Top 9 Best Hunter Low Profile Ceiling Fan Reviews of 2021

Hunter is a leading brand in the ceiling fan industry. Hunter is well-known for producing quality and efficient ceiling fans. The budget-friendly Hunter ceiling fans boast high-end features, thus ensuring extreme comfort and versatility. Get an energy-efficient ceiling fan with these Hunter fans. In fact, all the Hunter ceiling fans are energy rated and Energy Star certified. This means a reduced cost of operation while conserving the environment. This article will provide you with various information about Hunter’s low profile ceiling fans.

What Is the Best Hunter Low Profile Ceiling Fan on the Market?


Top 9 Best Hunter Low Profile Ceiling Fans For Choosing


How to Choose the Best Hunter Low Profile Ceiling Fan?

While buying your Hunter low profile ceiling fan, it is important to check for some crucial features to ensure you get the best ceiling fan for your home. The following are some of the main features to look for.

hunter low profile ceiling fan

1. Style and design.

This might not be the first thing to consider, but apparently is one of the main features. The style of a ceiling fan helps you in creating the looks in your home. Hunter ceiling fans are designed in several styles allowing you to have a wide range of choices. Also, some of the Hunter ceiling fans feature reversible blade finishes.

2. Size.

The size of your ceiling fan is the most essential feature to look at a Hunter low profile ceiling fan. The size of the ceiling fan determines the efficiency of air circulation in your room. The size of your room or space determines the ideal size of your ceiling fan. Hunter ceiling fans come with different sizes designed for different room sizes. Otherwise, a too small or big ceiling fan will negatively affect efficiency.

3. Lights or no lights.

Depending on your taste and preferences, or your budget, you can either consider lights feature or no lights. Hunter’s low profile ceiling fans are either designed with lights or no lights. However, this does not mean any difference in performance. Hunter ceiling fans with no lights are of high-quality with great performance. However, the light feature is an extra advantage for additional look and illumination.

4. Airflow.

This is another crucial feature to check in these ceiling fans. The airflow of a ceiling fan determines its efficiency and is measured in CFM. Hunter ceiling fans are energy-efficient: consuming less energy while producing higher airflow or higher CFM. Hunter ceiling fans boast precision blades and optimized motors that ensure higher airflow, quiet operation, and wobble-free operation. Get your room temperature lowered by 6 – 8 degrees by these Hunter low profile ceiling fans.

5. Control.

The control feature in a ceiling tower fan determines the ease of controlling it. The Hunter ceiling fans are designed in a variety of control features to choose from. They include pull chains, wall control, remote control, and smart home control. The smart home control involves the use of a smartphone app, SIMPLE connect app.


Best Hunter Low Profile Ceiling Fan Reviews

We have researched and came up with classy low-profile fans that will amaze you. They are modernized and comes in different styles; be sure to be armed with their specifications. Do not hesitate to go for these powerful low-profile fans designed to meet your needs;

1. Best with Lights – Hunter Builder Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

low profile ceiling fans with light

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The builder low ceiling fan is engineered with a classy design that not only enhances air circulation but improves your home décor. It operates silently, thus can be comfortably positioned in study rooms or your bedroom as it does generate any irritating noise. Uniquely, it is equipped with a reversible motor that facilitates the changing of fan direction. With this feature, changing the fan blades during the winter will lift the cool air hence making your room warmer and vice versa when the summer season knocks in. You might be wondering whether it can save on your energy; The Hunter Builder indoor ceiling fan is energy efficient.

Similarly, the LED light bulbs do not consume much power; hence you can leave it running throughout at your comfort. With this brand, you can adjust its operation to your preferred speed. Generally, the Builder Indoor ceiling fan is one of the brands that you should equip your house with. The Hunter Builder indoor ceiling fan can be the best option for you as it is easy to install and can cool a wider area. What you only have to observe is how you should maintain it. This brand covers a wider scope as it measures 52 by 52 by 14.59 inches, thus meeting your expectations. It is best suited for the bedroom, lounge, study rooms, among other spaces.


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2. Best with Remote Control – Hunter Dempsey Ceiling Fan with Light

white low profile hunter ceiling fan

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Hunter Dempsey Indoor is a well-designed low-profile ceiling fan since you can control its operation easily using a remote control. With this feature, you can easily adjust it to your preferred speed and light intensity. Similarly, it is a reliable fan for cooling your room as it is engineered to offer a great airflow efficiency. The LED light bulbs concealed with a white glass hence improving the look of your home. The reversible fan motor designed with will enable you to change either from the downdraft or updraft.

Additionally, it delivers an amazing airflow making your room comfortable and operates quietly; hence it won’t disturb you. Hunter Dempsey Indoor low-profile ceiling fan does not consume much energy, therefore saving on your energy bills. Generally, it is preferably installed in rooms with low ceilings. With this model, conducting regular maintenance such as cleaning will lengthen its lifespan.


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3. Best 42″ – Hunter Fan Company 51059 Transitional Ceiling Fan

hunter low profile ceiling fans


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Hunter fan company 51059 is equipped with five blades that enhance maximum air circulation. With this brand, you don’t need to worry about energy consumption since it is manufactured to save energy. Similarly, you can easily adjust the speed of the fan and switching on and off. The reversible motor enables you to change the modes of direction hence favorable for winter and summer use.

Also, when it comes to the operation, the Hunter Fan Company 51059 is designed to run quietly, thus no noise production. Installing this fan is not a complicated task; it comes with a user guide and maintenance techniques. The parts of this brand are easily accessible hence can be easily cleaned. This model is favorable for all the rooms, be it your kids’ bedroom, study room, or any other room.

Addressing any malfunction with this fan is easier and hence might not require an expert. This low-profile indoor fan’s surfaces are exposed; therefore, you can easily repair or clean it.


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4. Best with Brushed Nickel – Hunter Fan Company 59243 Indoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light

low profile ceiling fan with light


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The Hunter Fan Company 59243 is constructed with a brushed nickel that makes your room not only achieve your preferred condition but improves your home décor. The LED light bulbs are equipped with illuminating your space, making it attractive. You can also control this lighting system; hence you can make it dim or brighter. Similarly, the multi-speed reversible motor provides an amazing airflow without any noise. It will also offer you the choice of changing the modes of the speed, such as from downdraft to updraft or vice versa, depending on the season you are experiencing.

Additionally, it comes with a handheld remote that gives you a chance to control the brightness and the fan’s speed from every part of your room. Hunter Fan Company 59243 is designed for the low ceiling rooms. If you go for this brand, it always comes with a good warranty period.


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5. Best with Pull Chain Control – Hunter Crestfield Low Profile Ceiling Fan

best small profile ceiling fan

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Hunter Crestfield is an indoor low-profile ceiling fan made from bronze and equipped with a reversible fan motor. This motor enables the usage of this fan in both winter and summer seasons. This is because, during winter, the blades can be reversed so that the ceiling fan can pull the cool air upwards, making your room warmer and vice versa during the summer season.

It is constructed with a controllable LED light bulb that enables you to change the light’s intensity. With these bulbs, you won’t experience any malfunctions as they are designed to last longer. When it comes to a low ceiling fan for your study room, this fan will be best suited since it doesn’t generate any noise in your room conducive. The general look of the fan is also aimed at making your room attractive as they are classy.

Additionally, you can easily turn your fan on or off easily facilitated by the pull chain control. This feature will also enable you to adjust the speed. Generally, if you want to make your room look classy, you won’t miss your guests’ word with this brand. Installing this fan involves a simple operation but be sure to follow the user guide; hence you might save you from spending more.


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6. Best Value – Hunter Newsome 51080 Low Profile Ceiling Fan with LED Light

best low profile ceiling fan with light

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Hunter Newsome, Low profile ceiling fan, comes with a multi-speed reversible motor and the pull chain control. The reversible motor will aid in the provision of great air circulation without producing any noise. With this reversible motor, you can change the speed’s direction, be it on winter or summer seasons; thus, you won’t need to change your fan whenever different season knocks in. Similarly, it is designed with a pull chain control and LED lighting bulbs with a longer lifespan.

When it comes to the pull chain control, it allows you to turn your fan and adjust the speed easily; hence its operation can be fully customized to match with your needs. The general design of this fan is classy; consequently, your décor won’t be interfered with. With the power consumption, the Hunter Newsome, you won’t spend much on power bills as it is constructed to consume less energy.

What you only have to do is observe maintenance such as cleaning, and your fan will last longer than you expected; hence could be the best choice for you. It measures 42 by 42 by 14.29 inches. This brand is suitable for the low ceilings and can be installed in a bedroom, nursery, and lounge.


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7. Best Modern – Hunter Anslee Multi-speed Reversible Ceiling Fan

best hunter ceiling fans

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Hunter Anslee is a modernized indoor low-profile ceiling fan aimed at meeting your expectations. With this brand, we can say it works under your command as it is equipped with a controller. It comes with LED light concealed with a white glass that improves your home décor. Hunter Anslee, the pull chain controller, will enable you to adjust the fan’s speed and aids in turning it on or off easily. The LED light bulbs are energy efficient; hence you won’t need to worry about the rising bill. These bulbs are durable, and their lighting intensity can be easily controlled, thus offering you lighting intensity choices.

Additionally, it comes with a reversible fan motor that offers a great air circulation without making any noise. With this feature, you can change the mode of direction such that when it is summer, you can change it from downdraft and updraft during the winter season. Hunter Anslee Indoor Low-Profile Fan is preferably installed in rooms with low ceilings, bedrooms, lounge, and children’s rooms. It measures 52 by 52 by 11 inches hence quality results. This model can be the best choice!


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8. Best For Indoors – Hunter Dempsey 59242 Reversible Ceiling Fan

white low profile hunter ceiling fan

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This Dempsey model is constructed to deliver the best airflow and LED lighting. It comes with a handheld remote that will enable you to adjust the fan’s speed and the brightness of the light. However, they are designed with durable LED light bulbs that provide you with controllable friendly lighting, thus adding value to your home. The reversible motor that accompanies the fan offers you an ability to change the speed depending on your room’s condition.

Also, this motor will provide you with great air circulation, thus creating a conducive environment. Hunter Dempsey is attractively engineered to offer the best look of your home. They are often considered for a low ceiling room, and since it operates quietly, you can install it in any room.

This brand is a good option as it is smaller but can easily cool a wider area as it measures 52 by 52 by 12.27 inches. The parts of this brand are well exposed, which aids in maintaining its cleanliness when you notice any dirt. It can be comfortably installed in the living room, bedrooms, study rooms, lounge, among other spaces.


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9. Best 52″ – Hunter Fan Company 59248 Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

compact low profile ceiling fan

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This model is modernized with sophisticated features that will improve your room conditions. It is designed for low-profile housing and takes a measurement of 52 by 52 by 11 inches; hence could cover a wider area. Similarly, the Hunter Fan Company 59248 possesses a reversible fan motor that will enable you to change the mode of speed; the fan blades’ changing can make the room warmer or cool, depending on winter or summer.

With this brand, the lighting and speed can be comfortably adjusted using the handheld remote from any room position. Additionally, when it comes to the style of construction, this model’s design makes your home attractive, hence improving the décor of your room. Hunter Fan Company 59248 Low Profile Ceiling Fan lower saves on your heating and cooling bills as it consumes less energy than other means.

When it comes to installing this fan, it consumes less time of up to 2 hours and can easily be maintained as its surfaces are accessible for cleaning. Equip your home with this brand, and you are guaranteed a comfortable home condition.


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Picking the Right Sizes of Hunter Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Just like any other ceiling fan, Hunter ceiling fans are designed in different sizes and for different rooms. In fact, the size of a ceiling fan is one of the crucial features to consider when buying a ceiling fan, both indoor and outdoor ceiling fans. It is important that you choose the right size for your room. Otherwise, a too small or too big ceiling fan affects the overall look and efficiency and so is the cost. Generally, Hunter ceiling fans can be divided into three, based on the size: small rooms, large rooms, and great rooms.

– Hunter low-profile ceiling fan 42 inches.

The 42-inch Hunter low profile ceiling fan can be categorized under the small rooms ceiling fans. Generally, the ideal room size for small room Hunter ceiling fans should be up to 10′ x 10′ or 100 sq. ft. The 42-inch ceiling fan can be considered as the most ideal for such rooms, as it is the average-sized fan among the small room ceiling fans.

– Hunter low-profile ceiling fan 52 inches.

The 52-inch Hunter low profile ceiling fan can be categorized under the large rooms ceiling fans. Ideally, this is the suitable ceiling fan for rooms with up to 20′ x 20′ or 400 sq. ft. It is also the average-sized ceiling fan under this category.


Advantages of Owning a Hunter Low Profile Ceiling Fan with Light.

Having your own Hunter ceiling fan with light in your room allows you to enjoy multiple advantages, including the usual advantages of a ceiling fan and many more.

1. They help you to lower the ambient temperature in your room.

Generally, ceiling fans are designed to lower the room temperature. Hunter ceiling fans are high-quality ceiling fans designed for effective cooling.

2. Keeps your room warm.

The Hunter low profile ceiling fans feature a motor reverse function. This helps you in keeping your room warm during the cold seasons.

3. Energy-efficient.

Despite effective cooling, these ceiling fans are energy-efficient, hence less cost of operation.

4. Stylish and effective illumination.

The Hunter ceiling fans with light are very ideal. These ceiling fans consist of efficient and long-lasting light, capable of producing enough illumination for different uses.

5. Versatile.

Talking of versatility, these ceiling fans boast several versatile features that enhance comfort and as well as better customization.


Features of Hunter Low Profile Outdoor Ceiling Fans.

The Hunter low profile ceiling fans designed for outdoor use boasts multiple and versatile features, making them the best. The following are some of the main features of these ceiling fans.

hunter low profile ceiling fan 48

1. Remote control function.

The remote control function is a very ideal and versatile feature in any ceiling fan. Most of the outdoor Hunter low profile ceiling fans feature the remote control function and are compatible with the Hunter remote controls. This function allows you to easily control both the ceiling fan and the lighting. Also, with the SIMPLEconnect® fans, you are capable of easily making energy-efficient moves.

2. Low profile and stylish.

Is your space ceiling height short? Then don’t worry, the Hunter low profile got your back. Just like the name, “low profile” suggests, these ceiling fans are designed in a simple but stylish design, to perfectly fit your short ceiling height. The low profile ceiling fans with a flush mount are ideal for your limited space while ensuring maximum air circulation in your space. Despite being simple, these fans are also stylish and a perfect addition of a sophisticated look in any space.

3. High-quality and outdoor-rated.

Outdoor Hunter ceiling fans are made of high-quality construction, thus, rest assured of versatile and lasting outdoor comfort. Generally, outdoor spaces are prone to harsh weather conditions, although depending on the location. However, it is good to consider strong and waterproof ceiling fans for your outdoor space, regardless of your location.

The outdoor Hunter ceiling fans are wet-rated, salt-rated, and damp-rated, hence capable of withstanding the strong outdoor climate elements. The high-quality construction consists of stainless-steel hardware, hence rust-resistant and waterproof cooling, ensuring long-lasting usage. Also, the strong fan blades are always rigid even in the windiest and most humid areas. The Hunter wet-rated outdoor ceiling fans are the most ideal for outdoor spaces where the fan can be exposed to moisture and rain, while the damp-rated are ideal for partially covered spaces.

4. Lighting.

Add style and look into your space with stylish and attractive lights. Some of the outdoor Hunter ceiling fans with a low profile also boasts great illumination with a waterproof light kit. Ideally, the right lighting brings up the mood in your patio, backyard, or any other room. Hunter ceiling fans come with great lights featuring several lighting options, to enhance your outdoor style as well as brightening your space. Some of these options include tunable lighting, dimmable LED lights, and retro-inspired bulbs.

5. Flush mounting.

Get your outdoor ceiling fan easily mounted within no time. Hunter outdoor ceiling fans are designed to allow flush mounting. This allows you to get started in a few minutes. The Hunter ceiling fans can be mounted in three ways so as to accommodate different ceilings including low, angeled, and standard ceilings. However, in case your space height is quite high, you can also mount the Hunter ceiling fans with an extended download to ensure perfect air circulation.

6. Multiple styles.

Hunter’s outdoor ceiling fans are designed with multiple styles to match your taste and preferences. Generally, a ceiling fan plays more than cooling and the style of your ceiling fan adds a different look in your space. Hunter provides a variety of outdoor styles to choose from, including Casual, Transitional, Heritage, Rustic, Farmhouse, Traditional, Industrial, Tropical, Nautical, and Modern.


Should I Choose a Hunter Low Profile Ceiling Fan with a Remote and Why?

Yes, when choosing your Hunter ceiling fan, it is ideal to consider the remote function. A remote is a device designed to allow you to operate the ceiling fan from a distance, and at the comfort of your comfy couch. The Hunter ceiling fans with a remote function are very versatile. The remote allows you to adjust the speed settings, On/Off function, adjusting the light brightness, among others. Generally, a remote allows you to control most of the features in your Hunter ceiling fan.



How to Clean Hunter Low Profile White Ceiling Fans?

Cleaning your ceiling fan is a crucial step in ensuring clean and dust-free air in your room, as well as maintaining your ceiling fan. Also, dusty blades can cause noise creation. However, there are several methods of cleaning a ceiling fan. The following are the steps of how to clean your Hunter white ceiling fan using a vacuum cleaner.

Step 1. Set your dusting attachment.

The first step is to check whether the vacuum cleaner has a dusting attachment. However, most of them come with this attachment that allows you to attach a brush over the hose. This enhances easier and safe dusting. Avoid circular dusting attachment, instead, go for wide and flat attachment.

Step 2. Ensure you reach the fan properly.

Check whether you can easily reach the fan to ensure easy and proper cleaning. In case the ceiling height is quite high, you can extend the vacuum hose, or if the dusting attachment is not curved, then you can step on something or find a ladder. This is to ensure that you can comfortably move the vacuum hose, from your position, all along the fan blades.

Step 3. Turn on the vacuum cleaner.

Turn on the cleaner and start brushing the blades by moving the attachment all along the fan blades. The brush helps in loosening the dust attached while the vacuum hose sucks the dust. For proper cleaning, move the hose along each blade straight and slowly in one direction, and then move it back in the opposite direction to collect any dust that could be left behind.

Step 4. Look for any stray dust.

Finally, check for any stray dust that could be left on the fan, or on any immediate surface within that area. Make sure you vacuum all the dust on the fan and in your room too.


How to Install a Hunter Low Profile Ceiling Fan?

Step 1. Secure the bracket.

The first step is to secure the mounting bracket to the ceiling. This can be done using machine screws or wood screws. While using the wood screws, on the support structure, drill pilot holes of 9/64 inches. Secure the ceiling bracket on to the support structure and fasten the screws.

Step 2. Mount the motor assembly.

Raise the motor assembly to the bracket and slide the hanging square ball into the bracket opening. Ensure that the wires are not stuck and the ground wire faces the side of the large bracket opening. Using the locking screws, mount the motor to the bracket.

Step 3. Wiring.

Wiring is a very sensitive step that requires keen working. Note that the wiring must be done according to the National and Local Electrical Codes ANSI/NFPA 70. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a certified electrician. The wiring process of Hunter ceiling fans depends on the type of control the fan uses. They include a pull chain with a single or dual wall switch, a pre-installed remote receiver with a single or dual wall switch, or a separate remote receiver. However, most Hunter ceiling fans come with either separate or preinstalled remote receivers.

For a separate remote receiver.

– Connect the two black wires from the receiver and from the ceiling.
– Connect the ceiling white wire to the white wires from both the fan and the receiver.
– Connect the receiver yellow wire to the black fan wire.

– Connect the two blue wires from the receiver and the fan.
– Finally, connect the three grounding wires from the hanging bracket.

For a pre-installed remote receiver with a single wall switch.

– Connect the white ceiling wire to the white fan wire.
– Connect the black ceiling wire to the black fan wire.
– Finally, connect the three grounding wires from the hanging bracket and cap the blue fan wire.

For dual wall switches, the steps are similar to the single wall switch. The only difference is the blue wire. Instead of capping it, connect it to the second ungrounded ceiling wire.

Step 4. Install the motor housing.

– Put the wires into the junction box.
– Lift the motor housing and position it properly over the motor.
– Rotate it to align the screw holes with the bracket holes. The housing indentation should lock with the bracket notch.
– Insert and fasten the housing screws using a screwdriver.

Step 5. Mount the blades.

– Insert the blades into the provided openings.
– Align the blade screw holes with the blade irons.
– Using the blade washers and assembly screws, tightly screw the blades to the blade irons.


Are Hunter Fans Good for a Home?

With no doubt, Hunter ceiling fans are one of the best fans in the market, to consider for your home. These fans are designed to ensure quality and versatile cooling during the summer and warming during winter while conserving energy and cost. Hunter fans also come with multiple sizes and styles, to ensure that you get the best for your home, depending on your room size, taste, and preferences. Hunter fans offer multiple settings to ensure comfort and user customization. They are also designed for different locations, hence worry not about your outdoor spaces exposed to climate elements.



In conclusion, Hunter ceiling fans boast the most ideal features you can find in the most ideal ceiling fan. Hunter fans are also designed for all kinds of budgets without comprising performance. The above article has explained different information about Hunter ceiling fans.

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