Best Tower Fan for Sleeping Reviews

Hot summer is coming, there are so many people tossing and turning all night because of this annoying temperature. At this time, if your home has an amazing tower fan for sleeping, things will change a lot. You can not only enjoy the cooling air created by the fan but also keep the bothersome flies away.

However, not everyone knows how to find an ideal tower fan for sleeping, so we have selected 10 highly-praised tower fans on the market. You can choose the one you like according to your requirements.

Are Tower Fans Good for Sleeping?

are tower fan good for sleepingSurviving a hot and humid climate without a fan has never been practical. It would help if you had a fan to keep you and your entire family in a relaxed and comfortable environment. People who sleep in hot environments tend to wake up sweating and end up in a night of disturbed sleep, which tends to cause drowsiness during the day, and as a result, it affects productivity.

However, sleeping when your fan is positioned correctly, is very beneficial to your health and for a comfortable sleep. Sleeping while the fan is on promotes air circulation and can be advantageous to those who usually keep their windows open to allow cool air in, and thus preventing insects and pollen that always enter into the room through an open window.

Turning on the fan in your room helps in enhancing proper air circulation, and you will not be opening your windows or doors for fresh air.

On the other hand, keeping fans on at night may lead to aggravation of muscle aches. This will happen if you had an existing muscle ache. The muscles can contract due to the circulation of cold air, and the ache can worsen due to cold air.

Top 10 Best Tower Fans for Sleeping

Best Tower Fan for Sleeping Reviews

Tower fans are essential home accessories that provide a comfortable, cool home environment during unbearable warm seasons. They are the best in making your room feel pleasant breeze instead of hot tormenting heat. This article brings you the best silent tower fans you should go for in preparation for your summer season.

1. Best Overall – Honeywell Quilty Tower Fan for Sleeping

best tower fan for sleeping

Why Choosing it?

  • Least noise generation.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Build-in power setting
  • Remote control.
  • Powerful oscillation cooling.


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Honeywell quiet tower is technically made to offer controlled quiet sound and personalized cooling with auto shut off features with an additional of 5 customizations that make it an outstanding set.

Honeywell wins too be the best in our list due to a combination of its sleek profile with high-end functional constructions that make it perfect for every home use.

The fan comes with a built-in quiet set technology for credibility and efficiency. It also comes with five-speed settings that allow you to change its speed to any level you want as well as controlling its sound. It has automatic shutoff features that you can set for 1, 2, 4, and 8 hours and a control touch buttons.

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2. Super Quiet – PELONIS PFT40A4AGB Oscillating Tower Fan for Sleeping

best oscillating tower fan for sleeping

Why Choosing it?

  • The fan is easy to control and use.
  • It comes with a stylish design.
  • Easily adjustable settings.
  • Supper quiet.
  • It uses minimal space.
  • Favorable warranty


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Pelonis is always significant name renown for the production and supply of quality tower fans that are made with the current advanced technology and guaranteed efficiency. The Pelonis PFT40 comes with three airflow adjustments in low, high, and medium varying with three modes (normal, natural, and sleep modes) for optimal user settings and maximum comfort.

It comes with a LED control display that enables you with easy adjustment settings while its LED lights allow you to control even in darkness.

The fan also comes with a handheld remote control that allows you to operate your fan from 16 feet away. Its built-in oscillating features facilitate a wide range of cooling as it offers 90 degrees wide range angle of oscillation.

It also comes with a 15-hour programmable timer that allows you to set on and off timer features for comfort and convenience.

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3. Safe for Children and Pets – 43 Inch Bladeless Tower Fan for Sleeping Use

best bladeless tower fan for sleeping

Why Choosing it?

  • It is to use at night using a remote.
  • Auto shut features for 7.5 hours.
  • A gentle simulation of air movement.
  • Oscillating action for quick freezing.
  • It saves electricity.


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This is a very powerful home tower fan that can distribute a cool breeze throughout your entire room. The fan comes with 3-speed control options, optional oscillation, three wind modes, an electronic timer that is programmed to operate up to seven hours.

The fan offers a whole room cooling while saving electric power. Its oscillating fans offer 70 degrees’ angular supply of air.

Also, the spinning plates are well secured by a safety fence to prevent toddlers and pets from being harmed. The remote control helps to ease its operation since you can operate even when you are in bed.

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4. 12H Built-in Timer – Homech Sleeping Use Tower Fan

homech whole room tower fan for sleeping

Why Choosing it?

  • Easy to use.
  • Flawless control using the remote.
  • It comes with auto-shutdown features and a timer.
  • It is a silent fan.
  • Suitable for a large-sized room.
  • Auto temperature detection.


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Homech is a very versatile silent tower fan that comes in three styles that you can choose from, i.e., 65 degrees’ oscillating angle, 3-speed(low, medium, and high) and three modes(normal, natural and sleep).

The fan is simple to use and control, as it comes with a remote control that makes it easy to use while in bed with its large display that enables you to monitor the temperature of the room at any given time.

The fan is very silent; hence you can leave it running while you are asleep. It is fully automated with timers such that you can set its automatic shutoff features from 1 to 12 hours for a cool night’s sleep during summer.

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5.With Noise Reduction Technology – Ozeri Ultra 42″ Quiet Sleeping Tower Fan

best quiet tower fan for sleeping

Why Choosing it?

  • It comes with a sleep timer features.
  • It uses oscillating blades that distribute air evenly throughout the room.
  • Easy to install and use.


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The Ozeri Ultra is an elegant fan that can go with various home décor designs and can be used to cool down large rooms. It comes with most friendly control settings that you can use on each feature that comes with it. The LCD display also allows you to track some fan settings.

The most exciting thing with this model is that it comes when it is already preprogrammed. You don’t need to figure out much in some settings. You only need to choose the one that can be helpful at a given time, and you begin running it.

Its three whisper settings can be used to set a silent function at night, and you will never get disturbed by any noise from the fan.

Assembling this fan is very easy, and you don’t need to call an electrician or an expert.

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6. With Bluetooth Feature – Ozeri 3X (44″) Smart Tower Fan for Sleeping

smart tower fan for sleeping reviews

Why Choosing it?

  • Good air conditioning.
  • The tower fan is very versatile as it offers nine levels of cooling for uniform distribution of air.
  • This model, as a great look that is great in most rooms.


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The Ozeri Ultra is an elegant fan that can go with various home décor The Ozero 3x fan is an ideal tower fan for people who are looking for a perfect silent fan for home and office use.

The fan comes with an interesting design and outstanding cooling system in silent operation. It comes with three fans that can be controlled independently according to the users’ needs. The fans ensure uniform distribution of air throughout the room with the help of its programmable air circulation patterns.

One thing that is very interesting with this tower fan is that it comes with nine levels of cooling and that you can customize to give a very efficient airflow. Its wide oscillation air patterns push the air in a 90-degree radius so that the air in the room can be evenly distributed.designs and can be used to cool down large rooms. It comes with most friendly control settings that you can use on each feature that comes with it. The LCD display also allows you to track some fan settings.

The most exciting thing with this model is that it comes when it is already preprogrammed. You don’t need to figure out much in some settings. You only need to choose the one that can be helpful at a given time, and you begin running it.

Its three whisper settings can be used to set a silent function at night, and you will never get disturbed by any noise from the fan.

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7. With Remote – Holmes HT38R-U Sleeping Set Oscillating Tower Fan

sleeping use tower fan with remote

Why Choosing it?

  • It oscillates almost 180 degrees.
  • It comes with three-speed settings.
  • It comes with up to 8 hours of shutoff timer.


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Holmes is one of the best fans that oscillate close to 180 degrees to ensure that it covers a broader area possible. It is a quiet fan that comes with three-speed settings along with other parameters such a breeze and sleep that gives you a comfortable environment for deep sleep.

It also comes with an 8-hour auto-shutoff feature, which is very efficient than other tower fans. You can set a suitable timer before you sleeping. On the one thing, it can bring you a cooling environment during sleeping; and on the other stuff, this behavior can save your energy bills a lot.

Holms is a beautiful tower fan for your bedroom and living room use since it delivers a cooling airflow all through.

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8. Slim Design – Stadler Form Peter Tower Fan

good fans for sleeping

Why Choosing it?

  • Stylish design.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Quiet during operations.
  • Adjustable settings.
  • Space conscious.
  • Easy to control and use.


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Stadler form peter is an elegant and slim tower fan that is made to provide sufficient power to move a lot of air for more extensive room service.

Its column shape is very suitable even for a small room since it is made to cover a very little space. Peter has a peculiar characteristic, such as natural breeze mode, 1-7-hour timer, automatic shutoff features, and remote control.

And all these functions can be selected through a gentle touch using highly versatile sensitive touch buttons on its control panel. The fan is very energetic, and it offers three different speed options for wind strength choices. The tower fan can be kept clean by washing its filter since it comes with washable filters.

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9. With Filter – Lasko AC600 Air Logic Bladeless Tower Fan for Sleeping

best fans for sleeping reviews

Why Choosing it?

  • Full function remote control.
  • Very silent.
  • Auto shutoff timer (up to 7 hours)
  • Electric safety plug.


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The Lasko AC600 is a very silent tower fan that comes with a three airflow speed. The only inferior feature with this kind of a fan is that it does not provide strong airflow and thus it is suitable for children’s rooms, small offices, and maybe dorms.

The remote control that comes with this fan makes it very versatile to use since you can use it to control speed, night light, auto-shutoff features, and oscillation while in bed.

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10. User-friendly – Lasko #4930 35″ Tower Fan for Sleeping Use

best fan for sleeping

Why Choosing it?

  • The fan comes with oscillation louvres that distribute air equally throughout the room.
  • The fan comes with an automated timer that helps in saving power when the fan is not in use.


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This is a highly efficient fan that is very powerful while it can be used to service a medium-sized room comfortably. The fan is a high-velocity model that has a variety of features to deliver helpful service to your room environment.

Lasko utilizes its oscillating fan blades to give faster and efficient cooling by spreading the cold air faster with high velocity throughout the room.

Lasko offers ease of use since the fan comes with a user-friendly control panel with its remote control, and you can choose to use either of them depending on your choice.

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How to Choose the Best Tower Fan for Sleeping?

best tower fans for sleepingA good night’s sleep is essential to everyone’s health and productivity at work. You don’t need to seep in a hot and stuffy room; you require a gentle and comfortable breeze from an ideal bedroom air conditioner. The fan must provide proper air circulation instead of freeze and keep the room warm and not stuffy. A typical tower fan for your bedroom must have the following features.


Fans are very beneficial since they can keep the tropical environment cooler than usual, but remember, the temperatures can drop during the night and this main cause discomfort due to freezing.

If you want fans running throughout the night and don’t want to get disturbed when it begins freezing or when you want to stop them, consider buying the one that comes with an automatic timer.

This will keep your room comfortable when it is hot while it can also shut down when temperatures drop while it can also run automatically in case of a rise in temperature. You can set the timer the way you want it to operate, and it will work according to the range of your settings.

Noise level.

Noise level is a significant concern when it comes to bedroom fans. Most people prefer quiet fans in their bedrooms so that they can sleep deep without disturbances. The fan must come with multiple speed controls to regulate the noise of a bedroom fan. Mostly, when a fan is in high-velocity speed, you will find it producing some noisy sound. It would be best if you had a fan who can control its speed and once you enter your bed.

Most tower fans come with controllable speed, and you will find that they are mostly quiet. Some can produce a white noise that is essential for a night of sleep when blended with soft music, so to bring a sleeping mood and a peaceful, pleasant sleep sensation.

Remote control.

The remote control is an essential feature in bedroom devices. You have all the remote control for the other devices in your room, and why not your fan? It is tough to wake up while in bed to switch on or off your fan, especially when you are reading your novel, watching the movies or doing any other thing in bed. You would love it when you have your remote control doing everything at your distance with the fan.


Since you will need something that can blend well with your bedroom décor, you will be required to look at the design features of your potential fan. The fan should complement your room décor either in the bedroom environment.

Your favorite design should come with noise filtering features to ensure that you will be comfortable sleeping beside your fan, and it cannot disturb you in a single minute.


Size matters when an ideal fan is your primary concern. In this case, we are taking both sizes of the room and the size of the individual fan. Usually, the large-sized fan will circulate a sufficient amount of air in a room, whereas a small fan may not provide enough air circulation, especially in a large room.

Similarly, if you have a larger room, you may not be advised to buy a small fan since it cannot circulate enough air within. The smaller room, on the other hand, requires a small fan since a larger fan can take up a lot of space, yet a small fan can deliver what you want.


This is a very important factor you need to look at. You should ensure that you buy a fan that is very efficient in power usage. Most programmable fans come with auto-sleep and auto-power off and on features that help you save power when the fan is not in use.

Nevertheless, you should also consider the output power of your fan. The fan should produce sufficient airflow in a few rotations, and you will be able to enjoy a cool environment within a fraction of time. You should consider the power of the motor and its rate of rotation when making a purchase.


The fan should offer a wide variety of settings on various levels. The setting, such as airflow mode and speed, should be first considered. This will offer you with great choices on how you want to use your fan, as opposed to a preprogrammed version that only utilizes its fixed settings.

Safety features

This is the most important feature you need to take into consideration. In fact, safety should be coming first before you look at any other feature. You must ensure that the fan is free from any other accident-related feature. It should come with fan quads and electric fuses to prevent physical and electrical damages, respectively.


Tower fans are great for those who want elegant home accessories that can blend well with their high-end home décor while delivering the best services in keeping the environment cool and comfortable during hot weather seasons.

Most of these fans are sizable, and they can take up a small measurable space while looking classy in your living room or bedroom. The fans always oscillate and silently operate while providing a cool breeze in your respective areas.

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