Harbor Breeze Merrimack Reviews

For your full and wholesome aeration, you need a reliable ceiling fan. An appliance of that kind is generally well able to do a great job. We are pleased to draw your attention to the Harbor Breeze Merrimack. It is one such strong and agile ventilation apparatus.

In our proceeding Harbor Breeze Merrimack reviews, we are going to examine this item from all angles. Particularly, we shall answer these and many more questions:

  • Harbor Breeze Merrimack ceiling fan features
  • Where should you use a harbor breeze twin Merrimack ceiling fan?
  • Harbor Breeze Merrimack II remote?

Let us get down now to the Harbor Breeze Merrimack reviews:

#1: Harbor Breeze Merrimack ceiling fan features

We start out with the features of this wonderful ceiling fan:

Indoor/Outdoor Antique Bronze Finish

By far its most notable trait is the antique bronze finish. This one has the impact of bringing about some décor and aesthetics to your interior spaces. You may hence tap into it to enhance the looks of the living room or any other place you choose to work in.

5 Weatherproof Java Finish Blades

The blades of the fan are waterproof and five in number. Their exterior also features some Java finishing, a fact that adds some longevity and reliability to the same. Considering their higher number, these blades do deliver some clean swoop that creates a truly fresh interior.

Eye-catching Illumination

Apart from maintaining your interiors cooler, this fan also provides some illumination for you. It contains some light sky and is further enclosed in some clear seeded glass shade. Thanks to this awesome arrangement, the item is also able to confer some added returns on investments.

3-speed Settings

You will enjoy the leeway of regulating the speed of the fan at will. This is a task you will achieve by engaging the 3-speed settings that exist as a core component of the fan. Given the ease of varying the speeds, you will enjoy the ability to regulate the degree of blowing as per your wish.

Reverse Switch

A reverse switch also comes along for you to tap into. It basically triggers the blades to rotate in the reverse direction. In this way, it lets you enjoy the coolness regardless of the seasons you may have to use the fans in. Of course, this results in some unparalleled comfort.

Handheld Remote Control

For your added convenience of engagements, you will have the handheld remote control to make use of. It basically lets you vary the pace of the blowing alongside other parameters from afar off. The remote is comprehensive in that it varies the speed of the fan and the intensity of the light output.

52-inch Fan

Each blade that makes the fan up measures 52 inches. By the vast nature of the blades, you are capable of leveraging a whopping 5,188 cubic feet per minute of airflow. Because of this, the fan is also able to serve the larger rooms with an elevated sense of convenience.

Dimmable Light

Its lighting apparatus also has the added advantage of being dimmable. This simply means that you may vary the intensity of the light output as per your unique needs and expectations. The lights are dimmable from a far off location via the included remote control.

ETL Certification

The gadget bears the legendary Electronic Testing Laboratory certification. It is vouched for use in wet locations and also performs the task of bringing in cool air without a degree of efficacy. What’s more? Thanks to this feature, the gadget may also serve outdoor use well!

6-in L Downrod

For your own added peace of mind when installing the fan, it comes with an ‘L-shaped’ downrod. This one aids with mounting the gadget firmly on the ceiling and fastening the same there. It hence goes that you stand to save a great deal of your time and effort when using it.


Yields forth added returns on investments
Generates a clean sweep of fresh air
Lasts a fairly long duration of time


Consumes a higher level of power

#2: Where should you use harbor breeze twin Merrimack ceiling fan

You will find your Harbor Breeze Twin Merrimack ceiling fan awesome in the following areas:

Larger installations

This fan comes in handy for larger installations like halls and living rooms. It does have the ability to bring about a very powerful sweep of fresh air to make this possible. Its use negates the need to leverage many fans at a time.


You may also use it in some limited outdoor spaces like the verandahs. This stems mainly from its ability to counter the harsh external flow or blow of air that ordinarily compromise the workings of such fans. That also adds some functionality to it on the whole.


As a last benefit, the gadget also imbues some décor and aesthetics to your rooms. You may hence think of it as a way of sprucing up your interiors. Specifically, the item is good enough for the coastal style décor.

#3: Harbor Breeze Merrimack II Remote

YES, this ceiling fan does have a remote control that you use to engage it from afar off. The remote negates the need to be quite close to your fan and the clutter that comes along with using the cabled connections.

#4: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

We now answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding this subject:

Q1. How to change the light bulb in Harbor Breeze Merrimack 52-in Antique Bronze?

A. Follow the steps below to change the light bulb in your Harbor Breeze Merrimack 52-in Antique Bronze ceiling fan:

Turn off both the fan and the light
Place the step ladder under that ceiling fan to allow for easier embarking
Locate the point where the decorative globe attaches to the ceiling fan
Detach the globe by mean of some screwdrivers
Go ahead to unscrew the light bulbs that are inside the ceiling fan
Remove the light bulb and replace it with your new ones
Return the glass globe in the same way you initially detached it

Q2. How to ground Harbor Breeze Merrimack 52-in Antique Bronze Fans?

A. These fans too need to be grounded to make them safer. The steps below will surely help with that:

Find out the green wire as it is the ground wire
Attach your white wires together and secure them tightly with a wire nut
Fix the red wire in the ceiling to the black wire that is found in the light kit
Do the same to those found in the ceiling fans
Tuck all the wires back into the box

Q3. How do I reset my Harbor Breeze Merrimack 52-in Antique Bronze Fan?

A. To rest your Harbor Breeze Merrimack 52-in Antique Bronze Fan you have to follow these steps:

Locate the circuit breaker or the wall switch of the ceiling fan
Flip the switch or the circuit breaker off and hold on for some 5 seconds
Repeat the above step five times with 5 seconds in between
You will note that the LED indicator turns green signifying that the reset is complete

Q4. Do the Harbor Breeze Merrimack 52-in Antique Bronze Fan remote work on both fan speed and the light?

A. YES, it does!

Q5. How do you remove the globe of Harbor Breeze Merrimack 52-in Antique Bronze Fans to replace the light bulbs?

A. To remove the globe of the fan, follow the procedures below:

Turn off both the fan and the lighting apparatus
Place a step ladder under that ceiling fan
Locate the decorative globe at that point where it attaches the ceiling fan
Unscrew the globe steadily and carefully
Place it atop a table


WOW! We thank you for staying with us till the end. Indeed, it is our hope that the Harbor Breeze Merrimack reviews we have exhausted above are now insightful to you. Please go ahead and implement the deep insights in the best ways you know how.