Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ceiling Fan Reviews

The summer days are awesome, you all know that. Are they fun when your body is super-heated? When you are sweating profusely and desperately need a cooling sensation. A fan comes in handy at this point. A fan helps create an ideal place of comfort to help you relax and enjoy your summer.

Our focus is on:

  • The Harbor breeze twin breeze ceiling fan
  • Its features
  • Its pros and cons
  • Where you should use it
  • Answer some of your FAQs

Harbor Breeze Dual Ceiling Fan Features

Maybe you are mostly used to a ceiling fan being a one-part design and furniture. These fans generally move air from a focal point. For the large rooms, the fans feature extended blades to provide adequate air movement.

What if there was a twin-ceiling fan? This would be ideal for any type of room, even your extra-large rooms without having to extend the blades.

The harbor breeze ceiling fan is tailored just to suffice your needs. Here are the most iconic features of this beautiful Harbor Breeze twin breeze ceiling fan:

– Design

Talking of design, this twin fan can not be left out. The design of a ceiling fan holds various features of the fan including style, type of mounting, and control.

Despite being designed for high performance, this twin fan features a bronze color with an oil-rubbed finish that brings a sleek and attractive appearance to your decor. The warm glow from the light kit also provides a sleek atmosphere in your room, thereby adding style alongside illumination.

The ceiling fan boasts a downrod mount that holds the twin fan in place for great air circulation. On the other hand, it comes with two pull chains for controlling each fan. The pull chains allow you to control the fan easily for great customization. The fan also comes with a light kit remote control for easy light function control while still relaxing on your couch.

– Powerful motor

The motor is a very crucial part of a fan as it determines its efficiency and performance. The twin ceiling fan features a powerful AC motor that delivers maximum power to the blades. The motor boasts 3 reversible speed settings for comfort customization. The reverse function makes the motor suitable for both summer and winter seasons, hence exclusive comfort throughout the year.

The AC motor provides airflow of up to 4450 CFM and 57 CFM/watt airflow efficiency. This means that the Harbor Breeze twin fan will provide you with maximum performance for exclusive comfort even during very hot days. Another benefit of this fan is the energy-efficient motor, hence pocket-saving and eco-friendly.

– Airflow

The ceiling fan airflow is the key feature that determines the efficiency of the fan, unlike when the efficiency was determined by the blades. The Harbor Breeze Twin fan delivers an airflow of up to 4450 cubic feet per minute, which is a great airflow ideal for large and extra-large rooms. The high airflow and the presence of two fans also make it more ideal because you don’t have to buy an extra fan to cool your large space.

– Number of blades

The number of blades determines the level of noise, style, and efficiency. This ceiling fan features 6 blades divided into two for each fan. Generally, 3 blades make a good balance for performance and noise, meaning that this ceiling fan will provide you with an exclusive performance at relatively low noise. Also, 3 blades are very stylish and provide an elegant look in your space, not forgetting that the wicker blades allow easy change of blade design. The Harbor Breeze Twin fan also provides a 74-inch blade span making it ideal for large rooms.

– Easy maintenance

The Harbor breeze ceiling fan is designed with ease of maintenance in mind. The fan is rated for both indoor and outdoor usage for damp areas, hence long-lasting usage. The light kit is well protected from moisture, thereby rest assured of lasting illumination from the energy-efficient bulbs. The wicker blades also contribute to easy maintenance as changing the design is very easy and you don’t have to change the blades themselves.

– Light kit

The light function in a ceiling fan plays an important role in illumination, style, and energy efficiency. The Harbor Breeze ceiling fan comes with a light kit capable of providing perfect illumination in your space, while the warm glow creates an attractive atmosphere. The light kit is protected from moisture with frosted glass that also adds style to your decor. The energy-efficient light function uses two incandescent bulbs that provide exclusive illumination.


– It provides adequate air movement in extra-large rooms up to 400 square feet.
– It features a frosted alabaster glass that safeguards the light kit.
– It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.


– The harbor breeze twin breeze ceiling fan does not come with a remote control when purchased. (Remote control is sold separately)

Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze ii Light Kit

This stunning fan comes with a light kit incorporated in the alabaster frost glass. Light bulbs are also included in the package. You should use LED light bulbs, as they are energy efficient, conservatives of the environment, and will provide enough light to suit your bedroom needs. Additionally, maintenance is simple. The light kit can survive damp locations since the fan is EFL damp rated. You can use it on your patio or porch without worries.


How to program Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze li remote

In less than 5 minutes, you can synchronize the remote with your fan. Just follow these simple steps and you are ready to go.

– Cut off the current flow to your fan before trying to program it.
– Access the service breaker switches. Turn the switch off on your remote to prevent electric shock.
– Remove the battery. You can now visualize the DIP control buttons at the bottom area of the battery compartment.
– Compare the DIP control buttons on the remote controls to the DIP on your fan. What do you see? The DIP switches should match for you to operate and control the fan remotely.
– Now put the battery and battery cover back in place and switch “On” the power.
– Press the “Hi”, “Med”, and “Lo” button on the remote control under 20 seconds to synchronize your remote to your fan.

How to install a harbor breeze ceiling fan remote control

These simple steps will help you out with the installation of the remote control.

– Open the back cover and look at the wire connections.
– Do you see the two white wires connected to the ceiling electrical box? Pull them apart.
– Now remove the black and blue wires from the box.
– Join the receiver wires to the electrical box wires. Match the wires perfectly.
– Reattach the back cover. Now test your remote control.

How to reset the remote control for Harbor Breeze Twin li

Sometimes your remote control may refuse to work. Do not despair, it is not faulty. Breath in and follow these simple quick steps and it will function properly once again.

– Turn off your ceiling fan and then turn it back on in 30 seconds.
– While doing this, your finger should be pressing the off button of your remote for just 10 seconds.
– Now test your remote control.

How to oil Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze li

If your fan starts to make grinding or rubbing sounds when running, it means that the friction has increased on the moving parts. It is time to oil them so that they run quietly. Oiling is part of maintenance that prevents damage to the moving parts.

Follow these steps to oil your fun:

– Trickle a few drops of electric motor oil into the upper bearing.
– Spin the motor around 10 times.
– Repeat the same steps for the lower bearing.

This is only applicable if your fan has an oil reservoir. If it lacks one then proceed to the blades. Locate where the rotating parts join the stationary parts.
– Trickle oil to the seams.
– Give it some time to soak.
– Do this for all six blades.
– Start your fan to discover whether the noises have stopped.

Does Harbor Breeze Twin li have a remote control?

Yes, yes. This ceiling fan has a remote control for easy adjustment and usage, thereby enhancing great comfort. However, the remote control is sold separately.

Can Hunter Fan remote be used on this Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze ii fan?

Harbor Breeze Twin ii can be used together with the Hunter fan remote as it is compatible with a universal remote control for the Hunter fan. Therefore, yes, you can use a Hunter remote with this fan.


The harbor breeze ceiling fan has excellent features that make it a perfect addition to your home and office space. It will provide you abundant airflow to suffice your comfort levels whether it is summer or winter. Your power bill will go down. What else would you need that the Harbor breeze twin breeze ceiling fan does not already guarantee?