Best Tower Fan for White Noise Reviews

white noise benefits

Tower fans with the capability of emitting white noise are becoming increasingly popular as they can act as a cancellation mechanism to help people fall asleep better.

Tower fan models for white noise are usually many within the market space, and some emit too much noise while others emit too low noises. So, during the selection process, there are a lot of tips you need to consider. Read this article and find more about them!

What is White Noise?

White noise is a unique blend of several sound frequencies together to a singular frequency able to be perceived by the human ear and brain to create a more relaxing and productive environment around an individual.

Is It Good to Sleep with White Noise?

Different individuals are often most comfortable in varying noise levels, with some functioning better in complete silence, while others require a little background noise for more relaxation and productivity.

Besides that, when there are too much noises in your sleeping environment, putting a tower fan with white noise can help cut it down. Below are some of the benefits of purchasing a white noise tower fan.

The white noise cancels out the extra noise

sleeping with white noise

Individuals living in noisy neighborhoods, such as close to industrial or market centers, may have difficulties in focusing on tasks at hand and even hard to fall asleep.

In these situations, having a tower fan with white noise will be very helpful. As they can cancel out and even mask these unsettling noises significantly, you can get much comfort, relaxation, and the ability to focus and sleep with ease.

Helps shut down the brain

mental relax with white noiseWhite noise is usually like classical music with a soothing melody which by intensifying the concentration of an individual. They can draw people from the distractions of the surrounding environment and putting them in a state of deep relaxation.

Thus, individuals can sleep in peace without any problems, such as constant worrying and anxiety. Besides, by shutting down the brain, the white noise can also be used for meditation.

Thus, all in all, the white noise from these tower fans are helpful in mental relaxing, falling asleep, and staying constant sleep.

Top 8 Best Tower Fans For Emitting White Noise

Best Tower Fan for White Noise Reviews

#1. Best for Bedroom – Lasko Portable Electric 42″ Tower Fan With White Noise


  • Stylish and aesthetic
  • Multifunctional
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet during operation
  • Fairly priced


  • The power cord is a little short

Lasko has been producing fans for generations and thus, their products are usually ranked among the best in the market. Similarly, this model comes with a variety of features that guarantee a satisfactory cooling breeze with a touch of white noise.

Some of the features include the design of the fan, this tower fan comes in a slim and tall footprint which guarantees space optimization. Thus, you can place these fans in any place around the house even the tightest corners. It also has a handle on the top portion for simplified portability from place to place without too much effort.

And with the tall height, you can place this tower fan over a high bed to ensure that you are exposed to as much white noise as possible in the bedroom. There is also an incorporated automatic timer that can be set from 0.5 to 7.5 hours to help save on energy when the fan is no longer needed.

The fan also has an oscillation feature which further ensures extensive air circulation. The fan comes with simple controls in the form of buttons at the top and a handheld remote control for adjusting all the incorporated settings.

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#2. Best for Home Office – Oscillating Quiet Cooling Fan for White Noise


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy locomotion
  • Energy efficient
  • Safe and family-friendly


  • Some users claim insufficient air circulation

This is also another great cooling tower fan with the ability to emit white noise ranked among the best in the market.

It comes with a variety of advanced features, guaranteeing maximal performance when properly installed. Some of the features include the unique design with the 3-speed setting capacity from low, medium to high coupled with three operating modes of normal, natural, and sleep to adapt your needs in different situations.

The fan also comes with an LED display that facilitates a convenient control platform with buttons for adjusting the settings and the modes. The display light also auto-shuts off after every 30 seconds to eliminate light disturbances while saving on energy.

Further incorporated in the tower fan is a programmable timer ranging up to 7 hours for energy efficiency. When you are going to sleep, you can set a proper timer, and the fan will shut up automatically, significantly cut down the electricity costs.

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#3. Best for Small Room – Vornado Duo White Noise Tower Air Circulator Fan


  • High-quality product
  • Easy assembly
  • Fairly priced
  • Versatile functionality
  • Sturdy and stable


  • Does not effectively circulate air to a large room

This is another model of tower fan ranked among the best with white noise emission capabilities. It comes incorporated with advanced technological features for increased efficiency. Some of the features include the incorporated Versa-Flow technology which ensures complete air circulation within an entire small room.

The fan also comes with a unique crosscut outlet which creates a wide span of constant airflow replacing the need for oscillation features.

And this tower fan also has simple control features which makes operation much simple. For instance, the fan is controlled by the push of a button. The button is used to shift between 4-speed settings for the preferential cooling experience.

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#4. Dual Fans – Dr. Prepare Tower Fan Oscillating Fan With White Noise


  • Cheap and affordable
  • Aesthetic
  • Easy to control and use
  • Varying adjustable settings
  • Space efficient
  • Quiet during operation
  • Easy assembly


  • Occasionally produces a cracking sound during oscillations

This is a unique tower fan equipped. It comes with some advanced technological features for the maximization of air circulation through a specified area of focus thus emitting a combination of the cool breeze of air and a humming white noise for increased relaxation.

Some of the features the unique installation of dual fans which delivers strong airflow throughout the room. There is also a 3-speed setting option from low to medium to high for a desired cooling experience. Besides, it is easily controlled simply through the press of buttons on the control panel.

The fan also operates quietly producing the right amounts of white noise without surpassing the 60 dB mark thus comfortable noise emission in all environments. The fan also has a high performing 16W motor for maximal and powerful airflow.

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#5. Advanced Fan – Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use and control
  • Easy to clean
  • Very safe to use
  • Great aesthetics
  • Guaranteed sufficient airflow


  • Quite pricey

Dyson AM07 tower fans are quite different from the majority of fans. These fans are specially designed with state of the art technological advancements for an exemplary experience by the user.

Some of these features include air multiplier technology which ensures that the fan produces a strong stream of airflow. The fan is also designed with streamlined air channels for reduced turbulence and much quieter operation up to about 60%.

The design in itself is in such a way that the fan utilizes minimal energy during operation despite producing a powerful airflow.

The fan also comes with a handheld remote control for adjustment of settings from the 10 airflow settings to the sleep timer, power and oscillation control. The remote is also magnetized and curved to store efficiently on the individual fan. Moreover, the fan is also safe for all family members since it has no spinning blades and this further makes it easy to clean.

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#6. Best for Living Room – Ozeri Ultra 42” White Noise Tower Fan


  • Stylish and aesthetic
  • Quiet operation
  • Various adjustable settings
  • Easy control and use
  • Space conscious


  • A little pricey

Ozeri Company is a fast-growing supplier and producer of home appliances currently in the market due to its high-quality products. Thus, this model is similarly of great quality hence ranking among the best tower models in the market with white noise emission ability.

Some of its features include the sleek design with a stylish outer appearance complementing most decors and the tall slim size for space-saving purposes.

Another distinguishing feature for this tower fan is the greatly reduced blade noise levels. Thus, despite high-speed performance with maximal air circulation, the noise levels are usually very low with only white noise audible in the background.

The fan also comes with three pre-programmed airflow patterns/modes for comfort, sleep, and relaxation. The fan can also be programmed for auto-shut offs at hourly increment rates for energy efficiency and the LED intelligent display screen assist the user by informing them of the current room temperatures and fan speed.

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#7. Best for Baby Rooms – Dyson 300905-01 Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan With White Noise


  • Various setting options
  • Sufficient air circulation
  • Quite aesthetic
  • Very safe
  • Energy efficient


  • Very expensive

This model from the Dyson Company is unique in its design. Some of the incorporated features include advanced technological components that rank it among the best tower fans with noise.

Some of these features include the patented air multiplier technology used in Dyson fans to produce a powerful stream of airflow. The fan lacks fast-spinning blades making it safe for use around the house with pets and children.

Another feature incorporated is the sleep timer occasionally programmed to turn off the fan after preset intervals ranging from 15 minutes to nine hours. Furthermore, the fan is engineered with streamlined air channels for much quieter operations and less power consumption.

Finally, this tower fan also comes packaged with a curved and magnetized remote control which is usually stored on the fan to avoid loss and assists in adjusting the various settings such as the 10 airflow settings, sleep timer, and oscillations.

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#8. Best for Dining Room – Seville Classics UltraSlimline Tower Fan


  • Safe to use
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Stylish
  • Space efficient
  • Guaranteed sufficient air circulation


  • Quite pricey

Seville Classics is a world-class company dealing in home appliances for over four decades. Thus, their products are usually ranked among the best in the market with high-quality features for a satisfactory cooling experience.

This package comes with a combo pack of an ultra slimline 40-inch oscillating tower fan and 17 inches ultra slimline oscillating personal tower fan. The two fans ensure sufficient airflow in the room by covering an even larger area as the taller one covers the room space and the shorter one covers personal space.

Incorporated in both the fans is a three-speed setting option for a diverse cooling experience. The fans are also capable of oscillations with the 40-inch one rotating to a 75 degrees angle while the 17 inches one to an 80 degrees angle.

The tower fans work quietly despite the speed level further improving on the comfort levels during use. The fans also have easy to use control systems with a control panel comprised of buttons for all associated settings and a handheld remote control for distant operations at the comfort of your chair or bed.

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Where to Place Your White Noise Tower Fan

The perfect location for positioning your white noise tower fan may be a little complicated to locate because failure to place the fan in the best possible location may result in insufficiency in operation or even damage to the fan.

Thus, you should consider some of the following guidelines to help you identify the best spot in the house for your white noise tower fan;

Identify the areas that need cooling

place white noise tower fan

This is vital since by determining this, you will have narrowed down the general area to place your fan. For instance, if you were going to cool an entire room then deciding whether it would be the bedroom or sitting room is important.

If the cooling is supposed to be personal, then placing the fan nearest to your location would be the most logical option. For instance, along the top of the bed or beside the chair you are seated on.

Pick the precise spot

This is the next step in determining where to place your white noise tower fan.

The area should be secure enough probably around corners where there is a minimal movement to prevent it from getting knocked over. The oscillation angles of these fans should also be considered to ensure that there is free space for movement of the fan during oscillation.

Furthermore, the area should also be free from obstacles that could impede airflow. Finally, the power points such as wall plugs should also be in the visible range to provide you with immediate and close power.

Closely adhering to these guidelines will help you position the fan in the best possible for maximal cooling experience coupled with white noise for relaxation.

5 Tips for You to Choose a Good Tower Fan for White Noise

Choosing the best tower fan for white noise is a little tough for a fresh purchaser due to the vast number of models in the market. Nevertheless, there are certain factors and features worth considering when shopping for these fan as they will guarantee you getting the best tower fan for white noise and they include;

The noise levels

tower fan noise level

This reflects the amount of noise emitted by the said fans at any point in time during their operation. This is a vital feature to consider to find a model that doesn’t produce a lot of noise.

Since the main purpose of white noise is for comfort, low to adequate noise levels able to be completely overshadowed by the white noise would be best. Thus, you should look for the manufacturer’s instructions on the measurements of noise emission which should range at about 60 dB or so and below.

Control features

This is also an important factor to consider. Thus, you will need to purchase a tower fan with simple to use controls such as clearly labeled buttons for the adjustment of all settings and power. It is most preferential to choose one with a handheld remote control for much comfortable operation and use.

The adjustable setting options

These determine the freedom with which the user is most comfortable while using the tower fan. Thus, the more the setting options, the better the functionality and service delivery by the fan.

For instance, the more the speed setting options, the more the variety of speeds to choose from, and the more the fan modes, the more the comfortable operations and relaxing the fan will be, among many other settings.


tower fan safetyThese tower fans being mechanical machines, safety is usually vital for the users. Thus, you should always look for a tower fan that is either bladeless or has protective girdles around the blades to prevent the possibility of hurting the users, their pets, or their families.

You may also check for the plugs with fuses to prevent any electrical accidents.

Energy efficiency

The amount of energy consumed by a fan is also important to check. This is because the more the power consumed the higher the maintenance cost despite providing top-notch cooling.

Thus, you should select a tower fan with achievable maintenance costs. On the subject, you should also look for features such as timers and plugs specially designed to guarantee minimal energy utilization while the fan still delivers extraordinary cooling to the user.

These are just but some of the factors to consider for a guaranteed tower fan for white noise which best suits your needs.

Final Words

Tower fans are quite popular and coupled with those capable of emitting white noise further makes them quite special among many fan users.

Therefore, when considering to purchase some of these white noise fans, you should consider going through this piece first to get acquainted with some of the best tower fans for white noise listed above, the importance of white noise and some of the factors worth considering to buy the best of these fans. The tower fans for white noise are quite versatile in functionalities satisfying many users.

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