How to Clean Ceiling Fans In the Kitchen?

Ceiling fans are essential appliances in every kitchen that aid in air circulation. However, these appliances are prone to picking up dust and grease that buildup over a while. Such grime can overwhelm the fan, making it impossible to perform. Keeping your kitchen ceiling fan clean and dirt free is crucial as it ensures its longevity and circulates clean air that is safer for your family. Therefore regular cleaning of kitchen ceiling fans is a necessity. Below are some of the methods on how to effectively clean your kitchen ceiling fan like a pro.

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How to Clean Kitchen Ceiling Fan?

The following are comparatively easier ways that you can use to clean a ceiling fan in your kitchen with less time.

Method 1: Use a long-handled duster

One of the methods you can use to clean your kitchen fan is using a long handheld duster. This method is most suitable for use on fans mounted on a high ceiling. A high ceiling is usually 10 ft. and above. Below is the procedure for cleaning the fan when using this method.

# Acquire a long-handled duster

When buying a handheld duster to use in cleaning, opt for one that has a handle lock. With this feature, you can extend the duster to the optimal length based on your ceiling height without worrying about constant sliding. Also, opt for magnetic dusters that attract and hold dust particles using static charge.

# Charge your magnetic duster

A magnetic duster requires a proper static charge for it to attract dust. To do this, rub your duster against a plastic bag. By doing this, fluff the dusting fronds creating static electricity. You don’t have to touch any dirt with a charged magnetic duster as it magnetizes all dust.

# Start cleaning

Before you start cleaning, ensure that the duster’s head or pad is clean because using used duster pads clogged with dirt may be unable to hold the new soil but will make more mess.

To clean, hold the handle of the duster and hook the duster around one blade. You then gently dust the fan blade from one end to the other. The grippy material of the duster captures all the dirt with one pass. Repeat this process with all the edges. Also, e sure you clean by holding the duster at intervals to achieve a successful cleaning.

Method 2: cleaning using a vacuum attachment

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Another method of cleaning your kitchen ceiling fan is by using a vacuum attachment. This method is easy and quick and a good option for regular maintenance of the fan that keeps the dust. Many vacuums feature a dusting extension that enables you to fix a brush on the vacuum’s hose. If your vacuum attachment is long enough to reach your kitchen ceiling, you won’t need a ladder at all. Below are the steps of cleaning your fan.

# Extend the vacuum handle

First, attach the extended attachment of your vacuum and turn it on. You should be elevated if your kitchen has high ceilings or short of reaching the top of the fan blades.

# Run the attachment along with the fan blades

Run the vacuum attachment along the blades to pick up all the dust. The brush attachment loosens the sticky dirt while the hose easily suctions it up. Pass the extension from one end of the blade to the other end without making back and forth motions. Pass twice in a portion to pick up any leftover dust. Repeat this process with all the blades leaving them clean.

# Clean the stray dust

Once you finish cleaning the ceiling fan, use the vacuum cleaner to pick up the dust that may have fallen on the floor beneath the fan.

Method 3: pillowcase method

This method is an incredible way of cleaning your kitchen ceiling fan. In this method, you will need a ladder to elevate you comfortably to reach the fan. Below is the procedure of cleaning with this method.

  • Wrap the fan blades with an old pillowcase and dust with it.
  • Wipe the blade gently and ensure all the dust is within the pillowcase. Repeat this process on each edge. Turn the pillowcases inside down once you are through, shake the dust-out, and wash it.
  • Finally, use a clean moist cloth to wipe each fan blade.

Method 4: cleaning by hand

In some cases, kitchen ceiling fan blades become very greasy, and the most effective way of cleaning such is by using your hands directly. Below is the procedure on how to do it.

  • Take your dusting gloves or a dump of cloth that you will use in dusting off the fan.
  • Use a ladder or a step on a stool to get yourself closer to the fan blades. Ensure that the ladder or stool is firm before climbing.
  • Spray all the fan blades with a dusting spray or homemade vinegar solution on the edges. These sprayers help in dust removal and leave the blades with a polished shine.
  • Finally, Use the dusting gloves or cloth to wipe down each blade gradually using straight strokes. In case they are too dirty, use multiple passes. Also, start with the top side and end with the bottom side.

Precautions to Be Taken While Cleaning a Kitchen Ceiling Fan

Although cleaning a kitchen fan is not a daunting task, there are a few precautions to observe. These precautions can prevent repetitive cleaning and accidents.

  1. Ensure that you tape down the switch button in off position to ensure that the fan cannot turn on by anyone else accidentally. Also, for more precautions, turn off the regulator.
  2. When cleaning the ceiling fan, lay down a large sheet on the floor beneath the fan because some grease and dust particles down the floor can cause more messes. With a sheet, you remove once you are through.
  3. It is advisable to put on some eye protection like safety goggles to prevent any debris from entering the eye.
  4. When using a step stool or ladder, ensure it’s strong enough to support your weight.


Kitchen ceiling fans more dust and grease over time hence the necessity of regular cleanup. If they go uncleaned, they circulate dusty air that can irritate your lungs as kitchen fans’ improper maintenance reduces their life span. The above are some of the methods you can use to clean your fans effectively.