How to Make a Standard Hunter Ceiling Fan Low Profile?

Hunter Fan Company is a US fan company and it is one of the largest brands globally that manufactures ceiling fans. The founders of Hunter Fan Company are the Hunter brothers. These Hunter brothers in 1886 came up with the first fan that is electric.

From the Hunter company, today you will find almost all ceiling fan designs features that emanated from it. Features that were first invented at Hunter company include;

  • Reversible blades
  • Tri lobular hanging system that gets rid of the wobble
  • Use of balanced blade sets
  • Quick mount drop rods plus cotter pins
  • Whisper silent air-cooled motors
  • Easy to mount ceiling plates

Hunter ceiling fan increases the touch that will tie your room together and additionally provide a cooling effect to your room. Hunter fans are designed in different styles and sizes to fit your preference.

install low profile ceiling fan


What Is Standard Hunter Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Hunter’s low profile ceiling fan is a perfect fan for a small room with a low ceiling. This flush mount ceiling fan will optimize the space in your room but it delivers very high performance.

The Hunter’s low profile fan or flush mount ceiling fan also has an excellent style, from modern to rustic that will make your room have a special look, gives you comfort and performance for very many years.


What Are the Best Standard Hunter Ceiling Fans on the Market?


How to Choose a Standard Hunter Ceiling Fan?

There are so many Hunter ceiling fans styles and sizes you can choose from depending on the space you have. To choose the best fan can be overwhelming whether you want to buy an outdoor ceiling fan or an indoor one or to either replacing a damaged ceiling fan.

First, you need to set a preferred budget for buying the hunter ceiling fan, then select the location to place the fan, whether an outdoor fan or an indoor type.

Indoor ceiling fan

If you want to buy an indoor hunter ceiling fan, select UL Dry-rated fan with blades which are generally furniture-grade wood. You should take a keen selection of the design you want, size depending on your room and color.

Outdoor ceiling fan

If the location you desire to place the fan is wet, then you should choose a hunter ceiling fan with a UL Wet rating than will be able to withstand intense snow, rain, and ice.

A dump area will require you to choose a hunter ceiling fan that has a UL Damp rating that will be able to handle moisture perfectly but will have direct contact with neither the rain nor the snow.

Select the size of the fan

First, you need to consider the size of your room in which the fan will be placed. This is because a fan that is too big or too small for space will not be able to circulate the air properly as you require. So the room you want to install the fan in dictates the size of the fan you should buy.

You need to choose a hunter ceiling fan that is not too long and not too short in length. You will be able to know the length of the fan you need by measuring your floor to ceiling height. It is required by the National Electric Code that ceiling fan blades should be over 7 feet from the floor.

Locating a standard hunter ceiling fan

When choosing a location to install your standard hunter ceiling fan low profile, you should first make sure that the blades of the fan are at least 24 inches from the sloping ceiling or wall. This is because if you install the fan too close to the ceiling it will move less air.

Support strongly your hunter ceiling fan low profile because its centrifugal motion and weight will strain its hangers.


How to Make a Standard Hunter Ceiling Fan Low Profile?

install low profile ceiling fan

Basic Tools You Will Need:

In order to install a standard hunter ceiling fan, you will need these tools;

  • A ladder to reach the ceiling. The ladder’s height will depend on the height of the location you want to install your fan.
  • An electric drill with 9/64 inches bit
  • A pair of pliers
  • Philips-head screwdriver which is magnetic
  • A standard screwdriver with a magnetic tip.

Steps of Installing a Hunter Standard Ceiling Fan

First, find the ceiling joist then you need to drill holes for the wood screws then install the screws after which you then find the electrical wires and connect them.

Position the isolators and insert the raised areas of the isolators inside the holes in the ceiling plate you drilled. Insert the wires through the middle hole of the ceiling plate. Remember that the isolator’s pads are supposed to be flush against the ceiling they are mounted at.

Place a flat washer on each screw, insert the screws via the holes in the ceiling plate and tighten, but you should not overtighten the screws or apply lubricants to them.

Assemble Your Standard Hunter Ceiling Fan

  • Remove completely all the set screws from your hunter fan adapter after which you then remove the hook of the hanger ball.
  • Using the set screws, install the hook and the provided two neoprene washers to the adapter allowing the fan hook’s top to hang over the adapter. You should allow the hook to be able to rotate freely even though the screws tightening it should be tight enough.
  • Turn off the power outlet box connected to the wall switch location and then wire your standard hunter ceiling fan by holding the bare leads of the wires together compatibly and twist them until they are tight enough, then place a nut over the twisted wires.
  • Install a canopy and the canopy trim ring of the fan by using both hands, push the canopy trim ring to the top of the canopy until it snaps and locks.
  • Assemble the blades and attach the blades to the fan using the blade mounting screws. Close the housing assembly and tighten it using the screws tightly enough.
  • Before attaching the lower housing to the upper, you should make sure the upper housing is correctly mounted, securely connected to the housing mounting plate, and is tightened properly to avoid the mechanical breakdown of the fan.
  • Connect the lower switch housing to the upper plug connector, align the screw holes and using the screws, attach tightly enough.


Final Verdict

Standard hunter ceiling fans are easy to install. With the design features like slot-in-canopy and a quick-fit-twist that allows the ceiling plates to be installed first then the rest of the hunter ceiling fan to quickly enter into their place. Hunter has for over 120 years combined designs for both modern and traditional craftsmanship innovations to pioneer smarter and new ways of circulating in your room.