What Are the Small Ceiling Fan and How to Pick Suitable Size?

Small ceiling fans are an excellent choice for small spaces. You can choose to have a small ceiling fan for your bathrooms, closets, laundry room, hallway, and even home offices for better air circulation. Small ceiling fans are available with lights and even those without lights, and they also have small blades to fit in your smaller rooms.

If you have smaller rooms with an area of about 6’x6′ area with low ceiling height, small fans are the best choice to purchase. And you will be able to achieve proper air circulation, and calm environment during hot summer, and lighting if you install small diameter ceiling fans with light.

Classification of Small Size Ceiling Fans

Small size ceiling fans are available in different sizes, designs, and shapes. And they are classified into the following categories;what sizes of small ceiling fans


Small ceiling fan motors equipped with super-efficient DC motors deliver excellent airflow, while the fans with standard motors deliver a significant airflow. The DC motor fans are the best choice for small ceiling fans because they save energy and have excellent performance. Besides, dual-motor fans are available and can circulate air over a wide area.

Blade size

Small ceiling fans range from minimal size to average size and a standard sized blade. The smallest size ranges from 4′ to 12′ while the standard size ranges from 38′ to 48′.


Small ceiling fans have ratings depending on their efficiency, quality, and CFM. Fans rated 4-5 are excellent, ones rated three are average, and ones with two ratings are below average.

Location type

Depending on the placing location of these fans, they can either be classified as damp, wet, or dry. Dry fans are suitable for indoors, while damp and wet fans are suitable for outdoors where there is high humidity. Because damp and wet fans are made from materials that are resistant to dampness, rains, and rust.


The efficiency of the fan is measured in cubic feet per minute per watt. It indicates how efficient the fan uses electricity to operate to give better results. The higher the efficiency value, the better the results you will get.


The airflow circulated by the fan is measured in cubic feet per minute. The value indicates how much air the fan can circulate per minute. The larger the CFM value, the more influential the fan is.

Electricity use

Electricity use is represented by the number of watts the fan consumes or uses to function. The operations include lighting and circulating. For instance, the average light bulb for a fan consumes about 60 watts.

How Small of a Diameter Do They Make Ceiling Fans?

Ceiling fan sizes are measurable by the length of the blade span, which indicates the diameter of the circle made when the fan is in motion. Therefore, small ceiling fan sizes range from as low as 16″ to 38″, which fits the 75 square feet room. Above 38″ blade span, the fan is suitable for large rooms.

Small Ceiling Fans Sizes

Small ceiling fans are available at varied sizes. So, you can choose the best fan that suits the size of your room. Small ceiling fans are commonly ideal for smaller rooms and areas that are less than 75 square feet.

Standard size for small ceiling fans, they have a blade size ranging between 24′ to 36′. The size makes them suitable for hallways, kitchen, study rooms, home office, and walk-in closets.

Ceiling fan sizes are measured by the blade span, which indicates the diameter of the circle made when the fan is in motion. Therefore, small ceiling fan sizes range up to 38″, which fits up to 75 square feet room. Above 38″ blade span, the fan is suitable for large rooms.

Advantages of Having Small Size Ceiling Fans

what is small ceiling fan

It is cost-effective

Installing a small ceiling fan is not costly. They are cheaper on the market and can effectively provide more excellent air circulation in the smaller room. The approximate price for a small ceiling fan is $99-$120.

Energy efficient

Small ceiling fans consume less energy than the more massive fans. In the smaller room, the air will be more concentrated and efficient. So, choosing a small-sized ceiling fan will help you save energy costs while creating the airflow required.


Small ceiling fans are suitable for bathrooms, hallways, and laundry rooms. Spaces in these rooms are smaller and very contained. You can hardly get natural airflow by the wind. Hence, installing small ceiling fans in these rooms will circulate air, mix dry and moist air, and maintain our proper health.

Adjustment of the room’s temperature

Temperature control in the smaller rooms requires a fan for its adjustments. In hot summer, the fan can bring in a cool breeze in the room.

How Much Are Small Ceiling Fans

Small ceiling fan prices range from $1000-$2000, depending on the blade span, motor, and manufacturing. Different companies have different prices for ceiling fans.

What Are Different Types of Small Size Ceiling Fans?

The following are the main six types of small size ceiling fans;

1. The Small size ceiling fan with lights

These types of fans are small and have a blade span of 26′ to 36′. The fans are designed for smaller rooms or very tiny areas like the walk-in closet and bathroom. They provide proper air circulation and lighting at the same time hence cutting the energy cost.

Examples of small ceiling fans with light include

Hunter Watson 34″ Indoor Ceiling Fan

Monte Carlo 3clyr42bsd-v1 Flush Mount Ceiling Fan 

Minka-Aire F510l-wh Space Saver 26 Inches Led Ceiling Fan

Small size ceiling fans come with in-built light fixtures. Thus, they are convenient, allowing you to enjoy lighting without the need for extra lighting fixtures.

2. Small diameter size ceiling fan with remote control and lights

Small diameter fans have a blade span of 26 inches and below. These fans are adequate for small room spaces of about 6’x 6′ square feet. The fans come with a built-in light fixture and remote control.

All these fixtures are installed together with the ceiling fan. The fans can give lighting, save space, and also circulate air. You can install a wall switch to allow the remote to work and also another switch to control the fan power.

The remote control is suitable for controlling the fan speed, the brightness of the lighting bulb. And also, switching on and off of the lights and the fan provided the remote is powered.

An example includes Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan with Led Light and Remote Control.

3. Low profile small size ceiling fan

Low profile smaller size fans will give you a modern outlook for any indoor or outdoor space. The fan is a perfect solution for small areas and a low ceiling. These flush-mount ceiling fans are also compact and very powerful. You can find your best designer style at any online shops like Amazon.

Low profile fans can come in two forms, fans with lights and those with no lights. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can go for the one that best fits your available space. In case you have a separate lighting fixture, you can opt to go for a low profile small ceiling fan without lights.

Examples of these fans include Hunter Fan Newsome’s Low Profile with Light.

4. Energy star small ceiling fans

Energy star small-sized fans have earned the “energy star” meeting strict energy use efficiency, best quality and performance standard. The United States set the standards environmental protection agency, tested by the accredited labs and certified by any certifying body.

Energy star ceiling fans can come with light fixtures, remote control, or without lights nor the light fixtures. You can have a choice of your preference and budget.

Examples of energy star fans are the Emerson Ceiling Fans CF901VNB Prima Energy Star Ceiling Fan.

5. The Damp-rated small diameter size ceiling fans

Damp-rated fans are designed for outdoor locations like covered porches and indoor spaces like bathrooms and laundry locations where they are not directly exposed to water. Still, they can come into contact with humidity.

Damp-rated fans are therefore suitable for use in moist spaces without directly exposing it to water unlike the wet-rated fans

An example of a small damp rated ceiling fan is Westinghouse Lighting 24″ Small Ceiling Fan with Lights. 

6. The High-speed small ceiling fan

You might have in mind that the motor of a small-sized ceiling fan is less powerful, but in the real sense, it is more powerful. Most small size ceiling fans have powerful motors. A high-speed fan can be your best option because it creates large flows of air in smaller areas.

An example of a high-speed ceiling fan with a quiet and powerful motor is the Westinghouse Lighting Five-blade High-speed Small Ceiling Fan. 

Choosing the Appropriate Small Ceiling Fan

There are several factors you should consider before buying a small ceiling fan.

Ceiling fan Size

A small size ceiling fan is less than 42 inches in diameter size, with a smaller diameter ceiling fan not beyond 16 inches. But due to smaller spaces of bathroom and hallways, the standard sizes used are 24″ to 36″. Choosing the right size will depend on the measurement of your smaller room.


Small ceiling fans are available in 3 blades, four blades, and even six blades. You can select the number of blades, depending on your choice and preferences.


Low profile small ceiling fans are suitable for small rooms with low ceilings. And they are installed in a flush mount. For high ceilings, you can install small ceiling fans with a down rod.

Energy efficiency

The ceiling fan that has the highest energy efficiency is likely to consume less energy. Small ceiling fans are known to have high energy efficiency.


The warranty period is critical because it can allow you to replace any broken parts for free. In case of breakage, the warranty enables you to claim a new ceiling fan.

What Kind of Light Bulbs Do Ceiling Fans Take As Small Lights?

The type of light bulb the fan uses is significant. Selecting the proper type of light bulb will ensure there are easy usage, proper color temperature and visual appeal. Let’s learn about the different types of light bulbs for small ceiling fans.

LED light bulbs

LED lights for ceiling fans give the most effective solution for lighting. Led bulbs to consume less power, and they also last for longer hours. Because of the long-lasting feature, the ceiling fans with led lights are suitable for places where changing the bulb might be quite tricky like places where fans are installed on high ceiling fans.

However, these led bulbs are more expensive. Also, they can decrease in brightness.

SYLVANIA General Lighting LED Light Bulb

Halogen light bulbs

Small ceiling fans with halogen light bulbs consume less power than the traditional bulbs. These lights create the hottest temperature and also produce a warmer and welcoming light suitable for dining and living rooms. All halogen light bulbs can decrease in brightness with suitable dimming control.

GU10 Halogen Light Bulb with Light Glass Cover

Fluorescent light bulbs

Fluorescent light bulbs for small ceiling fans use about 75 percent less energy than the heated bulbs. Fluorescent light bulbs for small ceiling fans have a longer shelf life than the halogen light bulbs, but less lifespan than LEDs.

The fluorescent light bulbs are not dimmable. Therefore they cannot be suitable for sole use as a source of lighting for a multi-use room. These light bulbs are suitable for light fixtures where the bulb is uncovered due to their visual nature.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb with 5000k Daylight

Incandescent light

These are traditional light bulbs and have been mostly used for many years. Due to current technological improvements to halogen light bulbs, LEDs and fluorescent light bulbs, these bulbs have fallen out of favor.

Incandescent bulbs utilize more electricity than other types of bulbs for small ceiling fans. Hence, most manufacturers do not make fans specifically for incandescent light bulbs, but for multi-bulb usage. All the incandescent bulbs can decrease in brightness with appropriate dimming control.

A19 Frosted Incandescent Rough Service Light Bulb

How Small Do Ceiling Fans Come In?

Small ceiling fans come in as a package. The different parts of the fan come together in one box, which you will need to assemble them before installing. Small ceiling fans are easy to assemble and install, and they may come with light fixtures and remote control.

Where to Buy Small Ceiling Fans?

A wide variety of companies manufacture small ceiling fans. Every company has a specific model. Small ceiling fans are available with a blade span of between 29″ to 36″ to fit in smaller room areas of up to 75 square feet.

You can buy small ceiling fans in any online shops at an affordable price of about $99 -$120. The price depends on the quality features of the fan. The quality may include light fixtures and remote control availability.

Best Small Ceiling Fans Recommended on the Market



Small size ceiling fans are best designated for small areas. The fans offer sufficient airflows while preventing noise issues and accidents that might occur from the large ceiling fans. Also, small ceiling fans with lights makes a more significant difference in the room by offering proper lighting. Install small-sized ceiling fans in only smaller rooms to comfortably preserve proper airflow and provide cooling during the hot summer season.