Top 10 Best Selling Ceiling Fans Reviews

You might not be able to appreciate the benefits of a ceiling fan during winter seasons. It is hard to express the relief that one feels when you walk into a cool room after walking or driving around during summer. The best selling ceiling fans can help you deal with the hot temperature that comes with the summer season.

There are hundreds of best selling ceiling fans in the market that come with different features that range from remote controls to silent operations. When selecting a ceiling fan for your home ensure that you are well versed with the main features that your fan should have depending on your price range and the benefits that you should get by buying that fan.

Top 10 Best Selling Ceiling Fans

Top 10 Best Selling Ceiling Fan Reviews

1. Westinghouse Lighting 7876400 Alloy Indoor Ceiling Fan

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  • Suitable for Small Room Use

The Westinghouse Alloy Indoor Ceiling Fan is one of the best ceiling fans ideal for small rooms of up to 100 square feet. It features a 42 inch sleek reversible blades refined with a gun metallic finish, black or graphite that offers a clean modern aesthetic to a room. The reversible blades can offer you cool air during the summer and circulate warm air during the winter seasons.

  • Extremely Quiet

The fan is moderately quiet with three fan speeds for high, medium and low and an additional reversible switch to recirculate warm air from the ceiling in cold seasons. It comes with a clear opal frosted glass light fixture that produces crisp, white light to brighten up rooms such as the kitchen and bedrooms.

  • Lifetime Motor Warranty

An additional benefit to buying the products is that it’s backed up with a lifetime motor warranty and a two-year warranty on all other parts by the manufacturer. Installation of the fan is quite simple and does not require the need for an electrician or a handyman, just a bit of attention and you will be set to go in minutes.

  • Ideal for small rooms
  • It comes with reversible blades
  • Easy to install and does not require a handyman
  • Mild hum when the fan is running

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2. Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan, 53091

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  • Has A Pull Chain Control

This type of ceiling fan comes with light and a pull chain control that you can use to switch the fan on and off depending on your preferences. The hunter indoor ceiling fan offers you a stylish design that compliments your space especially if you are going for a rustic look.

  • Silent Motor

It has a motor, which delivers a quiet performance that will provide you with efficient cooling without producing much noise. The motor also runs in reverse, which makes it suitable for both hot and cold seasons.

  • LED Light Kit

This fan uses an LED light kit, which reduces the overall energy used to light the house, while at the same time ensuring that your room is well lit. It requires two 60 watt candelabra bulbs, which are included in the package. The bulbs are dimmable, which ensures that you can use the fan in your bedroom and dim the light when you sleep. It comes with remote control, which only controls the light but does not control the fan.

  • The motor can run in reverse
  • It uses an LED bulb (Energy conservation)
  • The bulbs are dimmable
  • It does not come with remote control for the fan

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3. Energy Efficient 53 Inch LED Ceiling Fan

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  • Elegant Design

This fan comes with five blades and an LED bulb placed at the center of the ceiling. The fan has an elegant design that can fit in both classic and modern-designed houses.

  • Reversible Motor

It has been designed for large rooms of up to 400 square feet. This fan comes with a motor that can run in reverse to ensure that during the hot season it runs clockwise to cool the air in your room and runs anticlockwise during the cold season to warm the air. It is suitable for indoor use. It is switched on and off using a pull chain attached to the fan.

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  • It has been designed for large rooms of up to 400 sq. feet
  • Its motor can run in reverse
  • It does not come with a remote control

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4. Westinghouse Lighting 7801665 Matte Black Ceiling Fan

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  • Modern Style

This is a 52-inch fan that has been made with frosted glass. It has a unique matte finish that gives it a modern look. It comes with five reversible blades and two 40 watt torpedo candelabra base bulbs. Its dimensions in inches are 25.1 x 12.4 x 8.3 and it weighs 18.02 pounds.

  • Suitable for Small Bedroom

It has been made using plywood and frosted glass. The bulb used in the fan is non-LED. It will provide you with airflow of up to 5,199 cubic feet, making it suitable for both small and medium rooms. It is ideal for rooms of up to 360 square feet.

  • A lightweight fan (weighs 18.02 pounds)
  • Does not requires lithium batteries
  • Has reversible blades
  • It has a limited time warrant
  • It is not easy to install

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5. Hunter Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

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  • Powerful Air Circulation

The Hunter Indoor Low Profile LED light fan delivers powerful air circulation and offers you relatively quiet performance. It comes with a reversible motor that can run in reverse during winter to help you circulate warm air in your room and keep you warm.

  • For Indoor Use Only

It is meant for indoor use only. There is a remote control to help you adjust the speed of the fan based on your preferences. It includes a light kit with two 9.8 Watt LED bulbs. Its dimensions in inches are 44 x 44 x 11, so it is perfect for both small and medium-sized rooms. And it has been made with metal and requires one lithium battery.

  • Has a remote control
  • Has a reversible motor
  • It is relatively quiet
  • It is a little difficult to install

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6. Honeywell Sabal Palm 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

best selling tropical ceiling fan

  • High-quality Performance

This fan offers you high-quality performance. It comes with five blades designed like leaves and made from basswood. Each of the blades has been custom made for the fan.

  • Reversible Motor

It offers you three different speeds and uses a reversible motor that can run in the reverse during winter to help you in circulating warm air in your room. It is tri-mount compatible meaning that you can mount it in three different styles.

  • 120 Volts Available

It has been made using metal, glass, and wood. And it offers you an option with no light cap option. Its dimensions in inches are 12.7 × 13.7 × 23.1 and it weighs 19 pounds, suitable for medium-sized and larger rooms use.

  • Has a reversible motor that can be useful during winter
  • It offers you three different speed levels
  • It is quiet
  • It is not properly balanced as it wobbles

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7. Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50183

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  • Four-speed Reversible Motor

The Honeywell ceiling fans 50183 is a four-speed reversible motor that comes with a 160-watt light kit. The four-speed motor on this fan allows you to enjoy different fanning speeds, which provide you with optimal air circulation and room cooling.

  • Classic Look

Attached to the fan are four white glass bulbs covers that give the fan a classic look. It is controlled by a pull chain, which is included in the package. It uses a standard AC motor.

  • A Quick 2 Hang Technology

The Honeywell 50183, utilizes a quick 2 hang technology that allows for the fan blades to be attached to the motor housing easily. It has five blades, which are included in the package and offer you a blade pitch of 12 degrees, which is fairly standard.

  • Comes with a 160-watt light kit
  • A four-speed motor
  • It utilizes a quick 2-hang technology
  • Controlled by a pull chain (included)
  • It has a limited time warranty
  • It does not come with a remote control

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8. Best Selling Ceiling Fans With Lights -  Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50195

best selling ceiling fan with lights

  • Three Speed Settings

This fan is perfect for different rooms in your house. It comes with three matte black blades that have a nickel finish. It comes with a remote control that has three-speed settings. This makes it easy for you to change the settings of your ceiling fan. If you wish to integrate your fan with Alexa, you will need to buy a bond hub, which is sold separately and will require you to invest additional funds on the fan.

  • Suitable for Medium and Large-sized Rooms

It can be used in medium to large-sized rooms. It weighs 18.45 pounds and has been made with metal, glass, and wood. However, there isn't a pull chain making it difficult to operate in cases where you cannot find the remote control.

  • It comes with a remote control
  • Comes with three blades
  • It does not have a pull chain

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9. Best Selling Modern Ceiling Fans - Honeywell 50604-01

best selling modern ceiling fan

  • Modern Designs

This Honeywell 50604-01 Eamon Ceiling fan has been created using modern designs to ensure that it can be used in many households that prefer modern designs. It has been integrated with a LED bulb to light up your room while producing you with the cool temperature that you need.

  • 3-Speed Motor

It comes with a 3-speed motor that ensures that the air in your room with be circulated well. The Honeywell 50604-01 offers you dynamic capabilities through its tri-mount compatibility, which ensures that you can hang it in different positions. It is fairly quiet and you can also use it during the winter season to promote the circulation of warm air.

  • It offers a reversible rotation option
  • It comes with a 3-speed motor
  • Its modern design offers you a timeless look
  • It is easy to install
  • Energy efficient
  • It comes with three different mounting options (close, standard, and angled)
  • It can be challenging to place the receiver for the remote control into the fan


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10. Best Selling White Ceiling Fans - Honeywell 50605

best selling white ceiling fans

  • Remote Control

This white ceiling fan comes with remote control. It has been designed using modern techniques to ensure that it will fit well with the rest of your furniture and appliances.

  • With LED Lights

It has three bright white blades and an integrated AC LED globe light at the center. The Honeywell 50605 Eamon fan offers you 1400 lumens. Its beam angle is 150 degrees and the globe light offers you 2700 color temperature and dimmable capabilities that range from 10% to 100%.

  • Quiet Reversible Motor

It comes with a quiet reversible motor to ensure that you can retain the cool and quietness of your home while enjoying the benefits of the fan. Its dimensions in inches are 23.7 × 10.4 × 9.3 and it weighs 16.1 pounds. It has been made using steel to promote its longevity.

  • It is tri-mount compatible
  • Its remote is easy to use
  • The globe light is dimmable
  • Suitable for medium to large rooms
  • Has a quiet reversible motor
  • It is a little difficult to install

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How to Choose the Best Selling Ceiling Fans?

best selling ceiling fans reviews

Size of the room

When selecting the best ceiling fan for your house to ensure you consider the size of the room for maximum performance. Larger rooms should have a bigger fan or multiple fans to ensure that they can easily cool the room. If you opt to use a single fan, the fan should be placed closer to the center of the room for maximum comfort and to ensure that some parts of the room will not be warmer or colder than others.

Noise levels or the motor

The motor used in the fan determines the level of noise that will be produced by the fan. Ensure that you look for fans that have high-quality motors with lubricated and sealed bearings to ensure that you will not have to deal with loud and annoying noises from your fan.


The warranty of your product determines the number of months or years that you will be able to get free or cheap maintenance services from the manufacturers. You should select fans that have a longer warranty to ensure that you will not need to worry about unexpected mechanical problems. A longer warranty can also be associated with quality products.


If you are planning to install the ceiling fans by yourself ensure that, you check the ease of installing them and whether they need additional appliances to install. You might also request the manufacturer for a manual to ensure that you follow the right installation process. When thinking about the installation, you will also need to determine whether you will need electrical wiring in cases where wiring has not been done in the identified room.


Ceiling fans that have come with light are usually 60% more efficient than other models. Those that have the energy star are also better in energy utilization and are approximately 20% more efficient than other fans. You should also check the number of watts needed to run the ceiling fan to determine whether the ceiling fan will be effective in energy saving.

Fan blade Pitch and Size

When planning to invest in ceiling fans, you should also consider the size of the fan blades and their angles. The pitch of most ceiling fans ranges between 12 and 15 degrees. Fan blades that offer you a 15-degree angle are better at circulating the air in the room when compared to those that offer you a 12-degree angle. You should also ensure that the fan blades of the ceiling fan that you select are weighted and balanced to avoid wobbling.


Modern ceiling fans come with different accessories to attract your attention and increase your likelihood of selecting one brand over the other. If you are not careful while shopping for a ceiling fan, you might end up purchasing a fan that does not offer you any additional accessories. Some of the accessories that you should look out for include remote control, timer, and LED lighting adjustment options. Your option should be based on your interest in the specific fan and your budget.

Final Words

While a ceiling is a must-have appliance in your home, you should not be in a hurry to purchase the first ceiling fan that you will come across when shopping. Ensure that you compare the options that will be available in the store based on the buying guide information detailed above and your own preferences.

This will help you select the best selling ceiling fans that meet your needs, is of good quality, and aligns with the design or aesthetic of your home. Like other home appliances, a ceiling is quite the investment. As such, you should also consider the product's warranty to ensure that your ceiling fan can be fixed in case of any mechanical issue.

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