Best Tower Fan Under $100

During summer, investing in a tower fan will be a great idea. The tower fans have vertical designs and typically rotate from side to side. With the right tower fan, your whole living space will be cooled effectively without using a large space or consuming too much electricity. Moreover, your tower fan comes with many features and a wide range of designs to choose from. There are many tower fans that are available in the market and it might be difficult to select one for your home. This article gives you the best tower fans that fall under $100.

What Are The Features That These Tower Fans Under 100 Dollars Have?

Below are the unique features that come with these tower fans under 100:

  • Space-saving

sapce saving tower fan under 100This is one of the reasons that you will buy a tower fan. They have a vertical design that is tall yet slim making them easy to hide in most if not all your rooms.

Taking the least space they will fit in rooms that have limited space. Their slender design also allows them to be conveniently placed next to your desk or tucked between your couches.

  • Great performance.

Definitely, you will need a cooling fan to get its job done and this is what a tower will do for you. It will offer a cooling relief that has minimal noise and in turn less disturbance. This workhorse will work effectively to guarantee great airflow hence a comfortable home environment. These fans will make with your modern home and with their sturdy construction, there is no chance of them tipping over when oscillating.

  • Stylish Design.

The tower fans have a fashionable and attractive design that will enhance the balance of your room without altering the aesthetics of your interior decor. The fans are designed to reach far and wide areas without appearing bulky or being unpleasant to the eye.

Top 8 Best Tower Fan Under $100

Reviews Of The Best Under 100 Dollars Tower Fan.

1. Aikoper Oscillating Quiet Tower Fan Under 100


  • Safe for kids and pets.
  • Compact design.
  • LED lights display.


  • None found.

Aikoper tower fan is a top product with under 100 price that will deliver a better cooling experience to your comfort zone. It comes with remote control for the 3 operating modes including normal, natural, and sleeps with 3 fan speeds. With the remote control, you can customize your air circulation according to your preference.

Moreover, you can access the LED display from a standing position and adjust the mode speed or timer. The LED lights will shut off after 30 minutes to prevent any light disturbance. On top of that, it boasts a wide oscillation making it ideal to cool a wide area. It is a quiet fan and best suited for spaces that require minimal noise such as home office and bedrooms. You will save your energy with the programmable time meant for 7 hours.

Aikoper tower has a compact design that enables it to be placed in corners and tight spaces. Your kid’s and pets’ safety are guaranteed with the tight protective guards. There is no chance for your child to his/her fingers.

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2. Honeywell HYF290B Under 100 Tower Fan


  • Energy-efficient.
  • Quality construction.
  • Wide oscillation to cool your whole room.


  • The timer could be better.

Although with an under 100 cheap price, HYF290B boasts a quiet set technology that enables you to control your sounds and the cooling option hence a perfect to use in your home throughout the year. It has 8 speeds that will exude the feeling of a great spring breeze in your indoor space. The slim design tower fan features motion that will cool your whole room efficiently.

Furthermore, it has 8 speeds that you can control with a touch of a button and also has a remote control that allows you to use it at your comfort, such as on a sofa. The energy-saving fan is versatile and a great addition in your office, bedroom, or living room.

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3. Lasko Oscillating Tower Fan Under 100 Dollars


  • Trusted brand.
  • Space-saving design.
  • Energy-efficient.


  • Versatility issues.

The Lasko tower fan comes with a space-saving design that matches your home décor. It is run by 3-speed settings that include low, medium, and that is perfect for your high and also powerful enough to blow your whole room.

This fan is very quiet since you can listen to your TV even when it is operating at the highest speed. Moreover, it has a built-in carry handle and an energy-efficient timer that is programmed between 0.5 to 7 hours. The equipped remote control is great when you do not want to get up and change the fan settings.

With this under 100 dollars tower fan, you will get the right amount of white noise to get you to sleep. The nighttime settings will automatically set the fan on high for one hour, medium for another one hour and then it will stay low until you change it.

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4. TaoTronics Under $100 Oscillating Tower Fan


  • ETL-certified.
  • Versatile cooling fan.
  • Stylish design.


  • No cons found.

TaoTronic is a top brand that allows you to enjoy your cooling experience to the fullest. You have the capacity to customize your air circulation with the 3 powerful modes that include normal, natural, and sleep. The fan also has 3 fan speeds that are low, medium, and high and 9 different air circulation settings to cool your indoor space.

On top of that, it ensures a wide coverage with the 65 degrees oscillation reaching every corner. The fan boasts a compact design that allows it to be placed anywhere including baby room, bedroom, and living room. This fan has been certified for child safety.

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5. Ozeri Quiet Tower Fan At Under $100 Price


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Remote control.
  • LED lights display.


  • It wobbles on carpets.

Ozeri tower fan boasts a sophisticated as well as stylish space-saving design that blends with your modern decor. The fan is engineered to produce maximum air velocity, with a quiet operation making it a benchmark for a quiet airflow.

Ozeri tower fan features 3 preprogrammed air circulation patterns that are meant to foster your sleep and give enough comfort. It also has 90 degrees oscillation for ideal circulation in your whole room.

The product includes a 12-hour timer and you can set it in 1-hour increments. To make it better, it has an intelligent screen that will display the room temperatures.

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6. Lasko Wind Curve Bedroom Tower Fan Under $100


  • Guarantees fresher air.
  • A real space saver.
  • Your trusted brand.


  • The power cord is not long enough.

This stands up fan provides an excellent airflow that will make you feel cooler in your indoor space. The product comes with a built-in handle as well as optional oscillation.

The fan is powered by 3-speed settings including low, medium, and high to offer you a powerful breeze. To add value, you will hear your TV even when the fan is on top speed.

If you want white noise for your sleep, this is the fan you are looking for. It is perfectly designed to aim over your high bed and deliver a soothing purr that will make it easy for you to sleep.

It has a built-in ionizer that disperses many negative ions into the air that will make your environment feel fresher. Its energy-efficient feature makes it your ideal cooling fan.

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7. Seville Classics Tower Fan Cheap Price


  • Space-saving design
  • User-friendly remote.
  • Affordable.


  • Remote is only for the larger fans.

Seville Classics is a global leader in tower fans with 40 years of experience in the same. The fan comes with a user-friendly remote that functions within a range of 15 feet.

The fan can oscillate 75 degrees giving ample air circulation for your whole room. It occupies a space of about 1 square foot hence the best when it comes to small apartments and tight spaces.

Additionally, the fan comes with a fused safety plug and this will prevent damages that can be as a result of power surges and over-voltage.

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8. OPOLAR Under $100 Tower Fan With Remote Control


  • Comfortable sleep.
  • Quality construction.
  • Elegant design for your modern home.


  • The airflow could be better.

The OPOLAR tower fan under 100 is designed with two different airflow modes as well as 4 different speed modes. You can set the fan to flow the air in six different ways according to your preference.

The fan comes with 70 degrees wide-area oscillation to cover your entire room. It also comes with remote control as well as a timer and you can automatically turn on or off your fan.

This tower fan does not give much noise while circulating air. Its height is also great to reach your high bed and continue providing you with cool air. It also comes with a great warranty hence no worries in case of breakdown.

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Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Tower Fan Under 100 Dollars.

Having read through the best tower fans, it is also important to look at their important properties:

1. Airflow Capacity.

under 100 tower fan features

All cooling devices including the tower fans will have a certain airflow capacity. Since the tower fan is a closed unit, you will find it difficult to compare the airflow capacity. The idea is that you compare the size of the tower fan.

Basically, bigger fans should have more space for fan blades, and in turn, the airflow capacity will be greater compared to the compact one.

2. Noise Level.

This being a mechanical rotating device, it will produce a significant level of noise. It will be hard to get an absolutely quiet tower fan, but you can consider the quieter one. A fan tower that is quiet will ensure comfortable cooling in a quiet environment.

3. Reliability.

You should consider a product that has a legit warranty description. The warranty period will define the lifetime of your product. If the product comes with a warranty, then you have the assurance of a replacement if it breaks down thus no need to worry.

4. Controls.

According to the description of your product, you will understand the features that it comes with that will make it easier to operate. For instance, with Bluetooth control, you rest with the assurance that the remote can be installed in your smartphone in case you misplace it. Other important features are the timers and the speed control since they will also determine the performance of your tower fan.

Final Words

In conclusion, you will need continuous airflow in your home so as to keep it energetic and refreshing. A tower fan will be great with its energy-efficient feature thus will save you a fortune. The tower fans under $100 described above will provide you with a great cooling experience.

Tower Fans With Under $100 Price