with 10 precise airflow setting modes. This gives the user a wide range of options to choose the airflow speed they desire and are most comfortable with at the moment. Further adjustable setting options include the sleep timer, power, and the oscillation feature. The possibility of adjusting the levels and intensities of these settings allows for a more relaxing cooling by the fan.

dyson am07 remote control

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Oscillation feature

The Dyson am07 tower fan is also designed with oscillation capabilities. This feature allows for the redirection of airflow to ensure that the cool air circulates through a wide area. The multidirectional flow of air also prevents direct cooling as this might be inconvenient at night, thus facilitating cooling at oscillation intervals guaranteeing for a cool and relaxing environment.

Safety features

Safety is an important consideration for a tower fan. This is because they help prevent possible accidents to individuals and animals within the homestead. Tower fans are usually easily accessible, unlike ceiling fans; thus, they should have safeguard measures put in place to protect the user and their families against self-hurt. Some of the safety features on the Dyson am07 include the fact that the fan has no fast-spinning blades. This guarantees safety with the possibility of getting cut by the spinning blades being eradicated complicated.

Long warranty period

To assure the customers on the high quality of their products, Dyson usually provides a 2-year warranty on all their fans purchased from authorized dealers. This guarantees free returns if the shipped product arrives faulty or stops working within the stipulated time frame. This warranty, however, excludes certain damages such as those inflicted by weather elements or sharp objects.

Lightweight design

The Dyson am07 tower fan is also lightweight, with an overall weight of about 6.3 pounds. This allows for easy movement of the fan from place to place. Therefore, you can transfer it to your bedroom at night with ease and return it to the living room the next day.

Long power cable

This tower fan model also comes packaged with an adequately long power cord. The power cord is usually about 1.8 meters, which allows for easy maneuvering of the fan during positioning in the room. Therefore, you can hook the fan on a wall socket and place it close to the area you need cooling, such as the top of your bed or a couch.

Does Dyson AM07 Cool the Air?

Yes, but only the air around an individual’s body, thus cooling the body and not the entire room. Simply put, the Dyson am07 does not cool air. Since the fan passes air in a given direction at a time, the air will move across your body and, in the process, facilitate heat loss. This is what feels like the cool breeze brushing over your skin and not the surrounding air in the room. The Dyson am07 therefore, would not immensely affect the temperature change of a room that much like other fans may do.

dyson am07 blue tower fan

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Should You Buy the Dyson Am07 Tower Fan?

This is dependent on several factors. Thus, despite the high recommendations from users and professionals, some individual’s needs can, however, not be met by the Dyson am07 model.

For instance, for an individual planning to purchase a tower fan for cooling the entire large room, this might not be your best option. Nevertheless, you should buy this tower fan if you need directed and elegant cooling like when planning to cool yourself while sleeping or sitting on a couch, among other options.

Your financial capability should also be a determinant in buying the Dyson am07 tower fan. This is because the fan is quite pricey and may exert some serious financial strains on low-income people; however, it is recommended for rich and financially capable individuals.

Why Do You Really Pay $400 For a Dyson?

Dyson tower fans are that expensive due to their engineering. These fans are always designed with high-quality materials and packed full of innovative technology that ensures you get a satisfactory cooling experience. This is also coupled with efficiency in power consumption while delivering a powerful airflow.

Therefore, these and some other features warrant the high prices since a lot is put into manufacturing these tower fans, unlike some of the cheap fan models which do not take much in terms of manufacture and design.

How We Compare Dyson Am07 Tower Fan

Despite the Dyson am07 tower fan being among the best in the market, some other brands and models closely compare to its functionalities giving it a run for efficiency and effectiveness in its functions. Some of the comparative features used to compare this tower fan include:

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Flow Speed

Different Dyson and other tower fan brands usually have varying airflow speeds from weak to a very powerful airflow. This is usually attributed to the motors installed, causing blade rotations. However, in the case of bladeless fans like Dyson am07 tower fan, the brushless electric motors and the pedestal motor in the base facilitates a powerful, uninterrupted airflow through the loop. This machine can often move up to 1271 CFM at the maximum speed setting of 10. This is usually higher than the average CFM of most tower fans in the market included fellow Dyson models.

Noise level

The level of noise emitted by a tower fan usually attributes to the general liking by the users. This is because, when a fan produces too much noise, it becomes uncomfortable to be around. Thus, a quieter version of a fan during operation is usually preferred, as is in the case of Dyson am07 tower fan, which operates quietly due to the brushless motors unlike in other fans with brushed motors.

Furthermore, these fans also have streamlined air channels, which reduces air turbulence, further making operations quiet. Therefore in comparison to other tower fans, the Dyson am07 is usually much quieter with a maximum noise rating of 64 dB at high speeds, which is at least 60 percent quieter most of the other brands and models.

Tower fan degrees of oscillation

The efficiency of a fan on fulfilling its functions while satisfying the user’s needs also often rests on the oscillation of the device. Thus, the faster and more extensive the device can oscillate, the more effective it is to cool not only one individual but also an extensive area with at least several people.

The oscillations also prevent direct and constant air blowing towards an individual, as this may occasionally be uncomfortable. The Dyson am07 tower fan nonetheless comes with this feature, which advances its performance.

The tower fan can oscillate up to an extensive 90 degrees angle. Thus, when positioned in a corner, it will sufficiently circulate air through an entire room. The various brands and models, however, come with different oscillation angles as some can rotate up to 360 degrees while others below 90 degrees. Therefore, the Dyson is averagely designed for maximal output.

Power usage

Power consumption is also a vital feature for consideration when purchasing a tower fan. This is because high power consumption rates usually result in high maintenance costs for the fan. Therefore a highly performing tower fan with minimal power consumption is always recommended.

As in this case, the Dyson am07 is always engineered and designed to create a powerful airflow yet utilizing minimal power energy of about 230 volts and 56 Watts input. These are at least 10 percent fewer power rates in comparison to other tower fan models such as the Dyson am02.


In general, fans usually have several functions depending on the design and the level of innovation incorporated in engineering. Thus, some only have one primary function, while others can always be adjusted to facilitate additional secondary functions. Some of the usages of the Dyson AM07 tower fan include:

  • Cooling down an individual during warm temperatures.
  • Acting as a decorative device due to its aesthetics.
  • They also help improve ventilation in a room by facilitating the circulation of fresh air.

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Fans assist in many ways, and thus, for you to achieve that relaxation and comfort you so much desire, you need to purchase a tower fan that fits your needs and financial capabilities. In as much as the Dyson am07 might be pricey, it usually comes packed with unique features which, when combined together during operation, ensures that you receive the best cooling ever.

This fan is popular and highly recommended in the tower fans market. Therefore, as long as you can afford the price tag on the Dyson am07, you should strive to add this fan to your living space as it will not only cool you down but also look pretty and decorative to your house or area of work.