What Size Ceiling Fan for Kitchen?

A kitchen ceiling fan is a very important gadget in our homes. But for high performance and efficiency, buying the right size is very crucial which turns out to be challenging for some individuals. So the question is, what size ceiling fan for your kitchen? But don’t worry, this article will provide you with all you need to know, which includes:

– How to determine what size ceiling fan for kitchen
– What is the smallest kitchen ceiling fan size?
– What size ceiling fan for a 12’x12′ kitchen?
– What size ceiling fan for an 11’x11′ kitchen
– What size to get for a kitchen ceiling exhaust fan

How to determine what size ceiling fan for kitchen

For perfect air circulation and efficiency, you must choose the best ceiling fan size that matches perfectly your kitchen size. Generally, some manufacturers provide details on the best room size for the fan, however, choosing the best size is not always easy for everyone as it may sound. The following are some of the key factors to consider while determining what size ceiling fan for your kitchen.

– Fan size.

The fan size is the most important factor to consider while deciding the perfect fan size for the kitchen. Generally, the fan size is determined by the size of the intended room in square footage. Therefore, before going to the stall make sure you have the correct size of your kitchen, which is obtained by measuring the length and width of your kitchen in feet and then multiplying the two.

To know the size of the fan, measure the fan from the tip of one blade to the center of the fan and then multiply by two. However, the manufacturer usually indicates the size of the fan on the fan.

Generally, there are certain set ceiling fan size standards for various room sizes, which makes it easy for you to choose what fan size for your kitchen. For instance, 44 – 50 inches fans are ideal for kitchens with sizes ranging from 144 – 225 square feet. Remember that a too big or small fan than your kitchen size will result in poor efficiency.

– Blade size.

The blade size is another factor to consider which is closely related to the fan size. The blade size is very crucial especially when the kitchen ceiling is curved or when there are other fixtures installed on the ceiling which can cause obstructions. This is to avoid accidents and damages in your kitchen.

Generally, larger blade sizes have higher CFM but usually tend to be slower than smaller blades that provide a gentle breeze. To determine the maximum blade size to pick, ensure that you leave a space of about 2 – 3 feet from the nearest wall to the tip of the blade. This is to ensure that the fan will circulate freely while driving the perfect breeze in your kitchen. However, kitchen ceiling fans should feature smaller blade sizes in terms of both blade length and diameter.

– Light bulb size.

Finally, consider the light bulb size to enhance perfect illumination in your kitchen. Typically, the light bulb size is determined by the size of the light fixture. Ensure that the fan has a light bulb size that perfectly illuminates your room. However, this does not mean that small-sized bulbs do not produce high brightness.

What is the smallest kitchen ceiling fan size?

Generally, different kitchens have different sizes. Therefore there is no specific smallest kitchen ceiling fan size as the fan size is determined by the size of the kitchen. However, there is a category of kitchen ceiling fans that can be considered as the smallest sizes.

The smallest kitchen ceiling fan sizes range between 20 inches to 42 inches and are designed for smaller kitchen sizes. Generally, 20 – 30 inches kitchen ceiling fans are ideal for the smallest kitchen sizes below 75 square feet, while 31 – 42 inches kitchen ceiling fans are ideal for smaller kitchen sizes ranging between 76 – 144 square feet. These fans are also ideal for other smaller spaces including hallways, bathrooms, closets, and more.

What size ceiling fan for a 12′ x 12′ kitchen

Generally, kitchen ceiling fans are sized using the size of their full blade sweep or blade span, which is equal to the diameter of the fan while the blades are rotating. Also as I mentioned earlier, the size of the kitchen or rather the room dictates the ideal ceiling fan size for that room.
Typically, there are set standards for ceiling fan sizes and their ideal room size. For a 12′ x 12′ kitchen, which is equivalent to 144 sq. ft, the ideal standard ceiling fan size is between 42 – 48 inches. These ceiling fans will most probably meet most of your demands if not all.

However, there are other factors that you should consider apart from the room size to maximize the cooling effect. For instance, if you are that person who needs high performance to cool your extra-hot kitchen space, then you require a ceiling fan with higher CFM, and still compatible with your kitchen size. For such a case, the best ceiling fan for a 12′ x 12′ kitchen should be 49 – 56 inches, which will be capable of delivering a high CFM of about 6200 – 7500 CFM.

Also, if the working space in your kitchen is at the corner, then you might require a larger ceiling fan than the standard size. This is because the major cooling breeze is available beneath the fan, approximately 2 feet, and then the breeze drops off dramatically.

What size ceiling fan for an 11’x11′ kitchen

Similar to the 12′ x 12′ kitchen, the same factors should be considered while choosing your kitchen ceiling fan for an 11’x11′ kitchen.
Usually, the room size comes first and for this case, the room size is 121 sq. ft. This kitchen size is generally ideal for 42 – 48 inches ceiling fans. These fans will provide maximum efficiency and performance especially in kitchens with simple designs and those whose temperatures are not very high.

However, on the other side, in very hot kitchens or those that are very squeezed and with less ventilation, a larger kitchen ceiling fan with higher CFM might be the best. For this case, go for a larger ceiling fan of about 49 – 55 inches.

What size to get for a kitchen ceiling exhaust fan

Unlike the kitchen ceiling fans, kitchen ceiling exhaust fans work differently in cooling the kitchen. Therefore, there is a difference in the factors to consider while choosing the best size for your kitchen ceiling exhaust fan. However, finding the best exhaust fan size for your kitchen is quite challenging for most individuals, but don’t worry about this as I got you will have the answer very soon.

Generally, most of the kitchen ceiling exhaust fans work by sucking in hot and polluted air in the kitchen and removing it to the outside, allowing fresh air in through other ventilations. Unlike the ceiling fans that circulate the air inside the room to create a cool breeze, the exhaust fans work very easily and efficiently, therefore, no need for very large sizes. Usually, a 30 cm kitchen exhaust fan works perfectly for most kitchens, including small and huge kitchens. However, for budget issues, 20 – 25 cm kitchen ceiling exhaust fans are the best size for the small kitchens.


In conclusion, ceiling fans play an important role in our homes including kitchens. However, they come in various sizes ranging from small to extra-large fan sizes, and buying a ceiling fan that is too big or small for your kitchen or any other room causes inefficiency. Therefore, there is a need to get a perfect size that matches your kitchen size. This article has explained more about what size to get for your kitchen ceiling fan.