How to Wire A Ceiling Fan with Light

So you already have a ceiling fan with light but know not how to operationalize it. Fret not because we are here to help you in starting out. In the following discussions about how to wire a ceiling fan with light, we shall lay bare the steps you may need to take to realize this end.

Specifically, you shall learn about:

  • The colors of wires you may use in the process
  • The steps to take to wire the ceiling fans
  • Some of the precautions you may have to adhere to
  • A couple of potential dangers that may come along

#1: What Color Wires Go Together for a Ceiling Fan?

The following kinds of color wires will go together for a ceiling fan:


The black wire is the one that is used to attach and furnish the electrical power to the fan itself. It signifies the hot, live, or the active wires. This means it is the one that actually transmits the electrical power to the fan to enable it to operate smoothly.


Next, comes the Blue wire. It attaches to the lighting apparatus. Like the black wire, it also furnishes the electrical energy but in this case to the lighting components of the fan. Thus, it also must be handled with care lest there be any risks of shocks and electrocution.


White is the neutral wire. Its role is mainly to dissipate excess or unused current. This is a role it plays by connecting the power supply unit to the ground. In doing this, it also upholds the safety and the overall degree of reliability of the entire system at all times of use.


Green is the ground wire. Its role usually is to channel and dissipate the excess current to the ground for the safety of the equipment concerned. It hence works alongside the white wires to uphold the safety of the entire system at all times of use.


Not all fans do have the red wire. If and when it exists, it usually signifies the presence of a second active wire. With regards to this, the red wire functions much like the black wire but only in those circuits and electricals that are somewhat more complicated and power-consuming.

#2: Steps on How to Wire a Ceiling Fan with a Light Fixture and Remote Control

The steps below endeavor to explain in detail how to wire a ceiling fan with light”

Step I: Flip off the circuit breaker

Start it out by flipping off the circuit breaker. This step is necessary to cut off the power supply in the room and give you the confidence to work undisturbed. To ascertain this, use a tester to check for the flow of the current in the entire system.

Step II: Match the switches

Next, move now to match the wires in the DIP switch to that of the remote control. Follow the manufacturer’s manual as this step varies greatly from one make or model to another one. Use a sharp instrument to push the respective switches firmly in their places.

Step III: Place the receiver appropriately

Now place the receiver appropriately. Push it in the upper canopy of the ceiling fan. Squeeze it in its mounting bracket and tuck it underneath the fan ceiling plate. Yet again, you should follow the manufacturer’s manual as you go about this as the steps somewhat vary from make to make.

Step IV: Strip off the plastic insulation

Strip off the plastic insulation of the wires of the power source using a wire stripper or the multipurpose tool. Limit this stripping to the last half-inch and proceed no further. Chances are that the one for your remote control may already be stripped. Check out before proceeding.

Step V: Align the black and the white wires

You are now at the core of the wiring process. At this stage, you align the black and the white wires. You will first and foremost have to identify these wires on the remote receiver labeling. After you have identified these wires, you have to match them to see to it that they work in tandem.

Step VI: Make the necessary connections

After matching them, you now have to make the necessary connections. That means attaching two wires of the same colors. For instance, attach a red wire in the receiver to the selfsame red wire of the fan. Do the same with the black, white, and blue wires respectively.

Step VII: Restore the power

You are now good to go. Before you go, you have to restore power. This simply means switching on the power supply unit a second time. Flip the circuit breaker and then go ahead to power the fan itself. If it fails to operate, you may switch off the power supply and redo a couple of steps above.


We hope that you now know how to wire a ceiling fan with light. Why don’t you go ahead now and implement the deep insights we have generously furnished? You may have to invoke the intervention of a trained expert in case you are not sure of your own safety and suitability for the job.