How Do Kitchen Exhaust Fans Work?

Kitchen exhaust fans play an important role in your life. Since you were a kid, you might be curious about how they work and what’s the purpose! Today is your lucky day as you can gather some information about the exhaust fans!

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Today you can learn:

  • How the kitchen exhaust fans work.
  • Why fixing them near the ceiling can be great.
  • Information on kitchen extractor fans.
  • Ways to calculate CFM.
  • How to clean the bathroom and kitchen ceiling fans.

And a lot more!

Understanding the significance of kitchen exhaust fans can make your life easier as they can be great for removing unpleasant smells from your house. Not only that you can avoid air pollutants too, and a lot more. Read on for more information.

How Do Kitchen Exhaust Fans Work?

The kitchen exhaust fans are designed to work in such a way that they help in removing unpleasant smells from your home. However, the use of such kitchen exhaust fans is not just confined here as they would play an active role in keeping grease away from your furniture.

Kitchen exhaust fans would also remove air pollutants from your home. So, there is a lot going on when a kitchen exhaust fan starts working.

In order to work effectively, the kitchen exhaust fans would rely on the electric motors that gain power through electricity. A user can use the on and off position of the toggle switch to control the electricity flow. Such exhaust fans are using exhaust pipes. The purpose of the exhaust fans is to evacuate odor. Now next time when you are preparing food, you can focus on the working condition of the exhaust fans.

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Why Are Exhaust Fans In Kitchen Fixed Near The Ceiling

In order to install the exhaust fans in your kitchen, you have to be sure of the local building code since such codes are specific. A licensed engineer can help you with the entire process.

The kitchen exhaust fans are near the ceiling because of the convection current, which involves energy movements from one place to another. The hot air would go up while the windows from your house would bring in the cooler air.

Kitchen Extractor Fans How Do They Work

An extractor fan is designed to take away unwanted smoke, smells, and a lot more away from your kitchen. A kitchen extractor fan works on small motors, but it is attached to the venting system.

You can find the kitchen extractor fans right above the cooker. The air is filtered through the kitchen extractor fans and then it finally passes through the outside air vent.

When you are looking for the kitchen extractor fans for your house, you have to be sure of the building regulations. Always make sure you know the relevant rules and regulations of installing such items.

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How Do I Calculate CFM For Kitchen Exhaust Fans?

You can rate the power of the fan as cubic feet per minute that is abbreviated as CFM. The static pressure is also considered.

In order to calculate the CFM for kitchen exhaust fans, you have to keep several factors in mind such as:

  • You should know the total floor area of the relevant space.
  • Knowing the width, depth, and height of the room would be important.
  • The next information you need is the minutes per change.
  • You can simplify find an online CFM calculator and insert the above-mentioned values.

You would get an answer and based on it, you can select a suitable fan for the kitchen. When making a final purchase decision for the exhaust fans, you should know what values are important to consider.

While keeping in mind the static pressure, it’s important for you to note and understand that if you have two fans having the same value of CFM, but one of these has higher static pressure then you can consider it more powerful. Make sure you are aware of the relevant features and specifications before you get the exhaust fans for the bathroom or kitchen.

How To Clean Bath And Kitchen Ceiling Fans

There are various methods that can help you in cleaning the ceiling fans. You can consider the following:

Using A Vacuum Cleaner

Using a vacuum attachment such as a crevice tool and hose, you can clean the ceiling fan. You have to use a step ladder to reach the ceiling fans.

  • Step 1: Place an old sheet or old newspaper on the floor so that it can collect the dirt and debris. If there is any furniture in the area, you have to move it around.
  • Step 2: Get a step ladder to reach the ceiling fan of your kitchen or bathroom and also get a vacuum cleaner.
  • Step 3: Now switch the vacuum cleaner on and start cleaning the blades of the ceiling fan. Make sure you are cleaning it thoroughly.
  • Step 4: When the ceiling fans are finally clean, throw away the dirt and debris!

Traditional Method

You can use a traditional method of wiping it with a cloth or you can also use the baby wipes for the cleaning purpose.

  • Step 1: Move aside any furniture or item that’s lying beneath the ceiling fans. Cover the place with an appropriate cover or newspapers.
  • Step 2: If you have extra baby wipes lying around the house, grab a few of those.
  • Step 3: Start cleaning the blades of the ceiling fan with the baby wipes.
  • Step 4: Clean all the dirt from the cover sheet or newspapers.

Pillowcase Method

Another great method that you might find quite easy is the use of a pillowcase. Just cover the ceiling fan with the ceiling fan and gradually pull it out by pressing it gently. The dirt and dust would be collected in the pillowcase.

  • Step 1: Get a step ladder to reach the ceiling fan of the bathroom or your kitchen. Make sure you are following the safety rules and regulations.
  • Step 2: Grab an old pillowcase that you no longer use and cover the blade of the ceiling fan. Press it gently.
  • Step 3: Now, you have to gradually pull out the pillowcase from the ceiling fan. Doing so would take away the dirt and debris from the ceiling fan blades.
  • Step 4: Keep on repeating step 2 and step 3 until you feel the ceiling fan blades are thoroughly cleaned. Also, clean the surrounding areas. However, be careful during the entire process.

No matter what method you use to make sure you are following all the relevant safety rules and regulations for cleaning the ceiling fans. Out of the methods mentioned above, you might find the pillowcase method the easiest as it can keep the dirt in one place. All the dirt would be collected inside the pillowcase and thus, you would have to out on minimum efforts during the whole process.

What Type Of Ventilation Uses Bathroom And Kitchen Fans

Your bathroom and your kitchen would have different ventilation requirements. You are cooking food in the kitchen and thus, there would be an unpleasant odor, grease, and a lot more. On the other hand, your bathroom would not need ventilation like your kitchen! It would be less than what’s required for the kitchen.

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The purpose of ventilation is to replace the air that’s inside the room. According to the Home Ventilating Institute, the air inside your kitchen has to be changed 15 times in an hour while for the bathroom it has to be 8 times in an hour. It is important that you are aware of the minimum standard recommendations of your area. If you are not sure, it would be better to find the relevant information by doing a thorough search.

Now talking about the types of ventilating systems consider the following:

The point of use ventilating system would focus on a certain area. It is mostly suitable for the kitchen.

The other type of ventilation system is the remote fan system. It consists of a centralized exhaust motor. The fan is in the remote location for this type of system.

What Is A High-resolution Ceiling Fans For Kitchen

In order to get an idea about the high-resolution kitchen fans for your kitchen, consider the following:

  • Opt for the ceiling fans for the kitchen that are based on modern design.
  • These ceiling fans should be as per the theme of your furniture. You can check the details of a high-resolution ceiling fan. When placing an order online it’s hard to see what the final result would be like!
  • Gone are the days when people would opt for traditional designs. Nowadays, people opt for things that make their life easier and are yet stylish at the same time.
  • It should be great in appearance so that it can add a touch of elegance to your relevant room.

When you find a suitable modern design for the ceiling fans, make sure you buy it from an authentic source.

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What Are Kitchen Exhaust Fans For?

If you cook frequently then you would exactly know what the kitchen exhaust fans are for! Basically, these kitchen exhaust fans are playing a vital role in improving the air quality of your kitchen.

Just imagine if there was no kitchen exhaust fan then there would be so much odor of the food you cook plus if something burns your house would be full of smoke. Who would like that! And if you are a chef or a person who cooks quite frequently then you would understand the importance of kitchen exhaust fans.

Thanks to the kitchen exhaust fans, the oils, and odor that’s eliminated from your food would be evacuated by the kitchen exhaust fans.

When you are getting the kitchen exhaust fans for your house, make sure you are aware of the relevant features and specifications. Knowing the rules and regulations would be so much important for the installation purpose.

What Cleans The Dirt & Grease Off Of Kitchen Ceiling Fans Best

When you are cooking food, you might notice dirt and grease on the kitchen ceiling fans. It is important that you address this issue as soon as possible before it is too late.

To clean the dirt and grease off of the ceiling fans, you can try the following:

  • Take a step ladder and reach to the ceiling fan of your kitchen.
  • Use the all-purpose cleaner on a damp cloth and start cleaning the grease off from the fan blades. You have to be sure that it’s suitable to use on the type of ceiling fan in your house.
  • It’s also possible to use a degreaser, but always be aware of the guidelines of cleaning your fan. You can check out the relevant details in the instruction manual of the ceiling fan.
  • It would be a good idea if you are keeping your ceiling fan clean on a regular basis especially if you do too much cooking in the house.
  • Usually, the kitchen ceiling fans are out of your sight so you might not even remember cleaning them. It would be a good idea to make a note as to when you would be cleaning the ceiling kitchen fans.

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Before you follow the above-mentioned procedure for cleaning the grease off from the kitchen ceiling fans, consider the following:

  • Make sure you are removing every furniture item that’s beneath the ceiling fan.
  • Place a sheet or old newspapers so that the dirt doesn’t fall on your kitchen floor. If it does then it can affect your kitchen floor.
  • Wear gloves to clean the grease so that your hands would be protected. Also, protect your eyes during the process.

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Now that you know how the kitchen exhaust fans work and the do’s and don’t of it, next time you won’t be fascinated with the mechanism of exhaust systems. You would know what’s going on and why it’s important! In fact, if you were not turning on the exhaust fans while cooling food, now you would as you know it’s important to keep odor at bay while cooking the food in your kitchen.