Honeywell Quietset Whole Room Tower Fan Reviews

During the summer season, living in a house becomes intolerable due to the hotness therefore buying a fan is a good idea. Honeywell Quietset tower fan makes you feel the spring cool breeze which cools you off and improves the air circulation in your house. This fan can be used in various rooms in your home including office, dining, bedroom, and so forth. It has a fused plug safety plug thus safe using it as it prevents excessive current flow during faulty conditions and it reduces energy consumption consequently saving. This article gives a review of how Honeywell Quietset Whole Room Tower Fan works and its maintenance.

Honeywell Quietset Whole Room Tower Fan Reviews

honeywell hy254e quietset tower fan


For a fan that would pose a quiet cooling and improvement in air circulation, the Honeywell tower fan is a good choice for your home. It has 8-speed settings that exude the feel of breeze inside your home. This fan uses a quiet set technology that enables the user to control their sound and cooling options.

With the oscillating motion accompanied by the slim modern design, Honeywell Tower Fan HYF290B poses a whole room cooling from its motion from one side to another. It has 8-speed button control and comes with a remote control which makes it easy to navigate the tower fan easily at the comfort of your seat, without necessarily waking up. For easier access and safekeeping of the remote control, the fan has a storage space at the back.

honeywell quietset tower fan 8 speed

The use of this fan would help you with improving the air condition of your room and still, it is energy-saving thus reducing the energy costs. Honeywell Tower Fan HYF290B can be used in your home, bedroom, and office. For safety measures, it has a fused safety plug for protection against faulty power conditions.


• It is efficient in saving energy.
• It has oscillating features thus air conditioning the whole room.
• Convenient to use due to remote commands.


• Increase in sound with an increase in speed.


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Honeywell Quietset Whole Room Tower Fan Guidance

How Do Honeywell Quietset Fans Work? – Detailed Features

the honeywell quietset tower fan

• The slim modern design in this fan makes it occupy little space and has an oscillating feature. This makes it easier to be in motion when circulating the air hence spring breeze across the room.

• Consisting of 8-speed tower fans granting you the ability to choose the sounding and cooling options. The 8 modes include sleep, whisper, calm, white noise, relax, refresh, cool, and power cool. From them, you can choose the mode you are comfortable with according to your preference.

• The fans have a remote control, therefore when plugged in, it’s convenient to command the fan from afar therefore no need to access the fan itself. There is a space on the back of the fan where the remote control can be stored therefore easily accessible for use.

Button control timer where you can set the time the fan is going to be working for. The hours range from 1 to 8 the fan will be cool and circulate the air.

• Consists of the air temperature thermometer of the house thus showing the temperature gauge. You can set where the temperature should reach and it goes off afterward.

How Do I Clean My Honeywell Quiteset Tower Fan?

Just like any other fan, Honeywell Quietset tower fan blades can accumulate dust if it is not cleaned periodically. Although it will still work, it may exude dirty air due to the dust-caked on the blade over time which is unhealthy. The fan can be cleaned when it is assembled or also by disassembling it.

  • How to Clean a Fan Without Taking It Apart?

• Ensure the fan is turned off and unplugged from power sources and bring it to a well-ventilated area.
• Use a soft cloth and wipe the outer surface of the fan gently.
• By using a brush, scrub the grills and the blades where dust has accumulated to break it up.
• Then use a can of compressed air, spraying it to the grill to remove the excess dust on them. It will fall off the fan eventually to the ground.
• Finally, clean the stand of the fan and the outer body with a wet cloth and dishwashing liquid. Do not immerse the fan in water nor let the droplets drip in the motor housing.
• Let it dry up before using it.

honeywell 40 quietset tower fan

  • How to Clean a Fan While Disassembling It?

When disassembling a fan for deep cleaning, you should be careful and use the right screwdriver to disassemble.

• Turn off the fan and unplug it.
• Then use a wet or dry vacuum cleaner on the outside of a fan to remove the excess dust from the blades and grates where air flows in and out of the fan.
• If the dust is very high in between the grilles, use a pipe cleaner to get rid of the excess dust.
• Disassemble the fan grilles using a screwdriver. Some of the models of the tower fan, the front grilles, and back grilles are held by plastic clips. Identify the mode of your fan and lay it down on a floor or sheets and disassemble with Phillip’s screwdriver. Take the necessary steps to disassemble the grilles.
• Remove the grilles of the fan and disassemble the blades of the fan whether held together by clips or screws.
• Clean the parts of the fan. Use the dishwashing liquid and a piece of cloth while washing. It is advisable to make a solution of water and soap and dip the cotton cloth while washing the components of the fan. Later wipe the grilles and blade of the fan with the cloth clean.
• Wait till the components of the fan become dry, then reassemble the fan.

How Do You Take Apart a Honeywell Quietset Whole Room Tower Fan?

While Possessing a Honeywell Quietset Fan, you may need to take it apart to clean it, repair it, or quiet it. Below is a process of how to disassemble your fan.

honeywell quietset whole room tower fan review

  • Step 1

Ensure that you unplug your fan from the power source, and using a screwdriver, unscrew all the screws that you can locate holding together the fan.

  • Step 2

Using a screwdriver pop up the control panel which has all the electrical wiring and the setting buttons in it. It is located on the top inches of the tower fan and it has a visible separate plastic split. Use the screw carefully to unscrew the plastic snaps.

  • Step 3

Slowly remove the control panel to remove the electrical cord snaps. It contains one main plastic snap holding the control panel with the bottom part of the tower running to the bottom of the unit and out to the outlet.

  • Step 4

Use the screwdriver to unfasten the remaining snaps holding the two plastics covers together.

  • Step 5

Finally, the assembly central blade should be pulled up and out, as this item holds together with small plastic blades all in one place. By pulling it apart you can see each section of the blade and the whole compartment of the central blade. Therefore, all the main parts of the fan are safely taken apart and you can execute the purpose of disassembling it.


In conclusion, you need to improve your air circulation and energy saving in your home. The Honeywell Quietset tower fan will increase your comfort, improve the airflow in your room, and due to its quiet set technology make it perfect to use all round the year. It is easier to use and maintain as described above.

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