Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan Reviews

During a hot day, you need cool air to be relaxed. An outdoor ceiling fan can offer you the cool, refreshing breeze on your patio.

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8 blade large ceiling fan for vaulted ceilings to use – Minka-Aire F896-65-ORB 8 Blade Large Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Delicate designed white ceiling fan for indoor and outdoor use – Hunter Brand White Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Tropical style ceiling fan with light and chain control – Honeywell Sabal Palm 52 Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Modern 3 blade ceiling fan for flush-mount – Matthews IR3H-TB-WA-42 Irene 42 Inch Ceiling Fans

Durable bronze dual ceiling fan with light design – Harbor Breeze Outdoor Ceiling Fan With Light

Best Efficient - Hunter 59264 52-inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Metal Blades on Sale

Since the ceiling fan is fitted outside, it is supposed to be powerful to move a large amount of air for the cooling effect.

There are different kinds of ceiling fans that one can install outside. And they range from simple to high-end models that one can have in their homes.


Why Install an Outdoor Ceiling Fan?

Before you purchase a ceiling fan intended for outdoor use, you should know what these elegant fans can do for you.

Best outdoor ceiling fans reviews and tips for choosing

 More durable 

Many people have ever thought maybe a normal indoor ceiling fan can also work outdoors, and this behavior may help us save a lot of money. Actually, this is not true.

On the one hand, our outdoor environment is mostly wetter, and we are more likely to need a wet-rated ceiling fan to prevent our fans from being corroded.


And on the other hand, as you know, there are more winds and larger space outdoors. So, you need a more stable and powerful ceiling fan to help you bring continuous cooling air.

 Adds special decoration 

Besides, an outdoor ceiling fan is also a good decoration for your outdoor space.

It can not only make your house look more excellent but bring cooling air in the hot seasons.

Imagine sitting with your friends on the patio on a summer afternoon, enjoying afternoon tea while feeling the wind from the fans. How relaxing and intoxicating it is!

So, installing an outdoor ceiling fan can bring you a lot of benefits. And before you purchase an ideal fan for the outdoors, you need to check what type of outdoor ceiling fan is the one you really need.


How to Choose the Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan?

Think about some of the most relaxing days that you have had and the chances are good that you will have visions of sitting on your porch, patio, deck, or garden dining area while enjoying a beverage and good company.

Now think about this same scenario on a hot summer day, yet with the fresh and enjoyable breeze coming from your outdoor ceiling fan.

There will always be several things that you need to take into consideration when you are buying any ceiling fan.

  • Where Do You Live?

If you happen to live near the ocean, you should consider the purchase of an outdoor ceiling fan that has been UL Wet rated.

Living near the ocean means that everything outdoors can be affected a great deal by the saltwater and the moist air. Even when you are considering the installation of the fan on an outdoor patio that is covered, you still need to have a fan that is UL Wet rated so that you are not going to fall victim to the corrosion that saltwater can cause.

Ceiling fans that are rated UL Wet for outdoor use will also last you quite a bit longer because they are made to be durable and can stand up to all of the elements of the ocean and beyond.

You should also be sure that you take the time to wash of an outdoor ceiling fan that is being used near the ocean a lot more often than other regions, simply because there can be the build-up of salt to lead to corrosion.

  • Size

Next, you need to select the right size based on the size of your space and the airflow you need. If your porch is large, then a large size fan is needed to bring cold air to larger areas. But for small spaces, a small-sized ceiling fan such as 45 inches is proper.


  • Power Considerations

A ceiling fan made for the outdoors that comes with a larger motor will help you to cool off a lot faster and more efficiently during the summer months.

Not only that, but the more power that you have, the better you will be able to keep all of the bugs away as they do not like to have to fight through the wind.

  • Style

Many people want to add ceiling fans to the exterior of their homes.

There are a lot of different decorative styles that you can pick from so that you can come up with a look that goes with your current decor or even help to transform your space.

You are building an outdoor oasis, so take the time to pick out something that speaks to you and offers the calming feel and relaxation that you need.

  • Control

Outdoor ceiling fans are available for your choice of pull chain, wall control, and remote control. But generally, the pull chain is more common.

If you want more convenient control of your ceiling fan, you can choose a ceiling fan with remote control.

This way, you can sit on the chair and easily adjust the speed of the ceiling fan to enjoy the best breeze.

  • Speed

An important factor affecting the use of outdoor ceiling fans is the airflow capability of the ceiling fans.

Outdoors are generally open and large spaces, so there is a high demand for efficient airflow.

If the ceiling fan is not fast enough, and the breeze created is not as good as the naturally generated wind, then the ceiling fan will be useless.

Also, high speed is the key to keeping away mosquitoes. Mosquitoes don’t like to flip in high-speed airflow.

  • Height

The right height is essential if you want better airflow.

No matter what kind of ceiling, you only need to keep the blades of the ceiling fan at least 8 feet from the ground.

For low ceilings, you need a low-profile ceiling fan. For high ceilings, you need a ceiling fan with an adjustable down rod.


  • Color

Color is related to style. Generally, the colors of retro ceiling fans are dark. Of course, there are exceptions.

Modern ceiling fans are available in either black or white.

As with style, the choice of color needs to match the look of your home.

If you want to install a ceiling fan under the shed, you need to choose a color that matches the green or nature.

  • Accessories

ceiling fan installationBefore buying your favorite ceiling fan, you need to take a look at the extra accessories for the ceiling fan.

For example, does the ceiling fan have a remote control? If the ceiling fan comes with remote control, you can easily control your ceiling fan remotely.

Of course, some remote controls with ceiling fans are sold separately.

Also, does the ceiling fan have a light kit? Do you have a light bulb? If the ceiling fan is lit, you can use it as an alternative light source. Conversely, if you don’t have a light, you need to see if it can be used with a new light bulb.

Finally, if possible, you have to look at what will be in the box. Are there any auxiliary fittings and instructions? What parts are included? These will facilitate your installation and use.

  • Brand

Last but not least, the quality assurance of different brands of ceiling fans is also various. For example, some famous brand ceiling fans, their reputation is outstanding, sales and praise are also very high, warranty and after-sales service will not let you down.

Hunter fan company has been engaged in ceiling fan manufacturing for over a hundred years. The Hunter ceiling fan has won a lot of praise from customers for its design and quality.


Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans Reviews

Here is a top-rated tropical ceiling fan for you:

For Vaulted Ceilings: Minka-Aire F896-65-ORB 8 Blade Large Outdoor Ceiling Fans


best large outdoor ceiling fans

Why Choosing It?

  • Remote control to use in setting the various settings
  • You can install it using a down rod or mount it on the ceiling


This is a thrilling outdoor fan that is known for an excellent performance. It can create powerful air movements that make you enjoy your relaxing moments.

This is a fan that is suitable for super large areas. It has eight 65-inch blades pitched at a 9-degree angle, ensuring high efficient cooling air supply at any time. Besides, with the bronze finishing, the fan is attractive in any space it is installed.

Additionally, the small, compact, and powerful DC motor makes it effective in moving the blades to get fresh air.

And also, it has a remote control that lets you control anything in the comfort of your seat.

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For Indoor and Outdoor: Hunter Brand White Outdoor Ceiling Fan


best white outdoor ceiling fan

Why Choosing It?

  • Multiple speed settings for good cooling.
  • It is fitted with a reversible motor.
  • The fan can perform quietly.
  • This fan can be used both indoors and outdoors.

This Hunter brand fan is highly rated, which can perform to the required standards where it is installed. The eye-catching design will compliment your outdoor decoration design adopted readily.

This fan has an eye-catching white finish design, matching with European style designs. In the hot summer, just seeing its outlook, you will feel fresh and relaxed.

Besides, it has a reversible motor that means one can use the fan throughout the year, whatever for indoors or outdoors. There are also multiple speed settings for you to choose from.

Additionally, this fan support two kinds of installation, a down rod or a flush mounting technique.

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Tropical Style: Honeywell Sabal Palm 52 Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan With Lights


best 52 inch outdoor ceiling fan

Why Choosing It?

  • The fan comes with three-speed settings.
  • With the reversible motor, you can use it in any season.
  • This fan can offer quiet performances.


This fan is well crafted using the tropical style that makes it very attractive where it is installed.

It is well designed with bronze finishing that makes it very attractive in the house. And each blade in this ceiling fan is crafted by hand by an artisan.

Besides, the fan has a powerful motor with a reversible feature. And when you purchase this fan, you will get three different speeds settings.

Also, mounting the fan is an easy task as you can use a rod or close mount on the ceiling.

The ceiling fan can be used both indoors and indoors in the space of around 350 square feet.

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Modern Design: Matthews IR3H-TB-WA-42 Irene 42 Inch Flush Mount Outdoor Ceiling Fans


best flush mount outdoor ceiling fans

Why Choosing It?

  • This fan can use less energy.
  • The performance of the fan is usually very quiet.
  • With the six speeds settings, you will be able to create a cool environment as you like.
  • Remote control is available for better controls.


This is another fantastic fan that one can have in any outdoor living space. Its blades are made of high-quality wood to ensure that it lasts longer while giving you the needed airflow.

Usually, a compact fan is ideal for low ceiling outdoor areas.

Besides, for easy to use, the remote control is provided to use in setting the various commands. And there are six-speed settings that one can get when you have this fan.

The blades are well inclined that ensures you always get the needed airflow to create a calm relaxing place.

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With Remote: Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK 60 Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan


60 inch outdoor ceiling fan

Why Choosing It?

  • Remote control to control the fan is available.
  • It is easy to install
  • The fan uses less energy
  • It has six-speed settings


The outdoor areas will always need a powerful fan, and the Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK 60” Large Outdoor Ceiling Fan can be it. Apart from the fan being powerful, it is budget-friendly and does not use a lot of energy.

This fan has three blades that give you a 60-inch diameter. It can be perfect for the super large outdoor space with flat ceilings because of the amount of air it can move.

Besides, you get six-speed settings that one can use in moving a large amount of air to create a cool room.

With the black matte finishing, it will be able to go with the decoration used in the outdoor space.

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Dual Fan: Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii 74-in Bronze Outdoor Ceiling Fan With Light


ul wet rated outdoor ceiling fans

Why Choosing It?

  • The fan can last for a very long time.
  • It is a beautiful fixture to have in your outdoor area.
  • With a powerful motor, it can move a large amount of air.


This is a masterpiece ceiling fan that can offer top-notch results anytime it is performing. The fan is well designed with a stylish look that provides you with the cooling effect you might need any day.

It is made of quality materials that make it last long and offer good performance. And one can change the style of the blade without going for new blades.

It can move up to 4,450 CFM of air in a room making it perfect for large spaces outdoor. Also, the fan is fitted with a reversible AC motor that means you can use it in any season.

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For Small Space: Honeywell Small Outdoor Ceiling Fans With Lights


small outdoor ceiling fans

Why Choosing It?

  • It performs quietly
  • The motor of the fan is fitted with the reverse function.
  • Three speed settings are available.


For individuals with small outdoor spaces, this fan can serve you well. It can create a cool environment where one can relax easily. It is a small fan that is beautifully designed to create a pleasant environment where it is installed.

The fan has a powerful motor that enables it to perform quietly. And the motor is fitted with the reversible function allowing one to use the fan at any season.

There is also a lighting fixture on the fan that one can control its brightness.

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Low Profile: Honeywell 52-Inch Tropical Black Outdoor Ceiling Fan


Honeywell 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan Wet Rated for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Why Choosing It?

  • With the “Quick 2 Hang” technology
  • Helpful in keep bugs away

This ceiling fan has a unique tropical design and wicker woven leaves, making it the perfect decoration for your house’s appearance. With the “Quick 2 Hang” technology, you can quickly place the blades on the motor, and the installation has never been so simple.

The powerful motors and 52-inch blades can create sufficient airflow to meet your needs in a large outdoor area.

Another reason people add ceiling fans outdoors is to keep you cool on warm days. Believe it or not, outdoor ceiling fans are useful on days or nights when it is warmer outside. These fans can keep you cool and circulate the air around you.

Also, in the summer, when you sit outdoors and take a refreshing break, the mosquitoes that keep harassing, you must be very annoying. Installing a ceiling fan outdoors can be very helpful in keeping bugs away.

In particular, some high-speed, powerful ceiling fans can not only drive away bugs and heat but also help you resist strong natural winds.

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High Speed: Casa Vieja 3 Blade Industrial Outdoor Ceiling Fans with Remote for Gazebo


Casa Vieja Modern Industrial Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light Remote Control

Why Choosing It?

  • Remote control to use in setting the various settings.
  • Has five colors for you to choose from.


This powerful ceiling fan with 60-inch blades is the perfect choice for a lot of airflows. Even better, you can choose from five different colors of industrial style, or you can want whether or not to bring a light.

In any case, the remote control is a significant advantage of this ceiling fan. But keep in mind that this ceiling fan is not suitable for locations in humid climates with salt water exposure.

Finally, the ceiling fan with light can also be used as an illumination source. You can save the cost of buying an outdoor chandelier.

At the same time, compared to chandeliers, ceiling fans are more decorative and more functional, so why not invest in a combination of ceiling fans and lights for outdoor use?

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Best Quality: Hunter 59135 Damp-rated Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit


best outdoor ceiling fan

Why Choosing It?

  • Suitable for use in damp areas
  • Has a three-position mounting system

This Hunter ceiling fan Includes an integrated light kit with cased white glass and two 14W standard medium base CFL bulbs. So you can use it as a light outdoors, as shown in the picture.

It has the ETL damp-rated for use in damp locations and a three-position mounting system allowing for standard, low, or angled mounting.

Now you know why it is beneficial to install a ceiling fan outdoors. Take what you’ve learned here and found a way to get one for your outdoor living area.

You will be happy that you made a choice and got one, once you see how much better it makes the exterior of your home look.

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Buying Guides of Outdoor Ceiling Fan

 #How to Choose the Right Size of Outdoor Ceiling Fan? 

You will always need a good ceiling fan that can provide the cooling effect you want while relaxing outdoors. For one to get a good size ceiling fan for your home, it all depends on the size and the type of outdoor space that you want to fix the fan.indoor outdoor ceiling fans

Some factors determine the appropriate size of the outdoor ceiling fan to pick:

“The size of your outdoor space in square footage, as well as the clearance, are the main factors that determine the best size for your ceiling fan.”


For proper clearance, ensure that on installation, the tip of the blades is more than 24 inches from the wall, while the fan itself is more than 12 inches and 84 inches from the ceiling and the floor respectively.


Here are some of the ideal sizes for the outdoor ceiling fans that you should consider picking.

The size of the outdoor living area can be calculated by measuring the length and width of the space. After measuring the length is multiplied by the width to give you the square footage of the outdoor living area.

If the square footage is let’s say 144, then you will need a fan of 36 to 44-inch diameter blades. And if the outdoor living space is of over 350 square feet, then you will need a fan with a blade diameter of over 52 inches.

Additionally, you will have to consider the height of the outdoor living space to avoid injuries. It is recommended that the fan be placed over 7 feet high always.

Here are some sizes of outdoor ceiling fans that are commonly used:

– 36-inch outdoor ceiling fan.

The 36-inch outdoor ceiling fan can be considered as the ideal smallest size for an outdoor ceiling fan in this article. This fan is designed for outdoor spaces with less than 75 square feet for great airflow.


– 42-inch outdoor ceiling fan.

This is one of the best outdoor ceiling fan sizes to consider. The 42-inch outdoor ceiling fan is designed for outdoor spaces under 144 square feet, down to 76 square feet.

This fan mainly features a CFM rating of 1000 – 3000, which is an ideal rating for an exclusive performance in such a room.


– 44-inch outdoor ceiling fan.

Finally, the 44-inch outdoor ceiling fan is the last option you should consider choosing for your outdoor relaxing space. This fan is designed for outdoor spaces with an area ranging from 144 – 225 square feet, with a CFM rating of 1600 – 2000.


– 52-inch outdoor ceiling fan.

On the other hand, the 52-inch outdoor ceiling fan is the largest in this article, although there are other larger sizes.

Generally, it is designed for large outdoor spaces with an area of 225 – 400 square feet. This fan comes with a CFM rating of 2300 – 5000, which is ideal for excellent outdoor relaxation.



 #What Types of Mounted Ceiling Fans to Choose? 

Just like mentioned earlier, there are multiple choices of outdoor ceiling fans to choose from. Similarly, there are several types of mounted ceiling fans in the market today from various brands. The following are some of the best types of mounted outdoor ceiling fans.

outdoor ceiling fan blades

1. Hunter outdoor ceiling fans.

Typically, Hunter ceiling fans are high-end and versatile fans from the Hunter brand. On the other hand, the Hunter brand is a renowned brand for the past couple of years in this industry, attributed to its great, innovative, and quality fans.

The Hunter mounted outdoor ceiling fans boasts wet-rated or damp-rated ratings for different types of outdoor spaces, remote control, stylish designs, lights, and more.


2. Flush mount outdoor ceiling fans.

The flush mount outdoor ceiling fans are another versatile type of the mounted outdoor ceiling fans, to consider worth buying.

The greatest advantage with these ceiling fans is the flush mount installation process: the easy and quick installation allows you to get started very quickly and effortlessly within minutes.

The flush mount ceiling fans consist of weather-resistant features and parts that are wet and damp rated, designed for wet and damp outdoor environments.


3. Low profile outdoor ceiling fans.

This is another category to consider when picking your mounted outdoor ceiling fan.

Generally, the low profile overhead patio fans are specifically designed for outdoor spaces with short ceiling heights. Ideally, the best outdoor ceiling fan should have a minimum distance of 12 inches from the ceiling and 84 inches from the ground, for the appropriate clearance.

This rule does not apply to all rooms especially the small rooms/spaces with limited available space. The low profile outdoor patio fans are designed to accommodate your small outdoor space with short ceiling height.

Despite being low profile, these fans also feature other versatile features including lights, attractive design, remote control, wet/damp rated, among others.



 #What Materials Are Best for an Outdoor Ceiling Fan? 

Typically, the type of outdoor ceiling fan material construction is a crucial factor to consider while picking your outdoor ceiling fan. The materials used determine the quality of the ceiling fan, durability, style, efficiency, among other crucial features.

Generally, outdoor ceiling fans are made of various materials including stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, and more. However, choosing the best can be hectic and requires you to be very keen on which you pick.

The following are some of the quality materials to give consideration.

large outdoor ceiling fans

– Bronze.

Bronze is an alloy consisting of several metals, non-metals, or metalloids, but mainly consists of copper as the main component, tin, manganese, aluminum, zinc, and/or nickel.

Due to the alloying, bronze is harder than iron, as well as more rust/corrosion resistance.

These renders bronze an ideal material for outdoor ceiling fans, as it is capable of resisting rusting from the wet and humid weather, as well as resisting corrosion from salt and other elements.


– Metal.

Generally, metal is a broad category of materials used to make outdoor ceiling fans including aluminum and stainless steel, iron, nickel, among others. Generally, metals can be considered a good option, but it is important to check the exact metal type.

Aluminum and stainless steel are the best materials for an outdoor ceiling fan due to their durability, weather-resistance, less maintenance, and more.

However, other metals like iron and powder-coated metals are not the best for outdoor ceiling fans due to rusting.


 #Picking the Suitable Types of Ceiling Fans for Outdoor Use 

Outdoor ceiling fans can be categorized under several types based on their features. The following are the suitable types to pick for your outdoor space.

outdoor ceiling fan with light and remote

1. Outdoor ceiling fans with lights.

These are versatile and high-quality ceiling fans designed for energy-efficiency, thus saving your pocket, as well as bringing elegance to your outdoor space.

The outdoor ceiling fans boasting the light function are eco-friendly, hence greener relaxing, and comfort. These ceiling fans come with a variety of light kits and designs to match your preferences.

The beautiful and attractive light function helps in transforming your outdoor space into the best place you would imagine. The light function also comes with various light settings to provide a customized experience.

Other features include remote, wet/damp rated, stylish, among others.

2. Outdoor ceiling fan with remote.

This is a type of outdoor ceiling fan featuring remote control function. Remote control is an electronic device that allows easy control of your outdoor ceiling fan.

The remote function is a very versatile feature for optimum comfort and customization. This fan allows you to adjust the speed settings, direction, and ON/OFF function just from the comfort of your couch.

Outdoor ceiling fan with remote function is ideal for both large and small outdoor spaces, as well as high ceiling height outdoor spaces.

3. Outdoor ceiling fan with lights and remote.

This is a modern outdoor ceiling fan featuring both the remote function and light function. This type of ceiling fan is a combination and an advanced ceiling from the first two types.

It features all the features in the two types, thereby providing versatility with energy-efficiency for an exclusive experience.

4. Waterproof outdoor ceiling fans.

Waterproof outdoor ceiling fans are an excellent option for outdoor use in your patio, porch, and more. These fans are also called wet rated ceiling fans.

Waterproof or weatherproof outdoor fans are designed with wet-rated features that allow them to withstand rain, snow, high humidity, among other harsh weather elements. They are resistant to rusting and corrosion, hence long-lasting usage.

5. Commercial outdoor ceiling fans wet rated.

This type of ceiling fans is similar to waterproof ceiling fans for outdoor use.

Just like the name “commercial outdoor” these fans are designed specifically for commercial usage.

They generally have large sizes and feature high CFM for optimal airflow in the large commercial outdoor spaces.

These fans are also wet rated hence capable of withstanding harsh weather elements including rain and snow, thus no worry about rusting or corroding.

6. Dual outdoor ceiling fans.

The dual outdoor ceiling fans are specifically designed for large to extra-large outdoor spaces. They are also known as double outdoor ceiling fans.

The unique feature in these ceiling fans is the dual/double motors, this simply means that you get two ceiling fans from one ceiling fan.

Dual outdoor ceiling fans provide you with the extra air circulation that you need for your large space or to accommodate the high ceiling height.

They also feature other crucial outdoor features like damp/wet rated, remote function, among others.

7. Caged outdoor ceiling fans.

This type of ceiling fan is uniquely characterized by the external housing of the fan known as the cage. The caged outdoor ceiling fans are designed for maximum safety while using these fans.

Although ceiling fans are generally not dangerous, coming to contact with blades rotating can cause serious injuries especially to children. These fans are designed in a way that the blades are enclosed and out of reach from children or anything else.

They are ideal for short height ceilings and outdoor spaces with moving objects or animals.


 #How to Choose An Outdoor Ceiling Fan for Wet Areas? 

Outdoor Ceiling Fans Damp Rated

When buying an outdoor ceiling fan, you need to consider the waterproof performance. In general, outdoor ceiling fans have two types: wet rated and damp rated.

Suitable places for damp rated ceiling fans are:

  • Outside covered patio, porch, or gazebo where rain can’t reach the ceiling fan
  • Any damp indoor place such as bathrooms, laundry rooms
  • Screened in sunroom, patio, or porch

For climatic reasons, ceiling fans must pay attention to whether they can be used in wet conditions before purchasing. Fortunately, the damp rated ceiling fans are extremely durable.

Damp-rated ceiling fans can be used in damp locations as long as they are not directly exposed to water. Also, when cleaning and maintaining the ceiling fan, you need to be careful not to pour water directly onto the ceiling fan.

The outdoor ceiling fans we recommend with damp rate is:

Outdoor Ceiling Fans Wet Rated

The surface of the blade of the wet ceiling fan has a weather-resistant coating, or the blade is a corrosion-resistant material of stainless steel.

Therefore, the wet ceiling fan can be directly exposed to rain and sunlight without affecting its performance.

It is much more convenient when cleaning the wet ceiling fan. You can rinse the ceiling fan directly with water.

The ceiling fan with a wet rating is suitable for three situations.

  • The first is screened covering or no covering patio, porch, or Gazebo, open pergola.
  • The second is where the fan may get wet by rain when used in porch.
  • The third is an indoor or outdoor use close to the beach or humid climate(salt air environment).

The locations mentioned above can only use wet ceiling fans. But, of course, wet ceiling fans can also be used to beyond these areas. In other words, the wet ceiling fan is a ceiling fan that can be used in any situation, whether it is outdoors or in a wet indoor room.

Recommended outdoor ceiling fan with wet rated:


 #Which Motor to Choose For Outdoor Ceiling Fans, DC vs. AC Motors? 

lowes outdoor ceiling fans

These two kinds of motors will power the ceiling fans to function.


The AC motor is usually connected directly to the power source to provide power for the motor to run. In contrast, the DC motor is fitted with a transformer that will convert the power from a power source to a direct current.


DC motor ceiling fans are generally quiet compared to the AC motor ceiling fans.

With the DC motor ceiling fans, you will use less energy any time the ceiling fan is functioning, but a lot of energy will be used for the AC motor ceiling fan.


AC motor ceiling fans mostly use a pull chain or a wall control unit, while the DC motor ceiling fans usually use remote control.

And DC motor ceiling fans respond faster to any command given either by a remote or a chain, but the AC motor ceiling fans tend to be somehow slow.


Besides that, DC motor ceiling fans will usually offer more speed settings and the reversible function, which is a little difficult to integrate into the Ac motor ceiling fans.


Finally, the AC motor ceiling fans tend to be cheap, while the DC motor ceiling fans are costly.

Our Verdict

Selecting one of these two can be a difficult task as they all offer amazing features.

The DC fans have their advantages and disadvantages as do the AC fans.

So selecting any can be good for you depending on functionality, the cost, and what value it adds to space in terms of beauty.


What Are The Differences Between Indoor Fans And Outdoor Fans?

  • An outdoor ceiling fan is going to be made differently than an interior fan, simply because it is crafted to withstand all elements.
  • Outdoor ceiling fans have motor casings that come to complete with a waterproof seal for keeping the motor safe from moisture.
  • The fan blades will also be made from durable materials, such as ABS plastic and stainless steel. This is often called an all-weather blade system amongst the ceiling fan industry. These fan blades are made to take on rain, humidity, snow and more.
  • Wooden blades will not be a viable option for an outdoor ceiling fan simply because they can end up retaining water. This leads to weakening and warping, which could then cause the fan to wobble quite a bit.


What Other Types of Fans Are Designed For Outdoors?

Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan Wet Rated

Belt Driven

The belt-driven outdoor fan is usually fitted with an independent motor. This motor of this type of ceiling fan is usually connected to your home’s electrical system, and you can install it on the wall or the ceiling.

When you turn on the motor, it spins around and turns the belt that causes the movement of blades. Usually, you can use the belt to run a single outdoor fan, but some belts that fitted with powerful motors can run a set of fans.



These are modern design ceiling fans. They are usually very compact, but by the dynamic technology adopted, they are very effective.

The bladeless fans are usually silent, giving you the peace you need while relaxing in your home. Besides, they also always come with other amazing functionalities as more speed settings.

And this kind of fan uses less energy while giving powerful fresh air to help you relax while outdoor. Additionally, they are safe. You will never have to worry about them falling off compared to other fans.


Chandelier outdoor ceiling fan

Apart from the fact that you will always get cool air outdoor with this fan, it also adds beauty to your outdoor spaces.

It is designed with a chandelier unit and a fan as one. The light from the chandelier creates a pleasant environment where one can enjoy relaxing with what is going on.

Moreover, with such a unit at your outdoor space, it will save you space and cost one would have incurred installing other lighting units. Sometimes the chandelier fixture is fixed with different bulbs that light up in different colors to make your outdoor spaces more enjoyable.


Decorative ceiling fan

With decorative ceiling fans, you will find them as the antique models that are used to create beautiful relaxing spaces.

Apart from being able to provide the cooling effect in a home the fan also adds some glam to the space installed. They usually have well-designed blades or good color finishing that makes it a beautiful fixture.

You can find them from the small model to big models that one can install in your outdoor spaces for decorative functions.


Dual Fans

It consists of two fans placed parallel. With dual fans, there is a space between them to ensure they function well.

One fan can run clockwise while the other runs in an anticlockwise manner to create a cool room for relaxing. And also, this design ensures that one fan can draw in the cool air while the other fan gets out of the warm air inside.


1). Can I use an outdoor ceiling fan indoors?

Yes, some fans can be used both indoors and outdoors. You will have to calculate the square footage of the room and equate it to the diameter of the fan. If the CFM of the fan is equal to the square footage, then the fan can be used. Some outdoor fans are big and can move more air. When installed in a small room, it may make it more cold making one uncomfortable.

2). Do outdoor ceiling fans keep flies away?

Yes, they do. When a ceiling fan is on, the flies usually like to stay over the ground. The moving air creates an unstable environment for the flies that make them stay away.

The fans may not keep all the flies away but it can keep 80% off, then that is great.

3). Can I Use a 14/2 wire to install an outdoor ceiling fan?

Yes, it can work when you are using a fan only.

If you have to install a lighting fixture, then you will use a 14/3 wire to separate the switches of the lighting fixture and the fan.

4). For how long can I keep an outdoor ceiling fan on without damaging It?

It is always better to leave a fan for a long on to create a cool, relaxing room. Depending on the material used to make different fans will last at different times. It is advisable to run it whenever you are around to avoid wasting energy.

5) Should I pick a small or large ceiling fan?

To determine the right size for your ceiling fan, it is important to depend mostly on the space that you will be placing it. For effective performance and safety, having the right size is important.

When sizing the outdoor fan in your location, ensure to measure the square footage of the room as it will give you an idea of what size your fan should be.

Generally, for small rooms, small ceiling fans are ideal for sufficient air circulation while large rooms require large ceiling fans.

6) What styles of ceiling fans are more proper?

  • Modern: The modern ceiling fan styles are used to enhance and complement your sleek décor in the room. They add more quality of excitement to a room possessing the ornate pieces.

  • Contemporary: Softened and rounded lines characterize the contemporary style. They are mainly made of light-colored woods, chrome, glass, etc., and focus mostly on natural elements and basic forms, shapes, and lines.

  • Industrial: They are commonly found in large buildings that have high ceilings, which require to spin at high revolution per minute, thus they are fitted with hard metals or plastic blades and are installed ten feet above the ground. And they are common in warehouses and manufacturing facilities hence not advisable to use in residences.

According to all these styles made in ceiling fans, there is no style more proper than the other. It all depends on the user of the fan preference and where they are used.

7) What features should a tropical ceiling fan have?

Tropical ceiling fans can be used either indoors or outdoors according to your needs. There are a variety of features tropical ceiling should have:

  • Remote control option.

The ceiling fan should have a remote-control button that enables you to control the functioning of fans conveniently without the hassle of waking up. Using the remote, you can adjust the brightness, different modes, and the timer on how long it should work.

  • LED lights.

Acquiring a ceiling function just to perform its function seems boring, but additional lights with different shades and combinations make the room attractive. These lights can be customized to meet your preference.

  • Size and performance rate.

The size of the fan should be in vary to suit your room and the performance should be effective to ensure airflow and cooling down.

  • Variety of designs and styles.

The tropical ceiling fan should arrive in different designs and style that easily complements your rooms setting.

8) Is a cheap outdoor ceiling fan worth buying?

When buying a fan, you are in search of good quality with the best features and at the best budget. However, the best features and good quality of the fan tend to be a little more expensive.

Sometimes buying a cheap fan may cost you later due to breaking down, high maintenance, or using much energy.

You should buy a fan that is energy efficient that can pay off later with energy savings and the desired features for better relaxation, even if it costs a little more bucks.

However, some companies manufacture quality ceiling fans at cheap prices to cater to all their customers. When buying cheap ceiling fans, it is crucial to do good research before buying.

9) How long can the outdoor ceiling last?

An outdoor ceiling fan is paramount for a cool breeze and sufficient air circulation. It could give you a service of up to 10 years. This however may vary depending on the quality, frequency of its usages, and maintenance.

Regular maintenance, when it is of high quality it’s likely to be durable while the less frequency in use makes it last even longer.

10) How to maintain an outdoor ceiling fan?

Just like any other appliance, you should also do some ceiling fan maintenance to keep it in good condition and for many years. Below are ways to maintain your outdoor ceiling fan.

  • Regular clean your ceiling fan.

The outdoor fan is prone to getting some dirt and dust. When you reach the fan, clean the blades with the brush, and then you use a damp cloth or soapy water to remove the remaining sticky stains.

  • Tightening the screws.

Small vibrations are generated while the fan is running thus making screws to loosen. When the fan starts being noisy and shaking check then screws and tighten them with a screwdriver.

  • Lubrication of the fan.

For a fan to run smoothly, it requires periodic lubrication. Use the light oil to fill the oil hole located on the top side of the motor.

  • Check the fan’s movement.

Check if the fan is wobbling or the movement of its center. The wobbling could mean the blades are faulty and movement of the center to sides means the fan is not balanced. Thus, use your fan balance kit and repair the blades for longer functions.


Bottom Line

Outdoor ceiling fans are good fixtures in any home. They help create a relaxing environment where one can enjoy. This review gives an insight into some of the models one can install in their home.

The list below is a summary of our recommended products. There must be one best for you.